When Dark Falls ( a world of werewolves series 2)

When Dark Falls ( a world of werewolves series 2)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


This is my second book from The Real Us ( A world of werewolves series) carries on from the first book. Again I warn it has torture, sexual violence, graphic details and a lot of sex, but it you still want to come read then I hope you enjoy their world as much as I enjoyed writing it!


This is my second book from The Real Us ( A world of werewolves series) carries on from the first book. Again I warn it has torture, sexual violence, graphic details and a lot of sex, but it you still want to come read then I hope you enjoy their world as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Chapter1 (v.1) - When Dark Falls ( A world of werewolves series 2)

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When Dark Falls

Closing my eyes, I waited for death and prayed that it would be quick. After a few moments of silence, the fanged creature spoke in a surprisingly lilting posh voice. “What are you doing?” he asked.

 Opening my eyes, I looked up at him where he was stood at the end of my bed watching me with a slightly amused expression on his face. “Well, someone creeping in through a window, and baring their fangs at me usually means you’re going to get hurt,” I answered a little shakily, and checked that Krystal was still sleeping safely in her little cot.

 “I am not going to kill you. I am sorry, sometimes we vampires react instinctively when we sense werewolf. I’m actually here for your help.” Vampire I thought shocked. I thought they were myth, though I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out they existed too.

Sitting down on the edge of my bed, he made himself comfortable before saying, “Go on, ask me the questions I’m sure are on your mind. I can tell you are a new wolf.” He smiled. He had a beautiful smile and so it took me a little while to focus enough to ask him some things. “So are you really dead?” Was my first question. It was a bit blunt, but I didn’t know how else to ask.

 He laughed loud enough and hard enough, that a nurse came in to check on me. When I looked back to where he had been sitting it was suddenly empty. “You ok?” she whispered, looking around the room a little suspiciously. “I’m fine.” I smiled back, and waited until she left to call him back out.

 He seemed to emerge from the shadows themselves, as though he had just stepped through a door, and made himself comfortable again. Confused I watched, as he put my hand to his chest, one eyebrow raised at me. “You feel that?” he whispered. I was taking in by his eyes for a moment, they were emerald green, amazing, and I could only nod in answer to his question. He had a heart beat and he was as warm as any human. “You drink blood though?” I managed to whisper. “I only take from those who offer and are healthy, it makes me feel invigorated and strong, rather than a real need for it. It is people’s emotions I actually feed off mostly. Energy is much more my area than blood, each vampire is different.” He laughed at my shocked face, then released my hand. “Is it true vampires and werewolves hate each other?” I asked curiously. Grinning at me he answered, “If that were true, I would not be sitting next to you right now and having this conversation. There are those out there who seem to be prejudiced about one another, but the older and more mature of us tend to be more open-minded.”

I learnt from him that unlike the movies, religious stuff did not bother them in any way and that he was actually a catholic himself. Garlic didn’t bother them anymore than the average human, and no they did not turn into bats or savagely go around killing people, though they did in fact age a lot slower just like werewolves, but they were not immortal. “What about the fangs?” I asked.

 “Well no one really knows why, but after about a year into adolescence, they just seem to grow as though the body knows you may need them to feed one day, though some of the younger ones get impatient and have it done at a dentist.” He shook his head at the last bit.

 I must have been awake the whole night, because I was still learning from him when Jason came into the room growling at the vampire holding our baby. Even when he was growling menacingly he still managed to take my breath away with his beauty. His short, dark blonde hair mixed with light, was a tousled mess, like he’d woke from bed and not bothered to sort it out, yet it still managed to look sexy on him.

He was wearing a thin white, long sleeved shirt that clung to his body showing of how very muscular he was, dark blue jeans and trainers. “What the fuck is a vampire doing holding our baby?” He snarled.

