Lustful Desires (part 1)

Lustful Desires (part 1)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A former lover from long ago slips back into Octavia's life unexpectedly, turning her humble little house wife life upside down. Kidnapping her and hiding her away for himself, Octavia finds herself in a tight situation when she awakens and realizes she can't move. Will she try to escape and get back to her family Or will she give in to her lust for a former flame?


A former lover from long ago slips back into Octavia's life unexpectedly, turning her humble little house wife life upside down. Kidnapping her and hiding her away for himself, Octavia finds herself in a tight situation when she awakens and realizes she can't move. Will she try to escape and get back to her family Or will she give in to her lust for a former flame?


Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



I guess it was just a day like any other day. I woke up early because my husband woke me up on his way in from work. Groggily, I stumbled my way into our bathroom trying despertatly to feel for the light in the pitch dark. After what seemed like forever of feeling up and down the walls, I finally found the switch, quickly yanked my panties down to my ankles (thank god I wasn't wearing any pants that morning) and with a sigh of relief I took a glorious piss. When I was finished I went to wash my hands and when I happened to glance up in the mirror I couldn't help but grumble back at my frumpy looking reflection.

My shoulder length blonde hair was matted from my constant tossing and turning in the night and I had dark purple circles under both of my bloodshot, green eyes. As I began washing my face and combing out my tangled hair I heard the faint cry of my daughter. Yet another grumble from me but I continued what I was doing. She could wait just a bit longer, I at least wanted to get my teeth brushed this morning. Once I had my basic morning hygiene routine out of the way, I promptly made my way down the long, dark hallway, lit only by a very dim night light into my daughter's nursry where I find her standing on her tip toes, biting at the sides of her crib as she screams through clenched teeth.

"What are you doing munchy?" I asked my one year old playfully. She responds with a series of grunts and shrieks I still have yet to understand.

I chuckled at her enthusiasm though and we continue about our morning. We did our usual routine all day. Feedings, naps, play time and my husband left for work on time as always. I got my daughter a bath and then I had her in bed by 9 pm. Just another normal day in the books. Or so I thought.

I had time on my hands now. Every mom knows how precious this rare time can be. It's my own secret time where I get to just be me without a care in the world. I was sitting in my living room, Netflix on, I was watching Law and Order SVU and smoking a bowl of pot out of my favorite glass pipe. It turned blue the more I used it.

The longer I sat there the more I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched. I was beginning to feel like the typical paranoid stoner but I assured myself it was all just in my head. There was no possible way anyone could see me, the blinds were drawn shut and the lights were all off. I laughed it off casually but I still couldn't shake that feeling. Letting it get to me a bit, I quickly hopped up from my couch and checked all the doors in the house, making sure they were all locked. The only one that wasnt locked was the front door from when my husband had left for work. I quickly flipped the lock and made my way down that long dark hallway again. I remember peeking into my daughter's nursry one last time before making my way to my own room and crawling into bed.

I didn't bother changing that night because I was still wearing my pj's from the night before. A long black t-shirt and some pink, lacy panties. My covers were so cozy that night that I fell asleep almost immediately. I was so sleep deprived I didn't even hear the intruder when he accidently let the door click shut behind him. I never felt the sting of a needle pricking the skin of my thigh. I suppose I didnt even wake up when he slung my body up over his shoulder and carried me from my home because when I awoke, I was no longer in my nice cozy bed. My daughter was not in a room down the hall. From what I could tell I was now in a room with bars on very high up windows.

All I could see was sky out of the widows as I attempted to lift my left hand to clasp my aching head but my hand didn't even twitch. Panic suddenly rushing my body I tried another limb, this time my right leg. Still nothing. What was happening to me? Why couldnt I move? Fear flooded me as I suddenly became very aware of my surroundings and at the fact that I now had no clue as to where I was. I didn't know where my daughter was and I couldn't move an inch to begin to find any answers. I tried to scream but my mouth just stayed slightly slacked open as it had been and no noise emerged from my throat.

I layed there on my stomach, unmoving, on what I now realized was a very large temprapedic bed. It was dressed in Egyptian Cotton sheets and had memory foam pillows. The four walls of the room each had shelves mounted to them that held up various candles. In the corner of the room sat a black, leather office chair and a desk with a small lamp and papers on top of it.

In the opposite corner of the room stood a very tall oak bookshelf. On the first row were several different books of various colors and sizes but what intrigued me the most were the next two shelves. The second shelf held what appeared to be a bunch of different vials, all containing some sort of jelly like substance in mutiple colors. There had to of been at least a dozen bottles on that shelf. The third and last shelf had the most height to it and contained a large, old looking, wooden chest with a big iron pad lock hanging from the front of it.

