The Convention

The  Convention The Convention

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Clara and Darcy fall instantly in love from a random encounter. Forced to live separate lives, they find ways to be together including a trip to a convention.


Clara and Darcy fall instantly in love from a random encounter. Forced to live separate lives, they find ways to be together including a trip to a convention.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Convention

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Clara and Darcy fall instantly in love from a random encounter. Forced to live separate lives, they find ways to be together including a trip to a convention.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 01, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 01, 2015



~~How about that. I get to spend several endless passionate nights and wake up next to my love. He is everything and more. He holds the key to my heart and knows me inside out. How easy it is just being with him, I cannot help but think how lucky I am to have him as a part of my life. When this convention came up, it was a dream come true. Some time alone with him. I didn’t care when or where it was, as long I have my time with him.  Yes, I can picture it all now.

Clara thinks back to when she met Darcy.  It was rather unexpected and a funny story really.  She was walking one day and his dog came up and jumped on her by surprise.  Darcy’s dog Lacy, a black lab just gone through some mud and got it all over her rain coat and face.  This made Clara mad but the dog seemed to know what she did was wrong and licked her face to compensate.  Clara’s heart melted at the site of his dog and even more so when she looked into Darcy’s brown eyes. 

We walked a little that day in the park.  It was a bright nice sunny day with leaves on the trees and singing birds everywhere.  But the only noticing the birds was Nelly as Darcy and Clara walked along talking and laughing.  It seemed like forever for the two of them yet time didn’t even seem to pass as the day wore on.

They shared everything and was amazed to discover they had a lot in common. From hobbies and interests, job and even their personal life.  It seemed like they mirrored the same life and had similar experiences at different times in their lives.  Clara couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt around him, like she has known him her entire life.  Something in those eyes grab her, haunt her.  Like she recognized them from somewhere but couldn’t place it.  Maybe they met before through work but can’t recall exactly when or where.  She dismissed it as nothing.

The conversation soon ended when hunger over took them.  A local Italian restaurant served the purpose as Lacy had to wait patiently outside.  The time seemed to pass when Clara noticed the sun setting.  She needs to get back to Dave because he’ll be home soon.  She turns and looks into Darcy’s eyes one last time.  She can easily get lost in them.  Wow.  What am I doing here?  She thinks to herself but something compels her to stay.  Something in those eyes. 

Without further hesitation, she gives Darcy her cell number.  You never know, they share the same interests and it is always nice to share them with friends.  Darcy accepts and leans in to give her a kiss on her cheek.  As he does, something clicks inside him and feels a tremendous love towards this woman he barely knows.  He can’t pull away and gazes into her eyes.  She doesn’t pull away either.  Then he kisses her.  Raw and passionately.  Once over. He leans back and says to her “I love you” and walks away. 

He didn’t wait for a reaction, he was embarrassed.  How can he proclaim his love to a woman that could be as good as a perfect stranger?  She probably thinks that I am crazy! So off he went but before he got six feet away, she calls out his name.  He stops and turns rather reluctantly towards the voice.  Her voice.

She’s crying. Standing in the same exact place as where he left her.  She runs up to him and their eyes met.  She completely surprises him by hugging him lovingly and gently.  She turns to kiss him again and clenches his hand.  Then quietly walks away just as he did moments before.  Baffled, he walks away not sure what just happened. 

He met someone that he proclaimed for in the same day.  What came over him?  But he was drawn to her just the same.  He’ll call her.  But he’ll wait. 

A week goes by then a month and Clara never hears from Darcy.  She wonders what happened.  She thinks of him all the time and wonders what he is doing.  She has gone back to that park where she met him but she never ran into him again.

Time goes by slowly and she wonders if it was nothing more than a dream.  She questions it really happened. 

“Why are you even thinking these thoughts kiddo?  You’re married. Dave is a good man even though you don’t love him.  He was always there for you, why are you betraying him like this?”

But there was something about Darcy.  Dave ended it long ago when wouldn’t give up his drinking.  He’s married to the bottle, not to me anymore.  This marriage is a joke.  But he is a good man when he’s sober.  Still holds a good paying job, cares for me.  I can’t complain. 

