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Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


This story is based on L.K.Hamilton's Anita Blake's world. Jason is one of my favourite characters, so when there was a book out called Jason, I thought it was going to be more about him and his life and was looking forward to getting to know him more as a person, I was a little disappointed that didn't happen, so I decided to write a short story in Anita Blakes universe to do with Jason from Michelle, a sweet shy, virgin's point of view. She meets Jason at guilty pleasures and receives a private dance from him, things get heated up and she leaves blushing but happy, problem is...she might be pregnant and she's falling for him hard, oh and then there's J.J. I hope you enjoy it! I tried to portray the characters as best I could and hopefully you enjoy it! :)


This story is based on L.K.Hamilton's Anita Blake's world. Jason is one of my favourite characters, so when there was a book out called Jason, I thought it was going to be more about him and his life and was looking forward to getting to know him more as a person, I was a little disappointed that didn't happen, so I decided to write a short story in Anita Blakes universe to do with Jason from Michelle, a sweet shy, virgin's point of view. She meets Jason at guilty pleasures and receives a private dance from him, things get heated up and she leaves blushing but happy, problem is...she might be pregnant and she's falling for him hard, oh and then there's J.J. I hope you enjoy it! I tried to portray the characters as best I could and hopefully you enjoy it! :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Crush

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Chapter one

It was seven thirty in the evening and i was at home getting ready for a night out. It was my twenty fifth birthday and my best friend Zoe, and Claire who was more her friend than mine wanted to take me out to celebrate.

"Michelle, do you want another vodka and coke?" Zoe called from the kitchen.

"Yes please!" I called back. Stepping back from the mirror i took a look at myself. The tight blood red dress made me hesitate. Although it looked lovely against my almost midnight ebony skin, i wasn't a skinny girl and so i couldn't help but worry about the belly that showed. I admit i was a size UK sixteen mostly, but finally i decided to stick with the dress, i looked good despite the belly and decided i wasn't going to care tonight. My hair was thick, black and curled tonight and came down to my waist, gold eyeshadow made my dark brown doe eyes stand out and red lipstick showed of my cupid bow lips. I considered myself an average looking woman, nothing much to look at and didn't believe Zoe when she was adamant that i looked all cute and innocent with my big doe eyes, button nose and cupid bow lips and insisted that men couldn't resist cute and innocent. Nope, i didn't believe a word of it, especially as I hadn't even had a real boyfriend before, hell, i was still a virgin and had only ever kissed two men in my life.

"Girls, we are going to have an amazing night tonight! and Michelle is getting laid if it's the last thing i do!" Claire declared loudly as we walked the streets until we joined a crowd of people outside a club. I rolled my eyes at her words while Zoe agreed wholeheartedly with her.

I didn't think much of where we were until i finally looked up to read the name of the place and gulping loudly started taking two steps back. The club was guilty pleasures, a strip club! and not just any strip club. It was full of vampires and werewolves and more and totally not my kind of place.

I liked vampires, i secretly thought they were cool and mysterious, and i had the hots for werewolves big time! I don't know why, i just did. There was something sexy about people that could turn into wolves, my favourite animal i might add, with superhuman strength, someone that could protect you. It was the stripping part i was worried about.

Zoe sensing this and seeing me moving backwards grabbed my wrist tightly, "No you don't missy, we are going in, i don't care how shy you are." With that she pulled me up to the front as the queue dissapeared and put me in front of a huge bouncer. Wereleopard came to mind when I looked at him, i have no idea if i was right, but i knew he wasn't human. His six foot three height towered over my five feet, dark green eyes looked down at me. I managed to pull my gaze from his thick curly golden hair, red kissable lips and bulging muscles until we were holding eye contact. I dropped my eyes after less than a second, blushing hotly and dived into my purse to pull out my I.D only for my humiliation to increase when i grabbed it only to have it fly out of my hands and land inches from his feet.

Bending down awkwardly and thanking my ebony skin for hiding my red face, i picked it up and showed it to him and mumbled, "Sorry."

He took the I.D from my hand, his fingers lightly brushing against mine and looked at the awful picture of me and then down at me. Finally he handed it back, smirking at me and in the deepest voice i had ever heard said, "go on in darling." I blushed even more when he winked and almost ran inside.

