Lost in the darkness

Lost in the darkness

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


About Grace, a girl who finds herself seduced and then possessed by a powerful demon, this story is all from her point of view. Please read and like or leave feedback! :)


About Grace, a girl who finds herself seduced and then possessed by a powerful demon, this story is all from her point of view. Please read and like or leave feedback! :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Lost in the darkness

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About Grace, a girl who finds herself seduced and then possessed by a powerful demon, this story is all from her point of view. Please read and like or leave feedback! :)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 15, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 15, 2014



Lost in Darkness

Chapter one

It was a rare sunny and hot day in England's capital, London, Where myself and my mum Sarah lived with our cat Shadow in a two bed rented apartment.
Mum had landed a new job as an architect six months ago, and was doing so well that she had already been given a pay rise. That, combined with her night shift job as a nurse in an elderly home meant that two years down the line, we were packing our stuff ready to move into mums dream home at an absolute bargain price.

Shifting the last of the boxes into our new home I was absolutely dripping with sweat from the sweltering heat and little wind, that I went and drank straight from the kitchen tap rather then rummage around in boxes trying to look for a glass.
Looking out the kitchen window I could see why mum had loved the place, what with its own big garden with it's neatly cut grass and flower beds around the edge of the short fencing. We could finally enjoy Sunbathing in peace together she had said but I wasn't so sure.The neighbours next door could see into our garden and us theirs and as if to prove that point a thirteen year old girl and her friends suddenly came rushing out into the garden next to ours, a rush of excitement on their faces as they laid down to sunbathe with their cans and food chattering away to one another.

The kitchen itself was big and spacious, enough for our dinner table and chairs to go at one end. The cupboards and sides were a light beach colour making the room seem bright and airy. The living room next door down the hall was big too. Mum had already set our cream sofa where she wanted it in there and was busy now attaching the flat TV screen up onto the wall, she was a handy women my mum. The floor was light beach wood flooring, the curtains cream and the lights had crystal chandeliers hanging softly, all these left by the last owner.

Upstairs I made my way to the bedroom I would be staying in and was again pleasantly surprised at how big it was. Again it had cream curtains and beach wood flooring, the light shade was also cream while the walls were cream and a milky coffee brown, as was the living room walls and I was going to assume mums Bedroom walls too. Looking in there I was right. It was like the last owner had been obsessed with just these few colours, but it did make the rooms look much bigger. The most colourful room was the bathroom, again quite big with a toilet and sink one side and a bath with an added shower to it.The room was painted a warm plum colour.

It took only a week for me and mum to unpack everything and put it all in its place and the house finally looked amazing, shadow even had his own bed and big tower den with a scratching post that he liked to hide in.

I was on my way out the front door for my art course in college when mum called me back to the kitchen. “Grace, before you go I forgot to tell you I won't be here when you get back as I have my nursing shift tonight. I'll leave some money so you can order a pizza or something ok?” I sighed silently. I already knew she would be working tonight because it was a Monday and her only days off were Wednesday and Saturday, sometimes a Sunday. “Yeah, ok mum see you later,” I smiled and rushed off to catch the bus before I missed its 8:30 curfew. College was alwayS the same for me the shy girl. I would arrive on time, work until lunchtime grab some food before finding a quiet table in the corner somewhere, if I couldn't I would take lunch outside and sit on a bench or any quiet place I could find, I had no friends at all you see.

 There wasn't anything wrong with  me as such, I had long black locks of hair that flowed down my back, dark blue eyes, red rosy lips and a normal body weight for someone at only five foot tall. Today I was wearing a baby blue thin jumper, skinny jeans a light beige thin hooded jacket on top and a pair of vans shoe trainers. I was painfully shy so nobody got to know me and I guess they just thought it too much effort to try, so here I was alone as normal at lunch until class started again.

I finished at five and made my way back home. The ten minute walk from the bus stop to the house was a icy cold and windy walk back, it was May but apparently that  didn't matter to this country as the dark grey clouds proved. I spent the walk wishing I could be somewhere warm for a change like Spain.

After homework later that evening at half six, I went downstairs to the living room where the house phone was and ordered the pizza. I was so shy it took me a while to make myself actually do it but I did and I was proud of myself.lame you probably thought, but for someone like me it was an achievement compared to a few months ago when I wouldn't have had the courage at all. 

As I ordered my pepperoni and chicken pizza I found it near impossible to hear the reply as mums bedroom stereo   Suddenly turned on and got louder and louder until it must have been at full volume. Ending the call I assumed mum must have been in after all and stormed upstairs to complain about her interruption and also about what the neighbours would think. Reaching the top of the stairs I stormed into an empty room with the stereo still at full blast.I turned it off only to hear the TV now on downstairs. She must have been in the toilet and just missed me I tried to reason to myself, but again it was an empty room I walked into with the TV on that had definitely been off when I had been in there. Freaked out I reasoned it had to be the electrics or something playing up, or perhaps something had fell on the control. I kept the TV on for comfort I didn't want to be in absolute silence right now only to scare myself silly if I heard another sudden noise. I was halfway through the film meet the parents and felt much more relaxed by then when the doorbell rang and I got up to answer. Taking my pizza I paid the man and shut the door and went straight to the living room eating straight out of the pizza box.

The film finished and I was full from pizza when the doorbell rang again. Getting up to answer I was confused to find no one standing at the door. Stupid kids I thought as I shut it and went to grab a drink from the kitchen. Again the doorbell rang and this time I ran to answer but again nobody was there. It was half ten by now and I was a little freaked out, what if it was some serial killer or rapist? But when I went and looked out mums bedroom window for anything strange I saw nothing. Her window looked out to our front door and the street below and I nearly crapped myself when the bell went off again while I was still looking. Nobody was down there, I could see clearly from here and I felt a shiver run up my spine. Maybe the place is haunted I thought, but it was far from haunted by a ghost as I would soon find out.

Chapter two

It had been only two months since we had moved to this house and I was beginning to hate It already. Whenever mum was working, which was pretty much all the time, the doorbell would ring on its own, the stereo and TV would turn on and off on their own accord and now there was an absolute irritating tapping in the walls. If I was in bed the tapping would be in the wall next to it, if I was in the bathroom the tapping was there, the kitchen, the living room. I assumed it must be the pipes in the house and moaned at mum to get it checked for a month before she finally caved in and got a plumber out only to be told there was nothing wrong.

