Burning passion (richonne)

Burning passion (richonne)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


This is a little fanfiction story about Rick and Michonne from the walking dead series. I hope you like!


This is a little fanfiction story about Rick and Michonne from the walking dead series. I hope you like!


Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



Chapter one

They finally reached a safe place with the alexandrians, which is what Michonne had wanted, but now that she was here she was beginning to realise that it wasn't that easy.

Being out there, surviving, killing, scavenging for food and supplies, to suddenly an almost normal life. She had a home, people walked about freely and there was nothing to kill. It was almost too much too soon and she wasn't sure you could ever go back to just being normal after a life like that.

On top of trying to adjust, she also now had almost too much time to think, to remember what she had lost, to finally see and admit just how badly she had fallen for Rick grimes. Rick wasn't interested in her though. He'd finally gotten Jessie to himself who he had been chasing around for a while.

“Michonne? You ready?” 
Michonne jumped from her depressing thoughts at the sound of ricks voice. Gosh, his voice. His accent with that southern drawl was so damn sexy that her heart never failed to miss a beat when she heard it.
Snap out of it! She scolded herself and jumped up to open the bedroom door. “Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go.” She walked past him trying to be non chalant and not stare at those beautiful blue eyes of his.

Outside they were greeted by Jessie, who walked up and kissed Rick long and slow on the lips. No doubt tongues were used, Michonne scoffed.

Rick said goodbye to Jessie and turned to talk to Michonne only to find her gone. She seemed off with him lately and he didn't understand why, but he needed her to go get supplies with him.
He found her talking to carol and asked, “I need to go on a run and go get more supplies. You with me?”
Turning those warm brown eyes to his she nodded, checked she had everything she needed and off theY went.

Inside the supermarket they had found, they started gathering medicines that were still in date and tins of food, diapers for Judith and so on. Michonne was looking in the woman's section when she found condoms and grudgingly threw them at Rick.
They hit Rick on the side of his head making Michonne burst into Laughter.
Picking them up off the floor he grinned and said, “we aren't there yet, too soon for her.”

Michonne didn't get to answer because the sound of walkers coming in had their attention. She withdrew her sword, Rick his gun, and they waited.
“Need me some females to fuck!” A male voice spoke.

Shit, they weren't walkers. Michonne and Rick got behind an aisle and waited silently. “You only think with your dick lee. Seeing as there's no women for sale how bout you go grab us some fucking food.”
They listened as lee mumbled an insult and then it grew deathly silent.

They listened out for the men, but they had grown so quiet that Michonne hadn't noticed the one who now held a gun to her head. “Drop your weapons or I pull the trigger.”
They slowly dropped their weapons and stood up being led to the front of the store.

“Look what I found. Ha, and you said there were no women.” Michonne squeezed her eyes shut in disgust as lee, who held the gun to her head shoved his hand down her top.

Rick scoped the place out discreetly, but he was certain there was only the two of them. When lee shoved his hand down Michonne’s top, he lost it, there was no way he was letting them rape her.
Before anything else could happen, Michonne looked on in shock as Rick was suddenly beside them punching lee in the face hard enough she heard his nose crack. Rick had the gun and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened, there were no bullets.

Rick didn't stop to think about the ludicrous attempt at pretending to have a loaded gun. He was gone Michonne noticed, as without hesitation he began to smash the handle into lee’s face over and over again. 
Michonne didn't hesitate either as the second guy went to pull out a gun. She grabbed her sword of the floor where lee had left it and with one clean motion the guys face was cut in half.

She turned to see Rick still bashing lee’s face in. Blood had drenched his clothes and soaked his face, but still he went on, even as the dead guys face became an unrecognisable mess and there was almost nothing left for him to bash.

She'd seen Rick like this a few times before. He scared her when he got this lost, this violent. Slowly, she went over to him and softly placed a hand on his shoulder and removed the gun from his bloody hand.