I tried to find a quiet table in the back somewhere, but Zoe and Claire were having none of it. They pulled me to the front tables and we all sat directly in front of the stage. I relaxed a little after a few drinks, but i could not help myself from blushing like crazy and looking anywhere else but at the men dancing and stripping on the stage.

Everyone knew about Anita blake and jean-claude these days and I spotted who I was pretty sure was Anita walking along the side and making her way to jean-claudes office. She was beautiful and i admired her alot. I wished i could be her sometimes, her beauty with her long dark curly hair, gorgeous brown eyes and slight mexican look she could have any man she wanted, hell she had more than one man in her life. But it wasn't just her looks, it was her confidence, how tough she was, i wished i could be tough and confident like that, but truth was, if she was an alpha than i was an omega. Where she fought back when someone tested her, i would have cried and crumpled to the floor in a mess just from being told of by my boss.

I looked up at the next guy called on stage, they called him ripley or something, it was hard to tell with the music and chatter, but i knew his real name was Jason Schuylar because a work collegue was obessed with him and wouldn't shut up about it.

He was beautiful, with sexily short tousled blonde hair and bright blue eyes, red cupid bow lips and a body to die for. I couldn't take my eyes away from him as he danced perfectly in tune to the music, moving in ways that was more animal than human. He looked out smiling sexily at the crowd and when his eyes met mine, i blushed shyly, hot flushes hit me and i quickly looked away, by the time i looked back up he was looking out at the crowd again.

The dancers finished on stage and i saw people shove money in their pants and follow them backstage somewhere. "Can we go now?" i asked.

"Hell no, girl, your getting a private dance," Zoe grinned. When I protested and dug my heels in, Claire helped Zoe drag me towards the backstage. As we walked- if pulling and yanking and trying to run was classed as walking-i saw Anita again and blushed when she met my eyes from across the room. She had one cold stare, but as she watched while i struggled she suddenly grinned. I mouthed "Help" but she only shrugged her shoulders and gave me a thumbs up. I had a feeling she'd been in my shoes before.

"Hey, sir," Zoe called. Some thin man, no, vampire, definately vampire came over dressed in a suit, his tag with no name except manager.

"Yes my dear?"His voice was soft and sounded lovely, but i knew better than to make eye contact with him and wisely kept my gaze to the floor.

"Can we get a private strip dance for our friend? it's her birthday and she's never been here before." Zoe pulled me up beside her and i blushed again when he looked at me and smiled, "Let me go see what i can do." He walked off and a couple of minutes later returned saying, "All our men are busy at the moment, but if you don't mind waiting, Jason will be free in ten minutes or Nathaniel in fiffteen depending on what you prefer?"

He looked at me as he spoke so i answered, "Prefer?"

Smiling as though i was some innocent child lost he answered, "werewolf or wereleopard? Unless your not bothered?"

Sensing i was going to say none and bolt, Claire quickily answered, "Werewolf, she loves them."

"Werewolf it is. I shall let him know." With that he walked off, leaving us waiting in some long hallway that reminded me of ladies changing rooms with the red curtains covering the small rooms that ran all the way down the corridor.

Jason finally came out followed by a flustered blonde, who was extremely attractive and had me wondering why she felt she needed to come here when she could have had her pick of men easily. She must have been a regular because she had her arm linked through his, her fingers laced with his and was giggling stupidly at whatever it was he was whispering in her ear. When they reached us, she turned and kissed him full on the lips! Surprisingly he kissed her back, short and quick but lingering at the same time. "See you next week Sarah," he smiled.

When she was gone he finally looked at us three and grinned at Zoe. Of course he would, she was gorgeous with her wavy locks of dark brown hair, light grey eyes covered in smoky eyeshadow, lips thick and kissable covered with dark pink lipstick and a hot and i mean hot slim toned body. I did not fail to notice Jason struggle not to stare at her cleavage.

"Not me handsome. My friend here, it's her birthday." Zoe tried to sound confident but i could see the blush she was trying to hide.

Claire practically threw me at him, making me stumble and trip so that he had to catch me by my arms to steady me. When i looked up at him, yes for a short man he still managed to be taller than me, he grinned back at me and said, "You ready?"