Next the nightmares came. I would go to bed and dream of horrific things, thousands of people boiling in lava, screaming in agonising torment. Then it would change to people in chains having no choice but to wait their turn as demons ripped into their flesh, until there was nothing left but a bloody mess only to be made to start all over again. The last dream was of myself lying on my bed trying to scream in terror but only doing so silently, my whole body was paralysed and the more I tried to free myself the more stuck I became and then I would wake up crying and shaking feeling deeply disturbed by what I had witnessed in my dreams. I never got back to sleep after that and because I would dream the same things every night without fail I became increasingly tired during the days.

It was a Friday when after spending all day working hard to finish my art project, which was a sculpture of the statue David that I was immensely proud of, I suddenly felt an overwhelming hatred for this stupid project, picking it up to take home like everyone else, I left the building and stopping next to the bin outside I smashed the project against it until it fell to pieces and slammed the rest into the bin in absolute disgust with it. I raged over it all the way home but when I finally got through the front door I collapsed onto the sofa and cried for an hour over my much loved project. Why the hell had I done that? There had been no reason for the anger, it had just come over me. I reasoned it was just the tiredness and put on the tv.

I was becoming more and more moody and withdrawn everyday. Just yesterday I had started a huge row with mum for always being at work and shocked by my anger as I had never complained about it before, she took a few seconds before trying to reason that we needed the money, “That’s how we managed to afford this place honey.” She answered exasperated. My reply had been, “Fuck the money and fuck this stupid place.” Before Storming off to my bedroom where I spent the rest of the  day and night sleeping. It had been the first time I had ever sworn or even yelled at my mother and it scared me a little. When I wasn't at college I was in my room. The money mum left me for dinner was spent on clothes instead and not my usual style. Instead I bought things like high heeled shoes, short skirts, even shorter shorts, belly showing tops and makeup.
Mum had always said I was lucky enough not to have to bother with makeup with my natural beauty, olive skin, dark blue eyes, long locks of black hair that ran down my Back and flawless skin. I had never bothered with makeup anyway, that was until now. 

The next few weeks I wore my new revealing clothes to college and makeup. mascara, eyeliner so on and red lipstick. I felt really good when the boys started to notice me and I flirted outrageously with them, I was no longer alone at lunch nor was I shy but I didn't feel like myself either it felt as though I were watching through a hazy dream world. 

At home in bed the dreams started to calm down only bothering me once to two times a week now but the rest of the time I was now woken by whispering in my room, it would start of quietly and get louder and louder until I woke up in fear and then it would stop, only to start up again when I fell back to sleep.

Monday morning I kissed mum goodbye now on good terms again after she forgave my outburst and headed to college. Mum had tried to persuade me back into my old clothes but gave up after four weeks of me ignoring her opinion and dressing my new way. I had a huge crush on a guy called Tommy at college and at lunch I suggested we went alone somewhere, knowing what I meant he grinned and took me down an alleyway next to college where we started making out. I had planned on unzipping his trousers but suddenly found my hand gripped tightly around his throat squeezing with a strength I knew I didn't possess. I tried pulling my hand away but it was like I was paralysed in that arm and it had a life of its own and before I could rationalise what was happening a sudden wave of rage and hatred took me over and I heard myself growl, “she is mine!” Before dropping a terrified Tommy and casually walking off to go home. I never went back to college after that, try as I might my body just would not cooperate with me, I gave up and spent all my time at home now. The loud tapping in the walls I had gotten so used to that I didn't even realise when they suddenly stopped.

two weeks after the Tommy incident I dreamt something new. I dreamt of a man, no not a man an angel because he had huge gold wings behind his back, he was amazingly beautiful supernaturally so, his porcelain perfect skin, his bright green eyes, those red rosy lips and my favourite his platinum blonde thick curls. At first I thought it might be my guardian angel but his voice was full of a dangerous seduction. “Who are you?” I asked shyly, in my dreams I was always fully my old self again. “My name is Belial and if you would allow me I will protect your body from lustful men.” He had answered in that deep husky voice. “Your the one who interrupted me and Tommy?” I gasped, he nodded and answered, “ you deserve love Grace, for all of you not just your body. I can give you that love and I can promise you that I will never leave, I know how lonely you are, I am too but together we don't need to feel alone I will love you and you will love me, would you like that?” I said yes that I would like that very much and saw him smirk before waking up to a pillow full of my own drool. 
I don't know how but I knew this was the ghost in my house. I decided to look his name up even though I didn't have a last name and was shocked to find out that  Belial wasn't a human name, not even angelic it was demonic.
This is what I found: 

Belial also known as Beliar. Belial's name is sometimes used as a synonym for Satan or the Antichrist, the epitome of evil. He is a fallen angel and one of Satan's most important and evil generals. Belial is deceptively beautiful in appearance and has a soft voice but is full of treachery, recklessness and lies. He is dediciated to creating wickedness and guilt in mankind, especially in the form of sexual perversions, fornication and lust. In the Old Testament, the phrase "sons of Belial" refers to worthlessness and recklessness. 

Belial's name probably comes from the Hebrew term beli ya'al, which means "without worth." The ancient Hebrews believed that Belial was the next angel created after Lucifer and was evil from the start, being one of the first to rebel against God. After his fall from heaven he became the personification of evil. St. Paul considered him to be the chief of demons. According to lore, Belial danced before King Solomon, and was among the demons who worked under the king's command, ruled by Solomon's magical ring. 

The demonologist Johann Weyer said that Belial commands eighty legions of demons and serves as infernal ambassador to Turkey. Medieval magicians believed that sacrifices and offerings were necessary to invoke him. Belial was reputed to break his promises to magicians, but those who managed to gain his true favor were handsomely rewarded. 

I was having an almost full blown panic attack by the end. After calming down I got my jacket and almost ran to the town centre where I spent the whole day just so I didn't have to be alone in the house. By the time I headed back home I had pretty much convinced myself it was just a dream, he had seemed far too nice and pleasant, I hadn't felt any evil from him at all.

