The Painter's Passion

The Painter's Passion

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A man is seduced by his boss, at the office, and they begin a hot and heavy romance at a company picnic where he finds that she is a wild animal. He paints on the side as if it were his main source of income. He gets her back to his studio where they make love and he starts painting her. She brings creative energy to his studio that he cannot ignore. Nor resist. He won't sell a painting and he will barely part with them when an art gallery wants to feature him. He puts her on a pedestal and so does she, he, but he falls first when she gets an interesting visitor at an event she set up for him but he doesn't attend.


A man is seduced by his boss, at the office, and they begin a hot and heavy romance at a company picnic where he finds that she is a wild animal. He paints on the side as if it were his main source of income. He gets her back to his studio where they make love and he starts painting her. She brings creative energy to his studio that he cannot ignore. Nor resist. He won't sell a painting and he will barely part with them when an art gallery wants to feature him. He puts her on a pedestal and so does she, he, but he falls first when she gets an interesting visitor at an event she set up for him but he doesn't attend.


Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012




He always made her hot when he entered the room, she would turn on the fan but it did no good, he turned her on. She didn’t want him to know, she liked being chased. But he could tell by the way she stared when she walked by his office. She was his superior and a tryst was totally against company policy, but her loins burned with primal heat with just the thought of his strong arms wrapped around her grabbing her plump ass. She wore pants suit jackets with a short mini skirt. All the men in the office drooled over her, but not him, he was as professional as could be, nose down in his paperwork only looking up when called.

He was just playing coy, though, and didn’t want to be just another guy drooling over his boss. He needed his job after all; he had a house note and a car note to keep up on. He could see the imprint of a g-string through her skirt as she walked away and it was all he could do not to say something, but he had never chased a woman in his life, they always came to him. He didn’t quite know how to ask a woman out on a date without sounding cheesy. The boss’s secretary was cute, too, but not the full-grown woman that she was. She was a mother to an infant son and had a husband at home. He found motherhood to be quite sexy. The way she looked at him was a dead give away, she knew how to smile with her eyes and he could read what was behind those emerald greens.

Day after day they would work and not say anything to each other, other than things pertaining to work. He would come into her office to pass along a work order and she would accept the work order fantasizing about accepting something else, something in his pants. He dropped the work order on her desk peering down at her ample bosom threatening to pop the buttons off her jacket and dress shirt. The sexual tension was palatable.

The following weekend was the company pick-nick and employees would be bringing their significant others and children. Lisa approached Charles.

“You will be attending the pick-nick won’t you?”

“I don’t know, I don’t have anyone to bring and would just feel out of place.” Charles answers.

“Nonsense, I’ll be going alone too, you can accompany me.”

Charles knew he’s be the envy of the office if he attended the pick-nick with the sultry boss, but it would also attract a lot of attention and the guy’s would be assuming that he was screwing her. But, it was her idea and if she didn’t mind then why should he?

“Look, it’s off company time so we can do what we want and I want you to go with me.”, Lisa was surprised at herself, being so forward with a guy that works under her but she couldn’t wait any longer, she had to have him.

“I guess, if it’s off company time, we can watch the others make asses of themselves.” Charles said with only one ass in mind and that was Lisa’s. She was tall, 5’10” or so and had a body that would make any porn star envious. She looked like a 36, 24, 36. And Charles intended on finding out for sure. He could tell by the way she plead for him to come to the pick-nick that she had other plans, and she did.

The day of the pick-nick families assembled together, basically.

They were close to the bar-b-que and pick-nick tables. Lisa had a blanket set up down the hill by the pond. She looked gorgeous in her Levis and tight, tight T-shirt tied in a knot in the back as to pull the t-shirt firmly around her breats..

“Over here!”, she called out to Charles.

He caught a glimpse of that firm body and knew exactly where he would be sitting. Lisa had a blanket laid out for the two of them and a pick-nick basket that hid a bottle of champagne.

She thought he looked great with his hard chest and muscular arms.

All she could think about was getting him relaxed with some champagne. He was so professional it killed her.

“Sit down, relax, remember we are off company time. Nobody can hold anything above our heads, nor can we, theirs.” she said with a come-hither smile.

He was admiring her beauty, he painted on the side so he saw the beauty in everything, but with her it was easy to see. He thought she was a fine specimen of femininity. Her long brunette locks had curls that bounced as she moved. He enjoyed watching her sit down. She put that beautifully perky butt in his face, he figured by accident but it was done with a purpose. She had pouty lips she covered with gloss, not lip stick, just gloss. She knew what she had and didn’t ruin it with unnecessary embellishment. She resembled a Charlies Angels’ Jackelyn Smith but not so damn thin

“You sure picked a spot far enough away.” said Charles

“Yeah, well we are off company time and I don’t really want to know anyone’s true color’s except you.” Lisa gave in to her animalistic urge, threw the chase out the window, she went in for the kill. Charles lay on the blanket on his side with his hand propping up his head. Lisa lay the same and they were both facing each other. Lisa edged a little closer no longer feigning an employer, employee relationship. With her inching closer she made it abundantly clear that she wanted more. Charles was shy but not stupid.

“What about your husband?”, Charles said naively,

“What he doesn’t know will not hurt him.”, Lisa said with those luscious lips Charles had a craving for.

“Let’s have a drink and see where the day takes us, shall we.”

Lisa was in her mid-thirties and moved up in the company fast. She had only been with them for a year. People surmised that she fucked her way to the top, but that is just jealousy from woman and an excuse for men to use for their lack of progress, the truth is she has a finance degree from Stanford and came into the company with the agreement that she would step up fast because she belonged at the top. With that wicked body she could negotiate some pretty fancy deals, too. Charles heard the rumors but always gave a woman the benefit of the doubt, plus he didn’t see what the other men saw. They saw her as an object and a shark where Charles saw a mother, a wife, a matriarch. He had tremendous respect for a woman who could come into a room full of rumor and innuendo about her and still command everyone’s undivided attention. She had a magic quality about her that Charles found fascinating. If he ever got to know her, he told himself, he would ask her to pose for him. Turned on by her bold move Charles welcomed her.