He stood up and faced her, his eyes wild and in shock. Usually Carl, ricks son, was with them and that forced Rick to calm down, but he wasn't here right now and Rick wasn't calming down. Michonne didn't know what to do as Rick paced the area violently, muttering to himself and pulling at his hair.

Suddenly Michonne knew what she could do, it would either make him focus on her or distract him enough to pull himself together to reject her.
Without thinking she grabbed his face between her ebony hands, whispered, "use me," and kissed his lips fiercely.
He looked at her then, really looked at her for a moment, and then he was shoving her violently against the wall.Kissing her hard and furiously. Biting her lip hard enough to make her squirm.

She knew he needed this and helped him pull her trousers and panties down and off of her. He kissed her again and then breathlessly pulled away, speaking for the first time, “I shouldn't be doing this. Jessie's waiting for me-” Michonne cut him off and was selfish for the first time, didn't want this to end so whispered, “you need this right now, there's nothing wrong with that. Take what you need and it never needs to be mentioned again.”
“You sure?” He asked, those beautiful blue eyes searching her dark brown ones, she could only nod in answer at his intense gaze. “It won't be gentle,” he warned.

“Don't want gentle,” she breathed, and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. 

Rick couldn't deny Michonne’s beauty, the way sweat gleamed softly on her dark ebony skin, those amazingly kissable lips, and he sure as hell couldn't ignore her when she wrapped those perfect lips around his thick hard cock and started to suck on him until he was groaning and pushing himself deeper inside of her.

He was lost to the moment, Michonne noticed, when he started to shove his big cock down her throat. Slamming into her without Caring if it would her or not. She let him have his way with her mouth, let him wrap his hand tightly in her head to force her back and forth on his cock.

Suddenly he pulled out and yanked her up by her dreadlocked hair, forcing her back against the wall.
He tried to force his cock into her soaking wet pussy, but at this angle and with her so incredibly tight he couldn't do it.
“Get over on that Counter,” he growled.

She loved being submissive for Rick, but only for Rick. She loved seeing all that dominance and alpha male that he used on everybody else and to keep them safe, being used on her. She could even admit to herself that she liked seeing him covered in blood and all dangerous looking as he approached her where she was sat on the counter waiting for him.

His blood covered hands grabbed her thighs, staining them as he yanked her legs apart and shoved himself deep inside of her. She didn't even care when his blood soaked shirt seeped into her clean one.
He groaned softly as he began to pound into her hard and fast.
 She gasped as he started pounding her, so hard that her ass was actually starting to feel bruised. He pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach, bent her over the counter and fucked her like that. His hands were on her neck gently as he mounted her and she looked back and begged, “please Rick, dominate me. I know you need this and so do I.” The first words spoken between them since they'd thrown themselves at one another.

Rick didn't answer, he was too far gone. He didn't hesitate though. He wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled hard enough that she cried out in pain. He didn't stop which let her know that he still wasn't himself yet. 

She cried out when he slapped her ass hard enough to bruise and slapped it again and again. When she tried to turn and look at him he slapped her face and shoved her head down onto the table and kept it there while he fucked her hard.

She was close when he suddenly pulled out of her, grabbed her by the hair and had her up against the wall again. He surprised her when he lifted her up making her wrap her legs around his waist and slammed into her roughly. He fucked her like that against the wall and she was coming when he wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her hard enough that she couldn't actually breathe. 

She came around his cock with him choking her and knew when he'd come because she could feel it when he squirted inside of her. So much come. It trailed down her thighs and more trickled out of her when he finally pulled out and put her down.

He was panting hard, leaning against the wall on one arm blocking Michonne in when he said, “I shouldn't have done that. I'm going to have to tell Jessie.”
“No you won't Rick. After what just happened you needed that distraction, another outlet for your anger.”
He looked at her then, looked hard enough that she blushed and looked away. How was it that Rick could always make her feel this submissive?
“Your neck, it's bruised. I'm so sorry,” he panicked, and started to reach for it. She stopped his hands with hers and then answered, “it's ok, and besides, I don't regret any of it.” She wrapped a fist in his bloody shirt and pulled him down locking her lips on his. 

