Affection in Blood

Affection in Blood Affection in Blood

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A girl who is seduced and has sex with a vampire. Got two hot sex scenes in it.


A girl who is seduced and has sex with a vampire.

Got two hot sex scenes in it.


Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



Affection in Blood

Mrs Kenward and Mrs Robinson enjoyed their tea in Mrs Kenward’s tea room. They sat there every day during tea time and talked about the latest chatter around town. Mrs Kenward and Mrs Robinson were two older women and knew about everyone, so they constantly talked about anyone and everything they could get their eyes on. They often talked about who were single in town, in hope to find a husband for Mrs Kenward ´s youngest and only daughter Mary, but they knew the task wouldn’t be easy, since Mary Kenward had always been in her own thoughts and spoke her own mind, which wasn’t appropriate for a young lady.

“Have you heard Mrs Kenward that last week a flirtation happened between Mrs Kingsley and Mr Brown?” Said Mrs Robinson while, she poured herself a cup of tea.

“May I ask where you heard of this?”

“Mr Kingsley told me himself.”

“Mr Kingsley told you this.” Asked Mrs Kenward and sat her tea cup down in astonishment.

“He didn’t deny it.” Said Mrs Robinson and then looked around in the house and turned around to Mrs Kenward. “Young Miss Kenward isn’t here today?”

“I’m afraid you’ve just missed my daughter. She took a walk to the woods earlier today.”

“I must say, she often wanders off into the woods.” Said Mrs Robinson

“She’s in desperate need of a husband Mrs Kenward.”

“You know my Mary, Mrs Robinson. No one will be brave enough to take her hand in marriage.”

“Yes, indeed she got a lively spirit, but Manly Lambrick might be the one. He’s a noble man and whom all the young women in the Country fancies”

“Manly Lambrick inheritance the estates of Hemsworth after his father, but you know the man, Mrs Robinson.” Said Mrs Kenward and seemed defeatist.

“Manly Lambrick may not be the best man, but he’s an honourable man and he may be the best and only offer for your daughter.”

“I shall ask her and make her consider.” Said Mrs Kenward

Later that day Mary Kenward returned from the woods and went straight up to her room, when her mother Mrs Kenward walked in.


“Mary, may I have a word with you?”

“Of course mother, anything.

“I talked to Mrs Robinson earlier today and I have a proposition for you, Mary.” Said Mrs Kenward and stood next to Mary, whom looked confused. “You’re familiar with Mr Manly Lambrick of course and you should consider him in marriage.”

Mary was speechless.

“I know he may not be the best man, but he’s an honourable and a respectable gentleman. He is recommended by most women in the Country.

“They only fancy his money, mother.”

He will give you wealth and is the best offer you may ever get.” Said Mrs Kenward and tried to comfort Mary by embracing her. “We could go up to Hemsworth manor and you will become acquainted with Manly Lambrick.”

“Mother, please do not do this.”

“Please, Mary.”

Mary looked at her mother and she knew it wasn’t polite to say no, so she just nodded and hugged her mother for not to show her any disappointment on her behalf.

Couple of weeks after, Mrs Kenward and her daughter Mary went up to Hemsworth manor.

“Remember Mary, only speak when spoken to.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Said Mary as they walked up the stairs and entered the main doors to the manor. “Have they been informed, why we’ve come to this place?”

“Yes, I sent a letter some time ago explaining the whole matter.”

They stood in the hall and waited for the Lambricks to come down the stairs to make their acquaintance.

“Mother, must we do this?”

“Just relax and everything will be fine.” Said Mrs Kenward

Mr Lambrick and his son Manly Lambrick came down the stairs to make their acquaintance with the Kenwards. Mrs Kenward looked really happy, for she knew the marriage between young Mr Lambrick and her daughter Mary would secure the family forever.

“Would you care to join me for a cup of tea, Mrs Kenward?” Asked Mr Lambrick and held out his arm, ready to escort her.

“I would be delighted, Mr Lambrick.”

“Miss Kenward. Would you like me to take you for a stroll outside in the park?” Asked young Mr Lambrick

Mary carefully gave him a little smile. She tried to seem pleased and joined him outside. They walked along the lake and Manly Lambrick enjoyed the scenery with Mary Kenward’s company. The flowers all blossomed on a hot summer’s day and the lake, blue and shined like crystals in the water with a lightly breeze in the air.

“May I ask do you have any brothers or sisters, Miss Kenward?”

“I have a brother, but he got married.”

“So you’re the only one at home with your father and mother?”

“No. Actually father died.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I did not mean to hurt you in any way.”

“No. Don’t be absurd, sir.” Mary said to let him know he didn’t hurt her feelings and quickly changed the matter.

“It’s very beautiful this time of year.” Said Mary

“Yes. It’s admirable for sure.”

“All this could be yours one day. I could make you a very happy woman and bring you a great fortune.”

Manly Lambrick took Marys hand and held it, as he got down on one knee. Mary thought about her mom’s deepest wish for her to marry to a wealthy and respectable man like Manly Lambrick, but hesitated to remember if that was her wish as well, even if it meant to break her word to her dear mother.