After falling asleep to a book I dreamt of him again and in the dream I wasn't afraid as he smiled and made his way over to me. “I love you so much Grace, please don't be afraid of me when you wake up. I only wish to keep you safe and loved.” Then he kissed me. His lips were as soft as rose buds. We were already naked whenever I dreamed of him, so lying me down onto the floor of the woods where we always seemed to meet, he took me deep and hard and moved rhythmically inside me, huge and hard until I was panting and then screaming his name out in ecstasy.
 I woke up as I came panting and sweating. What a weird erotic dream I sighed to myself, but lying back in bed again I felt too much wet underneath me, confused I went and turned the light on and saw a bright patch of blood on the bed. I looked down to see blood trickling between my legs and screamed, I wasn't due my period for another three weeks and I was starting to feel sore, the only conclusion I could come up with was that it wasn't a dream at all. I stripped the sheets, wiped my legs with it before throwing it in a black bin bag and then the bin in our front garden. I was shaking by the time I ran a bath for myself but stepping into it and sliding down in the warmth I very slowly started to relax.

I was almost falling asleep when I suddenly felt a pair of eyes on me, I looked around but of course no one was there. I jumped out the tub and managed to dry and dress myself in pyjamas in record time and then I made sure to read again until I drifted off into a thankfully dreamless sleep.

I was becoming paranoid as I felt the intensity of being watched more and more, wherever I went I felt it and I tried my best to ignore it. It was a Friday and I was heading into the town for lunch and clothes shopping with mum...for better clothes that was.

“Why the hell did you do that for?” Mum yelped at me as the tray that I had been holding in the restaurant queue was now halfway across the room beside the feet of an elderly couple at their table. 

“What do you mean? What did I do?” I asked confused.

“You just threw that tray across the room and missed those people by inches Grace.” Mum answered now glaring at me angrily as was the whole room. I could not for the life of me remember throwing that tray but neither did I recall picking it up. What was happening to me? I could only assume it had something to do with Belial and shivered with fear at the thought. I apologised profusely to the couple who nodded stiffly before I made  my way back feeling hot and bright with humiliation.

I made some excuse about what happened but for the life of me I couldn't remember what I was so exhausted but either way mum had let it drop and we went shopping.
Mum headed to bed after dinner tired from her long week and left me trying on my new clothes the old casual style I loved this time. I was just changing back into my clothes when a loud crash came from the kitchen making me scream in terror, mum sleeps like a log nothing would wake her so I went to check it out. 
All the dinner plates from the top cupboard were now a smashed mess on the floor, all the drawers had been yanked open too and I tried hard not to scream in fear and instead to try and make it seem less scary I scolded the demon, “That wasn't Very nice of you,now I have to clean all this up.” I faked a casual sigh and got to cleaning the mess up.

Once I was done I had to admit defeat this time for there was no way I could hide this from mum, and I wouldn't be able to replace them either as it was eight pm now and the shops would be shut, so I braced myself for facing mum tomorrow and dragged myself to bed where I for the first time in a long time had a normal sleep.

“Grace!” The sound of mum shouting angrily for me soon had me scrambling down the stairs to see what was wrong before I remembered last nights incident. 
Before I even had time to open my mouth she shouted, “What the hell have you done with all my plates!” She was glaring angrily at me beside the bin where I had tipped all the pieces into and I found myself actually gulping before I spoke, perhaps now was the time to open up, “I'm sorry mum, but when you went to bed there was a crash and I found them on the floor and all the cupboards and drawers were open. I think we have a ghost.” I managed to get out, I wasn't going to send my skeptic mum over the edge with the word demon.
“Don't be ridiculous Grace, there's no such thing as ghosts. You know your behaviour lately has gotten awful and I'm absolutely sick of it, I've had enough and so you can damn well pay out the last of your pocket money this month do you understand!” Her voice was still angry and raised and so all I could do was nod glumly, there was no way she would have believed me about ghosts but I was done hiding it. If anything else supernatural occurred and she asked I was going to tell the truth whether she believed me or not.

I was home all the time now and mostly alone both days and nights as mum stopped in only for two hours before heading back out for her night shifts. 
I started seeing shadows out the corner of my eyes. I would be going to get myself a drink and passing the stairs I would see a quick flit of something black and tall so fast it would be gone in a blink of an eye, at first I told myself it was just my mind playing tricks, that was until I started seeing them all the time.

It was around this time that I had my first terrifying physical encounter with the demon while I was wide awake.
I had yelled at him for turning on the stereo at full blast yet again and then the TV when I went up to turn the music off. I had almost gotten used to the creepy going ons but that was my biggest mistake, sometimes I forgot I was dealing with a demonic entity and not a ghost which I would be forced to remember.

As I yelled at him yet again for blasting the stereo and then the TV, I lost it even more when I heard all the drawers in the kitchen fly open and crash to the floor, forks and knives were everywhere and I was so tired of cleaning the mess up. As I got on my hands and knees I muttered under my breath how much I hated the demon and that I wished he would go, he obviously heard me as next thing I knew I felt the backhand of a slap strong enough to send me flying to the other side of the room. I barely had time to get up again before I felt myself being kicked back down. I had never felt anything with such strength before as I was kicked and punched repeatedly in the stomach and along my legs, it felt like a thousand people attacking me as there was no pause between one punch or kick to the next. The attack finally stopped after what felt like hours but had only been about five minutes. Feeling sore and winded I forced myself up to my feet and froze in terror as the carving knife flung inches by my head and embedded itself into the cupboard door next to me. I took it as a clear warning and ran out of the room crying and up to my bed where I stayed for the rest of the day.

Chapter Three

Ten o clock came when I woke up From crying myself to sleep, and in agony I dragged myself to my mirror where I looked at myself long and hard. 
The slap around my face was no longer visible with the red mark but lifting my top up I gasped, my body had a rainbow of black, purple, green and yellow bruises there was no skin left untouched and the same was for my legs too. It felt as though all the muscles in my body had been stretched and snapped and with every movement came pain, it even hurt to breath.

Two nights later I dreamt of the demon again and he was certainly deceptively beautiful as I had read.