Rick pulled away and Michonne blushed and looked to the floor. “I'm sorry, it's just...I'm with Jessie.” He mumbled. She nodded embarrassed, got dressed and rushed out of there and headed back. 

It was an awkward silence all the way back and Michonne was relieved to finally get back and escape to her room.
What they had done had probably been a big mistake, not just because he was a taken man, but because it just made her want him more. She couldn't deny it anymore...she was madly,completely and irrevocably in love with dangerous yet gentle man. 

Chapter two 

Rick laid down in bed that night and couldn't for the life of him get Michonne and what they had done out of his head. She had looked so beautiful naked. He had never had sex that crazy before, never been THAT forceful or dominant with a woman. Nor had he been with anyone so incredibly tight as she had been. His cock grew hard as he recalled how hard he had fucked her, made her his. Rick couldn't imagine Jessie ever letting him do that to her. He never would have been interested in that type of sex before all hell broke loose, but now he realised it was something he would always need during the hardest and most violent times and Michonne Had seen that in him, just as he'd seen her need for someone else to take control sometimes, to let her guard down with someone she could trust.

It was two weeks since him and Michonne had done what they'd done when he was knocking at her door after a bitter argument with Jessie. He had no idea what he was doing here, they hadn't seen each other since that day.

Michonne opened the door and wasn't sure wether to be delighted or weary to see Rick standing at the door.
“Come in.”
He followed her into the living room and sat on the chair while she got him a drink.
“Everything ok?” She asked, when he hadn't said a word.
“I'm fine,” he mumbled.
She didn't fail to notice as he stared at her, watching her every move. 

Finally he started to talk, “I had an argument with Jess. I just needed to get away and calm down.”
“What happened?” Michonne asked, sliding into the chair opposite him.
“It was stupid. I tried hugging her and she blew up in my face about it. We've cuddled and kissed before, but then suddenly the next time she will get all crazy about it. I know she's messed up from Pete and what he did to her, but it's getting too much. Sometimes I think she's just trying to cause huge arguments and taunting me to see if I'll hit her.” Rick sighed, and stared down into his glass of water feeling at a loss as what to do. He knew he wasn't in love with Jessie, he could even admit that he had been chasing not her really, but a dream, the dream of having a life,of trying to live in the past, but he was beginning to realise that it had been a big mistake.

Carol came crashing through the door making both Rick and Michonne rush to their feet withdrawing their weapons. “What's wrong?” Rick demanded.
Carol looked at him then, a look of despair crossed her face and he knew, he just knew. “Where is Jessie?”

“I'm so sorry Rick. Walkers broke in and they got to her...she's dead,” carol said gently.

He rushed out onto the street and saw up ahead Jessie's lifeless form among now truly dead walkers.
He ran over and fell to the floor beside her head.
“I'm so sorry,” he whispered, stroking her hair softly and then lay a gentle kiss upon her forehead.

A week later and having secured the place again, Rick admitted to himself no matter how harsh it sounded, that he was sorry and sad that Jessie had died, but he wasn't as broken or crushed as he would have been if it had been carl, Judith, Maggie...Michonne. His group were his family and even in the time he had been with Jessie she had never quite made it to that place in his heart that the group had.

At dawn Rick patrolled the area and spotted five walkers making their way down the street.
“Fuck!” He snarled. He didn't know where the hell they had come from as the gate was secure. Withdrawing his blade he went over and stabbed two in the head, was pushed to the floor and straddled by another and had to use all his strength to keep the snapping, knashing monster inches away from his face.