Despertatly, I continued fighting my body to let me move. If I could just wiggle a finger that would at least be a starts. I tried to lick my lips because I could feel them beginning to dry out and crack. Very slowly I managed to make the tip of my tongue go over the edge of my bottom lip just as I heard heavy footsteps bounding towards the door.

I couldn't see in the direction of the footsteps but my whole body screamed with fear as they got louder and louder until suddenly there was a long pause. I heard a series of clicking sounds and then the creek of a door slowly swinging open. My breath caught in my throat as I could only just lay there and wait for my captor to do whatever evil he had planned for me.

The heavy footsteps, now just a few feet away as tears streamed silently down my paralyzed face. The smell of Old Spice Classic permeated the air, something I hadn't smelt in over a decade and I felt my heart begin to race. Something about that smell, i was slightly comforted by this scent.

Suddenly I felt the heat of his breath next to my ear. I still couldn't see him. Then he softly whispered, " I really missed you, kid."

As soon as I heard that sweet, seductive, british accent of his I knew immediately who he was. Alex, you bastard! Alex was my first love. The guy I gave my everything to. He's about a foot taller then myself making him roughly six foot two with bright, electric, blue eyes and soft, sandy, brown hair. We were only sixteen but I was in love and I would have done anything for him, but he left me in the dust and moved back to England and I never heard from him again.

We had both moved on and started completely different lives and I couldn't figure out what he could possibly want with me now. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, I was getting so frustrated that I tried to scream again but still, nothing came out. After a few moments of silence, except for the sound of his boots thumping across the floor, he finally came into view. There in front of me stood a much older, manlier version of the kid I had once loved. What was once soft baby fat had now turned into hard, toned muscles. His face was no longer soft and boyish but chiseled and stern. His bright blue eyes stood out brilliantly against his pale skin but held something in them that hadn't been there before and I couldn't tell what it was. His sandy brown hair was now shaved around the sides but long enough on top that it hung infront of his eyes if he didn't sweep it back.

He flashed me a wicked grin before disappearing from my sight again. Still struggling to move, I managed to close my mouth. Mentally, I sighed because this meant that whatever he used on me was beginning to ware off and that I no longer looked like a big idiot with my mouth open. Suddenly I felt something brush the bottom of my foot. It was Alex, his fingers gently stoking my foot from heel to toe.

"Can you feel that Octavia?" His voice was deep and warm like honey. He knew I couldn't respond so why even bother asking? His fingers continued their dance across the bottom of my foot until he reached my heel for the third time and began a slow climb up the length of my calf. He was dragging his fingers light enough to where his nails just barely grazed my flesh. Sending goosebumps all over my entire body.

Now, he was up on the bed, leaning over my body. Both of this hands were on my legs, gradually sliding up my thighs until I felt his fingertips at the curve of my ass. He began lightly tracing my butt, running a finger teasingly up my crack.

If I could have shivered or protested and tried to run my body gave no hint of it. "Not yet", I thought to myself as Alex continued to violate my body without my permission. He was now tugging my laced panties over my ass and suddenly I wished I had worn more clothes to bed when I slept at night. I tried again to scream, this time I managed something that sounded similar to a guinea pigs squeak.

"Oh-ho! Is someone finally getting their voice back?" He said it mockingly and I could tell he was loving the fact that he now knew I was trying to fight back. This time my attempt at noise was aimed at something that sounded a bit angrier but what I got was a muffled groan.

Chuckling huskily, he threw my panties into the corner of the room and grabbed both of my ankles tightly. Before I could even blink, he had flipped me onto my back and slid me directly infront of him. I did my best to manage a scowl as I stared up into his eyes, now looking menacingly back down at me.

"You know, I've waited such a long time to finally get you back my dear and now that I have you, I don't ever plan on letting you go again." I could feel his hand making it's way up my inner thigh and I began to panic. This was it, there was nothing I could do. I had spent the past 5 years dedicated to my husband and here was my ex about to rob me of my commitment.

"I can see the worry in your eyes love but just relax, I'm not going to hurt you..... just yet. For now I just want to play with you a little before the drugs ware off."

His fingers were now tracing my pussy lips, slipping a finger between them teasingly but being careful as to not go all the way in. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, I want to scream and kick and fight so bad. Very abruptly he plunged his middle finger deep inside of me. I cried out so suddenly that I'm pretty sure it even shocked him because he froze for a breif moment before flashing me another wicked grin accompanied by a wink and continued to slip his fingers in and out of me.