“My sweet Grace, I have missed you so much.” He whispered in that husky voice and wrapped me in his embrace.

“But you hurt me.” I whispered into his chest.
“ I am so sorry my sweet, but I only did it out of love, you hurt my feelings when you said you wished me gone and hated me. You needed reminding Grace that I love you and so I will never leave you, without pain we would not know love would we?” He spoke to me as though I were a five year old child having a tantrum. The problem with these dreams was that it was so easy to believe him, to agree with him and worse forgive him, after all he was so incredibly beautiful and I found myself kissing him until I felt him so tight against me it felt hard to breath, but before I could pull away I felt him stick to me and then he was inside me and I woke up gasping for air.

It was a bright sunny morning and I woke up happy, it was going to be hot out today and I could hear the birds singing as I got dressed in a black tank top and cream shorts. After breakfast my mood soon changed as mum dropped a bombshell. “Grace honey, my project for a house in America has won the hearts of a rich couple who are moving into the house so I'm going to have to travel there, but I will only be gone for three days.” I could see how pleased she was, but I didn't want her to go, I didn't want to be alone but I was alone most of the time anyway so I just pretended to be happy for her and then headed out.
I was strolling through the town when I saw a lady doing palm readings for a fiver at her own set up table inside the mall. I gathered up courage and went over to her as the last people left.

“Hello, take a seat.” She smiled.
I sat down nervously and handed her the money.
I don't know what she saw as she stared silently at my palm for about ten minutes, longer then it had taken her to sit with the last people and when she finally looked back up at me she was no longer smiling, in fact she looked at me with terror.
“What's wrong?” I stuttered.
“My dear, I'm not supposed to say anything negative during a reading but I fear I will do more harm then good if I don't tell you now.” I nodded staring at her with wide eyes as she carried on,
“You have such a dark entity surrounding you, so dark it has to be demonic and I fear it may be close if not already to possessing you. I can't even see your aura.” I tried to control my breathing as I took it all in. I mean I know the place was haunted and that he spoke only to me, but I had no idea he was trying to take my body I thought that was just for movies and the thought terrified me, “Do you mean that Belial is definitely a demon?” I whispered, I knew it myself but that didn't mean I wanted to believe it. As soon as I said his name though her whole face turned pale, her eyes grew wider and before i I knew it she was folding up her stuff muttering that she was done for the day, apologised and fled leaving me standing there terrified and in no way ready to go back home.

I started heading for our local church, my head still swimming with everything she had said and when I entered I collapsed on to the pew bench in exhaustion.
I had intended to pray but five minutes being in there I  was up and running back out and threw up in a bush.
As soon as I was ten minutes away from the church the nausea disappeared and that scared me because I knew what it must mean, he was already halfway to being inside me.

As soon as I got in the front door and closed it, I found myself flung against the front door as I got slapped around the face. For just a second I thought it was mum angry at me for the cups and glasses that now kept disappearing and reappearing in odd places like the bath tub. But it was too powerful to be human, it was the demon again and he was even angrier then before. I was punched and kicked everywhere except my face, and then I felt a searing pain as I was bit on the arm. I screamed at the top of my lungs in pain but it didn't matter as the stereo was on full blast again, this demon was clever for he made sure no one would hear me.

After ten minutes when I thought he was done, I dragged myself to the bedroom and went to bed tired and sore.
The bruises looked even worse now but I tried not to look at them as I climbed into a nice warm bath the next night. I was only in for fifteen minutes when I heard the stereo blast on and a shiver of fear slithered through me as I climbed out dressed myself and peeked round the bathroom door, only to slam it shut again when a black shadow darted past and into my bedroom. 
I couldn't stay here forever though as mum had told me off for playing the stereo so loud, apparently the neighbours had been complaining. So taking a deep breath  I braced myself and opened the door, the music was deafening and I ran to turn it off until I was left in silence. Only two days left until mum would be back.

I tried going to church again and again ended up having to run back out to throw up and as far away as possible before the nausea eased off.

I got beaten again by the demon Belial but I was a stubborn girl and damned if I was going to lose myself to something demonic, and so I tried again the next day.

I was in the church sitting and trying but failing to pray, every time I tried I would forget the words or forget what I was even thinking or doing there. I was still wearing my sunglasses to hide the bruising when an older lady came over and asked, “Are you ok dear?” I guess I couldn't hide my fat cut lip. I was going to say yes but it was like my whole body was paralysed, no matter how much I tried to command my limbs they wouldn't respond at least that was to me. I felt myself turn towards the lady and look her full in the face, but  rather then say I was fine I heard myself hiss, “Fuck off and mind your own business, whore, you think I don't know what you get up to behind your husbands back?” I felt myself smirk. If I could have turned red from embarrassment I would have, but I couldn't it was like a numb feeling, my body didn't respond to my commands but I could still feel it move just not for me. I was very much wide awake and aware of everything going on and it was terrifying not being able to stop myself from acting.

The lady paled and whispered, “You’re eyes are jet black.” Then she fled from me.
I felt myself calmly get up and walk from the building until I was back home. When I was inside I or rather the demon started clawing and scratching at my face. I screamed out of my own mouth but still had no control of my body as my hands now pulled and ripped at my hair, I just managed to scream out, “Get out of me NOW!” As I fell to my knees and then I screamed again, this time it wasn't myself but the demon using my mouth as he threw us to the floor hard. I felt a sticky sort of feeling as he slowly came apart from me but I had to keep fighting as he was struggling to stay inside. When he came away from me piece by piece it was like a force being ripped from my body, my back would rise from the floor until just my feet and head were touching it and then my body would slam back down again as he tried to force himself back inside, eventually I felt the stickiness rip right from me as I got my body back and collapsed back down again in a heap of sweat and despair.

I was still shaking in fear when mum got back home. I had dragged myself to the sofa and stayed there ever since in shock, if that was what it was like to be possessed I never wanted to experience it again.