"No," I whimpered. He laughed, taking me by the hand and led me down the corridor and gently pushed me into the small curtained room.

There was a wooden chair, basically a kitchen chair and i gulped.

"You need to sit in order for me to perform for you," he grinned.

"Can we just pretend that you performed for me?"

Grinning even more he said, "not with the amount your friend paid. That wouldn't be fair. Now sit."

I sat. He started to dance sexily to rihanna's song, skin, and the room suddenly felt way too intimate, small, personal. I blushed when he took his top off and blushed harder when his jeans followed the top. His pants were so small he may as well have been naked as he continued to dance up close. I kept my eyes down at the floor, feeling sweat on my forehead and not knowing what the hell to do.

I don't know how long I was looking down at the floor for, but it must have been a while because he suddenly came over and sat on my lap, his legs either side mine so he was straddling me, his hands holding onto the back of the chair as he looked down at me and smiled softly. "What?" I asked, after a few minutes of him smiling like that.

"You just remind me of someone thats all."


"A good friend of mine. She hates that the men in her life make her blush like you are right now. This would be her exact reaction."

I remembered Anita earlier, her thumbs up and sympathetic look and guessed, "Anita?"

Startled he answered, "Yeah, how do you know?"

"Just a guess. She pretty much wished me luck as my friends dragged me in here."

Laughing he replied, "Yeah, sounds like her. So you not into strippers or is it just me?"

"Its not you, i'm just really shy thats all."

"You don't need to be shy, we are close enough right now to be past that dont you think?" he winked, and started to dance again. Rubbing his body against mine and doing moves that were so graceful it was more wolf than human.

Zoe suddenly put her head through the curtains and much to my humilation asked, "If we pay more would you give her a birthday kiss? She really likes werewolves." Jason looked genuinely surprised at the last bit but smiled at her, "Yeah, sure." Looking back at me he grinned again, "Ready babe?" he laughed when i blushed and leaned down and pressed those rosy lips against mine. His lips were incredibly soft and i found my own moving with his, his tongue slid in and danced softly against mine. I deepened the kiss and pressed my lips harder against his, passion overtaking me as the kiss turned more fast, urgent. Finally though he pulled away, breaking the kiss and whispered, "That was not the kiss of a sweet shy girl."

Zoe must have been there the whole time because she came into the room and asked, "Would you have sex with her?" Jason raised his eyebrows in surprise and still sitting on my lap answered, "We're not supposed to, i was breaking the rules just by kissing her."

"But you have had sex before for the right price i bet?"

"Oh my god, Zoe, stop, it's fine." I was blushing like crazy again and didn't know where to look.

Reluctantly he finally admitted, "yeah, sure, a couple of times when their really hot."

I rolled my eyes at that and jumped when he answered, "What? i like hot girls." I hadn't realised he'd seen me.

I only shrugged in reply but gasped when Zoe blurted out, "Well what about a virgin? that's hot right? taking a girl's virginity."

"You a virgin?" he asked, staring at me now.

I could only nod in answer.

"Wow. I've never taken a girl's virginity before."

"Is that a yes?" Zoe asked.

"That's a get out and leave us alone for half an hour," he replied, his eyes never leaving me.

"You want to lose it like this and not to someone special?" he asked.

I nodded shyly and yelped at the command in his voice, all joking in him gone, "get up."

I got up and watched as he sat down, pulling of the pants and revealing a huge member that wasn't even hard yet. Grabbing my wrist he pulled me gently down onto his lap so that i was now the one straddling him.

My dress had risen up around my waist, only my panties keeping us apart. "Your absolutely sure?" he whispered against my neck and sending shivers down me.

I nodded and gasped when he shoved his hand down my panties and started rubbing my clit fast. When i wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my face into his collarbone he mumbled, "If we were somewhere else i would take my time and make you experience everything there is to experience with a man. Unfortunately i only have half an hour to work with before the manager comes to see where i am, but i promise i'll make you come baby."

I moaned in answer and couldn't help rubbing myself against his fingers as they worked me fast but expertly and then i cried out loud enough that he had to cover my mouth with his other hand when he slipped two fingers inside of me. It hurt a little and he felt my hesitation.

"Does it hurt?" he asked gently.

"Yes, a little."