“I suppose a drink wouldn’t hurt, no, a drink would be nice, Thank You.”

“I’m glad we finally got a chance to do this, I’ve wanted to for a long time.” Lisa was laying her cards on the table with her body language.

Charles would have to be blind to not know that his boss was attracted to him.

“Charles, in the office I’m your boss and have authority over you, but out of the office I’m really just a little pussy cat craving someone to pet me.” Lisa says with a flutter of her eyelashes.

Charles was at a crossroads. Does he get involved with his boss and potentially make the best art of his career? or respond to her advances but leave it here in the park? She is married, that just turned Charles on more. She has a child. That also turned Charles on.

It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’ wrong. Charles was an artist first before anything. He may put on a tie 5 days a week but his heart is in Levi’s and T-shirts all covered in paint. The risk was high but the reward was fondling and possibly painting this beautiful creature. Hell yeah Charles was going to do it. His rationale was that he was doing it for art, when truthfully Charles hadn’t been with a woman in months because he’s been holed up in his apartment painting.

“Well you can rub up against me anytime.” Charles says lamely. What Lisa wants is for him to dominate her. Grab her by the hair and force a kiss on her that would give Cinderalla an orgasm. Lisa likes a man to dominate because she dominates a group of men all day, every day. She wants to submit to Charles, preferably on her hands and knees. She is trying to trasmitt that through her eyes but Charles won’t look into them long enough.

“Won’t you pet me?” Lisa pleads and moves in even closer, Charles grabs her hand as she creeps toward his crotch. “Look me in the eyes and don’t look away... can’t you see it, I’m not your boss, I’m just a girl.... be a man to me.” Lisa lays it out for Charles finally because she can take it no longer. Lisa is hot, on fire. Charles can feel it a foot away, which is how close they are now. They’re noses are nearly touching, Lisa’s hands are on the side of Charles’ head so he can’t move. He can smell her scent, the scent every woman gets when she’s turned on. Every woman has her own and this was Lisa’s. A sweet musk, he inhaled having sex with her through his nose, and leaned in toward those shiny lip glossed lips and gently nudged them with his.

Charles...” Lisa says as if she has some bad news, ”I cannot take this anymore.”, and she wraps her lips around Charles’ bottom lip and works her way to his mouth. Charles gives back by opening his mouth welcoming her in. Their tongues touched and it was off to the races. Charles ran his hand up the back of her neck and into her hair. He was palming her skull forcing, himself on her. He saw it in those eyes, she wanted it and wanted it bad.

Hands went roaming Charles pulled her into him, now their legs were touching, he pulled her in by her ass, it was firm and plump just as it looks, big enough to create hips but not so big they make a pear. Charles had plans for that then he roamed up her back and then around to her full breasts. That move got a moan. But where his hand really wanted to be was south, in between those thick thighs, if he could make it there he knows she’d let him paint her. He held back just enjoying the taste of a woman again.

Lisa was getting hotter by the second and runs her hand over that muscular back of his and rests her hand on his shoulder muscle. She wanted to just feel Charles’ hands on her body, he could go anywhere he wanted but he was staying above the waist torturing Lisa. Lisa grabbed his hand and guided it down to her pants zipper.

Charles couldn’t believe it, here, in the park he was going to feel up his gorgeous boss. His hand felt the zipper but he just started by massaging her from the outside. Her kissing got more aggressive. Charles knew that he could get her off if he went in her pants, but Lisa didn’t know that.

The bar-b-que was roaring over their shoulder 20 yards away. Children were playing, footballs were in the air. And no drama. What a surprise, as catty as the office was everyone expected a fight. But it was peaceful. Charles and Lisa were laying together, nearly as one.  Charles was wearing vintage Levi’s and a Obey Propaganda T-shirt, he likes to support art in any way he can.

Now they are laying flat on the blanket getting closer. Charles is laying on his side with one arm under Lisa, he was holding her with one arm and fondling her with the other. Charles ducked his head into her neck and that hair. She smelled so good he could have stayed there forever. He gently fingered the zipper and pulled it down all at once. His fingers rubbed up against soft pubic hair. She was without panties. That drove Charles wild, all he wanted to do was get her back to his studio have hot forbidden sex then paint her. He had to see it, it was like a fetish, he had to see her pubic hair. Each woman has their own scent and each woman has her own pubic hair pattern. He was an artist, that’s what he does

To his delight she has no panties, but that was part of the tease that he doesn’t have now. He’ll just have to get those breasts for a while he rubs the tip of her nipple ever so gently, barely touching at all, then does the other one. They’re kissing but she is doing a lot of moaning. He walks his fingers down from the middle of her breasts down her belly, over the belly button, between her hip bones,  until on the other side lies home. Fingers approach with reverence and respect. Charles would do nothing to hurt the kitty. Her pubic hair is so perfect, it’s something like what Charles would paint. The little mound looks so pretty it makes his mouth water. He moves his fingers toward the heat and he finds moisture, lots of moisture. He toys with her clitoris with his fingertips. Lisa moans loudly. Charles tries to keep her mouth busy by kissing. Then Charles stops and looks her straight in the eyes and plunges his finger inside of her, Lisa closes her eyes and her whole body has a spasm, Charles holds her tight.

Lisa reaches down to Charles’ crotch and grabs the bulge then goes for his zipper. Charles stops her.

“That won’t be necessary, I got my thrill.”

“Oh, Charles, I’ve never done that before.” Charles couldn’t believe his ears. A beautiful woman like her has never had an orgasm. It’s sad most men do not know how to get anyone off but themselves. Unreciprocated sex is awful. Charles zipped up her pants and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. But he still did not have her where he wants her.


 Back at the office Lisa was having a hard time concentrating on her work having a man who gave her, her first orgasm, in the next room. One evening when they were both working late, Lisa called Charles into the room.