He managed to throw himself and the walker so that he was on top, struggled to his feet and smashed his foot into its head until it exploded and sunk like a bloodied melon.
He went to attack the last walker but Michonne was there first, Her sword slicing through the air and slicing straight through its head.
“Thanks,” he smiled.
“No problem.” She helped him dispose of the bodies and showed him where they had gotten through. It was a broken fence behind a bush which they quickly patched up and secured and then made their way back to where Carl and Judith were waiting in ricks.

Rick took Judith from Carl while Michonne went and had a shower. When she came out she was wearing a dressing gown and had her hair wrapped in a towel.
She was beautiful to Rick and when she smiled at him his heart beat faster.

Michonne and him had come a long way from when they had first met at the prison. She had become his best friend, a surrogate mother to Carl and Judith. The only one who could talk sense into him, wasn't afraid to talk sense into him and the only one who could talk to Carl when there was a problem.

Chapter three

Two months later and Later in the evening after getting back from a run with daryll, Rick collapsed onto the sofa exhausted.
He had only been there a few minutes when Michonne nudged him and told him to move. He sat up and she joined him, showing him a video of Judith crawling in her sleep making them both laugh.
“Oh, I got you something.” Rick placed a pack of mints in michonnes hand instead of the toothpaste she had asked for. She laughed and silently found it cute that he had made the effort to get them after losing the actual toothpaste, that he bothered to care what she asked for.

“Have your mints,” he smiled and softly patted her hand. She wasn't sure if it was him flirting with her or just touching friendly like he sometimes did. Out of reflex she laced her fingers through his and held on. Her heart was racing painfully in her chest, would he reject her?

She slowly and bashfully looked up to see Rick smiling softly at her. Rick looked into michonnes eyes and knew, had always known, but could finally admit now, that he was in love with this beautiful exoticly powerful woman. This woman who had been a mother to his children, a best friend to him, a calm centre for his violent outbursts.

She looked on shyly at him and he knew he had to make the first move. He leaned in and gently placing a hand on her cheek kissed her tenderly.

Michonne couldn't believe this was happening, she had wanted this for so long, had loved Rick for so long. And now here he was finally kissing her with all the gentle tenderness and care she had dreamed of from him. No outlet for his anger this time, just wanting her. He stopped and whispered, “wait a second, I forgot I had a gun between my legs.” She breathed a sigh of relief and laughed as he struggled to put it up on the table, still unable to believe this was actually happening.

He came back and kissed her again, lying her down on the sofa and lifting her leg up so that he could slip between her legs. He pulled back from the kiss for a moment to look at her and smiled, love filling his eyes before kissing her again.

Suddenly he climbed off, took her hand and gently led her to his bedroom. He took her top off slowly and was pleasantly surprised to see she wore no bra. He kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples softly, enjoying the sounds of her soft moaning while he undid her trousers and pulled them down. When she was naked and she had gotten him naked too he pushed her gently onto the bed and climbed on top of her. 

The feel of his big cock rubbing between her wet folds had Michonne moaning and thrusting against him.
“You like that?” He whispered.
She moaned in response and he laughed when she grabbed his ass and tried to press harder against him. He had planned on teasing her a little but the next time she rubbed against him, his cock had suddenly slipped inside of her making them both cry out.

Rick began to move gently inside of her, his bigger than she had imagined cock filling her up completely. “Oh, oh yes, oh Rick, yes, yes,” she cried out. The more she cried out for him the faster he got. They were both sweating and Michonne couldn't resist pressing her cheek against his wet chest while he made love to her. He smelt so good, like the jasmine shower gel he used and that male smell that all men had.

He pulled back from her leaving her cheek cold and damp. Gently brushing her hair from her sweaty face he whispered, “you ok?”
“Yes, don't stop,” she smiled, bringing his lips down to hers, slipping her tongue into his mouth and getting the rhythm going again. He thrust inside of her faster and faster, a little harder but more fast then hard and then she was screaming as her orgasm hit. She didn't want to wake the kids so she muffled her cries by biting down on ricks shoulder while her pussy squeezed and spasmed around his throbbing cock.