"I'll be gentle i promise, but your so tight i need to loosen you up just a little if your going to fit me in there." I blushed hotly at his words and nodded for him to carry on. He was gentle with me like he said he would be, slowly slipping his fingers deep inside and back out and then in again, making me soaking wet and blushing with embarassment because i could feel his fingers were covered in my wetness. He gently pulled his fingers out saw my face and finally grinned again, "It's ok sweetheart, it's normal, we want you really wet for the next part. Wet is good." As if to prove his point he slipped his two fingers into his mouth and sucked and licked the juices away, laughing at my shocked face. "You are cute. you've really never done anything like this before have you?" I looked away embarassed and shook my head.

"It's ok, it's adorable actually. You ready for me to take your virginty?" he growled the last bit, the inhuman sound and heat in his eyes turning me on and finally i nodded.

"Take your panties off for me." he growled, looking at me hungrily. A look i never thought i would see on a man let alone a werewolf.

I stood up and blushing like crazy stumbled awkwardly as i took my panties off with him staring the whole time.

"Wait, just a second," he said. As i stood in front him he made me spread my legs and running his fingers up my thighs he reached my center and spread my slit wide open and just stared.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled shyly.

"Just looking. I've never seen a virgins pussy before. Your's is very pretty." He grinned up at me when I frowned. Finally he let me go and grabbed a condom. Making eye contact with me he seductively rolled it down slowly over his huge erection then pulled me to him and gently holding my ass guided me onto him slowly.

My soft protests made him stop and he looked at me, "You ok? do you want me to stop?"

"No, i just need to get used to your size that's all." He was absolutely huge with an erection, he'd grown hard while he was fingering me and I was scared but determined to do this.

He was slow and gentle with me until finally he was fully inside. "Let me know when your ready for me to move," he whispered. I didn't answer, instead i slowly started to move against him, just rolling my hips against his first with him deep inside. "Fuck, your so fucking tight baby," he groaned.

"Is that bad?" I asked, stopping.

"No, fuck no, keep doing what you were doing. Anita was always the tightest i'd had till now," he moaned, grabbing my ass and trying to push himself deeper inside. He must have been really horny or something because I was pretty sure he hadn't meant to let slip that he had sex with Anita and wisely i chose not to comment on it.

When it started to feel good i began moving up and down on him, enjoying the feel of him sliding out to the tip and then sliding back in deep inside of me. His groans and growls really turned me on and before i knew it i was fucking him hard and fast, riding him until i was coming, an orgasm i'd never felt before as i exploded into a wave of ecstasy as he continued to pump me hard and fast until he too was coming, squirting inside of me and still i rode him, until the last waves of pleasure finally left me. My arms were still wrapped around his neck, my face buried into his collarbone when i felt him chuckle, "You enjoy that as much as i did?"

my face still hidden i shyly nodded and blushed hotly at what we had just done. Another dancer chose that moment, with him still inside me, to walk in. "Am i interrupting something i shouldn't be?" he asked. violet eyes giving jason some special look that only jason seemed to understand.

"Nah, course not nathaniel, she's wearing panties under her dress aren't you darling?" he winked at me and i blushed harder.

Nathaniel looked hard at jason, "You mean the ones that are sitting right beside the chair on the floor there?"

Jason only grinned and shrugged his shoulders as though he wasn't still deep inside of me or that I wasn't clinging to him like a little girl right now.

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and muttered, "How many times have i caught you now? the next time your not going to be so lucky."

"You said that the last time, and the time before that," Jason grinned.

Sighing Nathaniel's next words had my heart in my throat, "Your girlfriends looking for you, wants to know why you havent been answering your phone." With that, nathaniel left the room.

I finally pulled back from Jason and looked at his beautiful face, "You have a girlfriend? I am not that kind of girl, if i had known i would never have-" He cut me off with a kiss and mumbled against my lips, "It's ok, she knows what i'm like and we have an open relationship." Breathing a sigh of relief i climbed off of him, my legs shaky and not working properly yet and then i let out a little scream.

His groin was covered in blood. Looking down at myself i saw a thin trail of blood dripping down my thighs and whimpered.

