Toxic Gift

Toxic Gift

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


When Frankie comes out alive of a terrible car crash and starts having visions about people and events that take place in her life, the young woman knows that something isn't right. At first she does enjoy these visions especially with the fact that Frankie lives in Las Vegas, but when a FBI man starts to seek for info about her, Frankie begins to comprehend that her situation is far more serious than what she had believed in the first place.


When Frankie comes out alive of a terrible car crash and starts having visions about people and events that take place in her life, the young woman knows that something isn't right. At first she does enjoy these visions especially with the fact that Frankie lives in Las Vegas, but when a FBI man starts to seek for info about her, Frankie begins to comprehend that her situation is far more serious than what she had believed in the first place.

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She wasn't supposed to be at this party. She couldn't even fathom the fact that she got out of a violent car accident without a scratch...  The doctors said it; It was almost impossible for someone to come out alive of a nasty car accident like the one in which Frankie had been implied. Alright, the possibility of being alive after such accident was very little, but no scratches?

She kept playing the scene in her mind. Just few seconds after the freight hit her car at full speed, Frankie was still conscious, but she could recall that  both of her legs were broken, but when the paramedics arrived at her location, she was still trapped in the car, and her legs weren't broken anymore. That deep wound on her forehead had as well disappeared, but she didn't know why. She tried to convince herself that she had imagined all of this, perhaps she had simply dreamed all of this while being unconscious? She didn't know anymore.

"Frankie, come join us, what are you doing in the corner of the living room by yourself?"

She looked at her friend, glancing at the three empty bottles of Smirnoff ice on the floor, right next to her feet. Frankie had drank those rapidly, it didn't even take an hour for her to finish these 3 bottles, yet she wasn't even drunk. In normal circumstances, Frankie would already feel a little tipsy from drinking these 3 bottles.

"I think I'm going to head back home Vicky, I'm tired..."

Frankie wasn't tired, she wasn't capable  to connect with these people anymore. Even though they used to be her friends, Frankie felt like she wanted to be left by herself.

"What? The party just started. We might even go out tonight... On the strip! Oliver got us a booth in a club at The Cosmopolitan"

Frankie sighed when Vicky announced her that they had in mind to go out on the strip. After moving to Las Vegas in 1998, Frankie hadn't really visited the Las Vegas strip since a while. She knew that Vicky was new to Las Vegas, but Frankie wasn't in the mood for partying on the strip tonight.

"Nope, I'm out of here Vicky. Look I'll text you back, ok?"

Just when Frankie thought she'd be leaving, Vicky caught her arm and stopped Frankie from walking away from her.

"I've seen your wrecked car Frankie, it's a miracle that you're alive!"

Without any warning Vicky wrapped the red haired woman in her arms, sharing with Frankie how happy she was that she was alive. Frankie slowly pushed Vicky away while looking at her with wide eyes.

"What? I'm sorry, I just had to squeeze you in my arms Frankie, I really care about you!"

Still looking at Vicky, Frankie tried to avoir Vicky's gaze and decided to leave before she'd miss the bus.

"I gotta go Vicky! I'll talk to you later!" When Frankie stepped out of Vicky's house, the young woman's lips spread apart as something weird happened to her few seconds just before Vicky wrapped her arms around her; Frankie had had vision of Vicky wrapping her arms around her. She didn't know what the hell was happening to her, but if another Vision like that last one had the idea to pop back in front of her eyes again, Frankie had already an idea about what to do with these visions of hers. Walking away from Vicky's house, Frankie suddenly felt her whole world blackening in front of her eyes as she fainted onto the sidewalk.

When Frankie reopened her eyes, she wasn't walking in the street anymore with in mind to reach for the Bus Stop, but she was in a hospital bed with an IV drip in her hand.

"WTF?" Frankie was more than confused when she realized she was in a hospital bed. She didn't know exactly why she had passed out while trying to reach for the Bus stop. She had only three Smirnoff ice, she didn't think the alcohol was the culprit for her situation. Blinking her eyes rapidly, Frankie realized it was daytime through the Room's window.

"What The Hell?! I gotta leave!" But Frankie's little escapade was stopped by the doctor when he entered in her room.

"Hello Miss Edwards, looks like you drank too much last night!" The doctor chuckled at Frankie, but the blue eyed woman looked at him bemused. "What? I only have like three bottles of Smirnoff Ice, you just don't get drunk with this? Right?" It was the doctor's turn to look at her with a perplexed gaze.

  "You're pretty sure you didn't drink more like 10 bottles? We got some blood samples from you few minutes after you arrived, and we can tell you that you were certainly not sober my Dear. Frankie sat up straight in the bed and tilted her head to the side wondering if the doctor was lying to her. "Man, I can tell you that I didn't drink ten bottles of Smirnoff ice... Four is already enough, after this I just feel like throwing up! Look, I gotta go back home, got stuff to do! Can I go?"

  "Fine, I'll make you sign the release form before and then you'll be free to go! I'd really prefer if you were coming back, let say next week for an appointment with me... Just for a check up! I will get your blood samples results in two days and I'll call you, what do you think about this Frankie?" The young woman sighed, just waiting for the man to leave her room. "Yeah whatever... I'm still telling you that I didn't drink ten bottles of Smirnoff Ice!" The doctor left Frankie's room and the young woman pulled up her jeans before taking off the ugly hospital gown.