Rick lost his rhythm and ground himself hard against Michonne, deep and fast but still making love to her rather than fucking. She felt him come, enjoyed hearing his moans and then giggled when he collapsed on top her trying to catch his breath.

All Michonne remembered after the love making was falling asleep cuddled up to Rick with the sweat cold and cooling as they fell asleep.

They both jolted awake to the sound of a male voice. Both Rick and Michonne dived out the bed weapons in hand...and butt naked.

Chapter four

It had been weeks since that wonderful night and Michonne had replayed it in her mind every night since. She wasn't sure what they were to each other, if they were anything. Rick hadn't spoken to her about that night, but then they hadn't the time what with the war that started with the wolves.

Michonne was walking with carol looking for more supplies when she suddenly come over dizzy and nauseous. She collapsed to the floor and waited for the feeling to pass...it didn't and she ended up throwing up all over the floor.

“Are you ok?” Carol asked, bending down beside her.
“Yeah, I feel fine now. Probably just the stress of everything that's been going on.” Carol helped her to her feet and they finished gathering supplies with no more incident.

Later that night Michonne had first watch. She kept lookout for two hours before a walker found its way towards their base. Withdrawing her sword she walked towards it and sliced its head clean off and then stabbed it through to make sure it was dead.

The sight of the blood and the smell of rotting flesh had her doubled over and throwing up for the second time that day.

“You alright, chonne?” The sound of daryll’s voice had her quickly wiping her mouth and turning to face him. “Yeah, just come down with something.”
He looked at her suspiciously but muttered, “better go get some rest then. It's my turn to keep watch anyways.”

They were sleeping in tents at this point because the houses had been destroyed by the wolves, so Michonne entered the tent she was sharing with carol and Judith and was surprised at how quickly she passed out.

“Hey, Michonne. Wake up.” Groggily Michonne opened her eyes to find herself staring into pretty blue eyes. “Rick?” She asked confused. She went to withdraw her weapon thinking there must be a threat, but Rick grabbed her wrist gently and said, “you ok? Darryl and carol both said they saw you throw up yesterday, and it's taken me five minutes to try and wake you up.”

“I've come down with something. It will pass and it won't affect me helping out.” 
Rick looked at her, but finally gave a nod, “alright, then go help Carl patrol the area, but your not going on watch tonight-”
“No Buts, that's an order,” he interrupted.
Reluctantly she nodded and then she was scrambling past him knocking him down and practically climbing over him as she jumped out the tent and threw up AGAIN.

“How long you been like this?” Rick asked, bending down beside her and gently pulling her hair from her face.
“A couple of weeks.”
“Have you had your period yet?”
Michonne whipped her head around to stare at Rick incredulous.
“I'm not oblivious to womanly things So don’t look at me like that. Well? Have you?” He repeated.
“I...uh...well no, I'm two weeks late.”
“And you didn't think to tell me this?”
Michonne met ricks eyes and blushed at the intensity of his gaze.
“Hey Glenn!” Yelled Rick, never taking his eyes of off her.
Glenn came jogging over, “what's up?”
“You still got that spare pregnancy test you got for Maggie?” He asked, finally turning to look up at Glenn from his crouched position beside Michonne.

Glenn looked at Rick confused, “yeah, she's not pregnant...oh.” He looked at Michonne then, sat on the floor in front of the mess she'd just made.

Glenn took off and returned minutes later with the test.
“Go take it right now,” Rick commanded.
She glared at him, snatched the test from His hands and went to find a quiet spot. Of course she was pregnant. She hadn't even had to wait five seconds little alone five minutes for the results.

She had barely pulled her trousers up when Rick came up from behind and snatched the test from her hands.
“Shit!” Rick yelled.