 I was trying to breathe through the anger of all that energy of his, and it looked like the vampire was too, though for pleasure rather than discomfort. It was slightly creepy. “It’s alright Jason, his not here to hurt us. He came at twelve last night, so we’d be dead by now if he had.” I smiled, trying to diffuse his anger. “You mean his been here all night with you? What have you been doing all this time?” His anger just grew stronger, it was the first time I’d seen him jealous. “We’ve just been talking, that’s all. He’s been telling me about vampires and what their really like, did you know they feed on energy too?” Walking over to the vampire he practically ripped Krystal from his arms. “Did you also know that when they feed on energy it drains their victim, leaving them weak too?” He was still growling inhumanly, but his anger had calmed enough for me to breathe normally while he checked Krystal over and kissed her tiny lips once he saw she was fine. I would have found it cute if he weren’t still so angry. The vampire got up and walked over to Jason, which I thought was a really brave move to make. Holding out his hand to Jason he said, “I am sorry that I have upset you so much, I did not mean to make offense to you or your mate. My name is Marcus and I’m actually here for your packs help, if you are all willing?” Jason didn’t take his hand, but he did ask what kind of help.

 “We’ve heard and witnessed that there’s a new set of hunters looking for us all, normally the one’s we have met are nice enough and only interfere if we actually harm someone in front of them, though I am sorry to hear that yours were not. These hunters are extremely skilled though, fast, know what they’re doing and most importantly they are ruthless and will not hesitate to kill us whether we be male, female or child.” Automatically we all looked at Krystal as she stared back into her daddy’s piercing blue eyes in wonder. Jason’s true eye colour was a yellow golden like his wolf.

He was more wolf than human and an Alpha, though he chose to be second in command so his uncle could be Alpha. “I’m sure we can handle them, and together it should be easy.” Replied Jason, but Marcus shook his head, face all serious, “They are not all human, some of them are witches who practice in the dark arts. They killed a whole coven of vampires with just one spell.” We had nothing to say to that.

Once Marcus had left, with promises from Jason that he would speak with Blaze, Jason came over and sat beside me, relaxing for the first time since he had arrived. “Do I not get a kiss then?” I grinned. He kissed me on the cheek rather than lips so that I knew he was still mad at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked him when he hadn’t said anything for ten minutes. “Just worried about what your vampire guy said, and the fact that you let him hold our child without a care in the world.” He didn’t look at me when he answered. “Well sorry Mr. jealous, but he wasn’t here to hurt us, so what’s the problem?” ok, so I had a habit of winding him up when I was annoyed, I also did it because I knew I could, when anyone else would probably be killed, it weirdly excited me.

 He snarled slightly under his breath at the remark, before replying, “I am not jealous; I care about my daughter’s safety in the arms of someone who could drain her life energy just by being in the same room, let alone cuddling her.”

 I was about to have a go at him, but was interrupted by a nurse coming in to the room to hand me my breakfast, along with some papers to fill out so that I could leave. We both left the hospital in silence, and not even as Jason held my arm and helped me into the car did he speak. I thought it really odd of him to act like this, but I was too tired to care and a little pissed off myself with his attitude after all I’d been through.

 When we arrived back at the new pack house -our last one had been burned down by hunters- The other wolves seemed to sense the tension between us because rather than rush us as they normally would have, one of them took Krystal out of Jason’s arms without a word, and rushed back to the others to coo over her.

I went to stomp up the stairs, but winced in pain as I remembered I was still healing and settled for sulking instead. If I had been in wolf form my tail would have been between my legs. I slept for five hours peacefully before I was woken up by a kiss on the lips. Opening my eyes, I saw Jason leaning over me. “What’s that for?” I mumbled sleepily. Grinning he answered, “Because I love you.”

 “So you’re not mad anymore?” I asked, sliding up from under his arms to rest against the head-board. His smile faded, “I’m sorry babe, all I saw was this good looking guy with you on the bed and holding our girl in his arms. You all looked like a family without me.”