“Grace, what the hell happened to you?” Mum cried when she saw me. My hair was all ragged, my face was a bruise of black, blue and yellow and I had a swollen cut lip. “It was the demon in this house.” I whispered knowing she wouldn't believe me.
“Grace don't be silly, there's no such thing, who did this to you we should call the police.” I just kept repeating “the demon” “the demon” “the demon” mum shook her head sadly and sighed but realising she wasn't getting anywhere she ran me a bath, had a hot chocolate waiting for me in my room and tucked me into bed and held me until I fell asleep.

Halfway through the night I dreamt of him. 
“Belial, you really hurt me today, why?” I asked nervously. Smiling no it was a smirk definitely a smirk, he made his way over to me with those almond green eyes and those red rosy lips and whispered in my ear, “Because I love you Grace, and I know you love me too because you hurt me also.” 
“How?” I whimpered as he wrapped his arms around me and then his golden wings. “You forced me into the church with you. You know I'm always by your side protecting you, loving you, but when you go in there it hurts. Their lies burn me and when I tried to protect you by being inside you, closer to you, you pushed me out and that really hurt Grace not just physically. But I know you love me so I will forgive you, do you forgive me?” He whispered gently. I found myself nodding as he lay me down and took me deep and slow for the second time, and I wrapped my hands in those perfect white blonde curls. He was so beautiful and he loved me of course I forgave him.
I woke up next morning and felt all the fear slam into me. Whenever I dreamt of him he always wiped that fear away, the reality of everything away and made me believe every word he said with all that beautiful deception.

Morning came and mum tried to get me to tell her what happened over breakfast. I told her again it was the demon and she sighed shook her head and muttered, “I wish you would open up to me like you used to, I just don't know what's gotten in to you lately.” Then she left for work.

As the months went by Belial was getting closer and closer to taking me over to the point we were almost sharing our emotions. I would want to give mum a hug before she left for work like always but the demon would sense this and the next thing I would find myself picking a fight with her so we would both argue and shout until she slammed the door shut instead. 
I would try to say I love you and instead said nothing and thought why the hell should I say that.

The whispering returned at night too, it would start of quietly and build up to a crescendo until I had my hands clamped over my ears hidden under the covers in fear and trying to drown out the deafening noise. I could never make out what the voices were saying no matter how hard I tried to listen at times.
The nightmares were back to. Horrific images that would haunt me for days. I had a strong feeling these were memories of the demon and where he came from and it was horrifying. 
I started seeing the shadows more and more too, I would see one rush up the stairs from the corner of my eyes and then The stereo would blast on, I would turn it off carefully and hear the TV volume turn up full blast so I would proceed to turn it down only to see another black shadow flit past in the living room mirror and then hear smashing and slamming from the kitchen. Tiptoeing quietly in there I found all the drawers pulled out onto the floor, knives, forks and spoons strewn all over the place and paper work. The cupboard doors would be wide open luckily no smashed plates, but there were four smashed cups and one cereal bowl. I was exhausted, tired, lonely and scared and I burst into big heaving sobs as I got onto my hands and knees to clean the mess up. Halfway done I was still crying when I felt something slap my face, a few seconds later my hair was yanked hard and then I was kicked and pinched, “Please leave me alone Belial I'm begging you.” I heard him inside my head cackling before he bit me hard on my thigh. I tried to ignore him after that and carried on cleaning and crying, slaps came randomly and my hair was pulled again. The demon obviously didn't like to be ignored because I was on my knees cleaning up the last of the glass when I suddenly felt a strong force push on my back until I collapsed on my belly. I struggled to get up but he had me pinned as he bit my inner thigh and then my arm, next I felt my trousers and pants Being yanked down forcefully and the bottom half of my body being lifted until I was on my knees, I realised to my horror what was going to happen and screamed the only thing I could think of to placate him, “Please, no, please I love you I promise I won't go to the church ever again just please stop I'm sorry.” Suddenly all activity stopped and I collapsed to the floor in tears left alone once more in the silence.

When mum came home two weeks later it wasn't me who met her at the door.
The demon had taken over my body and I was left looking through a black pin hole watching and listening to everything but unable to do anything.
“Omg Grace!” Mum screamed and raced over to not me anymore but the demon inside of me. Just before he took me over he had beaten me severely and I had fought like before to get him out, but he was stronger and this time I lost. 
“What happened,” mum cried getting on her knees in front of us on the sofa and pulling my hair out of my face.
“I just miss you that's all.” The demon replied and she looked at us in horror, “Are you telling me you did this to yourself?” She gasped. The demon nodded and she wrapped us in her embrace, tight and fierce as she apologised over and over told us it would be ok that she would take time of work and take me to the doctors tomorrow.
 I felt repulsed by the sexual desire I felt from the demon it wasn't her he was lusting after but her guilt and pain.
Eventually when it was half ten at night mum led us up to bed and tucked us in. “I love you.” She whispered. The demon didn't reply, nor did he give me my body back.

The next day I woke up and suddenly found I had my body back, I didn't have a chance to breathe a sigh of relief before the deafening whispers started up. Mum found me on the bedroom floor on my knees clutching my hands over my ears. 
 On the way to the doctors the usual sign of a staticky, sticky web like feeling started to cover my body that would build up in intensity until I would feel like I'd had one too many to drink, and find myself seeing through a tiny pin hole again as the demon took control of me.

Doctor Hayes asked lots of questions, “How have you been feeling lately Grace, with your mother working so much lately?” Was I eating ok, did I go out which my friends and so on, the demon ignored every question making the whole appointment extremely uncomfortable for everyone except himself, no I could feel he was very much enjoying it. Doctor Hayes finally talked to mum, I managed to make out something about severe depression and being prescribed anti depressants and counselling. 
He handed the demon the prescription to which Belial snatched from his hand and pulled my face into a smirk as he sarcastically snorted, “Your finally fucking done, thank fuck for that doc.” And strolled out the room leaving both mum and the doctor gaping at us.

Mum didn't say a word on the way back home and neither did the demon. Who did he think he was taking over my body, I was sick of him and with new determination I tried to fight him. I screamed inside my head for him to  get out, that he wasn't welcome but he just smirked. “What are you laughing at?” Mum asked him. 

