Stranger in the Night

Stranger in the Night

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A late night walk turns to terror as Tracy realizes she's being followed by a mysterious man in the shadows.


A late night walk turns to terror as Tracy realizes she's being followed by a mysterious man in the shadows.


Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017



"Every damn night it's always the same thing Daniel! You never want to talk to me anymore, you can barely look at me.....why are we even still together?" I shouted.

"Tracy, calm down. You are acting fucking crazy and I don't have time for this. I need to leave for work. Everything is fine and I love you. Have a good night and lock the doors when I'm gone." Daniel left without another word.

I was furious that he just left like that. But then again, I should be used to it. He never wants to discuss what the real problem is with us. There lies our problem though. He never wanted to talk about anything anymore.

Wanting to push the whole situation aside I decided I was going to shower then go for a walk. I knew it was late but walking was the only thing that calmed my nerves when things like this happened.

As i got into the shower I began to think about everything that had just happened. Why did Daniel always have to be such a dick? We had been together for years now and I was beginning to get tired of this new isolation that he had put me under. I know I didn't do anything to deserve it.

Standing in the water, I let it cascade over my body as I rested my head against the wall. Steam filled the air as I breathed deeply, feeling some of the tension leave my body. This was just what I needed. I finished up my shower and began getting ready for my walk.

As I stood in front of the mirror naked I looked myself over. I wasn't bad looking by any means. I have long blond hair that was as soft as silk. My eyes would change colors from blue to emerald green and were shadowed by thick long lashes. I have a very straight button nose that is ever so slightly tilted up at the end and prominent cheek bones. All on top of full soft lips. I suppose I'm of average build, slightly curvey but I never wanted to be super skinny either and I was happy with my size. The only thing I wasn't happy about was my height because when your 5ft tall you tend to get over looked a lot.

Once I had finished getting ready in the bathroom and had my hair up in a ponytail, I threw on a sports bra, a tight black tank top and some shorts. I sifted threw my clean clothes until I found socks then quickly slipped them on along with my worn out running sneakers. Trying to think if I needed anything else I quickly glanced around my apartment but after a few seconds I decided I was fine, grabbed my keys and walked out the door.

The warm summer breeze greated me at once and I took in a deep breath. It smelled of fresh bloomed dog woods with a slight hint of rain in the air. Looking up at the sky, I couldn't see any stars or the moon so I assumed it was probably going to start raining soon. I decided that I was going make this a quick walk and started my way up the street.

It was a very quiet night. I couldn't hear anything but the chirping of crickets and the occasional dog barking off in the distance as I walked. It was almost eerie with how quiet it was. I shivered from a sudden breeze and began to pick up my pace. Being all alone, walking in the dark was starting to make me uncomfortable.

I was maybe 4 blocks away from my apartment when I first heard him. His heavy footsteps echoing just a bit louder then my own. At first I thought I was imagining things. I glanced over my shoulder but I was still alone. "Maybe it was someone walking their dog?" I tried to assure myself that no one was following me as I continued to walk a bit faster.

There it was again! This time I knew I heard someone behind me! I spun around so fast I almost lost my balance and fell but still, no one was there. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was really beginning to freak out now. Still looking over my shoulder, I was practically at a jog when suddenly, I was hit from the side and shoved hard against a building with my back against the wall.

It happened so fast I didn't even have time to react before there was a hand covering my mouth and a knife to my throat. His face was covered so I couldn't see what he looked like or who he was. He wore a black mask, a baggy black t-shirt and a black pair of jeans. From what I could tell he was covered in tattoos but I couldn't make them out in the dark.

"Make a sound or try to run and I'll gut you right here, got it?" He pressed the blade of the knife firmly to my throat causing small beads of blood to bubble up as he whispered threateningly into my ear.

"Mm-hmph" I mumbled into the palm of his hand. He let go of my mouth, still holding the knife to my throat as I stood there, frozen with fear. I watched him in horror as he ran the tip of the knife over my jugular and down my collar bone. When the tip of the blade was between my breasts he paused. I could see the shadow of a smile through the mouth hole of his mask when suddenly he slit my top and my bra right down the center with one fluid motion.

I let out a soft wimper as he ripped my shirt the rest of the way open. My breasts bounced free right there infront of this stranger. All for him to see. With his free hand he palmed my right breast vigorously, pinching and pulling at my nipple. I bit my lip trying to supress a moan as I stood there as still and as silent as I could be.

Knife still in hand he took a step back from me, admiring his view. He placed the back of the blade on my chest plate and slowly began to run it down the length of my stomach. When he passed my navel and reached the waist band of my shorts he stopped again.

Putting a hand firmly around my throat, he sheathed his knife. I put both of my hands around his wrist and tried desperatly to push him off but he didn't even budge. I could hear him give a soft laugh under his mask before he shoved my shorts to the ground. I was now standing infront of a stranger in nothing but a shredded top and some thin cotton panties.

I was terrifed but what confused me was that I was also excited. I knew I should want to run but honestly I was curious. I wanted to see what this stranger had planned for me. Yes, there was fear that I could end up dead but my lust was beginning to drown that out.