“I can’t sleep at night thinking of you. We didn’t complete the act at the park, we still need to fuck.” Lisa said rather plainly. Charles was taken back by the remark but intrigued. This strong woman able to command an office of men and have men in the palm of her hands during negotiations. And she wanted to have lustful sex with him. All he wanted to do was get her back to his studio get between her thighs and then paint her.

“Well, I’d like to get you back to my studio and paint you.”

“You paint?”, Lisa said excitedly. “I’d love for you to paint me, nude, right?”

“Well, that was my first choice, I probably don’t need to tell you this but you have a spectacular figure and a beautiful face. Any artist with any kind of eye would want to paint you.”

“Well you tell me where and I’ll be there.”


Lisa arrived early and Charles wasn’t done cooking, yet.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” Charles yelled after hearing the door bell. He didn’t dress up at all, If someone comes to his studio to be painted Charles dresses accordingly. He makes it to the door, catches his breath and slides open the steel door to find a drop dead gorgeous Lisa dressed to the nines with a black cocktail dress from the fourties, fishnet stocking with the line up the back, stilettos, and a period correct hat. She looked like she just stepped out of a gangster flick.

“Welcome, damn you look good, come in, come in, excuse the mess.” They both walked in the studio with all white walls, vaulted ceilings and plenty of square footage. It was an old warehouse.

“Wow, this is quite a place, not what I expected from a man who’s a clerk at a law firm.” Lisa says honestly surprised. She didn’t realize that he was truly an artist. She thought he was just trying to pick up on her. ”Something smells good, you cook?”

“Only for special occasions.” replies Charles, arranging a place for her to sit. He had a leather couch but it was under a roll of butcher paper. He got it out of the way and she sat her pretty behind down. ”What’s with the get-up. It’s pretty snazzy and blatantly sexy.”

“That’s what I intended, I don’t know sometimes I just like to dress up, and I had to figure out something to tell my husband so right now I’m supposed to be at an all girl costume party.

“How did he let you out of the house looking like that,  If I was him I couldn’t let you go because I’d be too busy devouring you.” Lisa laughs.

“My husband has lost interest in me, he has a wandering eye and always see’s something he’s interested in.”

“Do you mean he’s cheated?” Charles replies.

“Yes.” Lisa replies with a mix of sadness and anger.

“Well, we’ll even the score tonight.” Charles said reassuringly.

“I brought a little something.” Lisa says going in her back to retrieve a little plastic baggy with white powder in it. “You interested?” Lisa asks scared of the potential response.

“I don’t see why not, I’ll open a bottle of Chardonnay” Lisa proceeds to make out little lines of cocaine off of Charles glass coffee table. Charles returns to the room, wine and two glasses in hand.

“So, how long have you been doing coke?” asks Charles, to find out what he’s getting involved with.

“Oh, my husband introduced me to it a couple years ago, he’s on it more often than not, I only do it on special occasions, and tonight was perfect.” Charles was relieved, he didn’t want to find out his boss has a problem, he knows too many people who have fallen victim to drug addiction. They do the coke and it turns out to be very good coke because Charles couldn’t feel his nose or throat. Charles got brave while high and started to make his move.

“I’ve got to tell you, I get off on watching the woman that I’m with, get off, and there’s nothing I like better than going down.”

“Well, warm me up first and then we’ll see what we can do” Charles stroked her chin with his hand, moved in and planted the most passionate kiss that Lisa has ever felt. Lisa’s heavily painted eyes were closed and waiting for more. Charles slowly slid his hand down between her legs and gingerly pulled them apart. The food was getting cold but nobody cared.

“Let me in” Charles whispered into her ear. Her legs opened up and he got himself between them on his knees. Her cocktail skirt was fitted but no too tight. He pushed her back on the couch and slid her skirt up her tasty thighs uncovering that beautiful mound of hair. It wasn’t kinky, it was straight and appeared combed but he guessed that that was just the way it grew. He raised he legs up over her head and buried his head in that sweet smelling mound of hair. She started out with moans then she started bucking him off of her. He stopped there and they took another snort of coke and got naked and fucked. Charles fucked Lisa in every position he knew and a couple he learned from her.

By now the Chardonnay was balancing out the coke high, they both felt wasted from the inspired sex. Charles suggested that they finish the remainder of the cocaine and get to painting. He posed Lisa on the same couch they just had sex on. He put her on her side, leaning her head back with her hand in her hair, it was a classic pose used before him by many a painter. Charles painted Lisa not as some woman he just screwed, but as a matriarch of a family. Mother, daughter, sister, aunt. She was the archetype for the modern woman. He was having a hard time seeing the image on the canvas before he painted it. He figured it was the cocaine that was inhibiting his creativity but he pushed through it. He got the general outline of her  exquisite curves and then gave up. The cocaine and Chardonnay were too much, he couldn’t paint.

“You’re not driving, I don’t care what you say.” Charles dictated. Lisa wasn’t slurring her words but he figured that she was over the legal limit.

“Then what do you suggest I do?” Lisa asks.

“Well, you’ll sleep with me, of course.” Charles says excitedly. Lisa was turned on again. The thought of sleeping in this man’s bed made her hot.

The night was hot and heavy in Charles’ bedroom. Charles was up before the horizon and his first thought was painting. But he had a lady in his bed, so he decided to make breakfast. He fried up some eggs over easy with some melon and orange juice. And coffee, of course. Lisa woke up just as Charles entered the room with breakfast on a tray.

“Wow, you look great even in the morning, Good Morning how do you feel?”

‘Slight headache but alright, I woke up in your bed, that makes it a good morning.” Lisa smiles.

“Well. hope you’re hungry. I’m gonna go paint, when you’re done leave the dishes on the night stand, I’ll get them later.” Charles said and then was off to his studio to paint. Its was bathed in morning light reflecting of the walls. Charles had to work from memory. He had the gist of the painting down but now he had to bring it to life. He was painting with his back against the wall so Lisa could not see. He’s painted like this before when he’s had unexpected guests. He painted right where a beam of light was striking through the window.

