The Photo-shoot

The Photo-shoot The Photo-shoot

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


another story I wrote on lushstories, I hope u enjoy this one. as for some parts r true.


another story I wrote on lushstories, I hope u enjoy this one. as for some parts r true.


Submitted: February 22, 2014

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Submitted: February 22, 2014



Latisha wasn’t like every other girl on the block. She had a wild side that she kept a secret, and never talked to anybody about.

Every girl should have a private collection hidden away somewhere. A video or photo-shoot of some sort, that she had never done before, and had the courage to do with a professional photographer.

She always wanted a nude photo shoot, but had to do it discreetly. She knew a photographer who also had a discreet side. They were friends for some time now and she phoned him up one day to ask if he would do a private collection for her.

Sam challenged her to do it with a partner. Finding the right partner for a model will be another thing.

It will have to be a sex shoot without sex. Kissing and oral will be all-right and hopefully the photographer won’t get a hard-on and want to join in.

The photo-shoot will be her ultimate fantasy come true. It will not be in a studio, but somewhere where they could feel homely. Where they could be comfortable with a sofa shoot first and then move to the bedroom.

After about three weeks, Latisha found the right partner. Ethan was the tall, dark and handsome type and had his eye for some time on Latisha. He would’ve taken any day off work to be with her. The pleasure would be his and the thrill of a camera clicking around them will be a big turn-on, even if there would be no sex. An erotic photo shoot is the stuff of many men’s fantasies also.

The theme was hats and boots. Sam and Latisha got together an hour before the time. Sam wanted to take some profile photos of her to get to know her better and to make her feel at home in front of the camera.

Latisha found it easy to be around Sam and he only asked her once to be herself. To feel free as if she was watching a movie as she undressed herself in front of him, while his camera clicked every move she made.

She posed on a chair for some shots. Then they went to the bedroom. Sam took shots of her on the bed. For some shots he moved up close to her. She opened her legs wide as he took photos of her pussy. He was so near her that she felt aroused with every touch of his hands on her. This made her cup her own breasts and she heard the clicking of the camera as she moved her hands to her pussy.

She teased herself through the photo shoot.

The satisfaction on Sam’s face was enough to get her aroused even more. Before she knew it, he was undressed and went down on her pussy. This was not planned at all, but knowing Sam he might as well had to show how long he was waiting for them to come so close and not do anything.

Sam was rough and ready for her. As her orgasm with his finger in her, working her g-spot, he looked up and told her to “sshhh” and just went on. After about two more orgasms he got on top of her sliding his cock inside. He went hard and fast with just enough thrust to kiss her as they both orgasm with satisfaction on their faces.

Just in the nick of time, as they heard a knock on the door. Sam got dressed and Latisha went to the bathroom. While cleaning herself up for Ethan, she could hear them talking.

When she came out, she only had the towel around her. Giving Ethan a “hello hug”, she went and sat next to him on the sofa.

Sam talked to them about what he thought would make nice photos and they got ready. As Latisha was already naked, he told Ethan to get undressed, leaving his boots and hat on. Latisha put her hat on and took of the towel.

Sam took some profile shots of Ethan and then he let them stand in front of the big window, looking to the outside. First he let Latisha stand behind Ethan holding him very close and then they changed.

Ethan had to look over her shoulder, as if she was showing him something outside. She could not help feeling his cock, so hard, on her butt.

They then went to the bedroom where Sam got a close-up as they held each other tight, but where he could get a photo of Latisha’s breast from the side. He asked them to pretend kissing but to hold it, not touching lips. This felt like forever for Latisha, as she couldn’t wait for the first kiss. Ethan was starting to grow on her and she wondered what else his lips could do.

The next pose was on the bed. Sitting in each other’s legs was a big turn on for both of them, as it was the first time they had enough time to look at each other. Latisha could not keep her eyes off his groin, looking at his reaction. It made her feel aroused and wet.

Ethan could not believe this full beauty in front of him. From her neck line to her breast, from her tummy to her pussy. He wondered how long he would be able to keep it professional for the shoot, while Sam was clicking away with instructions for different positions.

Ethan cupped her breasts and gazed at them. He didn’t want to stop there, he had to nuzzle and kiss them for all they were worth. Dying to lavish more attention on them, he asked her to lay back. He took over from Sam, and lent over Latisha, kissing and sucking on her breast. Closing her eyes, she could feel the moment and enjoy his touch, as his tongue did the walking down and around her body.

Hearing the click of the camera brought her back to reality and, as she opened her eyes, she could not pretend to see Ethan going down on her. To relax while Ethan was so near her pussy was not working. She knew she was aroused and oh so wet. He pushed her knees a little further apart, working his hands around her pussy lips and thighs.

She closed her eyes, wishing for him to lick her, to treat her and tell her how wet she was. His fingers penetrated her pussy. The sheer pleasure made her body shiver slightly and she wanted more of this, but he wanted to draw out the tension and build up the desire by taking his time.

To pretended ... or not to, was not working for her, while he was fingering her away and licking her clit that was hard and sensitive by now and she started to shiver with anticipation, as her orgasm built up to a high. She tried to hold out but as her orgasm hit her, he was there to catch up every drop of cum and a lot of squirting. She closed her legs as he got back up to her face and started to kiss her with her smell and taste on his lips.

Sam got good shots, but it was time for the blowjob. Latisha got down in front of Ethan, so that Sam could see what she was doing. Some men are hooked on the idea of women swallowing their nectar and after Ethan told her he drank a lot of water, it was her day to swallow. She knew his balls were packed with nerve endings and some men love it when they are played with. She started to lick just on the underside where the scrotum joins the penis. With the tip of her tongue she tickled and licked, until his cock stood to attention, while still playing with his balls.

While her hand clasped Ethan’s cock, she got up on top of him again, so that he could lick and play with her pussy as well, as she worked his cock up and down and then wrapped her lips around it. He wanted her red lipstick around his cock for a photo to keep.

Sam was now sitting in front of them, clicking away at ever move she made. Ethan made small moans when Latisha gave special attention to the soft spot at the tip of his cock. She knew it is very sensitive and that he could feel every move. She draw tiny circles around the hole with her tongue and to spice it up, she blew a cool stream of air over his cock in her one hand. He gasp as she did this. She slapped his cock on her tongue a few times, before taking his whole cock in her mouth, sucking hard and then moving her hand up and down his shaft. Ethan lifted his butt up each time to make her go deeper and take him in all the way.

She felt him about to come and to shoot his load and kept her mouth still for a while. He was sucking and licking her so hard from his side, that she also could not hold it anymore. Moaning, with his cock in her mouth, he blew his load. She sucked harder and swallowed it for the camera. It just took a few loads for him to fill her mouth with his cum. She could not swallow it all in and let some run out of her mouth, so Sam could take a photo to show he did cum in her mouth with some cum on his cock.

It was sheer bliss, the sensation after an amazing session of a photo-shoot. Her disappointment would be not having Ethan finish the job with his cock inside her.. but that will have to be without a professional photographer. ©

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