Hot Nights

Hot Nights

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Amyl, an elf girl, wakes up to find that she has been victim of a car crash. Her younger brother stays with her but offers no real help. Her friend, Abigail, offers Amyl a job to pay for her hospital visit, so she accepts. Much to her innocence in the job, her boyfriend, Roland, is involved in this shady business. Though she rides emotion after emotion and situation after situation, she still finds a way to keep her sanity and the bits of pride left to her.


Amyl, an elf girl, wakes up to find that she has been victim of a car crash. Her younger brother stays with her but offers no real help. Her friend, Abigail, offers Amyl a job to pay for her hospital visit, so she accepts. Much to her innocence in the job, her boyfriend, Roland, is involved in this shady business. Though she rides emotion after emotion and situation after situation, she still finds a way to keep her sanity and the bits of pride left to her.

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Amyl, an elf girl, wakes up to find that she has been victim of a car crash. Her younger brother stays with her but offers no real help. Her friend, Abigail, offers Amyl a job to pay for her hospital visit, so she accepts. Much to her innocence in the job, her boyfriend, Roland, is involved in this shady business. Though she rides emotion after emotion and situation after situation, she still finds a way to keep her sanity and the bits of pride left to her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 02, 2012




 My eyes rolled from one side of the bleached room to the other, taking in the dim light from cars outside my window. I hadn’t noticed exactly how late it had gotten until Michael, my younger brother, came in and told me just thirty minutes earlier. I looked down at the aqua robe that covered me, at least, most of me. My fingers ran down the length until they reached my knees, at which point they were forced to stop since I couldn’t sit up. I, instead, raked my thin fingers through my amethyst hair of which I had become quite proud of in my later years—the ones I considered my “later years” had become my mid-twenties despite how old I actually would associate the term with.


 I never thought I would actually hit twenty when I was younger, but I, like others in the world, soon found out that reality was relentless and held nothing back in aging anyone. I watched myself grow for seven years before my mother gave birth to Michael. I loved him, yet loathed him at the same time. He was an alien being in our home, but also a joyous, squishy creature that I came to adore almost instantly at looking in those emerald eyes of his that seemed so glossy at a distance.


 “Amyl? Are you awake now?” I looked up to see Michael looking at me worriedly, an orange juice box in each hand.  He grinned and sat down beside me, his wavy, caramel locks draping in his face freely. He handed me one of the juice boxes as he sat down on the edge of my bed. He crossed his legs and leaned forward, balancing himself with his elbows. “So, you alright? That accident was pretty bad, sis.”


 I scoffed and sucked on my straw, smacking my lips as I swallowed it down. “Yeah, I know. Wasn’t my fault the guy cut me off.” I sighed and held the box against my lap, hand grasping it tightly.


 He placed a hand on my own. The warmth and kindness eased me enough that I loosened my grip, giving leeway to the box so it wouldn’t spew all over me and, perhaps, him. “I know. Don’t think too much about it. Hey, we still going to the dome next week for the wishing fireworks? I hear they’re going to be great this year. Some foreigner from Heglecht is coming. Supposedly, he worked with the pyro technicians we have around here. Gonna be amazing, let me tell you.” His eyes lit up, making his face look even more youthful and vibrant as well as a bit child-like.


 “Depends on how long it takes for the doctors to let me out. I’ve been asleep…Three days was it? You told me earlier, or maybe I was eavesdropping on you in the hall. Either way, I don’t remember how, but I do remember hearing a number along the lines of two weeks to a month regarding my staying time. Maybe less?” I fought to clear the haze surrounding my thoughts, but nothing I did seemed to aid me.


  He patted my head in the most patronizing way possible. “Don’t think too much about it. I can assure you that, if you maintain your good health, they’ll let you out of here by the end of the week.”


 I felt a great wave of relief rush over me. “Really? Phew, am I glad to hear that.” I squirmed to sit up, but I fell back once again thanks to the immense dizziness from my concussion.


 He stood up, making his way to the window. He drew back the curtains and sighed. His eyes seemed to be drawn to something, but I couldn’t quite distinguish what that thing was. So, in my tiredness, I threw myself back into the fluffy pillows. He must have heard me as his head jerked around to aim at mine, our eyes locking for an instant before he chuckled and turned to face back at the parking lot. I still wondered what he found so amusing, but I didn’t care enough to ask him.