Lisa finished her breakfast then put on a bathrobe Charles had hanging on the door and took her dishes to the kitchen to wash them. There was no way she was going to leave them on the night stand. As she was washing she hears Charles.

“What are you doing in there?” Charles yells

“I’m doing the dishes, I couldn’t leave them for you to do, after all you have a painting to work on.” Lisa answers. Charles stopped painting and walked into the kitchen. Ha wrapped his arms around her, feeling that robust butt against him. He buried his head in her hair and kissed her neck.

“You know we broke every policy in the book. I won’t tell management if you don’t.” Charles says drunk on her scent.

“Deal.” Lisa says wanting his hands to go somewhere else. Charles goes to the refrigerator and gets a bottle of Champagne and orange juice.

“Mimosa’s?” Charles asks knowing that she’ll say yes.

“Of course, here, I’ll pour.” Lisa takes the bottles from his hands.

“I’ll be painting, you’re welcome to anything in the refrigerator, take a shower do whatever you like, make yourself at home, stay as long as you like.” Charles said something he’s never said to anyone.

Lisa came into the studio and sat down and watched him paint. He painted like a madman. Standing in odd places looking at the painting, crouching, standing on chairs then rushing to the canvas to make one brushstroke. He came over to Lisa.

“Let me see your face.” Charles grabbed her by the chin and moved her head to the left then to the right.

“Just as I thought.” Charles says.

“What, what?” Lisa asks.

“Your face is perfectly symmetrical.” Charles returns to painting while Lisa takes a shower. When she returns she has Charles’ robe on and a towel on her head.

“No makeup fresh from the shower and you still look amazing.” Charles remarks.

“Oh, stop it” Lisa says demurely. Charles was busy painting but in the back of his head he is thinking about the fact that he had fantastic sex with a married woman. He hopes he doesn’t have some crazed husband trying to kill him.

“So, where do we go from here? Charles asks.

“What do you mean?” Lisa is confused.

“You’re married, what about your husband?” Charles is concerned.

“Oh, he’ll never find out and anyway he’s a pussy, and he cheated first. Our marriage is falling apart, we haven’t made love in over a year.” Lisa explains

“What’s his problem, he has a beautiful wife and he hasn’t made love to her in a year?” Charles is baffled.

“Yeah, and I know his girlfriend, she was an acquaintance of mine.” Lisa says.

“And how do we handle work?” Charles asks.

“What do you mean, I’m your boss and that’s it. We can go to lunch together occasionally” says Lisa.

“How do you feel about this?” Charles asks timidly.

“I feel like I’ve met a good friend who I fuck occasionally, no feelings, no attachment.”

“Wonderful, that’s just great, we’re fuck buddies. I’ve always wanted one.”

 Charles is relieved, she feels like he does. He returns to his painting while Lisa strolls around the building. Eventually she gathers her belongings. Bag, hat, and shoes., then leaves. Her smell lingered as Charles continue to paint. He wasn’t just having sex with her he was measuring her body with his eyes. She is perfectly proportioned. From the top of her hip to the soles of her feet is roughly two thirds of her overall height. Her breast are 36C, if he had to guess, and her hips are 36 also, if he had to guess. Her face is rectangular with high cheekbones, a soft jaw line and a creased chin. He even studied her pubic hair. In one night he got to know her body better than her husband and painting it was an experience. Charles had never had a model that he slept with. With each brushstroke he felt closer and closer to her. She was turning into more than just a model. When she left, she also took her energy with her. Charles could feel the loss  in his studio.



The following Monday Charles came into work with a little pep in his

step. He had passionate sex with the boss and nobody knows about it.

He passed by Lisa in the hall and she shot him this glance that said

“I want you”. She could really communicate with her eyes that sparkled

like gemstones when he talked to her. He watched her around the

office. She really knew how to handle men. Well, it really isn’t that

hard, men want one thing all the time, and she had it. She could

broker a million dollar deal over dinner, where it would take a man a

month’s worth of ass kissing. She had power and Charles reveled in it.

She could get a man to give up his lunch if she needed something done.

Only the bravest men have made a pass at her. Most of them are

intimidated by her, and she is intimidating, but Charles was never

intimidated by her. He saw her as his boss and he did notice her

beauty, but he never thought about getting close to her.

Charles had spent a lot of time on the painting of Lisa but he really

needed her to come back and pose again. The cocaine and Chardonnay

distracted him the first time. And when she was there he had

inspiration like never before. That morning was magical, he did not

need to consider other angles or colors, everything just flowed

naturally. She inspired him. He wanted that back. It’s not like he

doesn’t get inspire on his own, but when she was around it was

powerful. Her feminine energy was mystical to him. So he had to

approach her. Lisa had to come into his cubicle for a piece of

paperwork. He seized the moment.

“If you have a second later I need to talk to you.” Charles said bashfully.

“Umm.... sure I have a moment right before lunch, you can join me in

fact, if you like.” Lisa answers.

“OK sure I’d love to join you,” says Charles

“Meet me by the copy room at 11:30.” Lisa says with a smile. Charles

worked the rest of the morning in anticipation of seeing Lisa outside

of work. He couldn’t see a reason why a man would cheat on her. But

Charles was never a player and cannot understand the mind of one. For

them it’s all about the next catch and once her husband caught her he

wasn’t satisfied. Charles would never understand. 11:30 came and

Charles was right by the copy room with bells on.

“C’mon let’s get out of here.” Lisa said as she nearly ran out the

door. “Here, hurry, get in my car.” Charles gets in wondering what the

rush is all about. Lisa goes around the car to her door, gets in,

closes it then attacks Charles with kisses, grabbing his hands and

putting his hands on her breasts. She was nearly in the seat with him.

“Oh my God, I never thought you’d ask to see me, I was dying to see

you.” Lisa says gasping for air.”OK let’s get out of here.” Lisa backs

her Mercedes out of the parking spot and guns it almost screeching the


“Damn, Where are we going?” Charles asks.

