I am in Love With Evil

I am in Love With Evil

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ever since that summer, I have had a nightly visitor that has been growing infatuated with me more and more. The thing is, I don't know how to react to this. It feels so wrong, yet so right.


Ever since that summer, I have had a nightly visitor that has been growing infatuated with me more and more. The thing is, I don't know how to react to this. It feels so wrong, yet so right.

Chapter1 (v.1) - I am in Love With Evil

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Ever since that summer, I have had a nightly visitor that has been growing infatuated with me more and more. It feels so wrong, yet so right.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 30, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 30, 2015



I was only a freshman at Cal State University, Northridge. Coming from North Dakota, this was paradise for me. Only two months into school, I had already been invited to a party; a Halloween party. I was attending this party with one of my classmates, Heather. She was dressed as the Red Queen and I as the White Queen, from Alice in Wonderland.

Heather held up her iPhone 3GS, as we smiled, holding our drinks.

"Say cheese!" She grinned, and snapped a picture of us amidst the wild party going on.

"How do I look?" I peered over Heather's shoulder.

"We look fabulous." Heather laughed, tucking her phone back into her dress pocket.

"Hey! Do you guys wanna come down to the basement?" Dean, a guy in Heather and I's psychology class asked.

"What is going on in the basement?" Heather asked eagerly.

"Veronica's having a Ouija session."

"No way." Heather and I said in unison.

"Yes way. Come on!" Dean dragged us down to the basement, and it was eerily quiet down here.

"This is so sick." Heather commented. There were candles in each corner of the basement, the only light in here.

Veronica's this super goth and super weird chick whom we all know, well, because she's goth. I have even heard some people say that she's a witch, but I think those people were just letting their imaginations run a little too wild.

I sat down next to Heather, as all of us were in a circle, the Ouija board in the center, along with a candle. Veronica wore a witch costume, no shocker there.

"When can we start?" A blonde girl in a Lady Gaga costume asked eagerly.

"Let me go over the rules, and then we may begin." Veronica spoke.

"First rule, is that you must always ask if there is someone here with us. If the answer is no, then the session must close. If the answer is yes, then you may proceed to asking the spirit's name and introduce yourself." Veronica gulped.

"Second rule is that you are prohibited from asking questions regarding the future, death, or anything inappropriate." She continued.

"And lastly, you may not end the session until the spirit wishes to do so." Veronica concluded.

"Can I go first?" The Gaga girl asked, raising her hand.

"Go ahead." Veronica nodded. The girl giggled giddily, placing her fingers on the planchet.

"Is there someone with us in this room?" The girl asked. For a minute, the planchet did not move, but then it stirred. The girl widened her eyes in awe. The planchet slowly started moving, landing on YES.

"Holy shit..." The girl whispered. "What's your name?"

The planchet immediately spelled out the words I WON'T TELL YOU. The girl was taken aback.

"Okay. Well, I'm Chloe." She said, her voice trembling a little.

"Um, does anyone want to ask a question?" Chloe asked, looking at all of us.

"I do." Dean volunteered.

"Which girl in this room should I kiss?" He asked, grinning, and everyone groaned, except these two other dudes, who were laughing with him. I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously?" I looked at him, and he winked.

The planchet moved, spelling out HEATHER. I looked at Heather, and her cheeks were beet red. I snorted, laughing. Chloe started making kissy noises, and two other guys high-fived, laughing loudly. Dean looked at Heather, scooting closer to her.

"Come on Dean! Kiss her already!" One of the guys urged.

Dean leaned in, his lips locking with Heather's. A Joker-like grin appeared on my face, and the guys cheered, wolf-whistling, and Chloe giggled. When they pulled apart, both were blushing crimson red. Heather then placed the tip of her fingers on the planchet.

"Is Veronica really a witch?" Heather asked, and the guys laughed. Veronica tensed up, turning pink.

NO. The planchet spelled out.

"See? I told you." Heather scowled at the guys, who just laughed even harder. Poor Veronica.

"Your turn." Heather told me. I hesitated, but placed my fingers on the planchet anyway.