Surprising him, I burst out laughing, but tried to stop when it hurt my wound. “What’s so funny?” He asked confused. “I’m sorry, I love you and you’re just so cute when you’re jealous, you know you’ll always be my man.” I grinned, showing him my wedding ring. Smiling he leaned in and kissed me, our soft gentle kissing suddenly became urgent, fast and lots of lips and tongue. Jason pulled away after a few minutes panting, he was a big boy down there and I could see he was hard, his erection straining against his jeans so that he had to stand up and sort it out. “I better get back downstairs in case I finish what we started,” He winked, leaving me there catching my breath. It was hard not having sex for six-twelve weeks, but when I was healed it was well worth the wait. Coming home from a meal out with Jane, I walked into mine and Jason’s room to a bed full of scattered red and pink rose petals with some sprinkled onto the floor along with white candles decorating the room and glowing against the cream walls of the bedroom. Jason walked up behind me, kissed me on the neck lightly and whispered, “Do you like it?” Turning around to face him, I could only nod before wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my head into his chest so that he wouldn’t see my tears. I didn’t know whether it was my hormones or not, but Jason as always, read me so well and pulled back to look into my eyes. “What’s wrong honey? If you’re not ready I can just hold you.” I shook my head. “No I love it, it’s just I’ve never had anyone do anything like this for me before. What made you do it?” Smiling and looking relieved he answered, “Let’s talk after.”

 Kissing me he was soft and tender, exploring, kissing and tasting every inch of my ebony body before slowly entering my wet centre. Groaning, he made love to me for the first time, as I usually preferred him rough, but this time I let him slide back and forth so slowly and teasing it almost made me cry with frustration. Whatever showed on my face pleased him though because he grinned proudly and carried on thrusting. I could see him straining with the effort not to lose control. He was leaning on his hands above me, sweat trickling slowly down his muscled arms which were shaking slightly from the effort to control himself.

 Eventually as we both got close to orgasm he moved faster and a little harder, until he was pounding me so hard and fast we both came screaming as he filled me, and then collapsed on top of me as we tried to get our breath back.

We had managed to find a pill thanks to Blaze and his cleverness that worked against Jason’s more wolfish side.

 Taking Krystal back from the other wolves, I settled her down next to her brother’s cot before heading back downstairs to join the pack. Everybody had already gathered in the living room so that I felt self-conscious as I entered.

 Luckily Jason knowing me so well, came over to take my hand, leading me back to where he had been sitting on a dining chair and pulling me onto his lap. Though he held me close against his body, he was gentle so as not to make my scar irritated and sore. Unfortunately the female wolf Marie, who hated me and kept trying to take my husband, was still part of the pack and was sitting on the floor next to the sofa on my right; I did feel a little better with her envious looks though. “Hey, thanks everyone, I’ll just keep this short. As you all know, Josie and Jason have been told that there are new hunters. These hunters however, are highly skilled, making them more dangerous and ruthless to any we may have come across before.” Blaze our Alpha was stood in front of the big plasma screen T.V holding his mate Tina by her tiny waist.

Tina looked tiny next to Blaze’s six foot-two height. She was five-four, slim figured with dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, and she looked beautiful in her tight-fitting black dress and high heels tonight.

 The room made noise in agreement to his words and waited for the rest. “Now I know some of you are uncomfortable with outsiders staying with us, but the man who shared this information is a vampire called Marcus.” With the crowd’s grumbles and protests he added sternly, “I expect you to treat our new guest with respect while he is here. Is that understood?”

Everyone grumbled an agreement, and as if on cue, the doorbell went off. Tina went to answer it, and a few minutes later, in walked Marcus with a very affectionate Tina who couldn’t seem to stop touching him. He looked more beautiful than handsome, and as soon as he smiled every female in the room suddenly seemed to smell like they were on heat while they gazed back adoringly into those gorgeous emerald eyes. He had jet black short hair that was messy looking and tousled perfectly. I felt myself begin to fall into his beauty until Jason nudged me hard. “Don’t you dare fall for his glamour crap,” He hissed into my ear, instantly snapping me out of my trance and making me feel guilty.

 As I snapped out of my trance it seemed as though Marcus sensed it, because at that point he suddenly looked straight in my direction, making me smile and blush, and Jason pissed off. Before he could let his anger take over I quickly turned round on my side to face him, and then kissed him long and deep. Holding my back he pulled me in against him kissing me back while I wrapped my hands around his neck.

