Come down this road

Come down this road

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



A serious thought was for him to start over. He had to pack away his dark side. Go clubbing again and picked up with old and make new friends. His perspective had to return. She wanted to get to know him better. Let him come down this new road with her.



A serious thought was for him to start over. He
had to pack away his dark side. Go clubbing again and picked up with old and make new friends. His
perspective had to return. She wanted to get to know him better. Let him come down this new road
with her.


Submitted: March 13, 2014

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Submitted: March 13, 2014




If there was one guy Mary would really want to meet, it would have to be William. A short profile of him will have to be as follows;

Very sexy, blue eyes, his greying hair was neatly trimmed like that of an ex-marine, which suited his athletic build. Mary imagined him to be around six feet tall, with sensual lips.

Mary loved men that kept a diary. Reading his diary kept her busy for several hours. She was thrilled

chatting to him on line, wondering just where about in Africa he was stationed.

One thing came to mind, and that was that he was unhappy. He talked about months of separation.

As soon as all the paperwork was done, he could change his status to Divorced. She read of how he

felt about his ex-wife. She had been his princess. He had shed tears for her after he left, and the guilt

of not having to say ‘I love you’. The sad thought was that it was time to move on.

One of his diary entries kept her busy for a while.


Whatever do I want?

Will I ever know?

The depression seems so endless,

It goes on, and on.

Forget syllables,

Forget rhythm,

Forget rhyme.

My body, my brain out of step.

I'm upset ALL the time.

I am in love, then not.

Leave, then return.

Work hard, then nothing.

Stare at walls, paralyzed.

This got her thinking of what kind of a guy he was. A serious thought was for him to start over. He

had to pack away his dark side. Go clubbing again and picked up with old and make new friends. His

perspective had to return. She wanted to get to know him better. Let him come down this new road

with her. And it sounds like a challenge.

Mary wondered about him. Was he the kind of guy that wanted a naughty princess in need of being

spanked? The dominatrix to give lip to. He talked a lot of his frustrations and needs to release the

cave man needs. Sounds like the BDSM kind. Maybe he would want to have a slave or be one.

She dreamed of kissing him. Soft and gentle. She wanted to pamper him and have the courage to

appreciate him with the knowledge that he is a man with needs, just like she had needs. But what

does one say? How does one say, I want to kiss you, make you tremble with soft moans until your

desires are fulfilled. Tummy tongue kisses all the way down where her mouth will be needed the


In her dream the other night, they met at this lovely cozy restaurant. Mary was dressed to kill. Low

cut evening dress with a long slit on the right leg with her high heels on. She knew it was sexy, and

that every man would have loved her next to his side, but it was William that was the lucky man.

They sat at the bar while having drinks and there were a lot of caressing each other’s arms and

looking into each other’s eyes. No words were needed. It was just them at that moment.

She wanted to be his lover for the night. To be with him for the night. To have his soul and heart for

just one night. Make him hers to hold and to be in his loving arms that would surround her. For him to

desire her and to be filled with lust. Just the need to be wanted.

They decided to go home, her home where she knew her surroundings and where she could make

him feel at home. Once through the front door there was no time for talking anymore.

It was time for excitement in the bedroom. She pulled down the covers and tossed the pillows to the


William got down on his knees and held her pretty feet in his hand as he took off her shoes. With one

swift movement his hands ware under her dress and down came her panties. He turned her around

and unzipped her dress and Mary stepped out of it.

Then it was her turn. He let her unbutton his shirt after taking off his tie. After she rubbed her hands

over his chest, his first groan told her she was on the right track. She undid his belt and the zipper of

his pants. She went on her knees and took off his shoes and socks. Then she pushed him up against

the wall. She took his lovely cock in her hand as he watched her smiling.

She stood up and laid on the bed and asked him to go on all fours over her with her head beneath

his groin. This way it was like milking a cow, and he had to control the movement and intensity of how

she could pleasure him. She loved the way he slided his cock into her mouth for some extra

enjoyment. She enjoyed having oral sex this way. Mary didn't let him cum this way, the night was still

too young.

After that he turned around for the classic 69. She spread her legs for him has his tongue parted her

pussy lips to find her clit. He did not want her to take his cock again, so she played with his balls while

he was sucking the hell out of her clit. As his tongue tired out he slipped his finger inside her pussy and

she controlled her motion with her hips. His finger hit her g-spot as he turned it inside her. As the

pleasure build up Mary couldn't take it anymore and lifted him up so that she could give him oral

again. She hit her first orgasm as he lifted his cock away from her. She knew she gave him a good

load of squirt with that one.

After they rested for a while in each other's arms he asked for a towel and something to use as a

blindfold. She knew she was not ready for this. Her brain wanted to try new things but her senses told

her different, he has the ability to do just as he wanted with her.

Reluctantly she stood up and fetched a scarf from her wardrobe cupboard, and a towel from the

bathroom. After he blindfolded her with the scarf, he rolled the towel up and placed it under her butt.

She felt vulnerable for a moment, not knowing where he was or what he was doing. Mary’s senses

took over when she felt him spraying something cold on her nipples. She felt his tongue on her nipple

as his mouth covered her breast as he sucked off whatever it was. He asked her to open her mouth

and instructed her not to close it until he said so.

Now she knew he had a can of cream because he sprayed more than enough into her mouth. He

dropped a cherry on top. He explained to her what he was doing when he squirted some honey all over

her mouth and chin. He then told her she must eat it. It was tasty and it felt even better when they kissed for the first time. As his tongue moved all over and inside her mouth, her chin and cheeks became

sticky from the honey. She felt him licking it all up.

She felt him spray the cream in a line from the middle of her breast down to her pussy. Mary felt as

he dropped the cherries on top of the cream. He topped it up with the honey.

He took her hand in his and with her finger he wiped some cream from her tummy and put her finger

in his mouth and sucked it off. This increased her awareness of what he liked. It felt good as he

sucked her finger again and again for some time with each cream helping.

He teased her mercilessly by popping cherries with cream and honey inside her mouth. She felt his

tongue make his way around her body, licking up every drop of cream and honey. As he came to her

pussy she felt him pour the honey over her clit. It felt so warm and good at the same time as the

honey ran down her labia into her pussy. He licked up every drop and then she felt his tongue move

back towards her clit. He licked around her clit, making sure there was no more honey left. The

sensation of her over stimulated clit made her cumin an explosive orgasm that engulfed her whole

body. As the sensation of the orgasm died away she was sure the bed was soaked once more.

After a while they got up and took a shower together. William made sure to wash her all over. He then

turned her around as she was holding on to the wall, and she felt his cock enter her still wet pussy

from behind. Mary put an extra-special twist for his pleasure by clenching her pussy muscle with

each thrust, tightening it up a bit and then squeeze just before he pulled out again. She knew this

gave him more pressure around his cock and at the same time created more pleasure on her g-spot

and clitoris. They both came with an explosive orgasm.

Mary woke up just as she felt the warmth of her bed, and knew she was masturbating in her dream as

she felt the orgasm rush through her body.

At least William could come down this road with her in her dreams.©

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