“Mary Kenward. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

“Mr Lambrick. I am very flattered…but you’re not the man that could make me happy.” Mary Said and let go of Manly Lambricks hand. ”I’m sorry, but I cannot accept your proposal.”

“Good day Mr Lambrick.”

Mary rushed out of the park and back out the door in such a hurry, as Manly Lambrick stood frozen and stunned by the decline from her. Mrs Kenward saw Mary in such a hurry that she ran after her and yelled at her in despise.

“Mary. What have you done!?”

“I’m not staying here.”

“You have acted really selfish!” Yelled Mrs Kenward and ran faster to try and catch up with her daughter.

Mary stopped, as soon as she heard what her mother said and she raged in anger.

“Me!? You, ma’am cares only for the man’s fortune.” Don’t you want to see me happy!?”

“Of course I will, but money is needed in this world and you cannot marry without it. Now you go back, miss and tell young Mr Lambrick you’ve changed your mind.”

“No. I won’t marry him, mother! I want affection, even if it means to stay poor forever.”

“You’re being a very foolish girl.” Said Mrs Kenward in fury and didn’t know what do about her daughter. “I’ll go back and try to apologize on your behalf. We better hope that Mr Lambrick asks you on another occasion and you better accept him or we will not be on speaking terms again.”

A few weeks passed and it was time for the annual ball at the Hemsworth estates. That morning the day before the grand ball Mr Manly Lambrick visited the Kenwards and invited them for the ball in hope to propose to Miss Kenward once again. When Lambrick was gone, Mrs Kenward jumped in happiness and thought this was their chance to save and gain the marriage between Manly Lambrick and her daughter Mary.

On the night of the grand ball Manly Lambrick came in a carriage to escort Mary to try to formally reclaim her hand in marriage. Mary wore a simple, but beautiful dress. Unlike the other fine women in the Country, who wore big and beautiful noble dresses, like all the rich women do. When Mary came out of the house, Manly Lambrick stood by the carriage, ready to open the door in a real gentleman way.

“Miss Kenward, may I escort you to the grand ball?”

“You may.” Said Mary and took a hold to Manly Lambricks hand and went into the carriage and sat down.

“I hope you will enjoy this evening, Miss Kenward.”

“The evening itself maybe, but I may not enjoy any surprises.” Mary said as she tried to make Lambrick nervous to prevent him to propose again, because she really didn’t want to marry him. ”You wouldn’t know any upcoming surprises, would you Mr Lambrick.”

“I dare say I don’t, Madam.” Said Lambrick all nervous with his heart down his throat and tried to breathe normally in order to speak properly. Mary put a little smile on her face and tried not to laugh too much, for she may have saved herself from the whole evening and maybe for the future times. But suddenly Lambrick leaned over to Mary and kissed her softly on her cheek. He started to touch her on her thigh and moved his hand slowly up to her jewel, when she stopped him and grabbed his hand.

“Mr Lambrick, I’m not the kind of woman to give in for just any pleasures and believe me sir, this is not one of them.”

“I see.” Said Lambrick and felt ashamed for his behaviour. “I apologize for my actions, madam.”

Manly Lambrick and Mary Kenward arrived at the grand ball and most of them were already dancing. People looked elegant and danced together so gracefully across the dance floor. The gentlemen held the ladies close in their arms as they moved through the ballroom, making the time stop for them. Mary walked with Lambrick through the crowded room, when her eyes caught a strange gentleman, looking at her in a dark, but charming way. He came up to Mary and they had eye contact. They kept gazing at each other and didn’t seem to notice anyone around them. Lambrick starred at them with an appalled look on his face. So he offered Mary to join him for a dance, but the stranger got him ahead.

“Would the lady care to join me for the next dance?”

“I would be delighted, sir.”

Mary Kenward saw the strange man was unusually white and had his freezing hands around her waist, but was happy to dance with him.

“May I ask you for your name, miss?”

“It’s Mary Kenward. Mr…”

“Connor Whatley, madam.”

Mary danced the whole evening with Connor Whatley, which wasn’t appropriate to dance with the same man. Mary didn’t care though. She found him very mysterious and was really fascinated by him.

“Dancing with the same man and the wrong one!”

“I understand if you’re very upset right now.”

“How could you this to poor young Mr Lambrick, to me!”

“I never wanted to dance with Lambrick in the first place.”

“He will secure you forever.”

“You mean secure you, mother.”

“Oh, don’t be as stupid as your brother was, Mary.”

“Harry married for love!”

“And look where that got him!”

Mary couldn’t help to think that maybe her mother was right. Harry did marry for love, but his family have money sent from Mary and her mother every year, because they have nothing. Even though they’re happy, it’s all about money these days. Maybe she should marry Manly Lambrick anyway, so she wouldn’t end up like her dear brother. But she reminded herself why she couldn’t do that, because in the end, she always made her decisions from the heart, and no one could tell her different. Harry might be poor, because of the money, but he’s got a heart of gold and a family who loves him. That’s what makes him a rich man and he wouldn’t be all that, if he had married some rich woman instead.