Jason got up, eyes never leaving me as he pulled the condom off, threw it in the bin and came over to me. "It's ok babe, sshhh, it's ok. It's normal, you were a virgin, virgins bleed sometimes." He pulled me gently into his arms and held me while i cried. I don't know why i was crying, i knew as soon as he said it that it was normal and the fear went away as i remembered looking it up once, but for some reason i was feeling overly emotional and couldn't stop the tears as they trailed down my cheeks and against his chest. Feeling the tears he pulled back to look at me, all jokiness aside, only concern in his eyes, "Are you ok? do you regret what happened? did i hurt you?"

Wiping my tears i stepped back and smiled, "No, i'm fine, you didn't hurt me and i don't regret it. I'm just feeling emotional that's all, i did just lose my virginty after all these years."

He smiled softly back, went and picked up my panties and asked, "Can i keep these?" I laughed in shock, which was what he was probably aiming for.

"Why on earth would you want my panties?"

"As a reminder of the girl who's virginity i took," he grinned.

He let me use his shirt to clean myself up as best i could, yanked on his jeans and then waited for me to finish cleaning myself. He was going to take a quick break to shower after this and i tried my best to be quick. I looked over at where he had thrown the condom, it had landed on the edge of the bin, and i managed to hold in the shock as I noticed a big tear in it. I remembered then, feeling him come inside me and realised i shouldn't have felt it. "You ok?" His gorgeous voice made me jump and turn to face him, "Yeah, i'm fine, i'm ready now." Why didn't i tell him? i don't know. Maybe because he had a girlfriend. Because i'd probably never see him again. And mostly because i didn't think one time would be a problem. Stupid me.

Before we left i turned and asked, "Why did you agree to sleep with me?"

"Is this a trick question?" he grinned.

"No, i'm just curious. I'm not exactly a pretty girl, you could have just said no." I blushed at the look he gave me.

"Wow, you are so like anita it's creepy. A sweet shy version of anita, if that's even possible."

"Anita?" I asked confused.

"She doesn't believe that she's beautiful no matter how many times we tell her."

"what? but she is, she's perfect," i replied, surprised.

"I know she is, but she doesn't know it, and neither apparantly do you. your a beautiful woman, why wouldn't i want you?" He asked seriously.

Blushing. Again. I answered, "Because i'm not beautiful, i'm not nice and slim, i'm not glamerous and im certainly not sexy."

"I don't know, you were pretty sexy back there riding my cock," he winked, making me blush for the hundreth time this evening.

On a more serious note he came over and said, "I'm guessing your a girl who likes it straight, so sure, your not really classed under the sexy category, but that doesn't mean your not beautiful, and beautiful is better than just sexy. Your sweet and naive, you have gorgeous puppy dog eyes that no doubt have men drooling and doing whatever you want and those lips? let's just say i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who's thought how beautiful and full they'd look wrapped around my cock." Blushing i couldn't help but answer, "You just made that up to make me feel better, men don't drool over me, they don't notice me period."

"Well then your hanging around the wrong men darling, because i certainly notice you, love handles and all." I tried to find the love handles part insulting but couldn't while he was trailing delicate kisses along my neck.

He led me back out, arm around my waist helping to support my shaky legs and let me go once we reached Zoe and Claire. "Did you take care of her?" Zoe asked.

Grinning wickedly he replied, "Don't worry, i took really good care of her. I'll see you later darling." He whispered the last part to me and went of over to another lady and her friend, flirting and enjoying the attention of them touching him. I really hoped he hadn't forgotten that he needed to shower first. I had felt almost special for a moment when we were alone and with him taking care of me, but now, watching him with the other two women i remembered it was all just part of the job for him, well, maybe not the sex bit, but he didn't seem to mind adding that to his job description and i was no doubt just another customer among hundreds that had asked for the same thing. I felt stupid at the wrench in my heart, he had a girlfriend already who accepted an open relationship with him, he would never turn that down for someone like me, especially as i wouldn't want to share him. Damn it, i had a crush on him and suddenly knew just how my work collegue felt now.

We went to a few other clubs but after a few hours eventually made our way home. They dropped me off first, overprotective as usual about leaving innocent old me in a taxi alone, and i made my way inside my one bed apartment. It had been decorated in creams and light browns, nice enough that i had just left it like that.

Washing my makeup off and brushing my teeth i finally took my very sore self from my earlier activities to bed and collapsed into a deep sleep.

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