Scarlett & Dimitri

Scarlett & Dimitri Scarlett & Dimitri

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Scarlett is a young woman who sits idly by a hotel bar. She is met by a handsome man, Dimitri, and things get hot very quickly.


Scarlett is a young woman who sits idly by a hotel bar. She is met by a handsome man, Dimitri, and things get hot very quickly.


Submitted: November 06, 2015

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Submitted: November 06, 2015



She sits at the hotel bar, idly stirring her martini, only vaguely interested in the cocktail menu in her hand. Tapping on the table absentmindedly, she adjusts her legs, long and smooth, crossing one over the other. Her spaghetti strap dress is short and moves slightly to dangerously expose her upper thigh.  

It's almost midnight according to the clock behind the dimly lit bar. There are few people up and about; the few that are sit by themselves, pondering deeply with a strong drink in hand. 

A new martini is pushed in front of the woman's cocktail menu. She lowers the menu and looks up with big brown eyes behind her long, black locks to find a strong gaze looking back at her. The strong-jawed man runs a hair through his purposefully messy hair as he sits next to the woman. She wonders how such messy hair can suit a man in a tux so well.  

"I haven't seen you here before," he says, taking a sip from his scotch.  

Her lips twitch at the feeble line"Maybe because I'm not from around here." 

Turning to take a sip of her newly bought drink, she adjusts her dress strap and the man eyes her fingers as they lightly caress her skin. His gaze briefly flickers to the lining of her dress where it ever-so-slightly exposes her full, perky breasts. She picks up the toothpick pierced through an olive that was lain in her martini. 

Pulling the olive off the toothpick with her full lips she asks, "What's your name, stranger? 

He finishes his drink, licks his lips and motions to the barman for another, "Dimitri." 

"Scarlett," she outstretches her hand to shake. 

He clutches the hand with warmth and without taking his eyes off hers, lowers his head to kiss it. She raises an eyebrow and smiles slightly. They cease their physical contact while some moments pass and they assess each other.  

After what seems like forever, the woman makes a move and straightens her posture. 

"Excuse me for a moment, don't leave," she rises and swiftly strides toward the bathroom.  

Dimitri stares after her, watching as her ass sway so elegantly from side to side. She doesn't take long and is back within a minute. She approaches him but doesn't resume her place next to him. Instead, she puts one hand on his thigh, the other on the bench and leans forward slowly to kiss his cheek. 

Before pulling away, she whispers in his ear, "It was lovely meeting you Dimitri. I hope we bump into each other before long." 

She pulls back and holds his gaze for a few more seconds until passing him, wandering over toward the hotel elevators. Dimitri is confused, confident they had a connection. He turns himself back to the bar when he realises Scarlett left something on the bench for him. A single pair of black, lacy underwear is where the woman's hand was prior. On top is a hotel card; room 420. 

Dimitri chuckles softly and moves the underwear between his fingers. He downs the remainder of his scotch and shoves the items left behind in his pocket before promptly continuing toward the elevators.  

Giddy with excitement, he pushes the button for the fourth floor. Meanwhile, Scarlett still dawdles through the hall on the way to her room with a cheeky grin. She isn't the kind of girl that would do this often but she feels her life is in need of some naughty excitement. She pauses in front of her door, full of thoughts that make her tingle all over. 

Suddenly a strong force pushes her chest and body against the door. A body is pressed against hers as a hand strokes her thigh, pulling up her dress and almost exposes her beautiful ass. 

Another hand brings the hair away from her ear and Dimitri breathes into it, "Hello again, Scarlett." 

She smiles, eyes closed and says back to him, "Pleased to see me?" 

She presses herself against his crotch, his member already hard. He pushes back and the hand the touched her hair now slides down from her shoulder to clutch the flesh that is her breasts. Her lips part and a soft moan escapes her. He bites her shoulder playfully. She reaches around and clutches his huge rod firmly. 

Both breathing firmly and beginning to forget they could be seen at any moment, Dimitri's hand that was caressing Scarlett's side moves forward slightly to stroke between her upper thighs. He moves his hand higher to brush her smooth pussy. She intakes a quick breath of air and her grip tightens around his cock before stroking it with excitement. His grips tightens on her breasts, massaging them well. He teases her, moving a single finger around the entrance into her paradise. She already leaks in anticipation.   

He inserts a finger, then two and, with the other hand cupping her breasts, he moves it to clutch some of her hair and tug it back. He begins to move his fingers around inside her and her grip loosens around his member. His pace quickens while pressing harder against her and biting her exposed neck.  

A ding sounds as the elevator down the hall indicates someone is coming. Within a flash, Scarlett has pulled out her room card out of Dimitri's pocket and into the key slot. They both topple in and Scarlett whips around. She pulls on Dimitri's collar as she walks backwards and presses her lips to his fiercely. He grabs her ass tightly until it bumps the edge of the dining room table.  

Still kissing her passionately, he lifts her onto the table and spreads her legs to make way for him. She reaches down and undoes his belt swiftly. She pulls down his pants somewhat before grabbing his rock hard dick, teasing it against her wet pussy until positioning it at her entrance. He grabs her hips firmly and stops kissing her. Looking into her eyes, he watches her mouth open, eyes close and head throw back as he slowly enters her tight cunt.  

"Fuck," he breathes, before bringing his mouth back to hers. 

He pulls out, and enters just as slowly. She snakes a hand around his neck, wraps her legs around him and forces him deeper. After a couple more time the pace quickens; he's thrusting deep into her, making her moan into his mouth. She bites his lip hard. Within moments he pulls her dress over her head, is thrown elsewhere and forgotten. He bends to suck on her firm breasts, nibbling on her erect nipples. Her fingernails scratch on his back and the pain is wonderful. 

He stops his motions, suddenly pulling out of her and forcing her off the table. He spins her around and pushes her back so she leans over the table; her ass beautifully exposed and his. Hands on her hips, he rubs his cock between her utterly tempting cheeks. He finds her opening, leaking with her own juices, and shoves himself into her with a constant pace again. His balls hit her clit again and again, making her pleasure even more intense.  

"Oh, fuck yes. Fuck me hard babe, make me cum," Scarlett says with her tits pressed against the cool wood.  

He grabs her hair and pulls it so she stands almost upright with an arched back, still leaning against the table for support. With his free hand, Dimitri once again cups a breast and pumps his member into her hard and good. The hand gripping her hair finds its way down to her clit and rub in a circular pattern. Before long, her breathing becomes heavy and she bites her lip. 

"Fuck," she breathes. 

Dimitri feels her pussy tighten around his dick and it's enough to push him over the edge. She screams in pleasure as her orgasms run through her body in intense shivers. His throbbing cock can take no more; she tightens once again and he explodes into her with a mighty groan. She falls onto the table and moans as she feels his liquid fill her pussy. Once he is spent, he is breathing heavily and cautiously pulls out of her. Some cum, whether it be his or hers, drips onto the floor as evidence of a spontaneously naughty night. 


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