Biting in Lust

Biting in Lust

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Its about a girl who gets raped by a vampire, but ends up falling for him.


Its about a girl who gets raped by a vampire, but ends up falling for him.


Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Biting in Lust

I slept quietly in my room, when I heard a loud noise. I wanted to see, where the noise came from, so I got out of bed straight away. I walked slowly down the hall to be sure I didn’t stump with my feet and I stopped in front of the door to my mom’s bedroom, where the noise obviously came from. I went closer to the door and opened it a little to peep in, to see what happened in the room. In the bedroom I saw a man naked with my mom and he banged her over and over again. My mom cried the whole time through it and when I saw he suddenly bit her, she screamed out loud. I was shocked and wept with my eyes full of water. My mom lay on the bed in a pool of blood and she had blood and bite marks all over her naked body. It lasted forever and my mom looked bruised and looked like she was in an endless pain. I wanted it to stop, but I panicked and after I saw my mom that way, I just wanted to die. My mom looked my way and saw me in the door. She tried to form a word with her mouth.

I tried to see, what she tried to say, without breaking. She formed the word “RUN.” I cried and hurried quickly back to my room and locked the door. I hopped into bed and started to cry my eyes out with my head placed in my lap. I never cried so much as I did that night. After a while I heard heavy steps outside in the hall that came closer to my room every minute. I knew it could only be that man and the one thing I could think about, was mom who lied dead on her bed. The door to my bedroom broke in and the man stood in the door way. Only the light from the hallway came in, so it was pretty dark in my room. The man looked scary and came closer to my bed. I shacked out of fear. He looked scary yet I found him quite handsome, but I knew that he was going to do the same to me as he did to my mom. He kept getting closer to me and I was really scared. Then he stopped at the end of the bed and sat down on it. My eyes were still wet and I was afraid of what he might do to me, so I moved further away from the bed.

“Sweetie, your mom had an accident and she’s not coming back.” 

“You killed her.”

“Why would you say that, Katy?”

I was in shock. How did the stranger know my name, unless he got it out of my mom?

“I saw, what you did to her…You MONSTER!”

As soon as the man heard what I said, he grabbed my arm hard and threw me violently on the bed. He tore my night gown off and started to touch me. I was scared and my eyes started to run in water again. The man took away his cold hands from my naked body and started to take his pants off. I started to weep and saw the man took his underwear off too. He was really white and I’ve never seen a man’s thing before. It was so big that I thought it could impossibly fit, I was going to die. He grabbed my legs and spread them out and took his thing closer to my vagina. I cried out loud with my face all wet from the tears and I’ve never been so frighten in my entire life. The man took his thing inside me and I couldn’t believe it. His penis was actually inside me and blood flooded out of me. I started screaming out in pain, but he just started to move it faster inside of me back and forth, back and forth. I cried out in pain even more and it was so painful that I blacked out instantly.

The next morning I woke up in my bed all naked and covered in blood. I got really scared, because I thought he killed me, but I was still alive. But why? I got up from my bed and walked to the mirror. I didn’t see any bruises or bite marks like my mom had, before she was killed. There was only dried out blood all over my naked body, which made it scary, because I had no idea, how the blood came there. I didn’t remember much of last night. It was all blurry and all very confusing. All I remember was my mom was somehow bitten and I blacked out. I took a shower to wash all the blood off my body and out of my blond hair and was feeling really smelly and dirty. I put on some fresh clothes and slowly went down the stairs. I smelled something coming from the kitchen and it smelled kind of nice. But who would cook in the kitchen? I peeped into the kitchen and I couldn’t believe it.The scary guy from last night was standing by the stove cooking breakfast and he saw me right away.

“Are you hungry?”


“I made breakfast and there’s plenty, if you want some.”

I couldn’t believe it. He was actually nice to me. The strange guy went over with the breakfast to the kitchen table and sat down on one of the chairs.

“Come on, I don’t bite. Please, sit down.”

I don’t know why, but I took a risk sitting down eating breakfast with a stranger, who just raped and killed my mother last night. I must be going crazy. I took a couple of pan cakes, because I wouldn’t seem rude for all the trouble he went through making this breakfast meal. But I must admit I’ve never tasted better pancakes than these. He didn’t say much at the table, he just kept smiling at me, which was kind of creepy. I couldn’t take the silence any more, I needed some answers.

“Why are you all nice to me? You just made me breakfast and then pretend like nothing happened. You killed my mom, you FREAK!”

“I thought after last night, you might need some breakfast.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Well, since you don’t have a mom anymore, I thought I might crash here for a while. “

“Forget it.”