Mary went for her usual walk through the woods, when she spotted Connor Whatley on her way. He looked different from the night before, wearing his dark clothes hiding behind his black cloak, as he sent Mary a seductive look in his eye coming up from under his dazing black top hat. She saw Connor moving closer and he grabbed her with his arms around her and shoved her up against a tree. He let his walking stick fall to the dirty ground and planted a wet one on her lips. Mary tried to fight against it, but the kiss was too good. Connor removed Mary’s yellow dress and lifted up her underdress to stick his treasure right inside of her. He started to move it and then pushed it father and father inside and let Mary have her first orgasm. She knew it was wrong for a young woman to enjoy this sort of thing, before she had found herself a husband, but the feeling was irresistible. Mary felt a warm feeling, rushing through her that gave her all the pleasures she never had. Connor started kissing her juicy neck and felt the blood pumping in her body. Mary closed her eyes and felt the passion through his cold lips. But when Connor ripped her throat up with his deadly fangs, blood ran from her bitten neck and she screamed in fear.

Mary woke up in her bed without knowing how she ended up there. She tried to remember, but it was all kind of blurred for her. But then she suddenly remembered Connor Whatley drinking her blood from her neck and she thought about the possibly that he could be a vampire. But how could that be? Vampires only exist in story books and there was no way they were real. Mary quickly got out of bed to check her underdress. And just as she feared, it was full of dry blood. She put on a dress and hurried downstairs, where Mrs Kenward was eating breakfast.

“Mary, thank god you’re up.” Said Mrs Kenward relieved. “Would you like some breakfast?”

“What happened to me?”

“You were attacked by a wolf and Mr Whatley saved you.”

“Connor Whatley did…”

“Yes, he is a fine man.”

Mary figured that Connor covered up his own tracks by saying it was a wolf. She smelled all the delicious food on the table, but didn’t really feel the need to have any of it. She was hungry though. But the hunger she had was much stronger and she craved for something a little more freshly. She looked up at her mother eating and saw her neck moving, when she chewed. She could see the veins through her mother’s neck. Mary’s throat was all dried in and she felt the thirst even more now, as it got stronger and stronger by the minutes. She had to get out fast, like she was drawn to the man itself. So she went into town, where she was told that Connor Whatley stayed at the “White Horse,” which was the finest hotel in town. Mary found his room and knocked on the door and Connor stuck his head out.

“Mr Whatley.”

“Miss Kenward! Please do come in.” Said Connor and looked at her with a charming, but still innocent look on his face. “I’m assuming the cravings have begun by now.”

Connor could see Mary was dying of thirst. Her throat was bursting in flames and she was burning up in fever.

“Here, you need this.” Said Connor and gave Mary a wine glass in her hand. “I took it from a woman this morning, so it’s still fresh.”

Mary looked down at the wine glass she held in her hand and saw the juicy red blood, waiting for her to drink. She held the glass up to her mouth and carefully tipped it and the blood slowly ran down her dry throat. Mary felt a refreshing feeling coming over her, when she drank it and let it quench her thirst. But as soon as she had her first taste of the blood, she could smell other people’s blood from a great distance and couldn’t wait to set her fangs in their tasty skin and rip their throats apart. Mary needed more blood and she couldn’t take it. She felt the thirst coming back to her. So she opened the door and headed out, but was stopped by Connor.

“You have to be careful, Mary.” Said Connor and sent her a serious look. “When you’ve just been turned the thirst come sooner and last longer.”

“So you’ll just keep me here?”

“No, I’ll help you get through this and we’ll get married.”

“What about my mother?”

“You’ll have to say goodbye.”

Mary couldn't bear the thought of not seeing her mother anymore. To not be able to see her every day, was not something she could ever imagine.

Connor could see Mary wasn’t happy, so he embraced her and comforted her. He kissed her on the neck so passionately and then moved down to her white breasts. Mary was in heaven and felt the temptation for his treasure, as it opened up to her vagina and went inside. She felt there were no limits. Having their naked hot bodies against each other, made a burning lust of flames come closer and caught them right in the fire, which made Mary come twice.

Arriving later to her mother’s made Mary cry even more and it was even more hard for her not be able to tell her mother the whole truth.

“You’re getting married!?” Said Mrs Kenward and sounded shocked, but happy. “Your one of the nobles, I assume?”

“Yes madam.” Said Connor

“I own a manor in London.”

Mrs Kenward was full of joy and was grateful for Mary had found a rich man. The wedding happened a week later and the whole town was happy and thankful that Mary finally got married. She left with Connor in a carriage and was now Mrs Whatley.

“So, are you going to tell me, where we’re headed?” Asked Mary and looked at Connor with a sweet smile. ”Obviously it’s not London.”

Connor sent Mary a charming smirk.

“The manor is in Transylvania.”

They both smiled and then laughed out loud. Mary knew her mother would never know where she would be, but still she was happy to be with the one person she would love for eternity.

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