"Yikes! Can't believe people still wear these!" Frankie tossed the gown on her bed and put back her shirt on her. The Doctor finally came back few minutes after and Frankie Signed the release form, ready to depart the Hospital. The temperature was already high even though it was only 9 In the morning. Another hot day thought Frankie as she exited the hospital and noticed the sky cleared of clouds. She was still shocked about the vision she's had at Vicky's house. She was wondering why it happened. She didn't recall having this sort of gift as far as she was concerned. Frankie grinned when the thought of heading to the strip crossed her mind. What if she started having visions in there? Let's say she'd take place at a table of blackjack while having visions of the next cards to come up on the table. There was just one little problem though, Frankie didn't know for sure when these visions of hers would come back.... She knew for sure though that she was poor as fuck when she opened her wallet. Closing her eyes and focusing on whatever she had in mind, Frankie tried to see if she could get another vision, but in vain.

"Fuck!! FUCK MY LIFE!" She screamed out loud before putting back her wallet in her purse and walking away from the hospital entrance. Just when she was less expecting it, a vision surprised her. She closed her blue eyes and tried to focus on what she was seeing. It wasn't making sense at all when she spotted a tall man with short wavy light brown hair speaking with her doctor. Opening back her eyes, Frankie was still experiencing her vision, capable to see what the man looked like and how he was dressed. The red tie was matched with a black man suit, which indicated Frankie that the man was probably a doctor or someone working in the medical field. His high forehead was also something that Frankie had noticed... Few seconds after her vision disappeared, Frankie didn't really know what to think of this and especially not knowing what to do about it.

Rummaging for her iPhone in her purse, Frankie grabbed it and pulled it out of her purse, only to noticed her missed calls. "Great, she just couldn't avoid calling me at 3 in the morning!?" This is when Frankie remembered that Vicky had probably spent the night at The Cosmopolitan with her other friends. She decided not to text her, not feeling like explaining to Vicky these visions of hers... It's not as if Frankie had in mind to tell the whole wide world about that new gift anyway. That last vision hadn't let her indifferent at all. Who was this man speaking with her doctor? She had no clue, but she was concerned. Her blue eyes rapidly looked down and Frankie realized she was barefoot. She had forgotten to put on her shoes before departing her room.

"Great Frankie! Really, that has to be the best one yet!" Returning inside the hospital, Frankie headed for the elevators and returned to the floor where the room was located. The Room was still empty when she entered, quickly looking for her shoes in the closet, Frankie found them and rapidly put them on her feet. A nurse noticed Frankie as she exited the room and asked her why she had came back, Frankie explained her that she had forgotten her shoes.

"Really? Doctor Robert shouldn't have let you go this soon..." The nurse expressed her opinion, and Frankie pretended to care before  walking rapidly toward the elevators and leaving the hospital for good. Pushing the entrance doors, Frankie stopped dead in her track when she observed from afar a man stepping out of a Black Police Interceptor Vehicle. She blinked her eyes several times to make sure it wasn't another vision of hers. It just wasn't a vision this time, but real life rolling right in front of her. It didn't take long for Frankie to recognize the person coming out of the car. It was the same man she had seen in her last vision.

She observed him entering by the hospital entrance, both doors slid apart to allow the man inside the building. He was identical to the man in her vision, he had the same confident gait and demeanor, she didn't have any doubt about it. She stood there helpless like a child, captivated by his youthful appearance even though he had few grey hair on his temples contrasting with his light brown wavy hair, which was quite attractive thought Frankie. She tried to resonate herself, to convince herself that lusting over a man that she barely knew was just calling for troubles. Given the fact that he was tall and having strong hands only drew Frankie's desire deeper. His black suit matched with the red tie was just not helping her hormones to calm down. Was this what people called loved? She didn't know, but Frankie had an idea she would soon get to know him. Should she follow the man and see what he was up to? She didn't know what to do or what to even think about this. She could tell though that even though the sun was scorching hot, and that going straight home to have a swim was an option, Frankie felt like following the man to get to know his whereabouts. Gathering her courage, Frankie followed the man to the elevator and they both stepped inside the elevator. Of course, she ended up being alone with him and Frankie couldn't help glancing at him.... His perfume was driving her Crazy.

Since Frankie was standing behind him, she allowed herself to enjoy his fragrance. It was the first time in her life she was being attracted to a man perfume like this. It smelled so manly that Frankie sniffed him up before the elevator reached for the floor requested by the FBI man.... It was the same floor of the room she occupied during the night. Playing again the vision in her mind, Frankie knew what would happen next, but she was too curious to see it with her own eyes, and ended up stepping out of the elevator before this last one returned to the parking floor.

The young woman kept following the FBI man but from far, not wanting him to notice her presence. Good thing he hadn't seen her sniffing him up like a dog in the elevator. She couldn't even imagine how he would've reacted to that! Watching the FBI man form afar, Frankie caught him stopping at the nurses station, displaying his FBI badge to one of the nurses.

''I'm looking for Doctor Robert, we have an appointment.'' The nurse wanted to know what kind of appointment he had with Doctor Robert but he clearly informed her that it was top secret.

''Shit!'' When Frankie caught Doctor Robert walking out of a patient room, the young woman hid inside an empty room and kept observing what both men were up to behind a door that Frankie had taken care ot not close completely ... But her spying mission ended being short as the Doctor and the FBI man reached for the elevator, leaving the floor where Frankie was. She waited for the elevator doors to close before running toward the staircase at the end of the hall. When Frankie stepped out of the hospital building, she checked again her wallet and realized she had enough money to catch a Bus that would bring her to The Strip where she'd try her luck... 

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