Would You Care to Dance?

Would You Care to Dance? Would You Care to Dance?

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Two lovers have a romantic night together at a gala event full of lust, passion and a dance.


Two lovers have a romantic night together at a gala event full of lust, passion and a dance.


Submitted: April 30, 2015

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Submitted: April 30, 2015



~~I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for this night to begin.  This dress and seeing everyone, “let’s get this night started already” Taylor says at the thought of the upcoming formal dinner and dance.  What is more exciting is to see Brian once again.  “Tonight is the night”, she says as she gets ready to leave.

Just before shutting the door to her condo behind her, Taylor takes one last look in the mirror. 
“I hope he likes the dress”, I mutter as I do one last look.  The short, form fitting red sequenced dress looked stunning as it hugged her curvy form.  My long blonde hair nicely curled back into a ponytail with long sliver earrings. 
“He loves red,”
I exclaim, picking up the black, sequenced purse to head out the door. The thought of seeing Brian again sent shivers down my spine.

During the drive to the gala, her mind wandered to Brian as it always did.  To how we first met two years ago.  A random encounter at the local coffee shop when the waitress accidently switched our coffees. 

She remembered the moment looking into his dark brown eyes and seeing that little twinkle in them.  Then the small smile around his tender lips and the long dark, curly hair.  It was obvious that he was older but his eyes told everything. 
They exchanged numbers after talking briefly drinking our coffees.  He called a couple days later and the rest was history.  She didn’t know it at the time but he was well known in his line of work. A top business executive that could intimidate anyone. 
As a much younger female, he loved sporting her around.  He always had to comment on how beautiful she was and that she needed to stay close to him so that he could always see her.  He wanted her all to himself and when they were alone, we spend all our time together.

Business functions were a little different.  He had to wine and dine like everyone else and it was very boring.  She wanted to be with my friends and at the age of 32, she still wanted to have a good time. 

So we had an agreement that he would do his thing while she did hers at these functions.  But he always had to make it known that she was his.  Taylor loved that part of him.  He knew what he wanted and there wasn’t anyone who would step in his way. 
We are to meet there tonight.  Taylor arrived first and was at one table with several of her friends.  She was happy just sitting here waiting for the moment to see Brian enter the room. She can barely wait. The anticipation was killing her crazy. 

Time silently passes and Taylor loses track of who is coming and going through the door.  At one point, she stops paying any attention anymore and the focus was just having a great time.  The room was loud with laughter and music but soon Brian entered the room.  Alone dressed in a tuxedo, he looked so handsome that it took her breath away.  The room temporarily goes quiet as all eyes turn to him.

Taylor temporarily loses sight as he moves about in the room. 
“Wow, that smile”,

she mutters out loud then looks around to see if anyone heard her.  She knew how you loved the focus being on you.

“I love seeing you like that” she proudly thinks. 

“My man enjoying the spotlight”.  Yes, mine.

Soon the chatter builds up once again and the party goes on.  Taylor looks for Brian but he disappeared out of sight.She searches the room anxious to know where he went when he unexpectedly stops by her table.  He is standing adjacent to her and their eyes briefly met.  That light of recognition shines through as it did that first time we met.  As quickly as it happened, it vanished when you moved across the table to meet and greet everyone.  Then you were gone. 

After the meal was eaten and dessert served, it was time for the dancing to begin. He knew that Taylor wanted to stay with her friends and he left her alone.  But Brian watched her from the distance. 

“How beautiful she looked there and she is with me” thought Brian. 

“How lucky I am to have her.  She is so full of passion, in and out of the bed.  I love this woman more than anything.  If I could only tell her how I feel.”

His mind wanders on but he knew that she accepted him as he was. 

Taylor was soon getting bored with the dancing.  One guy after the next after the next asked for a turn which she accepted. She wanted Brian to come over this time.  Often it was her initiating the contact. But tonight she was holding back.  She wanted him to come to her this time.  She looked ravishing in this dress and

“A little bit of jealousy wouldn’t hurt the guy”, she thought. 

Yes, she was right.

Brian watched her as she danced with the other guys.  He noticed how she was ignoring him.  He was getting a little annoyed seeing other men touching his girl.  Even though he knew she was with him.  As the night moved on, the more it bothered him until he decided it was time.

