What is Love?

What is Love?

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


What is Love? There's a thousand songs, a thousand stories, quotes, movies, books, everything explaining LOVE. The definition of love, the importance of love. When in reality a lot of people don't know what love really is & the extend you'll go for love. Well, This is my story about the reality of my love.


What is Love?
There's a thousand songs, a thousand stories, quotes, movies, books, everything explaining LOVE.
The definition of love, the importance of love. When in reality a lot of people don't know what love really is & the extend you'll go for love.
Well, This is my story about the reality of my love.

Chapter1 (v.1) - What is Love?

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What is Love? <br /> There's a thousand songs, a thousand stories, quotes, movies, books, everything explaining LOVE. <br /> The definition of love, the importance of love. When in reality a lot of people don't know what love really is & the extend you'll go for love. <br /> Well, This is my story about the reality of my love.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 30, 2014




Chapter 1.


My Name is Jasmine. I am your typical 18 year old, brown hair, brown eyes, average height. I am a senior in highschool, and no it isn't because im retarded or something its only because i moved around a bit so I got held back a year. Enough with the boring back story. Here's where it gets juicy.. I am having an Affair with the Government teacher. Now, before you say "that's gross" or "ew is he old" no he is not. He indeed is not old or "gross". He is 24 years old and he is Italian and he is just A GORGEOUS PIECE OF ASS. I mean we haven't gone as far as you are all thinking.. so get your heads out of the gutter.. for now. (; 

Okay, I'm sure you all want to know where this 4 lettered word comes in to play and where this all started so let's get to it. 


It was the beginning of my senior year, and as you all know we all have to dress up extra nice just to make a good first impression right? Yeah, no not me. I was running all over my house looking for my keys, my books,  even my bra. I was a mess. I had forgotten it today was the first day of school and i had went out the night before, so now here i was. 

"Mom, have you see my stuff?" i asked. "No , i don't know whow you can loose everything. you are going to be late on your first day Jasmine. GO." 

"Found it!" my bra and my keys. so i left in a hurry. I had 10 minutes to get there, but since this is a real story there won't magically be no traffic or anything no, i was stuck in traffic forever and when i finally did get to school the Gate was closed. 

Our school uniform consists of a white polo and a plaid skirt so there was no way i was gonna let everyone see my goods on the first day of school, so i decided to try the back door. i was kind of well informed that they took longer to close the back door because not many students went back there. so as i was running to it, i heard a noise behind me so i turned still running foeard and saw nothing or no one but then i bumped into a wall.. or so i thought it was the wall until i looked up into the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. 

Seriously though, i wasn't even being sarcastic. He had long beautiful eyelashes that would make ANY girl jealous, his eyes were a light colored honey with some green specks and they were big and just Beautiful. 
Then he spoke " Well aren't you in a hurry? Why the rush?" OH MY GOSH His voice!!!! it was sent from Satan himself. Tempting, Inviting, Deep and Alluring. A sin on its own. But me, being the smartass i am said " oh you know just going to smoke some weed, have some sex nothing too fancy but can sure make you run like hell right? " He just looked at me with those beautiful eyes. "You're a Student?" He asked. "Well now what gave you that impression?" at that he rolled his eyes and that's when i realized this was probably the last time i was ever going to see him and decided to not take my moodiness out on him. "Look, i'm having a bad day. I'm sorry" He still just looked " You Look older..? " he said & i dont know why but in some way it offended me.. so i stepped out of the way and started walking towards the door to enter school. when he grabbed me arm and asked " What's your first period? " I looked over my shoulder and winked at him and said " If i told you, i'd have to kill you." and walked away leaving him there.

You always have to keep them wanting more, and not be an open book. 

