In Chains

In Chains

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


the ministry of darkness and its leader the undertaker are taking actions against the attackers of gangrel after this last one ends up being brutalized by a bunch of guys in a bar. the undertaker goes even as far as kidnapping the young sister of one of the attackers as a way to punish him.


the ministry of darkness and its leader the undertaker are taking actions against the attackers of gangrel after this last one ends up being brutalized by a bunch of guys in a bar. the undertaker goes even as far as kidnapping the young sister of one of the attackers as a way to punish him.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cold Ground

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Submitted: December 08, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 08, 2018



"You better come to pick up your friend, he's in bad shape."

Steven, the owner of the Brews Brothers Bar called The Undertaker, knowing well that Gangrel was one of his disciples.

"What do you mean by in a bad shape?" Asked The Undertaker with a stern tone, not appreciating at all to be disturbed at this hour.

"Your vampire friend once caused havoc, but this time he got it good! 3 men attacked him in the parking lot because Gangrel tried to glamour the girlfriend of one of the guys..."

Taker sighed, knowing well that Gangrel should have stuck to that Vampire bar near the highway. But instead, he went again to that bar filled with human beings and simply stumbled over the wrong guys that decided to wrap him in silver chains...

"Alright, I'll be there in 20 minutes." Taker ended the call on his smartphone and grabbed his long dark cloak before going downstairs to exit his house. He stepped inside the funeral home's black van and headed to the bar to retrieve Gangrel.

When he arrived at the bar's small parking lot, he spotted Gangrel sitting in the grass with the silver chains still wrapped around his body, leaving him vulnerable since Silver was weakening down Vampires.

"For Christ Sake, tell me it's a fucking Joke." The Undertaker stepped outside of the black van and rushed himself to a Gangrel that was in pain.

"Looks like you got yourself in trouble this time. How many times Have I told you that you had no business there!"

"Take off these chains from me!"

Gangrel begged The Undertaker to take off the chains since it was burning his skin. He could have left his disciple Gangrel on the ground with the chains around him, but right now, The Undertaker wanted to find out who had assaulted Gangrel like this. Taker took off the chains around Gangrel, freeing the vampire from the tremendous amount of pain that kept him down.

Once the chains had been taken off, Gangrel easily healed himself back before standing up to this full height from the grass.

"Did you know these guys?" Demanded The Undertaker to Gangrel.

"Not really, I've seen them before, but I don't know their names." Taker gently stroked his dark goatee before walking toward the bar's entrance. Gangrel followed him few seconds after.

"Oh come on Taker, the bar is closed!"

Steve the owner who was busy checking the inventories of the bar's Liquor and Alcohol bottles spotted The Undertaker and Gangrel entering inside the bar that had just closed a minute ago.

"Well next time just lock your door! Who are those guys that attacked Gangrel?" The Undertaker was determined to find out who had done this to Gangrel. It did seem meaningless but Gangrel could have died from this assault and Taker wasn't appreciating at all that a bunch of clueless guys had crossed the line over his Ministry of Darkness.

Steve shook his head in desperation when Taker approached the bar's counter.

"I don't want troubles! These guys are good customers and Gangrel should have known not to approach this woman. He knew she was with them!" Taken of a sudden rage, Taker grabbed Steve by the neck and pulled him toward him with enough strength. The bar owner got his head pinned against the smelly counter while The Undertaker repeated his question through clenched teeth.

"I'll ask again my question Steve, who are these guys??" Repeated The Undertaker while he kept his mouth near Steve's ear.

"Alright, calm down Taker! They were 3 guys. Ken Edwards, Bryan Stock, and Aleksander Smith.  They come often here, but please I don't want you to come back in here and beat them in my bar. You got their names now, but I'm not the one who gave them out!" When Taker finally got the names of the three guys, the deadman released the bar owner from his strong grip, almost pushing him back in the bottle of liquors rack.

Gangrel licked his lips, delighted by the scene taking place in front of his eyes.

"I'm smarter than this, do you really think I'd come in here and beat them in front of everyone? I'll find them and they will think twice before touching a vampire once I'll be done with them." The Undertaker gestured at Gangrel as it was time to leave the bar.

Both men exited the closed bar, leaving the owner shaking and confused.

"I will find them Gangrel, rest assured of this!" Said The Undertaker while he took place behind the wheel of the Mortuary Vehicle. The Undertaker drove Gangrel to his place before departing back to the Funeral Home. It was almost daytime and Taker had a lot of work to do as 2 corpses needed to be prepared for the weekend. Most of the time he was the one embalming the bodies, but The Undertaker had found a man a month ago that had mastered this art and after seeing his work, he decided to hire him, which gave more free time to The Undertaker.

The next Morning The Undertaker announced his acolyte that he'd be the one that would prepare the bodies for the weekend's funeral services after he was done retrieving them from the City Morgue.

"Alone?" Asked the young man to The Undertaker.

"Nope, you'll be with Dieter. I hired him last week since I need more staff. The business is going well in here and I can't always be there as I have other things to attend." Explained The Undertaker before leaving Robert back to his work.

Since the death of The Undertaker's father, it was harder to take care of the Funeral Home business which was why he had hired the best morticians he could to keep the business from going downhill. That would give him plenty of times during the weekend to find these three thugs and punish them for what they did to Gangrel.

That wasn't going to be hard for Taker to find these men. He had their names, a simple research online would already be enough to find their addresses. With the amount of Technology, The Deadman even stumbled across their pictures as he looked for their information online. Not only he had their house address, but he also knew what they look like.

Of course, The Undertaker wasn't present when Gangrel got beaten that night. He printed their pictures and brought them to Gangrel once the night had settled in, so the vampires would be able to identify them.

"So, are they the guys we're looking for?" Gangrel quickly gave a look at the three pictures and nodded his head.

"Yes! That one over there, he's the one that chained me. He even tried to convince his friends to cut my head, but they didn't do it." Gangrel pointed out the picture of Ken Edwards to The Undertaker.

Taker took a long deep breath as Gangrel admitted what this man had in mind. The Undertaker snatched back the pictures of the men and told Gangrel to get ready.

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