“To my house, my husbands away on business.” Lisa says while intensely

focused on the road, she was really flying. Charles was flabbergasted.

When this woman takes control she takes control. He was turned on. He

didn’t even ask why they were going to her house, he already knew.

“OK...sounds good to me.” Charles says hoping that she doesn’t think

that he’s some kind of tool. He gives her what she wants and he

expects to get what he wants. Luckily she lives close. She pulls up

into this beautiful Victorian. Two floors and a beautiful front lawn.

She gets out of the car fast, so he gets out of the car fast, they run

up to the front door she fumbles her keys and drops them.

“Damn it, we only have an hour.” She picks up the keys and calmly puts

the key in the lock and opens the door. She grabs his arm and pulls

him as she’s running up the stairs, they get to her room.

“Ahhh. Now I can slow down.” she puts her arms around his neck,” I

masturbated to you last night.” She says with lowered eyes and a

wicked smile. She looks up at him and basks in his masculinity. She

could practically smell testosterone.

“Push me down on the bed like you own me.” Lisa begs. Charles grabs

her by the shoulders and pushes her down making her breast bounce.

“Now, have your way with me” Charles favorite sexual position is the

one where they are both being satisfied at the same time. Charles

unbuttons her blouse with his teeth and spreads her shirt open to

reveal two beautiful, natural, breasts.

“Unbutton you bra, and do it now.” Charles said figuring that he has

her number. She unbuttoned it an Charles pulled the bra away giving

way to two soft, perky berries.

“I don’t mean to dampen the mood but we kinda gotta hurry.” Lisa explains.

“Then pull that Goddamn skirt off” Charles didn’t miss a step. He got

her up on the bed and started kissing her nipples then her belly

button and down to the mound again. A few seconds later he stopped and

put her in the position for reciprocating sex.They did not move until

their time was up. On the ride back Charles says,

“Now I want something.” Lisa looked at him in disbelief.

“I need you to pose for me again. It won’t be for long,” he pleas

She pauses then says, “ Let me know what day and I’ll cut out some

time.” they run in to the office just in time, Lisa first then Charles

a minute later. That was the best lunch either of them had in a long

time Charles let her know a time and she showed up. This time in

patent leather thigh boots and she worked them. He got her set up got

in front of his canvas and the painting began to paint itself using

him as a vessel. This is how Charles felt because has opened himself up

to energy and made him self-available. Brushstrokes just seemed

obvious, color bled through the white canvas. And Charles feels Lisa

brings around that energy. Every time she is at Charles place his

creative inspiration goes through the roof, he has a rush of

brilliance. It’s like that cocaine he did, this one goes away too so

you got to get as much done as soon as you can.

Every time she came over he got that rush, it was like clockwork,

magic or something. Charles has been trying to figure out what it is

that she has that does this for him and he finally came to the

conclusion that she’s his muse. That was huge for him. The last time

he had a living, breathing muse he they stayed together for 5 years.

In that five years he was a machine, pumping out quality pieces he got

straight from his head. She was the only stimulation he needed. He

revered her, put her on a pedestal and treated her like a queen.

Something happened suddenly, one day he realized that she wasn’t

giving off the energy anymore. He could no longer feel what he felt

for five years. She went from being a magical muse to an ordinary

girlfriend. Charles didn’t know how to handle it. With a heavy heart

Charles broke it off with her. He told her that it just wasn’t working

for him anymore, Charles was sad for a long, long time. Those were

dark days. Charles drowned his sorrows in Vodka, until one day he

looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize his own reflection. He

poured out the booze and put his emotion into painting. He thought

he’d lost the best thing to happen to him. He’d never had a companion

that could inspire him simply by being in the room.

The following weekend Charles invited Lisa to go with him on what

Charles calls “spare time”.  They went for a long walk down the beach

at sunset. They chatted about bullshit at work then Lisa took on a

serious tone.

“Charles, I just want you to know that... I’m exclusively your lover,

I don’t sleep with anyone else, not even my husband.”

“Geez, I don’t know what to say except...Thank you.” Charles felt like

she was the muse for sure, now.” Well, you know I don’t screw around

with anyone, I hardly go to the grocery store.”

“I said no feelings, no attachment and I am going to keep my word.

Look, I haven’t had so much fun with a man in a long time, I like you

a lot.” Lisa starts to blush like a schoolgirl. Charles loved that

about her. At work she’s a big power broker and arm twister. But

outside she’s just a girl, needing attention.

“Well, I’m quite fond of you, too.” Charles reciprocates.

“Hey, let’s go skinny dipping!” Lisa says feigning a whisper.

“Are you sure, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal on this beach.” Charles protests.

“Oh, it’ll be fine, nobody can see us, and it’s dusk.” Lisa says

convincingly. She grabs his hand and leads him down to the ice cold


“OK let’s do it.” Charles is all in. They peel off their clothes, Lisa


looking statuesque and Charles feels like he glows he’s so white, but

he does it anyway. Lisa is the first to make it to the water.

“C’mon it’s not that cold.” Lisa was completely lying, the water was

freezing but she was hot, being naked in public turns her on. Charles

approaches the water timidly then decides that this if his muse wants

to go in the water, then he’ll go in the water. He goes in up to his

calves then dives head first into the water. He comes up beneath Lisa

and slowly rises from it into her arms. They play in the water

briefly then run back up to the sand and start putting their clothes

on. as they’re both bending over to pull up their pants Lisa plants a

kiss like a woodpecker on Charles’ face.

“Oh man, this is going to be difficult.” Lisa says.

“What...what is going to be difficult?” Charles asks.

