Coming for You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Amy misses her boyfriend away at a business conference and finds ways to curb her frustrations.

“I leave Monday.” 
My heart felt like it dropped to my knees as I read his email.  How I hated it  when he went away and yet all I could do was  accept it.  Even though it was about work, it always bothered me when he wasn’t around.  
The email continued.  “I’ll be back next Sunday, Amy.  I am going to a conference and it is a very in-depth one.  But I will be around whenever you need me. You can always get me through my emails. See you soon. M~”
That was it.  It seemed like he just left for one and now he was gone again.  What am I going to do with that man?  I guess I couldn’t complain.  At least Marcus told me even though he would be aware of how disappointed I would feel.  Saddened by a heavy heart, I turned over onto my other side as I laid still in my bed.  I closed my eyes and yet his words echoed in my mind. My heart sank every time he uttered those words.  I loved him so much that it hurt to be away from him.  Every time I cried when he left and would count the days until his return.  
Tears silently began to form in my eyes at the thought.  Try as I could, the thoughts wouldn’t escape my mind.  I let the tears flow and eventually fell asleep.  I woke up to sunlight gracing the room and heard the normal sounds of running cars,  honks, singing birds and music intruding in from the outside world. At least I got some sleep as I got up and prepared for the coming day.  
I went through the motions of my daily routine.  Yet Marcus’ last email hung in the air as a bad, lingering smell.  I haven’t wrote back which I felt guilty about but sometimes I found it hard to do.  Marcus never complained and knew that I had a hard time whenever he had to go so he left me alone. This time was no exception.  
As the day drew to an end, I got ready for bed eyeing my computer.  I should write to him but I just can’t.  The thought of him somewhere far off sent chills through her heart.  Yet he never told me where he went this time.  New York perhaps?  Chicago?  With a sigh, I fumbled for my laptop and decided to write.  
I looked out my window and with a smirk on my face, decided I wanted to do things differently this time around.  As excitement started to tear away the heaviness in my heart, I opened my email box and put my plan into place.  
I don’t know where you are darling.  Wait!  Don’t tell me!  The mystery around your whereabouts is so erotic and hypnotic that I have been fantasizing about you doing all kinds of things!  Where you are now, are you’re thinking of me as I am of you? Are you turned on just as much as me?
Now I am all alone, in bed, what am I do?  Write back and tell me what you fantasized.
Click. Message sent and unsure as to when I would hear back from him, I kept myself busy yet the excitement from it was turning me on.  I tried to put it out of my mind but my loins started to pulse and I could feel myself throb between my legs.  I wanted him that much I knew.  Instantly another idea came to me.  
I immediately got out my phone and put it in video mode.  After I looked around for a spot to safely rest it, I decided the best place would be on top of the dresser in the room.  There, it’s on and in place as I check to see if the lens captured the bed.  My breath quickened and my pulse soared as I tried to calm myself down enough to slowly undress in front of it.  I turned facing the camera lens and slowly took off my top and let my pants fall gracefully to the floor.  I unclasped my bra and let it hang there playfully.  Then I tugged at the panties but left them on deciding to let the bra fall out on its own.  I go over and sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread as far as I could with my arms arched behind my legs for support.  
I stared into the phone.  “Marcus, this is what you do to me” as I began fondling both breasts.  After a minute, I stop and say “enough of that.  I know you want to see more,” as I stared into the camera pretending it was Marcus. “I trust you, Marcus.  I know that you’ll keep this to yourself.  As you should” as my fingers gingerly wandered down my body to make their way down between my legs.  
I turned and looked into the camera one last time and in a heartfelt moment whisper “I love you darling” and laid down on the bed.   My legs spread wide exposing myself completely, I begin to move my own fingers between the folds of my skin.  I felt myself completely wet and it was so easy to move one finger inside myself.  Then another as two were inside me now.  Back and forth, in and out for the camera I pushed my fingers inside me as I felt Marcus’ eyes on me.  
I moved to my clit and rubbed around it, gingerly and slowly.  Over and over as the pleasure mounted inside me, over my entire body.  A moan uttered from my lips as I loved the feel of my own touch, knowing full well the camera recording everything meters away.  Now I took one finger and went back to the contours of my slit, slowly rubbing around the entrance to my vagina knowing that Marcus wanted to see them inside them again.  But I had one last surprise as I reached for my hot pink vibrator I had kept close by just in case.
I turned it on and placed it over my clit as I pushed the fingers back inside me.  I did this as the pleasure made sure to say into the camera, “I’m coming, I’m commmmiinnnggg” as orgasm took hold of my body.  My body contracted and pulsed as I came down from the spiral swirls of the bottomless pleasure I brought to my own body.
I get up on the bed and perched myself  on all fours as I faced the camera.  “See what you do to me? See what you are missing? I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me darling.” With that, I get up and turn off the recording.  
Before I gave it a second thought, I attached to an email.   “For your eyes only” written in the subject box and hit send.  I stand there for a moment just looked at the screen.  My mind wandered back to Marcus again. A smirk crossed my face as a reply from him came within minutes.  Without hesitation, I opened it to find a single word written.
Then another email, only this time he outlined his fantasy.  I read on and on as I got turned on my his thoughts. How we need to do this more often as I prepared myself to do his beckoning.


Submitted: May 06, 2015

© Copyright 2023 MissD. All rights reserved.

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This is great. I loved how she took charge and acted confidently. More!

Mon, May 25th, 2015 1:09am

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