“Look! If you don’t let me stay here, I’ll do the same thing to you as I did to your mom.”

I was scared and I knew I didn’t have a choice. It still frightens me, what he did to me after I blacked out. I was afraid to ask, but I needed to know.

“What did you do to me after I blacked out?”

 The stranger laughed out loud.

“Can’t you tell? I can tell you one thing. You’re sure no virgin anymore.”

I cried out loud. I was sure he raped me, like he did to mom. I wiped my eyes.

“Did you bite me too?”

“Why would you think that?”

“I saw you do it to my mom. You’re a psycho.”

“You really don’t get do you, Katy.”

“What.” I said confused with tears in my eyes.

“I’m a VAMPIRE.”

Vampire, he yelled out loud. I couldn’t believe they existed. I was in shock. He got up from the table.

“I’m Hank McCurtis by the way. Since I’m going to stay here for a while, you might as well know my name.”

The vampire walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs and I was still in shock, because last night I got raped by a vampire.

I walked upstairs to spy on Hank McCurtis to see if he really was a vampire, like he said. I saw there was light in the upstairs bathroom, so I peeped in through the door. Hank McCurtis was shaving himself, while looking in the mirror. The funny part was I could see in the mirror he didn’t have any reflection, when he looked in the mirror. Why would he look in the mirror then?

“Do you want something?” Asked Hank shaving himself.

“Why do you look in the mirror, if you don’t have a reflection?”

“It’s a habit, I guess.”

“Are you really a vampire?”

“I’m as real as I can be.”

“So, you don’t eat anything? Since you’re dead, I mean.”

“No, and I don’t sleep either.”

“Anything else, you want to know?”

“Yeah, what about the sun and all those things that is supposed to kill vampires?”

“They’re all just rumours.”

“So you can’t die?”

“Well I am already dead.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Okay. One, you can kill a vampire and two; Do you really believe I would tell you that.”

“Do you always rape your victims?”

“It’s kind of a knowing fact, we vampires do.”


“Why. Vampires are dead and have no feelings about you humans what so ever. You’re just a bunch of blood bags, we like to suck dry and use as puppets.”

“So you’re just going to rape, bite me and then kill me?”

“Katy. You got me all wrong. You’re not like your mother, you’re different and I got bigger plans for you.”

I started to get really scared. What did he mean with bigger plans with me? Hank took his right hand up to my rosy chick and I started to shake all over in fright, afraid of what he might do to me next. He leaned closer to me and kissed me with his cold lips on my lips with such a passion that I almost gave in. Then he took his mouth down to my neck and kissed it gently.

“Do you like that?”


I don’t know why, but I lied to myself. Because I really liked it, even though I was afraid that he might bite me in the neck. Hank started to rip the buttons of my shirt off and then he ripped my pants off and started to touch me all over my naked body. It felt really cold, when he was touching me with his cold dead hands and I was really terrified, because I knew he was about to rape me again. He started to open his fly and I knew what was coming next, but I couldn’t stop it, because he was holding me so tight. Hank took his penis hard in to make it hurt more and he moved it so hard to make sure, I’d break. I couldn’t take it and I was in so much pain, but in the same time I started to get really hot inside and it just wouldn’t stop. I was getting all smelly from the sweating.

“I’m going to come inside you.”

“No, please don’t.” I said sounding really scared.

“You won’t get pregnant with a vampire.”