“Oh nothing, just remembering an old friend.” He happily answered back as mum pulled into the driveway.
He thought he was so smug, I was trapped here and I didn't want to be so I used the last thing he expected. I yelled for him to get out in the name of Jesus Christ and almost expected him to laugh again, but that didn't happen. 
Before he could climb out of the car my whole body slammed back down onto the back seat until we were staring up at the roof of the car, mum came running round to open the door but she could barely touch us. The demon had gone into a full blown rage, still in control he yanked at our hair trying to rip chunks out, mum tried to stop him but our legs were flailing all over the place so she couldn't get close enough. I guessed he was used to pain because he was now punching us in the face over and over and clawing at it until he felt blood on our nails, I could feel everything and it was pure agony I screamed and screamed but no one could hear me except perhaps one person. Because when I repeated Jesus Christ help me over and over the demon suddenly screamed, an ear splitting scream that had mum backing away for a second and neighbours piling out of their homes to see what was happening. My body writhed and contorted, my head almost touched my feet as my stomach was pulled up hard, the demon felt like a sticky slimey mess as he tried to cling to my body, but something was trying to rip him out, when it pulled at the demon my body flung up in a sitting position but the demon would cling on and force himself back inside so my body would slam back down again. 

Mum looked terrified from what I could glimpse but she finally pulled herself together as people stared and grabbed hold of the demon as he screamed and writhed around. Mum pulled my body out until it hit the floor, the demon was oblivious as he fought to stay inside, kicking and flailing my arms everywhere. Mum came behind him on the floor and hooked her arms under and around my armpits and lifted and half dragged the demon up, he lifted my legs off the floor and into the air as he tried to get her to drop him, but she had a firm grip even as people looked on and he screamed and screamed trying to claw at mums face and managed to reach back and grab her hair. 
“Get off!” He screamed at her but she kept pulling us along until he really lost it and I knew why, he was about to be pulled completely free from me. “Get the fuck off me, you stupid fucking cunt!” He bellowed and it was not my voice people heard this time. It was deep, husky and gutteral and full of pure rage and hatred. Some people gasped but my next door neighbour the young teenage girl and her friends who had been excited by all the commotion screamed and ran back inside.

Mum almost dropped me but didn't and finally we were back inside and I felt the sticky feeling wrench away from me as I came back into myself again sweating and gasping for air. My body felt like it had been a punchbag and every bone in my body ached, but I was back and that was all that mattered. 
“Grace, my god what on earth was that?” Mum cried, dropping to her knees beside me. 
“I don't know. I feel sick,” I managed to whimper between my shivering. I wasn't  really cold but I was in shock and a lot of pain. Mum led me up to bed and tucked me in where I slept for the rest of the day and night dream free.
Chapter four

A week went by and I hadn't heard a peep from the demon Belial. I was wary during that week, fragile and still healing I crept around the house, every slight noise making me jump or scream in terror. I flinched constantly expecting a slap or a kick or maybe even a bite but there was nothing, no nightmares, no visits from him in dreams, no whispers just absolutely nothing.

By Friday I woke up feeling happy and refreshed mum thought that the tablets were working and was happy to start leaving me alone again and was due back at work Saturday.
I was feeling happy again and it helped that it was a warm sunny day. I pulled on a white vest top, a checkered shirt on top, my skinny jeans and vans trainers. I didn't bother with makeup except for some mascara and lipstick to add a little colour to my lips, I was a girl after all and as for my hair I just combed it through and added a little messy look to it.
For the first time in a long time I felt good and decided to head out to the shops. 
I bought a couple of tops and whatever else I felt I needed and on the way back home I decided to pay the church a visit, I had someone to thank.
Sitting in the pew I began to pray, but I couldn't remember any prayers I learnt as I grew up, I tried just talking to God but found myself choking so much in the end that people were starting to stare and I had to get out.

Fear and hopelessness overtook me when I got outside as I realised he wasn't gone, the demon had played a cruel trick on me and I was going to pay for forcing him out.

Nothing else happened that Saturday, but Sunday was a different matter. I had nightmares again that night, he didn't visit me in my dreams anymore, he didn't need to now, I had already done what he needed in those dreams...invited him into me.

The most powerful slap woke me from my fitful sleep that Monday morning and being to tired to scream I cried instead. “Bitch!” I heard a husky voice hiss in my ear and then my hair was pulled and I came toppling out the bed and onto the floor where I was kicked and punched once more and then bitten on my cheek before he finally left me alone. 
I lay crying on the floor for hours that day, I didn't want to move or get up or do anything, what was the point if this is what I had to face from now on.
The whispering started up halfway through the day and intensified like always only this time it kept intensifying until I was on my knees hands over my ears begging for it to stop.
Slowly I felt myself feeling lighter and lighter until I felt like I would float away as that staticky like web covered me like it always did before he took me over. The whispering grew quieter and quieter and my vision grew smaller until I again was only looking through a small pinhole of what wasn't my eyes or body anymore.

Belial smirked and stood up, “I told you I would be back and this time I'm not so sure I can forgive you for what you did sweet Grace, hush now and be a good little girl and we will see where we stand.” If anyone had been watching they would have thought I was an utter nut job talking to myself, although they probably did already after the last show.

Belial was a strange demon and didn't do what I expected. He spent the day having a nap, then eating until even I felt sick and happily declaring how good it felt to taste food, then he watched a programme a replay of an old eastenders episode and then he got up leaving the TV on and headed out.

The demon ended up in Ann summers down the town and tried on some corset type outfit, I wanted to cringe in horror and embarrassment as he looked at my body in the mirror, “oh damn darling, why don't you buy things like this? I could have taken your virginity in one of these. You know I could help you know how to dress for men but then again I'm not ready to share you yet.” He looked at the outfit some more and hissed, “I don't need to wait for your dreams, I have your body and I could take you right now and there wouldn't be a damn thing you could do about it.” I thought he was just threatening me but he wasn't, he leaned back against the wall and tilted my head up and thrust two fingers deep inside of me so hard and fast I would have cried out in pain if I had a voice. I could feel everything and he could feel my emotions. “Don't pretend you don't like it bitch, I can feel you coming on these fingers, mmmm.” He got faster and harder until he was gasping and then moaning in ecstasy it was disgusting to see my reflection, my self acting like a whore. “But that's what you are my dear, you are my whore.” He smirked. Dressing back into my shirt and jeans he strutted out the shop and looked at a few others. I was fuming at this entity, thinking he could just take over my whole body and life but I was also surprised that he didn't seem to steal anything, he was a demon after all. He seemed to hear my thoughts because he usually answered and did this time too. “I don't want to cause any chaos yet Grace, I'm enjoying myself too much right now to get locked up just yet.” People must have thought he, or rather I was mad just strolling down the street talking to myself.

