Football Party, Part II

Football Party, Part II

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My girlfriend, my college buddy, and I go for another wild round of threesome action. Warning: contains hot, bi-curious experimentation.


My girlfriend, my college buddy, and I go for another wild round of threesome action. Warning: contains hot, bi-curious experimentation.


Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



Todd and I sat at opposite ends of my couch, watching a football game. My girlfriend, Jessica, sat between us. The three of us had just finished having a hot threesome. Jessica was still topless and wearing a pair of tight skimpy blue shorts. We all stared straight ahead at the television while Jessica gently massaged us through our shorts, waiting for us to become aroused again.

I replayed the earlier events in my mind. At the climax of our threesome, Todd's cock was in my mouth, shooting massive loads of cum down my throat while I released my load inside Jessica. She had milked me with her tight, wet pussy, squeezing out every last drop of cum. It felt like I had swallowed Todd's cum and simultaneously shot it out of my own cock, deep into my girlfriend. The thought of this kinkiness started to get me aroused again.

With her thumb and index finger, Jessica played with the tip of my penis through my shorts. She felt me begin to get hard again and smiled to herself. She was sitting cross-legged on the couch, and her blue cotton shorts were pulled tight around her crotch. She scooted her ass backward, and her exquisite breasts and blonde curly hair jiggled freely. Todd looked over at her tits and then down at her small, soft hand stroking my cock. He smiled mischievously, and his penis grew twice its size inside his shorts. When Jessica felt Todd's cock come back to life in her hand, she smiled to herself again.  Jessica knew it was time to go again.

Jessica reached up the leg of my shorts and pulled out my erect penis. Then she reached over and grabbed my right wrist and pulled my arm down to my crotch. Then she placed her hand around mine and guided my fingers around my penis. She moved my hand up and down my shaft, instructing me to begin masturbating. I followed her guidance and began stroking my shaft. When she was satisfied that I was following her instruction and masturbating, she released her hand from mine. Then she got on her hands and knees on the couch and hung her head down into Todd's crotch. She exhaled a deep hot breath onto the crotch of his shorts and his penis jumped. Then she pulled out his cock from the leg of his shorts and pressed it against her lips. Holding her lips close together, she lowered her head down, penetrating her lips with his penis. Todd groaned as Jessica took him into her mouth, down to her throat.

Jessica spread her knees apart. I slouched down on the couch and watched the action from between her legs. Jessica slowly stroked Todd's 7-inch cock, taking long, slow slurps, holding the base of his shaft with her right hand. She reached up the leg of his shorts with her left hand and pulled out his balls and began gently massaging them. I felt some precum drip out of the tip of my penis and I used my thumb and to spread it evenly over the tip of my penis to use it as lubricant. I groaned quietly.

Todd leaned back on the couch and placed his hands behind his head while Jessica leisurely slurped at his throbbing penis. She continued sucking him, licking at his tip, and then began pumping his shaft at the same time with her right hand.

I reached up with my left hand and pulled the crotch of her shorts to the side, exposing her glistening wet pussy lips. I began tickling her lips with my fingers. Jessica moaned in delight. I teased her lips with my index finger and pretended like I was going to penetrate her. She shook her ass invitingly, begging me to slide my finger inside. I continued teasing her until she couldn't wait any longer. She dropped her ass backward, forcing my finger inside her. She moaned in satisfaction as my finger slipped inside her pussy. Jessica began sucking Todd more quickly, and making quick, short movements with her hips, fucking herself with my finger. I began stroking myself faster.

Jessica stopped sucking Todd, removed his cock from her mouth, and then tilted her head further downward. She looked back at me from between her legs, and smiled sultrily. Then Jessica began to reposition herself on the couch. I removed my finger from her pussy. She laid down on her side, placing her head in my lap. She placed her feet on opposite sides of Todd. Todd took her hint and reached down, grabbing the waistband of her shorts. He pulled them down to her knees. Jessica pulled her knees back to her chest to help, and Todd pulled her shorts completely off. Then he leaned down between her legs and began licking her clit. Jessica kept her knees pressed back against her tits, and her feet began twitching.

