being schooled (chap 5)

being schooled (chap 5) being schooled (chap 5)

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Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Chapter5 (v.1) - Extracurricular Activities

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Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 01, 2016



I could barely sleep that night. I kept playing what had happened over and over in my head, almost unable to believe it had been real. Not surprisingly, my pussy kept getting wet all over again but something held me back from touching myself. I knew what it was, of course. I wanted him to be the one touching me and making me come. So I gladly suffered until I finally fell asleep and was grateful that I woke late the next morning since he'd said I should come over in the afternoon. I'd have gone crazy if I'd had to wait too long.

I took a long hot bubble bath, shaving my legs, and it was torture to keep from touching myself, especially as I washed my pussy, trying to get all the slippery wetness off it. After I'd done my makeup and hair, leaving my shoulder length blonde curls damp and loose, I agonized about what to wear. Finally I chose matching cream colored lace panties and bra that could be seen right through and another short little schoolgirl skirt, this one white, with a matching white babydoll Tshirt that said "Princess" on it in shimmery silver letters. I contemplated high heels but finally decided that I better go with the white leather flip flops I usually favored with this outfit. My dad was too prone to freaking out if he saw me in a short skirt and high heels and I didn't want to give him any reason to detain or question me today. I was too nervous to be hungry but I made myself eat a banana and have a glass of orange juice and managed to pretend it was just another Saturday to my parents, giving them some story about going out shopping and then maybe meeting some friends and how I wasn't sure when I'd be home. I was admonished to be sure my phone was charged and not to be out too late, especially without calling, all of which I readily agreed to and slipped out the door, hopping quickly into my car to make my escape and meet my destiny.

Mr. Archer lived at a much nicer apartment complex than I would have expected for a teacher, with a huge sparkling pool and hot tub that his balcony looked out over from the top floor five stories up. I rode the elevator up, butterflies whirling crazily in my tummy, wondering what awaited me. Would we do a lot of talking? Would we watch TV. Maybe eat something? I didn't know if I was up to making chitchat with him. I didn't know if I could keep my hands off him.

He answered the door wearing faded jeans and a black tank top and his own sandy hair was tousled, pushed haphazardly away from his face, his eyes lit with lazy desire as he looked me up and down and said, "Come in Amanda."

"Hi," I said nervously as I stepped inside.

The moment he closed and locked the door behind me he pulled me into his arms and started kissing me. Long, hot, hungry kisses as his hands went all over me and a low moan sounded in his throat. I was instantly whimpering and struggling in his arms, not to get away, but to somehow get closer.

Finally he took me by the shoulders and pushed me gently away from him. Those lazy cat cruel eyes travelled over me and I was trembling suddenly as he said, "Take off your clothes."

I blinked at him stupidly and said, "What?"

"Did you come here for sex?" he asked silkily.

Flustered, I stammered, "Y-yes."

"Good," he said, his voice deceptively soft, "I want no misunderstandings. When you are in my home, you will be naked. Always. I may sometimes give you something I want you to wear. But otherwise, the momemt you walk in that door from now on, you are to strip and lay your clothes over that chair," he indicated a white leather armchair in the entryway next to a large mirror.

"If that's not going to be okay with you, I'm afraid you need to leave."

Dumbfounded, I swallowed and stared at him and then asked, "Are you going to take your clothes off too?"

"No," he said simply and turned away, sauntering across the living room with its big plush sectional couch and into the kitchen where he proceeded to pour himself a drink.

I took my clothes off and followed him.

"Would you like something?" he asked, indicating his own drink.

"Just water," I squeeked as I felt his eyes raking over me.

"You are such a beautiful little girl," he said softly, almost as if unable to help himself.

He got me a glass of ice water from the fridge and watched me as I drank it. When I was done he held his hand out to me and said, "Come here."

Trembling, I took his hand and he led me down a hallway past two other rooms, a guest room and what looked to be a combination library and office, and into the master bedroom.

Laying across the black and tan coverlet on his king sized bed was a plush towel. He indicated it and said, "Go lay on the bed Amanda, make sure the towel is beneath your hips."

I wanted to ask him what was going on but his expression forbade questions and so I went and did as I was told.

He stepped into the master bath and when he came back he had a bowl of warm water and a shaving kit.

Looking down on me he said, "I would very much like to shave your pussy Amanda. Will that be alright?"

"W-why?" I stammered as my entire body blushed with shame, "Is it too hairy?"

He laughed and it was somehow like the purr of a cat as he answered, "No pretty girl. It's every bit as pretty as the rest of you. But there is a reason I would like it bare and that will not become apparent until it's done. So you'll have to trust me. Do you trust me little girl?"

"Yes," I whispered.

He moved towards the foot of the bed and said, "Then raise up your knees and spread your legs."

He smoothed some sort of cool soothing gel over my pussy and very carefully began to shave me, using a washcloth in the bowl of warm water to wipe the mess away as he made my cunt completely bare save for a thin strip of golden curls above it. The sensation was delicious and it was so hard not to squirm as he worked. My heart was racing and I knew I was getting wet all over again and there was no way to hide it as I was spread out for him. When he was done he put everything away and then held his hand out for me, saying, "Shower time little miss."

Dazed, I rose and let him lead me into the bathroom.

It was large and tiled in stone, with a huge deep tub in the corner easily big enough for two but he led me to the glass doored shower which had a shower head on either side, the kind you can take off for they have hoses.