The demon was so busy staring at everyone and everything going on around him, that he didn't notice the priest and ended up smacking into him so hard the priest was practically embracing the demon. “Whoa, careful there young lady,” the priest chuckled and released us. 
Belial jumped and yelped, actually yelped and I almost chuckled to myself in all this madness. But then he looked straight up at the priest, into his eyes, hissed and shrank back as fast as possible. The priest frowned but was still smiling, “I'm sorry, I meant no offence dear.” I could see he would soon be on his way again but  he might be my only chance now.

 I mustered up as much strength as possible and again screamed for the demon to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, he ignored me and kept silently staring at the priest waiting for him to leave I realised. I kept repeating myself over and over with all my energy and soon enough while the priest asked if the demon was ok because he looked terrified, Belial could no longer ignore me and began screaming at the top of his voice for me to shut up, he grabbed both sides of his head fell to his knees and started tearing at his...well my hair and I cried out in pain though nobody could hear me only the demon as he tore at my hair and clawed at my face. Nearly everybody in the town centre had stopped to watch what was happening. The priest kneeled beside us, “Are you ok? What's happening, are you sick child?” The demon twisted his face up to the priest and hissed, “Fuck off priest, I don't need your help.” The priest jumped back in horror as someone else next to us whispered, “did you see that? Her eyes turned black.” Belial suddenly got up from his knees and ran full blown out of the town and kept going until we were back home where he began to rage at me. “You fucking slut, how dare you!” He shouted and ripped at my hair and bit along my arms. “You can't get me out anymore you stupid cunt! And that fucking priest won't save you bitch no one believes in us.” The demon cackled and then headed toward the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

 He stripped us until we were in just my underwear and then cut deep into the top of my leg, I screamed in pain and he laughed but then mum was suddenly back home and dropping her bag ran straight to the demon and wrestled the knife from his hands, he growled and it wasn't a human growl at all, mum backed away a bit and warily watched him as he stared back crouched down and ready to leap if she so much as moved. I caught my reflection in the oven and was terrified of my own face, I was snarling and hissing, my eyes were completely black, my hair was a complete mess and I looked like I could and would kill someone it was terrifying. 

A few minutes must have past when the doorbell rang and broke the tension. Belial knew who it was and racing past mum ran up the stairs and in to my bedroom. We heard mum answer the door to the priest. “Hello, I'm sorry to bother you but I saw your daughter in the town and thought I should come by to check that she was alright. She was quite hysterical and seemed determined to harm herself.” I heard mum say that I was ok and I fell into despair knowing she would turn him away, the demon smirked but then something happened that surprised us both. Mum broke down into tears and told the priest everything that had been happening, he came in and mum led them into the living room and shut the door so we didn't hear anymore of the conversation.

The demon fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning I was me again. I had started to notice that whenever he fell asleep he would lose the control of my body and I would wake up as myself again.
The whispering was there as usual but it wasn't so loud that I had to cover my ears. I got out of bed and just missed being hit by one of my books that suddenly flew at where I had just been sitting and hit the wall instead.
The stereo turned on at full blast in mums room and books and DVDs flew at me in mine, the bed started to shake and one of my deodorants hit my back as I ran out of my room only to have the door slam behind me as I raced downstairs to where mum was at the kitchen table.
“Grace, go and turn that bloody stereo off.” She said her voice firm.
“It wasn't me mum, it was him and his throwing all my stuff around the bedroom.” I whimpered. Before she could answer I felt a slap and fell to the floor. I screamed as the demon hit me, kicking and biting, scratching and punching. I was pulled around the kitchen by an invisible force and I think it was when I was lifted off my feet and thrown onto the counter that mum finally lost whatever tiny bit of skepticism she had left.
The demon finally left me alone and I slumped back down to the floor and sobbed quietly. I could hear mum getting up from her chair and running to the house phone.

 From where I lay I could just make out her asking for father Roberts and could he get here as soon as possible. Mum led me to the sofa in the living room and held me until the doorbell went. I could see her shaking slightly as her trembling hands nervously brushed down her jeans as she stood to answer the door.
“Father Roberts, thank God, come in.” 
It was the same priest that had seen me in town acting crazy, and I would have blushed with embarrassment if I were not so worn down both mentally and physically.

Father Roberts sat down on the other side of the sofa and turned towards me. “Hello Grace, how are you feeling?” I felt blood drip in my eye and quickly wiped it before answering, “I'm fine thank you. Just very tired and sore.” Mum sat opposite us watching nervously as we spoke. 
“I can see that, my dear.” “If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a few things, and you can just say yes or no.” I nodded and he proceeded. “So Grace, have there been any strange noises at all, that perhaps only occur around you and are others aware of this at all.” 
“Yes, but only I have heard it.” 
He paused slightly. “If you don't mind me asking.” “When do you hear this noise and what does it sound like?” 
I tried to ignore the tickle I felt as blood dripped down the side of my head as I spoke. “It sounds like something tapping inside the walls, and I used to hear it mostly at night time or early morning. It's stopped in the last few weeks though.” His head flew up from his notes and for the first time he looked deeply concerned.
“You don't hear the noises anymore?” I shook my head in response.
“Ok, how about you tell me what’s been going on since then.” So I did. I spoke about the whispers, the stereo turning on all the time, the plates smashing, the drawers being flung to the floor and the dreams and attacks on me. He looked visibly pale by the the end.
“Ok... A girl of your age and with all the horror movies these days, I take it you know what possession means?” I nodded and waited for him to go on. He cleared his throat and said, “well I'm afraid it sounds as though your already at the possession stage.” “There are three different stages, the first is infestation. This is where the demon will introduce itself in some way, normally a deceitful way like pretending to be a lost loved one or through a Seance or in some cases it could be that it was already in the home when you moved in. By not doing anything about it you are unknowingly inviting him into your life.Stage two is oppression. This is where the demon picks out it's intended victim and onslaughts them with torment. The victim will hear noises, furniture will move or turn on of its own accord or the victim will smell a foul odour and so on.Finally and lastly is possession. This is where the demon actually has control of the victim and their body. Now this doesn't mean they have control all the time it can be small amounts of time and eventually build up and up. Finally the victim can become so beaten and worn down both mentally and physically that the demon has a much easier job of taking over to the point of being there all of the time.” I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I looked at him awestruck by all the information. Mum finally spoke up. “So what exactly does this mean? What stage is my daughter at?” The priest looked somber as he went on to admit that he believed with all the facts that I was in almost full possession now, and that he needed to go about gathering evidence enough to warrant an exorcism. 

