The Virgin Undertaking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

nonconsensual sex on a first time meeting.

~~“I can’t believe this is happening to me” I think wildly in my mind.  I don’t know what to do or how to get out of this  as one hand then another come up from behind and grab my breasts.  I try to break free but the harder I fight, the harder the grip and pain soon sets in. 
“What do you want?” as I cry wanting to be let go.  Silence.
He continues to keep his hold on me and forces me to walk over to the bed in his hotel room.  The sheets are a mess and the harder I fight, the tighter the hold.  Soon more pain as he squeezes my breasts and says to me “I want to fuck you hard, bitch.  After that tease in the Jacuzzi, you had me so hard.  I am not going to take another ‘no’ again.”
We were in a Jacuzzi together after coming back from a big promotional party that his parent’s business put on.  I met him at the party and he seemed nice.  He came over and introduced himself to me as Peter and he was very attentive all evening.  I was comfortable around him and he was attractive too.  Short blonde hair, blue eyes with a six pack to match.  He complemented me on my long blue dress and nice smile.  He wanted to know everything about me and was very charming.
“I haven’t seen you around, you must be new to my parents’ modeling business.  What’s your name?” He asked with a big smile.
“Welcome Amanda.  Let’s dance!”
So we did and I hate to say it, I had a great time.  The night flew by and I never noticed what time it was.  I didn’t want it to end.  Then he offered,
“Come back to the hotel where I am staying.  There’s a Jacuzzi we could use and talk some more.” 
I gladly accepted not knowing what laid ahead. 
He had a bikini for me to use.  A hot pink bikini that tied up at the sides and back.  A little revealing but I thought I guess it would had to do since I didn’t have mine.  I went into his bathroom to change and we went upstairs to the Jacuzzi.  We got in and talked some more.  Then he jumped me and pulled out his hard penis from his suit.  I was shocked and cried “no”. He put it away and backed off.  I decided it was time for me to leave.  I got out to return to his room to change and leave. 
Without a word spoken, we arrived back to his room.  I walked to the bathroom and was about to close the door when he jumped me from behind.  He untied the top piece of my suit and grabbed my breasts.  “I know you want it bitch” he says in my ear as I try to fight.  But he was too strong and his hold was too tight.There he knead and taunts my breasts with his hands.  I tried to fight but it was of little use.  I felt a deep desire as my body starts to respond to his touch.  My breasts are always so sensitive to touch. 
Peter notices my reaction and how I start to relax in his arms.  He then takes me to the unmade bed, rips off the bikini bottom I had on and forces my legs to spread by the force of his.  I can’t see his face for the light shining in my face from the light on the ceiling.  I see the shadow of his figure as he pushes my hands down and works his way between my legs.  My head is spinning with fear and excitement all at the same time.  How can this be happening?  How could I have been so wrong about this man?  But most of all, why I am actually liking this? 
I tired pleading and say that I was a virgin.  Maybe he’ll let me go.  He laughs and said that he didn’t believe me.  That cunts like me can’t possibly be virgins as he traces his hands along my inner thighs.  His touch feels, his touch feels like poison and pure arousal all at the same time.  How this be happening?
Then I saw his hard cock being pulled out of the suit he still had on.  It was big and hard and I knew that he was going to do it.  I looked at it with curiosity.  It was the first time I had seen one so long and big that I actually wondered how that would feel inside me?
“Lay still and I’ll go easy on you”.
I felt little choice but to comply.  Then it happened.  I felt him inside me and I tried everything to block it out.  The pain, his face as he took pleasure from shoving himself into me.  Easy indeed I thought as the pain soon passes and all I can feel is him inside me.  Thrusting hard and harder as deep as he can get.  He pushes my bottom up off the bed to get even deeper inside and my senses gave way to the pleasure rising from my own skin.  My body was betraying me.  My mind said no but my body had other plans. 
At 25 and still a virgin, my body craved the touch of a man and it became very obvious that I really wanted it.  On and on he went, deeper and harder as we started to move together as my stirring sweltered under my own skin.  Then I felt the most pleasure feeling never felt before as my body convulsed and contracted as my head swirled out of control.I moaned and felt him starting to tense up.  He pulled out and squirt on my belly as he moaned in ecstasy.
I looked at his white cum all over my belly as it came out of him bits at a time.  I had never seen a man ejaculate before and it intrigued me.  Seeing the raw power of the masculine flesh as it reaches organism from his manhood.  I was entranced until he pulled away. 
Then it was over.  He was done.  He didn’t even seem to notice my staring.
He got up and said “you’re not a virgin.  I didn’t feel anything.  You lied to me you bitch” was what he said.  He went over and got some towels for me to clean myself.  He throws them to me and barks
“clean up”. 
I did. 
I just wanted to get out of there now. I was confused and embarrassed all at the same time.  How could my body betray me?  How could I find this at all interesting when the guy took advantage of me? I started to make an attempt to get up when he stops me. 
“Woo.  Where do you think you’re going?  I am not done with you yet!” he states as he goes to make himself a drink from the small fridge in the room. 
“Lay back down!”
I stayed in my place but my clothes were not too far from me.  I saw that I could easily fetch them and get out as he had his back to me and the door was nearby.  So I grabbed them as fast as I could and ran for the door.  But I couldn’t get the door unlocked.  He grabbed me from behind and pulled me back to the bed.  This time, he gets on top of me and pulls out some restraints to tie me down spread eagled.  He leaves me there completely naked with my most private parts exposed for the world to see.  I feel so embarrassed and exposed yet turned on by being so helpless.  He goes to his luggage and pulls out something I did not recognize.  I slim, black vibrator that he turned on.  He comes over and puts it inside me and I can feel the vibration and leave me there to return to his drink.  He stands there, watching me as I get turned on by the vibration inside me.  With a smirk on his face, he watches as my body cannot hide how good it feels.  Then he comes over and starts pushing and pulling the vibrator in and out.  Slow at first but then harder and harder. My breath quickens as I lay there feeling so much pleasure by this one act. 
Then he pulls it out and puts himself inside me again.  His thrusts are hard and deep.  Shoving himself as hard and as fast as he can.  I whimper in ecstasy as my body gets the release it needs as he continues until he comes inside me. 
He gets up and leaves me there with his cum oozing out of me.  He watches it and decides to take a picture of his triumph.  Then releases me. 
“Get up and get dress whore”
I did. 
He opens the door and as I pass, he grabs me arm and says,
“you were such a good fuck.  Even virgins are sluts”.
As he looks over my body and undresses me with his eyes.  Then gives me a hard kiss on the lips as if to take me one last time.
I felt disgusted with myself and left not looking back.  I rush home to wash up.  The shower became my best friend that night.  As I washed up, the thought of tonight re-entered my mind.  His touch, his arrogant laugh and how he took me that night.  I wake up with a start seeing his face and feel the stirrings in the body that he awakened.  But soon I fall asleep again thinking of how I loved the undertaking. 


Submitted: May 01, 2015

© Copyright 2023 MissD. All rights reserved.

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Krystal Clear

MissD, I love what you've done with this story! Really great character development and a fun story line. You did really well with the action. I'm a big fan of this kind of story and will definitely been reading more of your work. Really a good solid piece of work.

Sat, May 2nd, 2015 2:48am


Thanks so much!

Fri, May 1st, 2015 8:02pm

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