 He turned to look at me once more. He said nothing, and neither did I. “If Roland comes back…You let me know.”


 “Why? Is there something wrong with him? He hasn’t done anything to me, you know. He’s my friend, Michael.” I crossed my arms and gave a fake pout.


 “A man who fucked you in some bar out of boredom?”


 I bit my lip and shivered. “Hey, let me alone with that, would you? He’s a sweet guy.”


 “Sweet guys fuck you when you’re plastered and don’t know your own name?”


 I scowled. “Don’t keep this up. Doesn’t Relena need you? Oh, and how about your little girl? What was her name again?”




 I nodded my head. “Yes, Maria. She wouldn’t like it if her daddy suddenly decided not to come home or if something were to happen, would she?” I gave him my “I’m right” look, and he cringed.


 He huffed and hoisted his shoulders up, trying to intimidate me, or so I interpreted it to mean. “Fine, but don’t come crying to me once he’s through with you. Understand me?”  I smiled and dipped my head, keeping it still so I wouldn’t have to look at his silly face. I didn’t look up until I heard his footsteps fade away into the hall and the door shut to my room.


 I buried my face in the pillows, of course with caution concerning my head injury. I squirmed in the bed sheets, moving them around beneath me all I wanted just for the sake of it. I smiled a bit and inhaled deeply, taking in the oh-so-sweet smell of a hospital room. Who doesn’t love that? “What’s this? Has she fallen asleep already?”


 I jumped up once I heard that all too familiar female voice, the one belonging to my good friend Abigail. “Abby! I missed you! How’re things going on your end?” She raced to my side and hugged me up.


 I snuggled into her side, smiling broadly. “Not so bad. Hey, know how you were looking for work before all this shit happened?”


 “Yeah. What about it?”


 She beamed at me. “Get this: I found a place nearby your house! They’re looking for some good girls ASAP! You should totally apply!” She gasped. “No, wait! I already did that for you! After you get out, meet me at this address, alright? I’ll introduce you.”


 She handed me a slip of paper with a road name and number written down along with a suite. I nodded and stuffed it into the drawer by my bed. “Thanks. I take it that’s all the business you had here?” She didn’t answer. “Should I bring anything, Abby?”


 She shook her head. “Nothing but yourself. Don’t worry; just show up.” She stood and left me to lie once more in total solitude.


 I immediately began to wonder about this miracle opportunity that she’d somehow come across. But, with the knowledge of me being jobless, I didn’t really have much of a choice but to take what I could get. However, before I could do that, I had to get better with the damned accident injuries, of which I absolutely detested with every fiber of my being. What could I do? It wasn’t my fault, nor was it something that I could fix merely by wishing it away. No, things don’t simply disappear because we wish for it. Hell, if that were the case, many a bitch would have vanished in my high school days.


 Being elfish by birth, I never did fit in very well with my peers. Not only that, but my hair color made me stand out even more. I got teased every day and sometimes to the point of other students throwing rocks and sticks at me, though not limited to that is the variance of projectiles they accumulated to barrage me with on a daily, or bi-daily, basis. I had learned to accept that as my fate in and out of school, but things soon began to change when I graduated.


 A few weeks after I got my diploma—I have no idea how I managed it, but somehow luck was on my side—I met Roland in the Blue Wave, a bar that I’d learned about from my dad. I went in one night to drown my sorrows when I saw the smoothness of his rich color and the masculinity unlike any other that I’d witnessed before. His eyes were dark as coal, yet they reflected mine with such a pristine picture that I could hardly believe they were less than a perfectly crafted mirror. He drew me in with such a charming smile befitting a creature such as an incubus, but that wasn’t him. No, he was simply perfection manifest before me, drawing my mind asunder into his hypnotic gazes that gave no leeway for me to understand his intentions. Rather, I wanted to understand more of him in his physical manifest which I found to be unlike any other. He split me, my mind and heart, straight through, enfeebling me of my judgment that would have normally kept me from wandering into the web he was spinning so intricately for a capture that night.