In the middle of a rather boring dance partner, Taylor was interrupted by a masculine voice saying,

“Pardon me?”

It was Brian. 

Annoyed at being interrupted Taylor’s dancing partner turned around but once they noticed it was Brain, he quickly stepped aside. 
Now it was just the two of them.  Or it felt like it to Taylor.  She couldn’t wait to dance with Brian.  She was secretly yearning for him all night.

Brian gently hold’s hand to the side and then places his hand around her waist.  Taylor gently places her hand on his back. They move slowly to the sound of the music, not muttering a word. At first, there was a brief distance between them as they dance.  Then they moved so that distance soon became non-existent. He looked at her as she him and it seemed that nothing else mattered.  Taylor finally had her moment, now with him in his arms.

“You came,” she whispered so only Brian could hear.

Brian leaned over and said “yes, I have been watching you all night.  You didn’t come to me and the sight of seeing you dancing with these other men did not sit very well with me.  Don’t do that.”
With a little smirk on her face, she said,

“You’re jealous”.

“Yes”, Brain whispered smiling into her ear.

As it goes on, Taylor and Brian lose each other in their embrace.  In time with the music, she places her head on his shoulder. She could hear her heart beating over the loud music. She closed her eyes and just focused on him.  How good it feels to be in his arms. How it feels so comforting and like home. She wanted the moment to last forever.
She looked up to see him looking at her.  Once again gazing into each other’s eyes.  She will never forget the look on Brian’s face.  She knew that she had found everything with him.

His arms feel like I am home and she feels so protected by your touch.  It is as if a wall have been build up around them both on this dance floor.  Not a soul can penetrate it and all she wanted was to spend forever in them. She sees his soul looking into those eyes of his.  She just knew that time has little meaning with him by her side. 

Taylor never heard the music when it stopped.  Time had now burst this temporary bubble that surrounded the two of them.  Now, they were forced to go their separate ways.

 The rest of the night went without a hitch.  Taylor and Brian didn’t spend much time together after that beautiful dance. But as the night went on and the crowds began to fade, they both lingered.  Waiting as if in anticipation and in need, they finally made eye contact.  Taylor knew in that moment what would happen next.

Since the dancing was over and the music ended long ago, Taylor began gathering her things and said her goodbyes.
She went outside and waited for some sign of Brian.  As she knew he watched every move she made. It wasn't long until he came out and found her.

Without a work spoken, they exchanged glances as he walked towards his black car. She followed slowly behind as he watched, playing with his keys standing near the driver's door.
As she approached, he got in and motioned for me to enter from the other side. We drive to a nearby secluded area. Once the ignition was off, we turned to each other.  Then Brian reached out to gently take her hand. Taylor reaches out to grace his face with a soft caress.  She took every little contour to memory. Then she grazed his lips and knew then that she wanted to kiss them.

She moved slowly towards him and gently grazed his lips. With such softness and tenderness to her touch, they kissed each time as gentle as the first. She felt his arms wrap around her waist pulling her closer towards him.  She could now feel every movement he made against her body as the gentle embrace turned more passionate by the second.

She felt his heart pound against her chest as he felt the same. She took his hand and covered it over her heart for him to feel the affect he had on her. 

Taylor then huskily whispered "you are its’ holder and keeper". 

She nestled her cheek against his and let it rest there for a moment.  To let him feel the pounding of her heart in her chest.

The moment soon passed when he broke away.  Brian places his hand on her thigh making her dress move up closer to her waist. He wanted to have her now and to feel every part of her body.  She knew and instinctively came over and straddled his waist.  She then felt his erection through his pants.

She tugged at his zipper while he worked his hands over her buttocks. She could tell how much she wanted it as he reached to move her thong to the side. She came closer and it didn’t take long for him to find his way inside her. With one thrust, he was where he craved most. 

She uttered a soft moan as the movement of each thrust took her to a place filled with wanting and pleasure. She lost control as her heightened senses concentrated solely on the feeling of having him inside her.  Their bodies tense with the heightened pleasure as organism consumes them both.  They spend a moment letting the tension melt away.

It was her that separates as she attempted to repair the damage done to her make up. He watches her as she fixes the smears on my face. She turns to look and offer a smile knowing that it is only the beginning of their night. 

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