The day dragged on.... by lunch time i was about ready to shoot mysefl to sleep. I was sitting with my friends Bethany, Jessica, Ashley and Janie. they were talking about one of our teachers who had retired last year and the new foreign exchange student. "Jasmine, have you seen the foreign exchange student?" asked Jessica " No i have not, where is he from? " they all said " WHAT?! He's from Belgium. " Jasmine, he is THE TALK OF THE SCHOOL!!! " & i responded with " Look Beth, i just want this year to be over. " to which they all laughed.We kept gossiping and eating til the bell rang and we all headed to our classes. When some really cute guy stopped me and Ash and said "Excuse me Ladies, do you know where the Government classroom is at? "

So my friend being the hooker she is said " Oh we're heading there, you can walk with us. Right Jasmine?" I just shrugged. "What's you name?" I said. " Lukas, i'm Lukas." I smiled and said " Nice to meet you and welcome to america Lukas. I'm Jas..." but before i could finish my sentence i saw him. HE was here. writing on the board of MY Government class. He turned over with a smile on his face until he saw me. 

Then he said the most dreadful words i could ever hear. " Welcome to Government, My name is Marco Di Giovanni. You can call me Mr. D. Have a seat please."



Chapter 2. 




I sat there frozen the whole period. I was so confused, I mean seriously. What are the chances of this happening? No actually, of course this would happen. Thinking this makes me sort of angry. This always happens to me. Well, at least he’s not gay. Oh god I will kill myself if he is. What a shame I mean seriously this just brings me back to the whole God is punishing women all over the world. Take Matt Bommer for example. He is punishing us for a crime we did not commit; this is all Eves’ fault. I was so wrapped up in my head and thoughts that I didn’t hear my name being called. Not until HIS gorgeous face was right in front of mine. I could’ve sworn I melted.

“Jasmine, are you listening?”

“Marco?” immediately after I said that, all my classmates turn to look at me as if I was crazy. Mister Di Giovanni cleared his throat and said

“Miss Suarez, please don’t call me by my first name. Call me Mister Di. Please. What are the rest of the classmates going to think.” He smiled and even though he said that to make it sound like a joke I saw an edge to his eyes.

“I’m sorry MISTER DI GIOVANNI.” I said sarcastically. I know he caught on to my attitude but decided against arguing with me.

He ignored me actually, and turned around to keep teaching. That’s when I really noticed how everyone was staring at our little encounter.

“Don’t you all have something better to do than to bother me?” I said to all. I guess I really was in a pissy mood so I just snapped. They all turned quickly noticing my mood. As the class came to an end I started gathering my stuff up when Mister Di said

“Jasmine, will you stay after for a minute, please.” I nodded even though I felt like running out of the stupid classroom. The bell rang and I just remained sitting there. I felt frozen, I was so nervous. Honestly I don’t even know what I was feeling. Then he spoke, with that voice again, so alluring and sinful.

“Jasmine, it’s a pretty name.” I hadn’t really noticed the accent he had but the way he said my name. The way it just kind of rolled from his tongue, he made my simple name sound so exotic.

“Marco, is nice too.” I said. I don’t know why I couldn’t form words; I blame his undeniably intimidating voice, stance, frame. Shall I say more? He laughed and if I was as corny as Twilight I would’ve said something along the lines of I heard angels singing. So let’s all give me a round of applause for not being that corny. I mean don’t get me wrong Twilight isn’t bad but it definitely is CORNY.

“You space put a lot huh?” as I hear Marco speak I looked at him and he was smirking at me.

“Well if you weren’t so boring…” he just laughed like it was the funniest thing I could say.

“Alright then Mister, I’ll just leave now” as I said that he stopped laughing and looked at me.

“This morning, when I first saw you in your uniform, I could not believe my eyes. You were so beautiful. Of course it was just my luck that I would be teaching here. But I am your teacher meaning that you can’t look at me like you want t eat me up anymore. That’s what I needed to say. Teaching has always been my passion, what I’ve always wanted to do and I won’t let anyone get in the way of my career. I was just letting you know. You can go now. Here’s a late slip.” I stared at this egotistical cocky bastard. Looking at him like I wanted to ‘Eat him up’ seriously? Can he get a bigger ego?

“Look Mister Marco, I have a boyfriend. I was not looking at you like I wanted to eat you up as you say. Honestly I was thinking about my boyfriend and the way he...” but he caught me off.

“I was just making sure you understood Jasmine. Please stop calling me by my first name. It’s inappropriate since I am your teacher. I see that we are in the same page; I do not need to know about you boyfriend and your sex life, now if you’ll excuse me. It is the first day of school and I’ve got planning to do. You can go now.” He was so rude. I said

“Oh pardon me, Marco. I’ll be out of your hair now. Oh and by the way, I wasn’t going to say anything about sex. Perv.” And walked out leaving him with his mouth hanging open. 