He paced angrily and then looked At Michonne. Before he could say anything she snapped, “I'm keeping it.”
“I wasn't going to suggest-” she interrupted him, “yes you were. I get it, Your worried something's going to happen like before, but I'm not getting rid of it...of our baby.”

“Your delivery before...” He trailed off.
“Was natural, no problems. I won't need a c section.”
“You might.”
“More chance that I won't.”
She came over and without thinking wrapped herself around Rick, burrowing her head into his chest and inhaling his male scent...his scent.
She expected him to pull away before anyone could see, but Darryl and carol came over and he didn't pull away.

In fact he wrapped his arms around Michonne as he turned to face them. “She's pregnant.”
“I'm guessing it's yours?” Carol grinned.
He nodded and finally grinned.

It had been a few weeks since the pregnancy news and Rick hadn't left Michonne since. He was more than clingy and so she slapped his hands away when he tried to take the heavy bag from her. “I'm pregnant not crippled!” She snapped.

“I know, but you should still take it easy.”

She stormed away from him and made her way to the garage, the only place left still standing. She was going through things at the table when she felt Rick come up behind her. “Why you mad?” He asked.
She could feel his chest lightly against her back and tried to calm her racing heart when he reached round and took the tool from her hand.

“I'm not mad,” she whispered.
“You are. You've been funny with me all day, what's up?”
“Maybe I'm frustrated,” she whispered again and then Stiffened with embarrassment at what she had just said.
“Hhmm, is that right?” He breathed into her ear, placing both his hands on the table and trapping her between his arms and body. She couldn't resist pressing her ass against his groin and her heart raced when he took off his holster belt while whispering, “well we can't have that now can we?” God his southern drawl was sexy and had her practically soaking her panties with his teasing dirty talk. He gently made her lean over the table, unzipped himself and pulled out his cock having already pulled her trousers down and slid himself slow and deep inside her wet pussy.

“Oh Rick! Please, please don't stop,” she moaned. She was stretched across the table, digging her nails into the edge and so turned on by this strong sexy man. Maybe the pregnancy hormones had made things stronger because before she knew it she was exploding into orgasm as he fucked her over the table hard and fast.

He pulled out enough to turn her around to face him lifting her onto the table and shoved himself back inside her. Every thrust, every kiss and bite along her neck, every bit of sweat, every moan that came from him brought her closer and closer until the feel of him coming inside of her sent her over the edge and screaming her pleasure into his shoulder, biting down much like she had that special night.

Rick knew michonnes hormones were making her extra sensitive and so when he had finished and pulled out, he didn't stop. He slipped two fingers into her slick wet pussy and fucked her with those fingers fast and frantically. It wasn't long before she came hard for him, his fingers soaked in her juices when he pulled them out.

“Feel better?” He asked, grinning at her exhausted but more than satisfied face.
“Yes. Oh my god! I'm so sorry!” She rushed, touching her fingers to his bloodied shoulder, with fresh bite marks.
He shrugged, smiling, “eh, it's not that bad, besides, I'd take a bite from you over s walker any day.” She punched him in the ribs gently for that  laughing.

Rick had just finished dressing when Michonne grabbed his arm and turned him to face her.
“Rick, I uh, I, I was wondering what this means to you? I don't want to be your friend with benefits,” she whispered the last part blushing and looked away.
“Hey,” he soothed, grabbing her face gently and pulling it back to look at him, “you are more than that. We're having a baby. I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to talk properly since that night, but I thought it would have been obvious that I love you Michonne. I want you.” It was ricks turn to blush and she could only laugh in relief and answer, “I love you too Rick grimes. Now let's get back to the group, oh and we are so sharing a bed from now on.”

“Oh yeah, whys that?” He smiled.
“I'm crazy horny since being pregnant and with that big dick and those expert fingers I think I'm going to be needing you around a lot,” she winked and left him staring after with his mouth open.

Life was always going to be a matter of survival of the fittest, but with Rick by her side and finally hers, Michonne thought today...was a damn good day.

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