 I stepped into that web, entangling myself in a binding that I could never have dreamed of, nor that I wanted escape from. His embrace warmed me from the inside out, or perhaps to the vice versa of that, and he gave me a feeling of want, of longing of which I had long sought from another of no relation to me. Family bonds are treasured things, yet there is nothing like that bond between man and woman—there are those special cases in which the homosexual relationship may bring about the same emotion—to make one feel so loved and so welcome into the harsh world they inhabit. He did this for me, and in turn gave me a reason to stride forth without hindrance. He gave me this: he gave me such a new outlook, one of such intense radiance that I could not distinguish it as being my life rather than that of another, and he accepted me. No, he went further than that in a single night; that was long enough for me, but he kept by my side with the appropriate incentive. But, being similar to him, I didn’t mind the extra “pay” that it took as I enjoyed such romps myself.


 My mind kept replaying this memory in a cinematic way rather than a fuzzy image of mind’s quality. I lay my head back, pressing it deeper into the pillow that I swore to be filled with down rather than cotton. It felt like a cloud to my spinning skull and eyes. They wanted rest, but I hadn’t been able to properly grant that to them. My eyes closed. Before them I saw his nude form standing before me as it had nights earlier. He held no sort of flaw or lacking that I could see, nor that anyone else could. At least, he spoke to me of having no complaints from others. Though I knew the images to only be my mind’s eye, I could feel my body tensing as it had before, bracing for the penetration of my body with his. I knew it was coming, and I waited so impatiently for it. It looked at me, teasing me so harshly to the point of my drenching.  He looked at me through squinted eyes, those perfect orbs keeping locked upon my own until they found a more amusing resting place upon my glossy slit. “Wet so quickly?” he purred, stepping closer.


 With each step, I felt my body tremble more and more as well as the intense tightening of every muscle within my body. It felt strange, yet grand somehow as if by some divine tapestry this could be painted and interpreted without the tenseness and the focus I kept to aid my calmness and the strain within me. I knew I could only know by myself, but I still wanted to believe that there lie some sort of knowledge within the mind that I could tap into and suddenly know this. Basically, I believed that some sort of written knowledge had to exist for use in the practice, but it didn’t. No, nothing in the world could explain it so thoroughly that one could completely understand its magnificence.  I ran my fingers slowly, sensually, down my moist stomach, his saliva rubbing from one bit of my flesh to the other. “Maybe. And maybe I expect you to do something about it.” I smirked, keeping my body leaned back so he could keep the entirety of my form in his eyes.


 He licked his lips as he gazed at me hungrily, the ravenous nature shining through his surface. I knew what he wanted, and he knew the same for me.  He stood barely away from me. So close was he that I could practically feel his head pressing against my hole, shoving against it until it had reached its full penetration. I wanted him. I twitched inside and it made me almost moan in the ecstasy that I had fabricated to satiate myself from his sluggishness in taking me. “Oh?” He leaned forward, rolling his tongue around my already erect nipples. I gasped, my breath becoming more erratic before the insertion or the hardcore teasing. “How about this? You’re not wet enough yet.” He parted his teeth and slipped my end through them, pressing down and nibbling so gently then rougher, making me gasp in the sheer pleasure. I wanted more; I wanted so much more.


 “Ah..Roland…Don’t tease me…” I could hardly hold my eyes open. My hips, as if by instinct, began to buck against his chest, giving it a gloss. He only smirked as he continued his childish nibbling and licking of my nipples and the area around them, granting the entirety of my breasts an eventual shine.


 “No? Perhaps this you will enjoy.” He lowered himself closer to my drenched pussy. I bit my lip, my heart raced, and I caught my next breath in my throat. I tensed more so than before, ready for what I knew he planned to do. He thrust his tongue inside my gaping hole, sending shivers down my spine and chilling me to the bone. He rolled it this way and that, making me scream already with the professionalism he demonstrated upon me. I didn’t care how many others he’d done this to; I wanted simply to enjoy this. If even for a moment, I wanted him to only be mine.


  I moved against him, forcing his tongue deeper inside me. I wanted more. It drove me insane, leaving me to pant in great want of his larger asset.  I couldn’t breathe anymore. My mind filled with fog and disorienting haze, forcing me to stumble even upon my own words that I should have known so well. I couldn’t force words to reach my tongue, nor could they even begin to unscramble in my mind to group for deliverance. I fumbled even with my very movements. My digits reached out to touch him, to stroke even his smooth locks, but they simply hung before my eyes, outstretched.


