The Price of Ava

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When Ava was 16, her dad made a deal with a wolfborne. When she comes of age, he must give her to the son of an alpha in payment of a debt. But when its time, he refuses. Now Ava is held prisoner. She wants nothing more than to go home but something draws her to her captor. After she is attacked by one of his men, truths come out. Now she must decide if her place is at home with her dad, or in the arms of her captor.

Table of Contents


Ava watched as her father left the house again. He had done this several times this week. She shook her head and returned to reading her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Ava woke up to the sun shining through her window. Today was her eighteenth birthday. Her party was a week away and she was very exc... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Another knock sounded against the door, louder this time. He took a deep breath and opened the door. “Hello Father,” he began. He... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

After Ava had scrubbed her body and washed her hair, she spent several minutes just soaking in the tub. Her revere was broken when she he... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Caige rubbed his temples. His headache had started a few hours ago. “No, we can’t attack then. That’s when the Moon pack has th... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Ava flinched as the man’s rough hands ran across her shoulders. “You won’t tell him a thing, will you?” Tag said as he grabbe... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Caige rubbed his face with both hands. Ava laid on the hospital bed next to him. He had been there all night and most of the next day jus... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Caige grinned widely when she had said okay. That meant that he still had a chance with her. “But remember your promise.” She rem... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Ava waited impatiently for Caige to return. She could feel Alecai pacing in her mind. ‘When will he be back?’ She asked her wolf. ‘... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Caige held the embrace as long as she let him. Once she pulled away, he let her go. Ava stepped back and Caige lifted his hand to brush h... Read Chapter