“Nothing, nothing, it’s alright.” Lisa says consolingly. What was

going to be so difficult was keeping her heart out of this

relationship. Lisa had grown to love Charles but wouldn’t let herself

fall for him because of work and her marriage, but Charles was always

up for anything Lisa wanted to do. When they were together she had

fun, she felt like she was in the right place. At home she started

feeling like a visitor. Charles had Lisa at his favorite place, the

ocean. And once again, spontaneous Lisa, makes it fun. His meditations

will never be the same. Lisa said no feelings, no attachment. But

Charles knew otherwise. He knew she had feelings for him. When they

were together it was euphoric and he knew she felt the same. Just

like he knew that she was his muse, he knew that they’d fall for each

other eventually. But not a word would he speak of it, not feelings and not

her being his muse, nothing. He would let her lead the way.

Lisa didn’t know she was Charles’ muse or even what a muse was. All

she knew was that Charles liked to have her around while he painted,

and when she wasn’t there Charles asked her to leave a piece of

clothing she wore that day, preferably something that was touching her

skin. Charles would never mention a word to her about muse anything.

He was superstitious and believed that if the muse knows who and what

she is then the energy would be cancelled out. Charles never displays

his own art at his studio, but he displayed the painting of Lisa up

high on a wall overlooking his workspace. That way when she’s gone,

she’s not really gone.

Making art was priority number one for Charles, people have said that

he’s obsessed, but he’s just doing what comes natural and most of the

time, when he’s not at work, he’s painting. He doesn’t own a TV, but

owns a beautiful stereo system and has a library in his room. He

listens to all types of music from classical to metal to trance. He

particularly likes instrumental music; lyrics just confuse his thought

process. Nobody comes between him and his art.

Charles dug Lisa. Her spontaneity was refreshing. I guess sitting

behind a desk all day creates pent up energy. And when she gets out

from behind that desk it all comes out. Lisa didn’t stay the night at

Charles after that first night. She always made it a point to go home.

She has a daughter after all and needs to tend to her needs.

The law firm had excellent heath coverage and Charles was on top of

his health although he hadn’t been to the doctor in years. So, Charles

scheduled an appointment and the doctor did the usual check. But when

he looked in his eyes he noticed some abnormality and suggested that

Charles sees a specialist. So, Charles visited an ophthalmologist and the

doctor looked in his eyes and said;

“Yep, just what I suspected, you have Glaucoma and unfortunately it’s

fairly advanced. We can give you medicine but it will continue to

progress. You’ll be blind by the time you’re 50.”

“Blind!” Charles remarks angrily. ”I’m a painter I can’t go blind!”

Charles exclaims almost pathetically.

“Well, I’m sorry.” the doctor says and exits the room abruptly.

Charles went back to his studio, sat in the middle of the floor and

cried like a child.


Charles was tidying up his workspace getting ready to go for lunch when Lisa walks by and says,

“ The boss requests your presence for lunch, meet me at my car in 5.”

Charles was feeling rather sullen and welcomed the company. He was at her car as requested and she arrived looking quite proper in her work attire, but Charles knew the true Lisa, the spur of the moment, drop everything and get naked, Lisa. They went to a local deli where they sat across from each other eating their vegetarian lunch. They had that in common. Their eating habits were the same only Charles sometimes skipped dinner because he was too caught up in his art.

“What’s on your mind? I know you now and can tell when something’s up.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just working to hard, how do you feel?” Charles tries to dodge the question.

“I call bullshit on that, something’s wrong, you aren’t your normal self, I can feel your vibe, man, don’t lie to me. Remember, vibes, we can feel each other’s.” Lisa says cornering Charles.

“I got some bad news at the doctor.” Charles nearly whispers.

“I knew what’s wrong?” Lisa asks.

“I’m going blind.” Charles says loaded with emotion.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry to hear that, Iknow how you are about your art.” Lisa says consolingly.

“I’ll be blind by the time I’m 50.” Charles informs.

“What?!” Lisa exclaims.

“I have glaucoma, and there’s nothing they can do.” says Charles.

“Well you better get to painting, you only have 25 years left.” Lisa says trying to bring some levity to the situation. ”Does anyone else know?”

“Just you.” Charles answers her plainly.

“Well, I’m glad you told me, holding that in can be dangerous...I’m here for you Charles.” she says with the most sincerity she could muster.

“I know, and it’s not like I’m going to be blind tomorrow, but knowing something like that is strange. It’s like when someone tells you the end of a book before your done reading it.” Charles begins to open up.

“Don’t worry you’ll be 50 and trying to paint while blind, I know you, you aren’t going to let go of your art for anything. I’ve never asked you this before but I’ve always wondered, why don’t you show your art at a gallery. Your stuff is great and really belongs in one.” Lisa asks.

“I’m a painter, I paint, I’m not a business man or an art dealer, and anyway, I hate those types. I paint because I’m inspired to do so. I don’t waste inspiration or take it for granted. And I don’t need anyone critiquing my work.” Charles explains then takes a bite of his sandwich. Lisa is digging into a salad.

“That’s a shame, the world really should see your work.” Lisa says.

“They will when I’m dead. I can’t afford to waste valuable painting time trying to get my art displayed in some hole in the wall gallery so I can receive recognition.” Charles replies .”I don’t need to be recognized by anyone but you.” Charles says tongue in cheek.

“Ahh, now that was sappy.” Lisa complains.

“What, it’s true, you help me paint.” Charles says.

“How, all I do is sit around while you work.” Lisa says.

“Exactly.” Charles says putting an end to the conversation.

After work Lisa was going to pick her daughter up from pre-school, feed her some dinner, then go over to Charles’. She got to Charles’ to find him depressed with a bottle of Stolichnaya.

“Give me that.” Lisa says grabbing the bottle out of his hands. ”We’re not celebrating anything so why the bottle?”

“I’m fucking depressed.” Charles says with no emotion.

“I can understand you being sad but the bottle is no solution.” Lisa says with love in her voice and heart. Charles is laying on the couch. 

“Here, scoot over.” Lisa lay down on the couch practically right on top of Charles. Their noses were nearly touching.

“Now, look into my eyes.” Charles stared into her lime green eyes. Lisa could see the terror and pain. If she can look into your ,eyes, Lisa will read you. She can tear down your walls and leave you feeling naked, just by looking.