But there was Darcy.

It was a week later when Clara heard from him.  She picked up the phone and instantly recognized his voice,


Relieved to hear his voice, she asks,

“how are you doing? How’s Lacy?” excited and nervous at the same time, “he finally called!” she thinks to herself.

“Are you free for lunch tomorrow?”

“Yes.  The Italian restaurant?”


“see you at noon.  I’ve missed you” he whispers, glad to her voice.

“me too.  See you then”

Click.  What just happened?  A lunch date?  Excitedly, Clara thinks about the date.  But convinces herself that it is just really a get together with a friend.  “I’ll see you tomorrow, friend” and puts it out of her mind.

“That went well” Darcy mutters to himself as he put the phone down.  He waited to call her because he didn’t know how she would react.  He was still embarrassed about expressing his feelings but she didn’t seem to mind.  So tomorrow it is and puts it out of his mind.

Clara arrives early and patiently waits for him to arrive.  Within moments, she sees Darcy.  Thirty, deep brown hair that looks black and beautiful brown eyes to match.  Tall and slender, he looked very professional in his grey suit.  He sees her from across the room and smiles.  Such a beautiful smile too. 

As he gets closer, she sees his eyes.  There it is again and instantly recognizes it.  It is the twinkle in them that takes her breath away.  A light and they shine every time they look at her.  It makes her feel so special, as if there isn’t anyone else in the room.  “I can get lost in those eyes very easily” thinking to herself as he comes over to greet her with a kiss on the cheek. 

The lunch lasted forever and both Clara and Darcy picked up from where they left off months earlier.  It seemed like time never stopped as they enjoyed each other’s company.  Then it was time to leave.  Clara had to know when they could meet again.  He pulls her towards a corner where they could talk more privately.

He pulls her close and says to her,

“I have thought of you every day since that first day.  You have never left my mind.  You’re beautiful Clara.  I want to spend more time with you”

“Me too”

“Something has come up and I was hoping that you could join me”

“Really what?” curious she asks.

“A convention.  I want you to come stay with me.  It’s work related.  You can learn a lot from going and we can spend some time together in the process.  Get to know each other a little better.  Interested?”


“It’s in a month. I’ll email you the details”

He looks at her excited and happy.  She is so beautiful with her blonde hair and blue eyes.  “I can look at her forever”, keeping his thoughts to himself.  He leans in and kisses her on the cheek before they part. 

The heat from that touch sent shivers down her spine.  She wanted more and doesn’t move.  He doesn’t either as they gaze at each other not wanting to make the first move.  She looks at his lips and wants to kiss him as the pull continues and neither one moves away.  Her lips reach up to lightly brush against his as he takes it in.  The kiss becomes more open and deep as they stand there enjoying each other in their passionate embrace.

Before they part, he whispers in her ear how beautiful she is and then goes.  He walks to his black sedan, gets in and takes one last look her way before putting it in drive.  She is standing in the same place, waving as he leaves with a soft smile on her lips.  Time to go now.  Wait for that email.

She checks her emails the next day to find the one she is waiting for.  The Itinerary on the Convention about the passion they share for architecture as both were architects.  She worked as a planner for one company while he worked as a designer for another.  Similar goals, similar interests.  “It is as if we are twins” she jokingly writes to Darcy.  “yes,” he wrote back “seems that way. LOL.  See you at the convention”

“Thanks for the information Darcy, this convention seems rather interesting.  I’ll be there.  See you soon.”
“Same to you,” he responds back. 

We make plans to go together on the same plane.  It was being held in Washington D.C. at the end of the month.  It was fast approaching.  Clara and Darcy would email back and forth during that time.  Exchanging anything from work related articles to comics and even great movie suggestions.  Clara enjoyed the exchange.  It was a welcome diversion to the empty house she lived in.  Sometimes they would discuss very personal issues and Darcy was aware of how unhappy Clara was.  He only offered support for her without criticism and she came to rely on him increasingly more as time went on. 

When Clara was able to tell her absent husband that she was attending a convention in a week, he barely acknowledged her.  It seemed like he was more interested in when he was getting his next drink than to notice his own wife.

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