"You're so wet Octavia, you're pussy is starting to drip. I'm beginning to think you're really enjoying this babe, like you really want me to fuck your tight little cunt." His fingers began to move faster inside of me. I could feel my cheeks and ears getting hot and turning red as my breathing picked up and got out of rythm. My whole body was aching for more but my mind was begging for it to stop.

I was feeling guilty. I know that sounds stupid but I was. My husband would have gone home and to what? Honestly, even I didn't know. What had he done with my daughter? Was she safe and ok? Was my husband looking for me? Was he even worried?

By the time I heard the zip of his fly it was too late. He was hovering over me, one hand between us and I could feel the tip of his cock pushing hard against my pussy. I managed a decent high pitched screech before his hand came crashing down over my mouth, smothering any sound that I may have been able to muster.

"Ha, that was a nice try love but no one's gunna hear you here and if they do they wont care. Hell, it's kinda normal out here." He smirked before placing his mouth over mine and forcing his tongue in. I groaned involuntarily into his kiss as he tries desperatly to force himself inside of me. Tears were now streaming down my cheeks when he grabbed me by the shoulder and flipped me back onto my stomach.

Tangling his fist into my hair he pulled hard causing me to arch my back as he whispered in my ear, "You're going to love this babe, I promise."

He wrapped an arm around my hips and lifted my ass into the air. I felt something cold clasp around my wrists as my arms were pulled tight above my head, chaining me to the head of the bed. I'm now bowing with him behind me and I'm absolutely terrified. What is he going to do to me? My head hung limp with the rest of my body but I could now feel my fingers and hands beginning to twitch. I didnt want him to know I was getting feeling back just yet though so I stopped.

"Mmm that pussy and arse are absolutely beautiful." He smacked my ass hard before kissing where he struck. Then he began kissing more and more, moving his way in closer to my ass hole before I finally screamed out.


The word came out rough and hoarse because my throat was so dry from the lack of use. He froze with his lips pressed agains the inner most part of my ass cheek. For a second I almost thought he was actually going to stop but then he plunged his tongue into my hole at the same time as he put a thumb into my pussy and skillfully rubbed my clit with his index finger. I moaned out in both embarrassment and pleasure.

"Mm I love a nice, clean, tight, little asshole." He murmured as he continued tonguing my butt. After what seemed like thirty minutes, he pulled his fingers from my pussy. I could hear him slurp abnoxiously so I knew what he was doing as he licked his fingers clean just before shoving them both deep into my ass. I cried out and bucked agaisnt him in an attempt to get away.

"It seems like someone is gaining their strength back huh, we'll we can't have that." He ran his nails down my back a bit harder then when he was running them up my legs and I could feel the scratches beginning to burn almost immediately.

"Please, Alex" I panted out, " if you let me go I swear I won't tell anyone about this. Ill say I lost my mind for a bit and had to run away, anything....please....just let me go"

He looked at me for a moment as if he sympathized, taking his fingers out of my ass. I sighed softly and relaxed my body, thinking he was finally going to stop and let me go now that I could talk. I thought he finally realized his little game was over. I thought wrong.

"Octavia, do you really think after all this time that I am really going to just let you go? I already told you, I'm never letting you go again. You're mine now" He laughed an evil, deep laugh and thrust his thick, hard cock deep inside of my pussy. I could feel his dick stretching me to the point that i could feel myself tearing.

"Alex!" I cried out pleadingly to him. I was finally able to lift my head and I looked him dead in the eyes. My face soaked in tears, his piercing blue eyes stared into mine as he pushed himself deeper inside of me. With a soft groan, he made it as deep as he could physically go.

I hung my head again, this time in defeat. I realized as he stared into my eyes that there was no reasoning with him. There was no getting free. This was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not and there wasnt a damned thing I could do to stop it. I finally gave up and accepted my fate.

"Aw what's wrong love? You not gunna fight back anymore?" He huffed before slamming his cock all the way inside of my pussy again. I cried out in pain each time he hit my womb with enough force to knock me onto my stomach, then he'd pick me back up and put me on my knees again. I think he got bored with watching me cry because he suddenly began a fast paced motion, holding me by the hips and pumping his cock quickly in and out, in and out.

Without warning, he pulled himself out of my pussy and forced his pulsing dick into my ass. I screamed and cried and begged for him to stop. It seemed to only fuel his lustful rage as he grabbed my hair and jerked it back hard, pounding into my ass harder than ever as the cuffs dug deep into my wrists. Then a primal like growl erupted from deep within his chest as he thrust one last time inside of me. I could feel his hot cum spilling into my ass as his dick pulsed and throbbed inside of me. I felt the weight of his body sag against mine as he layed, exhausted and sweaty on my back.

"Don't worry baby, I'm not done with you yet." He whispered into my ear.

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