“Hold me, Charles.” Lisa demands.

“Now...doesn’t that feel better?” asks Lisa.

“Much, much.” Charles complies with her demand and she is right, holding her felt a lot better than holding that bottle.

“There’s no need to run from this, we will handle it together.” Lisa says hoping to calm his fears. They just lay together, nothing sexual at all. They lay for about fifteen minutes and just as Charles starts to doze off, Lisa has something to say, ”Charles there’s something I have to tell you.” Lisa was going to tell him that she has feelings for him, but they agreed, no feelings, no attachment. Fuck it, she thought she could hide it no longer. “Charles I no we agreed, no feelings, no attachment. But I have feelings for you... Charles, I love you.” she couldn’t believe she actually said it, but Lisa was never one for holding feeling inside. With Lisa you always knew where you stood, she’d let you know. Lisa didn’t pull any punches.

“Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” Lisa asks afraid of possible rejection.

“I was wondering when you’d come around, I’ve loved you since we went skinny dipping.” Charles said, “You know we can feel each others energy, swimming in the ocean naked with you did it for me. Your spontaneity, I never know what you are going to do. I love that. Predictable doesn’t work for me.” Charles blues went away with three little words. He couldn’t believe she said it, he was proud of her for taking the risk.

“Let’s lay here a little while longer” Charles said. He knew his muse would tell him she loves him. Their energy’s were tied together. It was meant to be and Charles knew this before anything else. Love conquers all and Charles was on top of the world.

At work Charles got transferred to another department so they didn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of being in love and working together which is usually a relationship killer. He turned down a promotion because it would take up too much of his time and he wanted to go home and paint at 5 o’clock, no later. Charles worked through his depression by making a painting called “depression”. He got it out on canvas so it was no longer residing inside of him. Lisa saved him from a long drawn out morning process behind booze. His muse saved him.

Lisa’s home life was suffering for Charles, she was gone 4 out of 5 nights of the week, her daughter Cynthia was asking where Mommy was and her husband, Lyle was tired of it. He gave her an ultimatum, start coming home at night or he was going to file for divorce. He knew that she wasn’t going out with her girlfriends every night, but didn’t confront her about it because he had his own fling on the side. But he came home at night, she didn’t. He was fucking his secretary at work, in his office, on company time. They only wanted to see each other at work. The boss, secretary thing was hot, for them and they didn’t think they like each other outside of work so they saw each other exclusively at work. He worked for a manufacturing company. They made parts used in modular homes, which are big these days. He made good money, but Lisa pulled in the Lion’s share of the household income. This didn’t threaten Lyle at first, but now it was becoming an issue. They always kept their money separate, no joint accounts. Lisa kept her money in a local bank and Lyle kept his in a big name bank, which is one of the reasons why Lisa didn’t want a joint account. They split the mortgage payment and all the bills except cable that was a request of Lyle’s when they got the house. He had to have cable to watch his games, at least that’s what he told her, and she thought it was for porn.

Lisa considered his ultimatum, he was right, she wasn’t home at night to tuck her daughter into bed. But she took her to school every morning and picked her up every afternoon, not that that was an excuse. She was wrong and she knew it. That would definitely be a factor in the divorce proceedings. They didn’t love each other any more and this staying together for the child is bullshit. Children are very sensitive  and can tell when something’s amiss. Lisa wanted to ask him for an amicable divorce. But she would have to have her daughter and the house. She put the down payment down and Lyle couldn’t afford it on his own. She figured he’d probably fight him over their daughter. But Lisa knew that most of the time the mother wins custody of the child unless the father can prove she was unfit, and Lisa could more than financially provide for her and Lisa knew how to present herself. Lyle would have a hard time convincing the judge that this well dressed, well-spoken woman was a floozy. Especially  when he’s guilty of the same thing.

Lyle began his fling with his secretary while Lisa was pregnant. That made her feel horrible about herself. She thought something was wrong with her. She was big and had a hard time with almost everything, from putting her shoes on to fixing a meal and he was nowhere to be found. She had to call her Mother for help. When Lisa delivered Cynthia, Lyle wasn’t even in the hospital. That was the beginning of the end for Lisa.

Lisa started coming home after work, but was with Charles all weekend. Lisa convinced Charles to let on of her friends come look at his work. Charles agreed reluctantly, and they only had 45 minutes, because that’s how long it takes him, to take a shower and cook a meal for dinner. He didn’t want to be around for any questions or gratuitous compliments. Her friend came over one night after work because Charles said that was when they could come over. She saw the pieces that Charles showed her, not knowing that Charles had all the art he made with his last muse in a storage locker. Her friend was impressed.

“Oh, yes, his composition is outstanding and the way he uses color as shadow is genius. His nudes are impressive, I’d like to take one with me if he doesn’t mind, he had enough for a show stored at his studio.

“I’d have to ask him, I’ll be right back.” Lisa caught Charles in the kitchen cooking

“My friend is from MOCA and she’d like to take a piece with her if you don’t mind.” Lisa asks timidly.

“Yeah, OK but I need to see the one she wants.” Charles says. They both walk into the back room where the water heater is.

“Hi, I’m Shirley Daniels and I’m with the Museum of Contemporary Art and I’d love to take a piece with me and show it to my superiors.” against his better judgment Charles agrees.

“Yeah, sure which one would you like?” Charles asks.

“This one here.” Shirley says hold a piece nearly as tall as her.

“Well, OK, I trust it won’t get damaged.” Charles is concerned for his piece it is one he made while watching a good friend descend into heroin addiction.

“We at MOCA know how to handle art, it will be treated with the utmost care.” Shirley assures the protective artist. ”We will have a carrier come pick it up in the morning, if that’s alright. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name.”

“That’s because I didn’t give it to you, yes that will be fine, what time are we looking at?” Charles doesn’t want to be interrupted while painting.

“How about 8 o’clock, does that work for you?” Shirley is excited to get the piece.

