Being Schooled (Chap. 4)

Being Schooled (Chap. 4) Being Schooled (Chap. 4)

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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Chapter4 (v.1) - Teacher's Pet

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Submitted: January 31, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 31, 2016



I must have only been out for a moment because the next thing I knew my eyes were fluttering open and I was still bent over the desk, Mr. Archer's hand just cupping my wet pussy again and I heard him whisper, "Are you okay babydoll?"

"Y-yes?" I stammered, not really sure myself. My legs felt like strengthless rubberbands, my heart was beating fast and erratically and I was still trembling all over, my cunt still pulsing with the aftershocks of the strongest orgasm I'd ever experienced.

Gently, he straightened me and then turned me around in his arms and simply hoisted me up into a sitting position on the edge of the desk, inserting his hip between my legs, forcing them apart as he looked down into my tear streaked face.

"How do you feel?" he asked me, his voice soft, caring.

"Wonderful," I murmured back and without even thinking about it I slid my hand down between us to start stroking his cock.

He sucked in a sharp breath and shuddered, then quickly undid his belt and the button and zipper of his trousers. That was when I discovered he was one of those men who didn't wear underwear and the next thing I knew he had taken my small hand and wrapped it around his length and I was startled by the heat of it, the silky softness of his skin stretched taut over his hardness. I had no yardstick by which to judge but he seemed large to me and I was both delighted and daunted by the prospect of him pushing himself into me, stretching me, filling me up. Unconsciously, I drew him towards my own heat and wetness, my hand stroking him as his own hand stayed wrapped over mine, showing me how he liked to be touched.

His eyes widened and he gasped as the head of his cock met the wet heat of my cunt and he jerked away from me as if scalded.

"Fuck, what are you doing?" he whispered harshly, pushing my hand away from him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I whispered back, crushed and ashamed again, "I...I just wanted to feel...I...I don't know what I was doing!" I ended miserably.

He took another deep breath, saying gently, "It's okay baby girl...I'm sorry. I just want to fuck you so bad right now that...that was not a good idea."

He was visibly trembling and his own hand wrapped about his cock now as he added, "You're not the only one needing to come so bad they can't think straight."

"I'll...I'll suck you like you said," I told him, my face turning red, "If...if you'll tell me how."

He groaned and his hand began to slide slowly up and down the length of his swollen cock as he replied, "No. Not like this sweet girl. Later. When you're ready. You only think you're ready now."

A small part of me was grateful because I had no idea how to go about that particular operation and I was nervous as hell about the idea of trying to fit all of that into my mouth.

But I said, "It's not fair though. You were so good to me. I should be good to you."

A hard glint came into his eye then, his hand moving more swiftly along his cock, pausing to squeeze the head which gave up a gleaming bead of precome that he then smoothed over it with his thumb, a low groan coming from him.

"I'm going to teach you how to be very good to me my budding little slut girl. But right now, if you touch me again, I'm going to fuck you and it's going to last all of five seconds. So you sit there like a good girl and you lift up your shirt so I can see those sweet tits that felt so good in my hands."

Without hesitating I pulled up my tank top, leaning back just a little so my still hard nipples would jut skywards. His eyes fastened on me and the speed of his hand increased as he jacked himself off. I felt both dirty and elated that I was doing this to him.

"Oh God Amanda," he said, his voice low and rough, "you're beautiful. So fucking beautiful."

"Thank you," I whispered. And then, "What else do you want me to do Mr. Archer?"

He seemed surprised, as if he had not been expecting that, but he answered readily, "Scoot back on the table and spread your legs."

I hadn't been expecting that and my breath caught but I quickly moved to do as I was told.

"Take your panties off," he said gruffly and now his face was getting a little red as he worked his cock, small grunts of pleasure punctuating his words.

I scrambled to do as I was told and then settled back, still sitting up but with my feet up on the desk now as well, my hands bracing against the desk behind my back as I parted my thighs, showing him my pussy like some shameless harlot out of some porn flick.

"Oh my God," he moaned and there was true reverence in the words, "So sweet. Such a sweet little pussy. Still so wet. Does it still feel good babydoll?"

I bit my lower lip, nodding as I realized, to my shock, that I was getting hot all over again and then, before he could chide me to use my words I said, "It does still feel good."

"Was it a good come you had then?" he asked hotly.

"Yes," I whimpered and I could feel myself getting wetter still all over again, knowing he was looking right at my spread pussy, knowing he would know.

"Show me how you touch yourself when you think about me," he ordered me and took a deep breath, making himself slow down with the stroking he was giving himself.

I was embarrassed but it didn't even occur to me to deny him and I immediately placed my middle finger over the hood of my clit, making small tight circles that made me suck in my breath.

"Good girl," he moaned, his eyes boring into me so hotly I could imagine him touching me, "I can't wait to tongue that sweet little slit. I'll be licking your pussy a lot babydoll, is that going to be okay with you?"

"Yes!" I gasped, my fingers stroking my incredibly sensitive and stiff little bud with increasing speed and pressure.

"Come for me little girl," he moaned, "I'm gonna come. Come with me."

It was too much again, the intensity and the excitement, and this time knowing he was as far gone with lust as I was sent me spinning over the edge. My pussy pulsing, I came with a tiny gasp this time, my hips jerking, and that was when I felt the hot warmth of his come over my belly and hip.

His hand flew against his pumping cock and I watched in shocked fascination as the pearlescent fluid left him to spurt over my skin.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, dazed, delighted and once more overwhelmed.

When he was done he lurched forward towards me, pulling me roughly to him and kissed me, hot, passionate, desperate, like a starving man as he devoured my mouth and clutched me to him.

After what seemed another endless time he finally pulled away, chuckling ruefully as he tucked himself back into his pants. He turned to where some paper towels were kept and then returned to me and cleaned me up with now gentle hands, doing his best to tidy up my slick pussy before handing me my hopelessly drenched panties.

I struggled into them and did my best to straighten out my clothes, running my hand through my tousled hair as I watched him move to the desk and pull out a piece of paper from a drawer and quickly write something on it.

He handed it to me and I saw it was an address. My heart leapt.

"If this is what you want, come by tomorrow afternoon," he said, those sea green eyes on me, his own expression slightly uncertain.

I folded the piece of paper up and asked him in a small voice, "Do you really want me to come over? I know you....didn't plan this. If you're sorry it happened...I...I understand."

He pulled me to him again then and gently kissed my forehead before he met my eyes and said, "I want you to come over. I want you naked in my bed. I want to make you come again and again and I want to teach you how to make me come. But it can only happen if that's what you want too. So...if you come to me tomorrow, I'll know. And we'll start your lessons."

Then he turned around and, without a single backwards glance, walked out.

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