 He removed his face from my sensitivity and raised his eyes to lock with mine. I wanted to smile, to request from him what I wanted most, but he halted me once more by the lock of our lips together. He tasted sweet and salty. I enjoyed tasting him and, oddly enough, myself. He parted my lips and twirled his tongue about within my mouth, exploring every crevice that he could find. My eyes instinctively closed, recovering from the shock of the sudden union. I moved my own, teasing his with such great enjoyment. I moaned against his lips just as he did mine.


 We broke apart and immediately he separated my legs by a hand upon each thigh. I watched him step closer as I lie on my back on the bed. I balled the blanket into my fists, my teeth clenched and my body tensed so much more, enough that I could feel aches along my form. He pressed against me, prodding at my moist entrance. I looked at him with pleading eyes. He seemed to notice, but he didn’t make a move to oblige me. Instead, he slid in a bit of the head and halted, giving me much less satisfaction than I wanted. “Please,” I squeaked. “F-fuck me…Please, do it…”


 He grinned devilishly. He didn’t speak, but instead pressed forward, shoving the entirety of his man meat within me. I screamed in premature orgasm, trembling from head to toe. “Oh? You came from me just sticking it in?” I felt his hips retract and every one of the nine inches sliding out of me in a much slower pace than they had entered with. Just as swiftly as before, he thrust in the full length, making me wince with the pleasurable burn it inflicted to me.


 “More,” I pleaded helplessly. My body grew limp in his hold, taking every push in stride. I felt proud of it, being able to handle such a man in my tight cunt. I moaned, groaned and whimpered, enjoying even the momentary pauses in which I would be forced to replicate the pleasure he granted me with rotations of my clitoris via my own hand work.


 It was unlike anything to feel the friction between our bodies and his soft hands cupping and massaging my chest. I ground against his rock hard shaft, moving myself in circular motions. He then flipped me, placing me so I sat straddling over his cock. I moved down at his urging, placing myself comfortably and sliding him in. I rolled my hips on him in no time, relishing the sounds that erupted from his chest. I managed to elicit a growl or some sort of purr that shifted into a deep, penetrative moan.  He rammed deeper than I thought possible, striking me in the area that I presumed to be my womb, or perhaps just the inner linings that he so recklessly struck in his venereal pursuit. I moaned in pure ecstasy, my climax fast approaching.


 He bit hard into his lip, his sounds, like mine, growing higher in volume. “God! You’re so damn good, baby!” He grew more rapid in his relentless drive. I felt more wetness running from within me.


 “Roland!” I screamed and dug my nails into his chest, clutching him. “Ahh!” I screamed as my climax arrived, making me squirm and twitch from the inside out.


 He took me off his lap and stood straight once he got off the bed. I looked up at him. “Suck it,” he ordered. I gulped and nodded, getting on my knees in the floor. I slid my tongue down the shaft then up, twirling around the head. He grunted, which urged me on. I parted my lips and moved forward, taking about half his meat into my greedy mouth. His fingers wrapped in my hair. I threw myself forward, swallowing his meat pole. While I moved myself, taking him down my throat, I fingered my soaked snatch.


 I sucked and slurped easily, loving every moment of it. I felt him hit the back of my throat, nearly making me gag. I felt tears sting the corners of my eyes, but I forced myself to swallow the remaining size. He shoved my head forward, spewing a load of his hot jizm, coating the inside of my mouth. I swallowed with pride. I licked my lips and grinned at him. “Mmm..Tasty.” I reached up and purred, playfully smacking at him.


 He leaned down and kissed me. “Oh? Nasty girl.” He smiled kindly and sat on the bed, grabbing my hand and bringing me to sit upon it. “That so? Well, sit and talk with me, won’t you?”


 I dipped my head. “Yeah, alright.”


 After that, my mind grew darker. I could no longer see nor hear myself speaking to him, but instead another dream seemed to overcome me. I couldn’t see what at first. But, as slumber enveloped me, ripping me away from my memorial fantasy, I fell into it and left myself to be alone with Roland.


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