Sorry i haven't been on here. promise i wont do any boring author notes just wanted to thank you guys who read my story and also apologize because this chapter is short! (: anyway carry on....

Chapter 3:

It had been a month since our little encounter in his classroom I hadn't seen him much since I avoided him like the plague. I mean I skipped his class like crazy but since I was a senior that had way past her credits I could go help in the office or whatever. Which opted out in a lot of classes. Today was the day they had nothing for me to do.

" But Miss Avery, you must have something for me to do."

"No Jasmine, not today. Go back to class."

Huffing, and puffing i walked to my second period which was Photography but as I was walking I heard a voice. The voice of the damn devil itself. He was in a classroom by himself, talking on the phone.

"No man, she is so frustrating, she avoids me. She sees me down the hall and she runs the other way. She won't even come to my class! I don't even know why this bothers me." he gave out this long sigh. 

"I think I have a crush." there was a long pause and I wished i was Edward freaking Cullen so I could have super hearing and read his mind. I swear people are so frustrating. Then he said something that made me gasp and feel who knows what.

"No idiot i can't  "bang" her and get it over with. She's my student. Look i gotta go okay. yeah, bye."

There was a defeaning silence and I knew that if i made any noise he'd hear me. I was paralized. Then the bell rang and everyone started going into the hall way. This was my cue but as I was walking away i heard him call out to me. I debated on not turning but my mind was to slow for my body and I turned to look behind me. 

" Can I have a word Miss Suarez?" he asked. Again my treaterous body moved on its own. It was like I was retarded like he made me stupid. Stupid Greek Sex God. 

"What do you want, I'm gonna be late to meet my friends for lunch."

"Jasmine i just wanted to.."

"Oh we're on first name basis again Mr. DiGiovani?" he looked annoyed at my outburst but said nothing. I was to nervous to really let my guard down. I just heard the man say he liked me or at least I think he was talking about me. No he better be talking about me. 
"Jasmine why?" 

I was so cinfused and it did not help the way he was looking at me. He was looking at me like i was his favorita last meal. 
"Why what....?"

"Why are you so irresisteble? I could loose my job for saying this to you but right now in that stupid uniform all i can think about is the way your legs look longer, or the way that skirt is short but long enough to drive me crazy. The way your lips are slightly parted taking all this in adn how much I want to kiss them.
To say I was shocked would be an understatement. My traitorous bosy was not though. I just went right up to him and slapped him. I slapped him and you know what I did next? I KISSED HIM. I FREAKING KISSED HIM. If you thought Iwas shocked you should see his face. 

Then I pushed him away and he looked like he was about to grab me and molest me again so i put some distance between us.

He was just looking at me with a mix of shock, wonder, hunger and determination in his eyes. That's when I said something that shocked us both. I did not know i had this much game. 

"See you in class Mister Di." then I smirked and winked at him and walked out of the classroom. 




Chapter 4 


I am Latina, there is something spicy about me, and I have a natural attitude. so when I walked out of that classroom with my head held high I know he definitely loved it, i could feel him stare at me back.  I left either way. I felt so empowered like I was this Goddess. 
"Hey Jasmine" someone said next to me, and i realizzed it was the foreing exchange student Lukas.

"Oh, you startled me Lukas, Hi. " I said a bit our of breath. 

" Can I sit with you at lunch??" He asked and it really caught me off guard. He was HOT I'm sure he was not having trouble making friends. There was always girl hanging around him even know, girls were looking at me with murderous glares. But if he wanted to sit with us then so be it, so i nodded. 


Lunch went by and i was in a daze, thinking about Marcos. I was so confused about my feelings. He was PERFECT but I couldn't, it was wrong. He could lose his job like he said so himself. So why did he kiss me?! Why did he look at me lilke... like that? I decided that I would dwell with this on my own at home in the safe haven that was my room. I put my head phones in my ears and put on the song Romeo's album on replay while we wlalked to our Government class. 