He turned them both on and then turned to me and with a smile asked, "Would you like to take my clothes off?"

"Yes please," I said meekly and quickly moved to help him pull his tank top off over his head.

I marveled at the sleekness of his muscles, just as I remembered them from that day at the beach almost a year ago, a light dusting of sandy curls on his chest and a thin line of them leading down to the waistband of his jeans.

I quickly unbuttoned the buttons on his jeans before he could change his mind and tugged then down over his lean hips, kneeling to take them all the way down to his ankles.

That was how I ended up at eye level with his cock and it seemed only natural to lean forward and kiss it, the flick my tongue over the head that was already gleaming with his precome.

He hissed and then leaned down and caught my shoulders, drawing me back to my feet as he admonished me, "Not yet naughty minx. You'll be punished for taking liberties later so keep that in mind. But right now I want you in here," he gestured to the shower, filled with steam now, "Tell me if it's too hot."

The water was a tiny bit hotter than I really liked it but a perverse part of me wanted it that way and so I stepped under the jets and let the water cascade over my body.

He followed me quickly, pulling me to him again for another series of ravenous kisses and the first contact of our bare skin with each other made me literally go weak in the knees. He caught me in his arms though and kept kissing me, his hard cock pressed tight against my wet belly. Then he once more made himself push me away a little and he soaped up his hands and proceed to wash every inch of my body with his bare soapy hands.

There was a bare against one wall and he turned me and told me to hand on to it and then he said, "Bend over."

His soapy fingers slid into the crack of my ass as I complied and I gasped as I felt him begin to gently finger my anus.

"Shhhh little girl," his said in that low and yet silken voice, "the soap is very gentle. It won't hurt you anywhere. Relax."

I fought the urge to clench as he invaded my ass with one incredibly gentle finger, fucking me just up to the first knuckle and my hands gripped the bar as I fought to breathe. He only did this for a moment though and then carefully washed me all over, including the outer lips of my startlingly bare pussy before he rinsed his hands and slid his fingers into my greedy wet slit.

I gasped and rocked against his hand and left the length of his straining cock against my ass but this was just a tease and he stepped back, handing me the soap and said, "Now do me."

I washed him like I worshipped him with my bare hands and I did worship him, he was utterly amazing. I was a little surprised though when he bent himself, placing his hands on the rail and exposing his tight muscled ass to me.

"Gently," he admonished me as I soaped his anus and then pushed my fingertip slowly inside. He flexed against me and made a little inarticulate sound of pleasure that made my pussy clench. I wanted him to make more sounds like that.

He reached back and took my soapy hand and drew it downwards until my fingertips were pressed against the space between his anus and his balls.

Let's work on your vocabulary babydoll," he murmured, "This," and he pressed my fingertips firmly against this ridge of flesh, "is the taint. If you massage it when you're sucking my cock or jerking me off I am likely to come much harder. Keep that in mind, hm?"

I nodded, dazed, and said, "Yes Mr. Archer. I'll remember."

"Good girl," he said softly and straightened up, tuning to face me and I could feel myself creaming just for those words. I wanted him to say them to me all the time.

He soaped my hands up and then wrapped one around his cock, his own hand over mine and began to make me stroke him and without any hesitation I reached between his legs with my other hand and began to massage his taint.

He groaned then, reaching back to steady himself with the bar and said, "Oh fuck yes, that's my girl. Stroke me off. I can't wait anymore."

He let go of my hand once I had the rhythm he wanted and the whole time he was watching my face. I wanted to look at his dick, which was rigid and trembling in my hand but his eyes held mine, making me feel somehow even more naked than I already was, vulnerable.

"Do you like it?" he asked me.

"Yes," I answered readily.

"Are you looking forward to the day I put it inside you babygirl?"

I kept stroking him just as he had shown me and found myself transfixed by his changing expressions as he began to breathe more deeply, his hips pumping slowly. I knew that, for these moments, I completely owned him and my legs began to tremble.

"Yes. I want you to fuck me still," I whispered, "Please say you're still going to fuck me. Please."

He groaned then and said, "I will, I will. Oh God Amanda I can't wait to get my dick into you. I'm gonna make it so good for you little girl. I promise. I'm gonna make you come and come before I fill up your little hole with my come."

My thighs were actually getting wet I was so hot, my cunt aching to be touched.

"Faster," he moaned suddenly, "Stroke me off baby. Make me come. I need to."

I complied and his cock jumped in my hand and he whispered harshly, "Oh you fucking little whore. That's so good. Press hard. I'm gonna come all over you. You dirty little slut look what you're doing to me."

I massaged his taint more vigorously even as my breathe caught at his words and tears started in my eyes suddenly. He knew. He knew what a little whore I was. And the shame of it nearly made me come myself.

My eyes dropped to his cock as his own eyes closed and his head rolled back against the wall of the shower.

"You like it, don't you?" he moaned, "You like having my cock in your hands. You like jerking me off. You want my come all over you, don't you?"

"Yes, " I sobbed, "I want it! Yes, I'm what you say! I'm a little slut who wants your come on my tits."

"You're...such...a ... good ...girl," he ground out between moans, his hips jerking now, "Gonna give you my come. Now."

He cried out, a hoarse low sound that sounded almost painful as his hot come jetted out and over my tits and belly.

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