 I didn’t care about anyone or anything else at that moment as I tasted every inch of his mouth, but when his hands slid down to my hips and started to slide under my tank top I stopped, I didn’t want to get hot and heavy with him with everyone watching for the second time, the last time it had happened we’d gotten carried away and I’d been sore for days after.

Turning back around, I saw Marcus look away slightly annoyed. I guess he wasn’t used to girls not dropping to their knees for him, but he still had a room full of other females to choose from, who were more than willing. Jason lifted me off his lap and led me out of the room giving Marcus a warning growl before taking me to our room.

Next morning I got up and dressed while Jason slept, and headed downstairs for breakfast. As I entered the kitchen it was packed full of females. I wondered where all the male wolves were until I saw Marcus among the crowd. Sighing I nudged past the crowd and helped myself to some cheerio’s before going back to eat in the living room. I was definitely not eating in a claustrophobic looking kitchen.

 Halfway through my cereal Marcus came and sat beside me. “What do you want?” I asked through a mouthful of food. “You know you’re the only woman who hasn’t dressed to impress me?” I looked down at my black t-shirt and jeans, my face with no make-up on and suddenly wished I had at least looked half decent for the day, but not for him I told myself, instead I answered, “Oh, sorry if I’ve offended you in some way, but I’m not a girl who likes to sleep around if I can help it and also.” I flashed him my wedding ring and carried on eating, though I was slightly uncomfortable with him watching.

 “You haven’t offended me, more surprised, but I like that about you.” He smiled that wonderful smile of his and I suddenly didn’t want to stuff my face in front of him anymore. “What, that I’m not throwing myself at you?” I asked.

 He nodded, and before either of us could speak again he was mobbed by the girl crowd. Heading into the film room-yes we had a film room now- I suddenly found the males, some of them who were boyfriend’s of a few of the females were sulking while the others just looked pissed off.

There were eight of them and I knew the name of six. There was, James, Stephen, Ross, josh, Brett and Elijah. Josh came over towards me and asked, “You not joining the other love sick bitches?” Frowning I answered, “No I’m not, or I wouldn’t be here would I?” I didn’t mean to snap, but the bitch part always seemed to offend me. He growled in response, but left me alone.

 Sitting on a chair, I was daydreaming when Elijah came and joined me. “You’re not going to start on me too are you?” I sighed. Grinning he answered, “No, just thought I would keep your lonely arse company.” I’d never spoken to Elijah before really, he was six foot two, all muscle, blue eyes and curly blonde hair. He had tried it on with me once before by accident, but that’s another story.

 “So tell me, what’s Jason like when it’s just you two?” Elijah grinned. “Why would you want to know that?” I laughed. “The whole pack wants to know whether he really has a soft side, or you just really have a thing for cold psychopathic men.” He laughed, which drew the attention of two other wolves, Ross and Brett.

Sighing I smiled and answered, “His romantic, loyal, very affectionate, and actually has a good sense of humour and laid back attitude.” The others laughed, surprised, and had a hard time believing it as we argued, but eventually I shut them up with, “There was a time Jason said that you, Ross, were so drunk one night, that he hid behind a wall with a scary mask and jumped out at you, he was laughing while he told me you ran crying all the way home with tears, and when he came to check on you, he saw you cowering under the bed covers before you passed out.” The rest of the room suddenly erupted into laughter at Ross, who had turned crimson with embarrassment.

It was funny watching a big masculine man try to become invisible. “I was so pissed that night. I was never sure if it was some dick messing around or a real fucking monster, I mean if we exist, why not something else?” he had a deep gravelly voice and when he tried to slip out of the room, the rest followed him taunting and laughing and I suddenly felt sorry for him.

Getting up I went to head back out myself, but Josh was suddenly stood in the doorway blocking my path. I tried asking politely for him to move, he just laughed in response.