“Yes, that works for me, now if you don’t mind I have work to do.” Charles had enough of being cordial he wanted his studio back.. His studio was about as big as a living room in a modest house. One wall had splotches of paint all over where Charles mixed paint, when he’s caught in the moment anything will suffice, he cleans brushes on his pants the floor is covered in painters drop cloth so spills don’t bother him. It’s all about the art, when he’s painting he’s on another plain engrossed in creating. That’s his passion, not painting. Painting is just the medium that he happened to fall into. Being creative is his passion, if he had clay he’d sculpt and he can sculpt, if he only had paper he’d draw or write and create worlds that way. His painting is done for painting’s sake, for the sake of the muse. When he picks up a brush and paint he doesn’t think about what he’s going to paint, he just paints. Creative energy flows through him and he catches it on canvas.

“See, was that so hard?” Lisa asks.

“Yes it was, I’m letting go of the most precious thing to me” Charles replies rather coldly.

“I’m sorry I just think your art is fantastic and should be seen.” Lisa says trying to recover his confidence.

“I know” he plants a kiss on her head, ”I just am afraid of my art getting commercialized.” Charles says reassuring her that he’s not upset. ”I’ll go along with this MOCA thing” Charles would never sell his art. Putting any price on a piece of art cheapens it, no matter how big the price tag. “I’ve got a storage locker filled with pieces from my past.”

“Why don’t you have them here.” Lisa asks curiously.

“First of all, there’s way too many, and secondly that was then and this,” he moves her chin up with his finger,” is now.” and gives her a heartfelt kiss. ”now let’s eat.” Lisa thought it was so sexy that he knew how to cook, and not just pancakes and grilled cheese. They sat down at the Campbell’s soup table and Charles brought out a beautiful meal.

“Well, I better get home, my husband gave me an ultimatum, start coming home to tuck Cynthia in or he’ll file for divorce. I actually don’t think that’s a bad idea but only if there’s no drama.” Lisa says with apprehension.

“Well, that’s why I avoided marriage.” Charles says,” you have a fifty-fifty chance of success and those odds are not worth my time.”

“If you need a hide out my door is always open.” Charles says not really sure of what he just said.

“Oh, I would like that but I have a daughter that I’ve been neglecting. I have to provide a roof for her.” Lisa says appreciating the offer and not really sure if Charles is prepared to have another person live with him.

Lisa would come over to Charles’ after work but then leave around 8. Just in time to tuck her daughter in. Charles insists on her leaving a piece of clothing, so she left him her panties. They slept in the same bed but Lyle never touched that fierce body. Lisa hated sleeping in that bed, it was just a constant reminder that she couldn’t hold her husbands interest. Every night slipping into that cold, loveless bed. Lisa got up extra early. Screw this ultimatum, he’s not going to control her she’s going to hash it out with him when he wakes.

“Good morning Lyle, we need to talk.” she pulls a chair out from under the table, ”Look, we both know that this marriage is over. We don’t love each other and I don’t want Cynthia to grow up in a house where there is no love.

“Cynthia? What do you care about Cynthia? You were off with God knows who while she was asking for you.” Lyle is pretty pissed.

“OK I deserve that but let’s move forward. Look, I’m filing for divorce. Can’t we do this like adults? Do we really have to bring out all the dirt? I know about Blondie, by the way.” Lisa is pleading with him to have as amicable divorce. Taken back, Lyle clears his throat.

“She’s just my secretary.” Lyle lies through his teeth.

“Oh, bullshit your little secret has been out for a long time. Staying late to catch up on work, the cleaning lady has a mouth you know . The only reason you’re still there is because they don’t want to have to give you severance pay, and you at least do your job before you fuck your secretary in your office. I know that little bitches friends and they called me because they thought I should know. You see, girls look out for each other. So don’t ‘she’s just my secretary’ me.”

“So, where have you been?” Lyle asks. Lisa just lays it out.

“I’ve been with someone who values me.” Lisa says blatantly.

“Do you love him?” Lyle asks.

“How do you know it’s a him, I go both ways remember, and I do love them as a matter of fact. And I’m not sleeping in that bed with you anymore. You got the couch.” Lisa can bully Lyle so easily. He’s such a pussy. Lisa doesn’t even remember what she saw when she married him. “Listen, I will tell you how things are going to go. We are getting a divorce and I’m keeping the house and Cynthia, all the rest is yours.” Lisa is flexing her muscles now.

“But Cynthia...” Lyle begins.

“But Cynthia nothing, she’s mine and you really don’t want to fight me in court, I have more dirt on you than you know. Do you really want to have to explain your coke problem to a judge?” Lisa has total control of the situation and is quite proud of herself. Now get the fuck out of my face Lyle leaves the dinning room with his tail between his legs and prepares for a long day at work.
 Lisa asked Charles if he’d go to lunch with her, again. They went to the same place every day. They sat at a table sitting across from each other.

“Today I filed for divorce!” Lisa says proudly.

“Congratulations! I know that that decision was really troubling you.” Charles said, overjoyed that his muse is now exclusively his.

“I told him how it was going to be, period, I get the house and my daughter and he gets the rest.”

“Won’t he fight you in court for his daughter?” Charles asks.

“With his coke problem he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.” Lisa says confidently.

“Oh, and good news! MOCA called me and they want to show your work, isn’t that exciting!.” Lisa says with that winning smile of hers.

“Really, what do I have to do.” Charles is apprehensive.

“Pick some of your pieces, I know how personal they are to you, that you feel comfortable with and they will come pick them up.”

“Well, how many?” Charles asks not wanting to give them  everything.

“As many as you feel comfortable with” Lisa tries to ease Charles into this.

“I can do that.” Charles agrees tentatively. Charles just doesn’t want to hear some snooty art critic pooh-pooh his work. Or say what needs to change. Charles can’t take criticism because he doesn’t feel that it is him painting. He just stands behind the canvas and the muse does the rest. He wouldn’t know how to change his art if he tried because trying is not art in his mind. It flows through him, like a supernatural force, he has no control over it. Charles woul

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