Jessica removed my hand from my cock and then wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue. She began lashing at the tip of my penis with her tongue and stroking me. She let out a moan as Todd penetrated her pussy lips with his tongue. Todd stroked himself with his left hand while he licked her. Jessica was pleasantly surprised when Todd unexpectedly inserted the index and middle fingers of his right hand into her pussy. She let out a loud moan and then abruptly wrapped her lips around my cock and began sucking me. Jessica began rocking her hips in Todd's face. Her legs shook and she began sucking me more aggressively. Her moans were muffled by my cock, but I could tell that she was about to cum. Her feet started shaking more as she began to ascend to orgasm. Todd responded by licking her faster and pumping his fingers deep inside her. Jessica pressed her thighs firmly against Todd's cheeks.

As Jessica started cumming, she momentarily lost her cock-sucking coordination. She held my cock motionless in her mouth, pressing against it firmly with her tongue. She let out a muffled moan. Then she briefly unwrapped her lips from around my cock to catch her breath. She panted and moaned loudly as Todd took her orgasm to new heights with his tongue and fingers.

"Fuck!" Jessica exclaimed between moans. She hooked her feet together behind his head, and pulled his face hard against her crotch.

Jessica continued cumming, but she eventually regained her coordination and resumed sucking my throbbing cock. She came for several minutes while Todd continued frantically licking her. When she started to come down from her orgasmic high, she reached down with her left hand and placed it on the back of Todd's head to let him know that she needed a rest. Jessica unwrapped her legs from around Todd's head. Todd sat back up on the couch, while continuing to stroke himself.

Jessica climbed off the couch and sat on floor, between my feet, on her knees. She reached down and patted the floor with her right hand, signaling Todd to come sit beside her. Todd followed her instruction and sat down on the floor beside her, placing his knees on each side of my left leg. I felt his hot cock press against my leg, and I remembered it's delicious taste and feel when it was in my mouth in the threesome we had earlier. I thought that I would like to have another chance to suck it.

Jessica reached down and took Todd's cock into her right hand and began stroking it. Todd reached between her legs with his left hand and began massaging her clit. Then they both leaned forward into my crotch and began licking the tip of my penis. They competed for my cock's attention, and Jessica won the competition by opening her mouth and taking it into her mouth. She made a few long, slow strokes with her lips and tongue. Then she opened her mouth and let it fall out. Todd opened his mouth and took his turn. He was more aggressive with his tongue. He licked underneath the tip of my cock swiftly with his tongue, and made arrhythmic strokes, giving me unpredictable, surprising pleasures. I felt precum drip out of my cock, which Todd eagerly swallowed. Then Todd removed my cock from his mouth and the two of them began tongue-kissing with my cock between their lips. A few more drops of precum seeped out of my cock and it strung loosely between their mouths. They simultaneously lashed at it with their tongues until it was all gone.

Todd began fingering her faster and she grew impatient.

"Somebody fuck me." Jessica ordered as she turned away from us and got on her hands and knees.

I climbed off the couch, onto the floor and mounted her from behind. She let out a loud moan as I penetrated her.

"Yes!" Jessica cried as I slid my cock deep into her sopping wet pussy.

Todd crawled in front of Jessica and sat on his knees, pointing his huge throbbing cock upward, toward her face. Jessica hung her head down and took him into her mouth. From behind her, I began thrusting. My movements pushed her body forward and backward, causing her mouth to stroke his cock. It felt like I was fucking them both at the same time. I slammed my pelvis into her squishy ass, pushing her entire both forward. She took Todd's cock all the way down to her throat. He groaned loudly. I wanted to make them both cum, so I began pumping her fast and hard. Her whole body shook with every thrust. Todd placed his hands on the back of Jessica's head and closed his eyes in ecstasy.