Chapter five

A week had passed since the priest left, it was Monday and he was coming back for the evidence on Wednesday. Mum had apologised profusely over and over for not believing me, she had taken time of work and hadn't left my side since. 

I hadn't had another episode yet but I still got the terrible nightmares and my bedroom had taken to being extremely cold despite the heating in there that I was always leaving on now. Another new problem was my eating, two days ago I had suddenly found it incredibly difficult to eat. I would go to swallow my meal and would find my whole throat would seize up and feel so swollen that I couldn't manage a bite it didn't even matter if it were soup. 
When I was beyond starving the demon would occasionally allow me to eat but not much perhaps a bowl of cereal for the day. 

I was brushing my hair using the bathroom mirror when I noticed a big handful fall to the floor, the stress of everything was becoming too much I still had fading bruises from the last attack.

Wednesday came not quickly enough and mum ushered the priest through the door as soon as he knocked.
As he sat down on the sofa the sound of plates smashing to the floor made us all jump.
Father Roberts surprised us by saying, “If and when you can always ignore the demons mischief, they love nothing more than to intimidate and torment us.” 

“I know his name.” I suddenly blurted. I had read up on exorcism when father Roberts left and found out that the exorcist needed the name of the demon in order to fully cast it out. He looked at me surprised and almost eagerly asked, “what is it?” But when I tried to speak I found myself choking. Mum rushed over and patted my back.
As soon as I stopped trying to say it the choking stopped. “Why don't you try writing it?” Mum asked as she grabbed a pen and the phone book for me to write on. When I tried writing the name the pen wouldn't work, I tried a pencil instead but it snapped every time. The priest looked like he had expected as much and said, “It's not uncommon for the victim to know the name but then become unable to say it in any way once the demon is inside. Shall we pray?”  We said the Lord's Prayer and halfway through I began to growl. It wasn't me but the demon, he had come through so quickly this time I wasn't even aware until I noticed my body was moving of its own accord, all I could do now was look on as mum and the priest watched me with shock. 

The demon grabbed the rosary around the priests neck and ripped it clean off and in that scary deep gutteral voice he screamed, “fuck off!” Before running up to my bedroom and slamming the door. 
I or rather we, could hear mum and the priest warily coming up the stairs and then turning the door knob and walking very slowly into my bedroom.
They looked surprised when they couldn't find us and I could sense the demons amusement at this. They checked the bed, under the bed and even the wardrobe. Finally though mum looked up and let out a blood curdling scream, the priest followed her eyes and gasped when he saw the demon clinging onto the ceiling and glaring back down at the priest with menace in his eyes.

I have no idea how the demon got my body up on the ceiling, it was as though my body was light as a feather to him. All I knew was that when he got us up there he used some of his power or whatever and just that tiny piece of it was staggeringly powerful. 

Mum finally coaxed the demon down, or rather she was coaxing me and he only responded because he found it amusing to confuse her with who she was really talking to. She grabbed us and held us tight whilst sobbing and while my heart wanted to break at causing her so much pain the demon found it damn near hysterical.
She pulled the hair from out of our face and gently laid us onto the bed before covering us up and stepping aside for the priest to carry on praying.

The demon eventually left my body again but it was too peaceful and done with that arrogant amusement he had, so I knew he was just playing with the priest, leading him to believe that his prayers were working, but I knew differently and it terrified me.

The priest had gathered the evidence he needed including a video recording and said he would be in touch as soon as the bishop got back to him. 
Mum fussed over me so much that I had to tell her to back off a bit, she tried to get me to eat but I still couldn't even though the demon had been eerily quiet, and the whispering still taunted me at night in bed as did the horrific nightmares. I was exhausted but I was determined to find out why I had suddenly been afflicted like this and so I did a history on our home. 

I didn't find out much at first, just random different people living here up until 1998 and then it got interesting. 

A teenager had lived here with her parents for five years and there was a story she had told everyone about how she had played with the quija board like she had many times before. But out of boredom and curiosity she asked for a demon to come through instead not thinking they were really real but she was wrong.

The planchette flew from her hands and flung with such ferocity it embedded itself into her bedroom wall. 
She panicked and put the board away without saying a proper goodbye and over the weeks doors started to open and close by themselves, lights would flicker on and off throughout the house and bangs could sometimes be heard. 

Her parents went on to say how slowly her health detoriated, she would be plagued with nightmares, she became depressed and withdrawn, she took to eating dead insects and was caught eating a pigeon out in the garden. Her parents were horrified and out of fear locked her in her bedroom most of the time, but she would throw herself against the door violently, screaming that the demon was after her. When her parents rushed to check on her they found she had broken her arm from throwing herself against the door and with the other she was trying to claw her eyes out screaming she couldn't bear to look upon the thousands of demons she was convinced were tormenting her. 

Eventually her parents had to hand her over to the hospital who then turned her over to the mental institution where she still was till this day. It was such a sad story and I forced a lump down my throat as I looked on to see that every owner since only managed to stay for a period of ten months the longest being a year before fleeing and claiming the place to be haunted.
After I had done the house search I next looked up possession and why and how it occurred. Apparently the entity found it easiest to possess people who were very sensitive in nature, more of a loner and who were depressed I hadn't been depressed but the demon had sure fixed the problem by tormenting me and haunting me to exhaustion and I had always been sensitive and naive so I expect an easy target for a demon.

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