Trying to push past his six foot two muscled body may have well been a brick wall with just my five foot. “Why won’t you let me pass?” Face all serious he replied, “Give me a reason to and I might.” He laughed at my confused expression and said, “You’re a woman and I’m a man, so show me your tits or something and I’ll let you pass.” It was that time of the month for me, but I was so used to being pregnant that I had forgotten how it made the males react as they usually left me alone now I was Jason’s wife.

Being pregnant had the same effect on them too, not as strong, but they had seemed to grow used to it and I thought I was fine now… I was wrong, and it sure as hell didn’t help that I was an omega too. I was so angry and close to tears, I didn’t trust my voice to speak so shook my head in response.

Laughing at whatever my face showed he said, “Fine your shy, how about a kiss instead?” “And if I don’t?” I almost whispered. “Well then you can stay here and the two wolves still in this room will eventually be tempted.”

The two wolves he was referring to were too engrossed with the x box to take any notice of us, but he was right and I didn’t want to get raped again. Last time I had been attacked by a different pack, and their leader Angelo who was dead now, but the rest of his pack had disappeared so that I never really felt safe, knowing they were out there somewhere.

Taking a deep breath I leaned up to him, seeing what I was doing, he smirked thinking I was leaning in for a kiss, in actual fact I was trying to look over his shoulder to see if anyone was about for help. He leaned down pressing his lips to mine.

Pushing me against the wall he shoved his tongue down my mouth and kissed me so hard it hurt, I had a sudden flashback of Angelo and suddenly he let me go. “Want me to do more?” Josh was breathless when he spoke, with one arm leaning against the wall so that he was still leaning against me almost, blocking me in. Panicking I shot out from under his arm and into the hallway before collapsing to my knees and sobbing as the flashbacks suddenly came with a vengeance.

 Josh looked out at me confused and then looked above me. Turning to see what he was looking at I saw Sam standing there. “Hey sweetie, you ok?” He asked, leaning down and lifting me to my feet. Sam had an angelic face with his blue eyes and blonde hair and once had been mine, but then I’d found out I was pregnant by Jason and so I had, had to leave him. His wolf wouldn’t have accepted another wolf’s child, besides the fact I was with Sam when I had been kidnapped and so he had been a constant reminder when I saw him back in my bad days.

 I nodded even though I was still crying; I just couldn’t seem to stop myself. Pulling me in against his chest, Sam held me while I cried and waited until I could speak to ask what was wrong. Once he found out he went storming into the film room, grabbed Josh by the back of his neck and threw him to the floor.

 Sam was next in the hierarchy after Jason and when Josh turned to warily glare at him, his nose was a bloody mess. “What was that for?” He snarled. “You know damn well,” growled Sam, he was close to losing himself to his wolf and Josh sensing this answered, “She’s not even your mate, I only kissed her for fuck’s sake.” Jason chose that moment to walk into the room; he was wearing a light blue t-shirt and sweat pants, his blonde hair in that messy look I loved without him even trying. He hadn’t noticed me yet due to me being huddled against the far wall.

 “Kissed who?” he asked, sitting down on the small sofa with his orange juice. He was the only man I’d known who didn’t like tea or coffee. The room fell silent as all eyes went to Jason, Josh suddenly grew deathly pale. “Why you all looking at me like that?” Jason’s voice was deep and naturally just held an edge of authority to it, so that you couldn’t help but to answer him.

 “Josh forced himself on Josie. I found her crying in the hallway.” Sam spoke up and took his arm away from me when Jason glared at it resting on my shoulder. “What?” Jason growled, he was suddenly terrifying even to me as his energy drowned the room with his rage.

Josh suddenly got up from the floor and bolted out of the room. Jason moved so fast, that when I blinked, he was already gone and out after Josh, his drink spilt on the floor. The other werewolves went rushing out onto the street to watch as Jason caught up with Josh, grabbing him in a head-lock and dragging him back to a crowd of excited wolves.

Pushing past everyone with Josh still in a head-lock, Jason pulled him down the hallway and into the scary torture room he had. Sam came over and gently led me back inside. Sam’s new girlfriend Fiona didn’t stay here overnight as she was human like Tina and it made the other werewolves uncomfortable, so if they wanted to spend nights together the men stayed at theirs.

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