"When am I losing my virginity?" I asked. The guys gasped, including Dean.

"You're a virgin?" Dean asked, incredulous.

"Yes, I am." I shrugged. The planchet stirred, then spelled out TONIGHT. I widened my eyes. The guys all burst out laughing again, high-fiving each other. Dean had a crocodile grin on his face, Heather was grinning too, her cheeks pink, but Veronica was staring at me in concern.

"Gee, I wonder who I'm losing it to." I muttered.

"I'll take it from you." A guy with curly light brown hair offered, snickering.

"Hell no." I shook my head.


After a rather dumb but funny and creepy Ouija session, I was walking over to the bar, when I overheard Veronica talking to Chloe in a bedroom.

"I really, really want to experience sex with a spirit. Can you please tell me how it's done?" She begged Veronica. Eh? I pressed my ear to the door.

"Chloe, it is a dangerous thing to get involved in. Keep in mind that once you summon a spirit to be your lover, they will become attached to you forever, and since they are from another world, they could kill you." Veronica warned.

"Look, I just want to know what it feels like. Isn't there a way for me to experience this without having the spirit become attached to me?" Chloe asked in a whiny tone. Veronica sighed.

"I will tell you how to summon a sex spirit, but it is extremely important that you follow the rules." Veronica said, and I could just picture Chloe grinning like a crocodile.

"The first rule is that you have to open your mind to the possibilities. In other words, you have to believe." Veronica explained.

"Oh, I believe all right." Chloe snickered. Okay, she's clearly drunk.

"The second rule is that you must be lying down in bed, with your mind open to the possibility of having sex with a demon. After that, start masturbating."

I raised my eyebrow at that. This is getting more and more interesting now.

"The third and last rule is that once a spirit comes to you, specify what you want and what you don't want. You must clarify that. Okay?"

"Got it." Chloe said. I jumped away from the door as soon as I heard the knob twist, and ran off. Well, that sure as hell was an interesting conversation. 


When I got home, I was exhausted, and it was 3:15 AM. I kicked the door open to my dorm room, and thankfully I don't share this room with anyone. It was difficult to move around in a tipsy state, because I was exhausted, but not sleepy. I hummed under my breath the entire time I was removing my makeup, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and putting on my pajamas. I put my hair in a side braid, and stuffed my wig back into its packaging, tossing the bag into my closet. Every time I take off my costume for Halloween, I always get this feeling of regret. Maybe it's because it was hard to put this costume together that caused that regretful feeling in me, but I'm not sure. 

As I got into bed, I stared at the ceiling, remembering Chloe and Veronica's conversation in private. What was that about? I know it was bad of me to eavesdrop, but I just couldn't help it. I'm not a believer in that stuff, but tonight was different. That Ouija session was creepy, and while I stand by my statement that I am not a believer, I definitely am a curious soul, and then an idea occurred to me... a crocodile grin spread across my lips. 

I closed my eyes, and tried to relax myself as much as possible. I slid my hand slowly down until the tips of my fingers touched my crotch. I gasped, but didn't open my eyes, sliding two fingers in. I moaned at my own touch, trying not to feel awkward and disgusted at myself as I started to rub my clit. In my mind, it was a most handsome man doing this to me. I pictured him as a man with black, slightly ruffled hair, with pale skin, a muscular body, and eyes as green as emeralds. He had an intimidating aura about him, his expression telling me that he was dangerous, but I didn't care. I smiled at this man I created in my mind, digging my fingers even deeper inside, as a moan escaped my mouth. 

I stopped masturbating, panting. I turned on my side, feeling giddy. As I closed my eyes again, I felt a tingling sensation all over my legs. I stirred, but then fell asleep.

The following morning, I sat up, yawning, rubbing my eyes. I got out of bed, feeling unusually wet down there. I frowned, going into the bathroom. The first thing I noticed is that my hair looked as though a nuclear bomb detonated in it. I pulled my pajama pants and panties down, and nothing was out of the ordinary, except that I was wet. Now, I did not masturbate enough to get wet like this...


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