I felt relieved that I couldn’t get pregnant, but I still didn’t want him to come inside. I felt it coming and I started to scream. I couldn’t take it. When it came inside me, I just collapsed on the bathroom floor. I felt hot and dirty at the same time and I wanted this nightmare to end. Hank grabbed me from the floor and put me up against the wall again. I couldn’t believe it. He stuck his penis harder inside me, harder than the time before and started to bang me over and over again with so much pain. He didn’t care how much it hurt me, or if I was tired from the one time before. He just wanted me to break. I was thinking about mom, how she couldn’t handle one time with him and I wondered how long, I would last through this. I didn’t enjoy it one bit, but I was beginning to feel hot inside me again and I didn’t want to feel this way. I just wanted it to end fast. I started to get water in my eyes, because of all the pain. Hank took his mouth closer to my neck and opened his mouth. Then he put his sharp fangs into my skin of my neck and started to suck my warm blood out. I made a loud cry and I just wanted him to stop, but somehow I still felt warm and my blood started to burn inside of me and rushed through my entire body. I didn’t understand, what was happening to me and it burned so much that I passed out. When I came to myself, I lied on my bed and realized I wasn’t naked. I took my hand up to my neck, but there wasn’t any blood and my body wasn’t on fire anymore. I rushed over to the mirror to get a better picture of me, but I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. My reflection was gone and I started to get scared. I looked down at my body and saw I wore a white summer dress. I tried to see, if I could see any bite marks on my neck or any part of my body.  It was hard to look at my neck without a mirror, but I could see bite marks over the rest of my body and it didn’t look good. The worst place was my arms. I could see on my writs that my arteries have been torn apart with animal teeth, because I could see into my bones of my arms and on my legs I had huge bite marks, still dripping out with  blood. My body was so cold and insanely white and I felt my throat was going to explode. I didn’t understand any of this and I still had a hard time to adjust all of this and breathing calmly. Did he turn me last night? I was too frightened that I tried not to think about too much. I tried to walk with my torn body, but nothing happened. I could still walk the same way. It just seemed I couldn’t, when you look at my fragile legs. I walked down to the kitchen to see if Hank was up yet, but he wasn’t there. Not even a breath in the air. It was all quiet and I didn’t like it one bit. I had a bad feeling. Where could he be? I started to feel the urge of food, so I walked over to the refrigerator, because I was really starving. I started to get cravings and I don’t know why, but not any of the food made me hungry. I felt the need of something juicer and tastier. My throat was burning even more. I tried to drink some ice cold water, but it didn’t help and it was so bad that I needed to lie down. I was sitting up against the wall and was getting worse, when the front door batched in. The sun was shining so strongly that it blinded my eyes, so my eyes were almost on fire and I couldn’t see who came in through the door. A dark shadow came closer to me, when I realized it was Hank standing in front of me.

“You finally woke up.”

I looked at him with my dull eyes and was feeling really weak.

“You don’t look so good. Wait here.”

Hank went outside for a moment, but when he came back in he had some fat old guy with him and just dropped him on the floor.

“Breakfast time.”

I looked all confused at Hank. Was he really serious? Hank saw I was all weak, so he held on to the old guy’s neck and put his fangs deep in him. The old guy screamed out of pain and blood dripped from his fat neck, but for some reason it made me really thirsty seeing Hank draining the man for blood. Hank stopped and pushed the old guy closer to me. He held the guy’s neck closer to my mouth, so I could easier reach.

“Your turn.”

I looked at the old guy’s neck and the smell got to me. I opened my dry mouth and put my teeth deeply inside of him. I felt the blood rushing through my cold body and warming me up from inside. His blood was amazing. So bitter, yet so sweet that it just makes me want to have more. I saw my body being healed. All the bite marks and torn up places disappeared and made my beautiful white body a solid strong and hard one like crystal. Hank stood next to me and looked proud of watching me drain the life of the old guy. Then Hank grabbed the guy’s wrist and sucked the blood out. I looked at him and somehow I saw him in a different light. Maybe it’s because I’m a vampire now?

“Why did you change me?”

Hank stopped drinking and looked at me.

“My creator died a couple of centuries ago. I was the only vampire left in the world and you can get lonesome, so I changed you to get some company.”

“Was that the only reason?”

“What do you mean?”

“You could have changed anybody. Why me?”

“No reason for you to rub your brain with that.”

Hank got up from the floor and walked up the stairs, but I already knew why. He cared for me more than he said. I left the dead guy on the floor and went up the stairs. I went into my mom’s bedroom and saw Hank standing by the window.

“What about the dead guy.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Do you always kill your prey?”

“Yeah, if I didn’t they would all come back as vampires.”

“Like zombies?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

We both put on a little grin and then smiled to each other. I don’t know why, but I’ve fallen in love with the man who killed my mother. How could I ever look at myself again? We gazed at each other for a while and then I walked slowly over to him and looked right into his beautiful blue eyes. He kissed me softly on the lips with so much passion, but it wasn’t cold... Not really. Our skin was pale and cold, yet at the same time, it somehow felt warm. Hank started to unbutton my white dress, but this time I wasn’t scared at all. I was somehow reborn and I felt the feelings rushing through me and I could hardly breathe. I stood there naked and for the first time ever, I felt comfortable. He took me over to the bed and kissed me passionately and then he stuck his penis inside of me, but it didn’t hurt this time, which was really strange.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“That’s because you’re a vampire now. We´re dead, so we don’t feel pain.”

I was surprised. Though I must admit I was also kind of relieved, because of all the pain it’s been causing me. It felt gentler now and has turned into an amazing feeling, bringing us together in a heat of passion and coming out as a lust of love.

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