Annie's Dream

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Misty's Creative Writing House

After a difficult day, Annie comes home to relax and unwind ... her dreams take her where she loves to go.. her own world of dreams...

Looking out the rain stained window of the bus, Annie blinks, adjusting her eyes to focus past the rain, noticing two children splashing about in the muddy puddles, formed by the constant rain in the last half hour.

'..oh, to be that age again, no cares, no worries...just having fun!' Those days long gone now, her childhood. For the last five years, she has worked for Mr Leyton, a handsome man in his late 40s. He's very professional but firm and fair. A good boss and today was a typical Monday, hectic, catching up with emails and arranging meetings and such.

At last, Annie steps off the bus and sighs gratefully as she makes her way towards the iron gate leading to her home. The journey home seemed to take longer than usual. Another stressful day at the office is thankfully over! She reaches into her coat pocket and finds her door key, along with a receipt from today's lunch. 'Oh, that reminds me... what do l have in the house to cook for dinner?' Annie murmurs to herself. She lets herself in and locks the door, putting the key on the tray on the hall table.

Hanging her coat up, she heads to the bedroom to change from her office clothes into something more comfortable. She slips off her black court shoes, unbuttons her crisp, white blouse and puts it in the laundry basket. Her grey pencil skirt is next and is put on its hanger for tomorrow, her tights are also removed, a fingernail catches in the flimsy material, resulting in a ladder. In frustration, Annie scrunches the ruined tights into a ball and launches it at the waste bin. Turning around, she catches sight of herself in her full length mirror.

'Not bad... not bad at all for a woman in her early forties!' she thinks, her eyes looking over her full figure. Her long blonde, curly hair flows down and rests on her shoulders, overflowing onto her breasts, covering her little buds. She quickly flicks her hair onto her back, revealing her assets in all their glory. Her hand wanders downwards and finds the piercing in her belly button. She plays with the diamante stones and her fingers move farther down towards her secret place... Annie suddenly feels a cool chill in her bedroom and checks the window to make sure it's closed properly. A quick feel of the radiator confirms the central heating timer is working, although a heat felt within her is making itself known. She puts her robe on for warmth and puts her favourite CD on the stereo, relaxing sounds are soon mellowing her mood.

She sits down on her bed and stretches out, limbering up her tired bones. Soon, she is drifting off into a quiet slumber. Occassionally, she stirs at the odd creaking sound that old houses are notorious for. Many times, she has thought she heard the sounds of someone moving around, in the kitchen, in the lounge and in the bedroom. At times when the house is completely empty. She slips further and further into slumber... Her mind is wandering to a different time and place... seeing the horses she used to ride growing up... her hair whipping around her face when cantering on a summers day long ago...

Suddenly, Annie hears the bedroom door squeak open.

'Hmm, l must get that door seen to... ' she thinks but is too dreamy and relaxed to actually do anything about it. The faint smell of a man's aftershave, combined with a hint of male sweat, wafts by her nostrils. "Be still, my love... let me take good care of you darling Annie!" Annie tries to respond, a cool finger presses to her lips, encouraging her silence. He traces the imaginary line from her ear down to her neck with his finger.

She shivers at the light touch and feels the bed dip, accommodating his weight on the bed beside her. He kisses her tenderly, soft kisses reaching to her breast. He cups his hand on one breast and squeezes it softly. Her rosebud is showing its peak and he licks and nibbles it into submission. The other breast receives his attention too, making them stand to attention, like little antenae. She moans softly, the wetness of his tongue sending little electric shocks through her. He promptly turns her on her stomach, raising her hips up to meet him. She is purring like a kitten, clinging to her sheet, desperate to feel him inside her. She squeals and leans back, pressing herself further onto him. He grips her hips, thrusting hard, almost savagely taking her. She squeals even more, louder than before, eagerly accepting his rigid member. They both move, together, lost in sheer lust. The moment overtakes them. The sensations override the wanting to carry on, enjoying each other. Annie feels herself letting go...He releases his pent up desire in a series of thrusts. Two hard thrusts later and he's shot his load into her, like a machine gun finally letting go of its ammunition.Spent, they flop down and lie entwined in each other's arms.

"I love you, Annie, I want to stay like this forever, loving each other and making love every night!" Annie murmurs into his chest , "l love you too!" Minutes later, Annie feels a kiss on her cheek and feels the bed rise up acknowledging his departure. A cool breeze floats over her. She decides to get up to take a shower.

On the way, she passes a photo of a handsome soldier on her dresser, Annie looks at the picture. "Tom, my love... . l love you and l always will." Annie enters her bathroom and turns on the shower. Still thinking of her sensual experience, she feels drained but happy and fulfilled. That is her favourite dream. It is always vivid and so real... it was like having him there... close, in bed beside her, making love to her. The tender kisses, his warm embrace, melts her heart every time.

The warm water cascades down her back, washing away any residue reminder from her encounter. Meanwhile, the handsome man in the photo, winks and blows a kiss ....

Submitted: April 02, 2016

© Copyright 2022 mistygoddess. All rights reserved.

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Peter Rancer

Wow, talk about taking us with you on this ride! The timing is perfect. Lovely.

Sat, April 2nd, 2016 9:21am


Beautiful! Simple yet amazing.

Sat, April 2nd, 2016 9:28am


Very professionally written, wonderful story. You had me right up to the shower.

Sat, April 2nd, 2016 12:15pm


Very inviting! I enjoyed the choice of presentation. Home is where the ...
Most enjoyable!

Sat, April 2nd, 2016 8:47pm

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