He ran a finger slowly between my legs. I shivered as a breeze blew across my naked skin, my nipples hardening. I felt him tug my panties to the side as I tried to wriggle against his grip. He just squeezed more, making it so I could barely breath as he gently stroked my bare pussy lips with the tips of his fingers. I could now see that he was sporting a very large erection pushing firmly against the fly of his jeans and I suddenly felt myself getting wet between my legs.

Hooking his fingers in the front of my panties, he yanked down hard, dropping them to the ground with my shorts. I was now fully exposed in front of him. My heart was racing. I'm sure he could feel my pulse pounding under his fingers still gripping tight around my throat. With one foot, he kicked my legs apart and forced two fingers inside of me. I tried to cry out but as soon as he heard the slightest bit of noise he squeezed harder. I was gasping for air when he eased up his grip.

"You filthy whore, you act like you don't want it but your pussy is practically dripping into my hand." He pushed his fingers in deeper moving them back and forth inside of me. I struggled against his grip but he held me in place firmly against the wall. I couldn't do anything. He was so much stronger then me no matter what I tried to do.

I could feel his erection pushing eagerly against my hip as he worked his fingers, slipping them quickly in and out of my pussy. I knew he was starting to get impatient. He was becoming more aggressive as time passed. My pussy was starting to get sore when suddenly he shoved me to my knees. He continued holding me firmly in place as I watched him fumble with the zipper of his jeans, sliding it down and finally freeing his throbbing cock from its prison.

My eyes grew wide as I stared. It was huge, much bigger then what I was used to. I licked my lips in anticipation as he grabbed me by the back of my head. He pressed the tip of his dick hard against my lips but I refused to open my mouth. Angrily he jerked down on my ponytail, yanking my head back hard so that i could see him reaching for his knife.

Reluctantly I opened my mouth and he forced himself inside. He roughly thrusted his cock in and out of my mouth, going so deep I began to choke and gag. Tears flowed down my cheeks as he held my head so I couldn't move while he fucked the back of my throat until I was sure I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I could feel the gravel cutting into my knees as he continued fucking my face. I just wanted it to stop.

As if he had heard my thoughts, he suddenly stopped. He picked me and shoved my face into the wall my back had been against. Grabbing each of my wrists, he pulled both of my arms behind my back and held them there wit one hand. The other hand was forcing his dick into my pussy. I cried out as he stretched me but he quickly wrapped my hair around his wrist and pulled hard, cutting off any noise I was making abruptly.

"I told you, not a sound. That was your only warning. Next time, you know what happens." He said coldly before giving me a very hard thrust of his hips. I bit my tongue so I wouldn't scream as he continued to pump his cock into me, thrusting harder and harder. Finally he eased up and let go of my hair.

My neck was sore but my body was starting to crave more. I cant help but admit, his dick felt so deliciously good inside of me, now that my pussy was getting used to him. I arched my back, slightly pushing myself into his croch. He let go of my wrists and pulled out of me so fast that I gasped.

Very abruptly, he scooped me up with his hands cupping my ass and wrapping my legs around his hips. He braced my back against the wall as he slowly stroked the outside of my pussy with his cock. Tracing circles, he would slip just the head in, teasing me and driving me crazy. Why wasn't he coming after me like before? What's up with this slow teasing shit?

I moaned impatiently and wiggled in his arms as he was trying to tease me again. My wiggling pushed him almost half way inside of me and I moaned louder, throwing my head back. His nails dug into my ass as he slid himself the rest of the way in. I threw my arms around his neck and dug my nails into his back as I gripped my thighs tighter around his waist. I had completely lost myself.

He lifted up the edge of his mask, just so his mouth was uncovered, then I felt him bite into my neck. Rain had begun to fall on us now as I rocked my hips back and forth on his cock. I felt everything, the rain drops hitting my naked flesh. His teeth sinking into my neck. His hands gripping tight on my ass as his giant cock slides, inch by inch, inside of me. My pussy juices dripping down my thighs.

I was going to cum. Holy fuck, I was being screwed by a complete stranger and I was going to fucking cum. Digging the heels of my sneakers into his lower back, I lifted myself up until he was barely inside of me then I thrust myself back down on his cock, fast and hard causing me to moan out again.

"Shhh" He hissed into my neck. He was picking up speed and getting rough again. I was sure I was going to have bruises every where. I rocked my hips again aggressively, causing his dick to thump hard against my g-spot. I felt my climax building. My whole body began to tingle and go numb and then suddenly, as I was about to scream out, he kissed me.

He continued kissing me as he pumped his cock in and out. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he wrapped his arms around my back, put both hands on my shoulders and thrust me down on his dick with such force, I thought he was in my guts. I came as he bit into the curve of my neck and through clenched teeth, I heard him moan as he filled me with his cum. His dick pulsing, I could feel every bit of it spill into me. He held me there, breathing heavy and unmoving for a few moments before gently setting me back down on my feet.

My legs felt like jello and when I stumbled and almost fell, he caught me and sat me down on the ground. I didn't know why he was being so nice now but before I could blink he vanished. I looked every which way but in the dark I couldn't see a thing. Completely baffled, I slipped my panties and shorts back on and proceeded to run back to my apartment topless. I never did tell my husband about that night. Sometimes I still sit here and miss my stranger.

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