I walked in without looking at him. I could feel his presence near so near and it scared me how fast i could know when he was around without even looking up to see him. 

The song All Aboard by Romeo started playing and i started singing along to the lyrics. "And I know your convention, Ima make you feel alive..." when suddenly my headphines were plugged out and everyone was listening to my music while Mister DiGiovanni stood there with a stupid smirk on his face. 

"Detention after school, here today Miss Suarez." He said while i gaped at him. Detention?! no one gave me detention and got away with it. I was fuming. 


By the end of the day i was frustrated and ready to take a nap but as I was walking towards the exit someone grabbed me and said "Miss Suarez i believe you and me have a Detention to get to." The way he said that i dont' know did something to me. I could hear frustration, but also amusement? 

To my astonishment i pulled free of his arm and started walking to the classroom, i just need space. He was far too intimidating, i could not concentrate around him. He was the type of guy that you couldn't miss in a room, the aura around him just let itself be known. 

"Jasmine... " He said when he closed the door to the classroom.

I looked up to him trhough my eyelashes and when I did he pinched his nose and rolled his eyes as in annoyance.

"What?" I said.

"I want to push you to that wall and kiss you til we both can't breath." He was so blunt that I blushed. I BLUSHED. I do NOT blush. EVER. 

But even though I was blushing i found my tits and said. "Why Don't you?" but even before finishing that sentence he had pushed me and kissed me with so much need I couldn't do anything but kiss him with as much passion as him.


When he finally did move his lips from mine and towards my neck I said "Well if I knew detention would be this fun I would've been here a long time ago." while chuckling.





Hi guys sorry I have not updated in a while. Work has been hectic. Anyway enjoy and thank you all for reading! (:



He was a douche bag, a major freaking asshole. 2 weeks since our make out session which had lasted way longer than any real detention should have and he had not been at school at all. I mean the first few days I was worried, really worried.

Then I saw him outside Subway and he was fine and no I do not mean fine as in "Hey you are Fine like a ticket on my dash!" Fine. He was fine as in he was being accompanied by some bimbo with bigger boobs than Pamela Freaking Anderson.

I was raging, so beyond angry that I did something i hadn't in a long time. 

I went to him.. 

I was so nervous on my way over here, that even though i had about an hour to get mentally prepared for whatever he was going to say to me... or do... Oh God was I nervous. 


Before I could even knock on his front door someone opened it. no, he opened it.

"Jai?" He asked.

"Hey Lu... I've come home." I said.

Then he hugged me. I was so not expecting a hug. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. 

"Come on in, you know you are always welcomed Jai." so I went inside the house that had been my home for far too long. I missed it and I didn't even realize it until now. I missed him. My Lucien. 

"Lucien..." but before I could finish my sentence I was being kissed. 

"I missed you" he said in between kisses. I moaned at the way he kissed me, no one could ever kiss me this way.

"Oh Lucien" I moaned again. He took that as encouragement and his mouth left my lips only for a moment so he could carry me to the bedroom. 
Once in there he threw me on the bed and kissed me but this time it wasn't a kiss of longing but a kiss of a salvage. I loved it. I savoured it.

It wasn't long before I was panting as his mouth was unbuttoning my shirt. His hands roaming all over my body. It had been too long, much much too long. 
When he succeded at taking my shit completely off his mouth was on mine again for amoment before i felt his lips by me ear.

"Naughty girl, no bra for school?" to what I could only reply with a sigh. I was itching for him, for his touch. He was the only one who ever had this much power over me. As his mouth was moving down my neck his phone rang and he stopped.

"Hey Jai, I'm sorry I have to take this. You know how work is."

He answered the phone as he was walking out of the room. When i looked at the clock I remembered i had to go home. MY real home. 

By the time Lucien had come back I was already changed and ready to go. 

"You'll be back right?" he asked but before I could even say I was

My phone rang in my hand. It was na unknown number.


"Jasmine, If you are not in the school parking lot in 10 minutes you will have detention for the rest of your life." it was Mister DiGiovanni and he sounded furious.

I was so confused but i was never one to back down. "You can't actually do that."

to which he responded with "Try me and say Hello To Lucien for me" and hung up. 


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