"Mmmmm!" Jessica moaned loudly as I aggressively pounded her pussy.

"Yes!" Todd exclaimed. Jessica eagerly slurped his cock with every stroke.

"I'm cumming!" Jessica cried.

"I'm gonna unload inside you!" I told her.

"Not yet!" Jessica ordered me. "I have something naughtier in mind for you horny boys!"

I pumped her pussy hard for several minutes, and she began screaming. Her screams were muffled by Todd's throbbing cock in her mouth, but still loud nonetheless. When Jessica finally came down, she reached back with her right hand and tapped my right hip, signaling me to give her a break. I pulled my cock out of her and scooted back to give her some room. She removed Todd's cock from her mouth and sat up.

"I want to watch you guys suck each other off." Jessica said firmly. "Lay down on your back, baby." She commanded me.

I laid down on my back on the floor.

"Get on top of him." Jessica ordered Todd.

Todd obediently climbed on top of me on his hands and knees, hanging his throbbing cock in my face. My cock stood at full attention, pointing upward into his face. I felt the heat of his erect penis, and I couldn't resist taking him into my mouth. I lifted my head off the ground and took his head into my mouth. I started out slow, enjoying his warmth and juiciness. Todd did the same thing with my cock. His mouth was hot, and he sucked my cock gently. I became even more aroused and soon began sucking him faster. Jessica sat on the floor on my right side. I felt her fingers begin playing with my balls. Then I saw her left hand playing with Todd's balls. Then her fingers slowly drifted to my asshole. I felt her fingertip begin massaging my asshole, and then she gradually penetrated my asshole. I watched her do the same thing to Todd with her left hand. We continued aggressively sucking each other's throbbing cocks. Jessica slipped her fingers into our assholes and pressed inward to locate our prostates. She began vigorously fucking our assholes with her fingers. My cock grew even bigger. I felt Todd's cock grow in my mouth as well, as Jessica pressed her finger firmly against his prostate. We both began groaning loudly as Jessica fucked us hard.

The growing size of Todd's cock in my mouth got me more excited. Todd felt my excitement in his mouth and began frantically tonguing me while he continued to suck me. He reached down with his right hand and began pumping my shaft. I grabbed onto his cock with my right hand and did the same thing.

"Let go boys." Jessica instructed us.

Jessica pumped our assholes faster. My cock felt like it was going to unload at any second. I felt Todd's pulse through his throbbing cock and knew he was about to shoot his load as well.

"Give it up, you naughty, naughty boys." Jessica ordered.

"Mmmmm..." I moaned.

My asshole clenched tightly around Jessica's finger, and my balls tightened up. Then my cock was overcome with euphoria. My kegel muscles spasmed and my cum was on its way. Todd's cock began pumping as well. We were at the point of no return. My cock spasmed one more time, and then I shot a huge load into Todd's mouth. I groaned loudly, and Todd continued slurping.

"That's my boy." Jessica said.

Todd let go. He shot a massive load of cum straight down my throat. I wanted more. I kept milking him with my mouth. Jessica massaged his prostate, pushing out his second huge load. I eagerly swallowed it and waited for the his next burst of man juice.

Another huge load shot out of my cock into Todd's waiting mouth. He swallowed it, and continued sucking and stroking me. Jessica pressed her finger firmly against my prostate. Another, equally enormous load shot out of me. I never knew how much cum I had inside me! Jessica sure knew how to make horny boys shoot their loads!

Todd and I sucked and slurped while Jessica massaged out more cum from deep inside us. I never came that much before in my life, and I doubt that Todd had either. When our balls were completely empty, Todd climbed off of me.

"Let me have a taste." Jessica told us both.

With loads of cum still in our mouths, Todd and I made out with Jessica. Strands of cum hung loosely between our lips.

"Good job, boys." Jessica said, smiling. "Now, rest up. I'm going to want more later."

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