Forbidden pleasure

Forbidden pleasure

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


His girlfriend's married best friend sets up a rendezvous. They were prepared to indulge in the flesh but did they not expect it to affect their hearts? See how close the two couples were throughout.


His girlfriend's married best friend sets up a rendezvous. They were prepared to indulge in the flesh but did they not expect it to affect their hearts? See how close the two couples were throughout.


Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012




Their lips touched and all control was lost.  He dragged kisses down her porcelain white skin and around to the wisps of hair on the back of her neck. He held her head in his hand and kissed her hard. She had goose bumps up and down her arms and legs. He struggled with his thirsty libido. He did not want to rush into a sexual encounter. It meant something to him. She meant something to him. But she was his girlfriend’s best friend and he was a friend of her husband. The two couples spent many evenings together hanging out at their apartment. They would watch movies and she would make dinner. This would change everything. Their unleashed passion would definitely leave a stain in time, in their eyes and in their hearts.

Carrie set up a rendezvous for the two of them at her apartment while Mark was at work. This made Charles nervous. Mark could come home early or a neighbor could stop by. This would be a disaster. But it was not enough to turn Charles back. He contemplated the repercussions of his choice to meet Carrie for sex, the whole way over to her house. They were pretty heavy, but he just could not resist a chance to be alone with Carrie. Even with the threat of an ass kicking. Ever since they were introduced there was a mutual attraction neither could deny, Carrie tried to act like it didn’t exist so hopefully Mark wouldn’t notice. But Mark was blinded by Charles’ girlfriend, Angela. She was a tall brunette, had sex appeal and knew it, but she was young and dumb. Carrie was 5’7” tall where Angela was 5’10” but Carrie was prettier in the face and was blonde. Charles could not figure out Mark’s fascination with Angela. Maybe it was because he hadn’t had two babies with her already. Mark got Carrie pregnant young then lost interest. Charles found motherhood to be sexy. He appreciated the curves of a real woman, which Angela in all her splendor, was missing.

None of this would have happened had Carrie not been daring enough to call Charles at work and proposition him.

“Yes, hello, this is Charles.” he says.

“Hi Charlie it’s Carrie.”

“Oh hey, how’s it going, is something wrong?” Charles asks obliviously.

“Umm, no, actually I was calling for you. You know what I’ve always wanted you for, don’t you?”

“No, what are you talking about?” Charles said knowing instinctively what she was talking about but he would have to hear it from her.

“You knowww.” she spoke with subdued desperation.

Charles let Carrie pick a day. It was Sunday and Mark was on duty at the gas station. Charles worked the rest of his week in sweet anticipation. He fantasized about being with someone whom had passion and desire for him. Angela never showed any real desire to be with Charles, he was tired of being the only one to initiate sex. She was self-absorbed and self-centered. But Carrie wanted Charles. Angela bragged about her sex life with Charles. Mark wasn’t doing it right. Charles liked being wanted. It made him feel important and necessary. Charles wanted to introduce Carrie to the joy of an orgasm. He doubted that she had ever had one.

She lifted her chin high, opening up her neck to Charles. He buried his face in her warm scent. Blonde curls fell from he head like spun gold. He wanted to explore every peak and valley of her body. She smelled of Patchouli, Sandalwood, and sex. Both of them were intoxicated with desire. Carrie started speaking softly in his ear.

“Oh Charley, I’ve wanted you ever since we first met.” Drunk with passion Carrie starts speaking with bravado. “Mark doesn’t want me anymore, I need someone who does. C’mon Charley, hold me, touch my body.”

Charles was only too happy to oblige, but he held back. He didn’t want this to be just a hit and run. He respected her and saw that they both needed the same thing. To feel desired. But all she wanted at the moment was satisfaction. Carrie didn’t want their mutual attraction to develop into something more but it was. A kiss was all it took. Now she might do or say something she would regret.

“Wait. Carrie, are you sure you want to do this, I mean, we could be opening a big can of worms.” Charles says as he grabs her by the shoulders and slowly pushes away.

“I know, but I can’t resist, sex with Mark is all about him and I heard you like to please, who could blame a girl.”

Charles chuckles, “OK, but this could create....feelings. You know?” he says slightly unsure of himself.

“Well, that’s OK, right?” Carrie says as she climbs up on his chest, begging for approval.

“Hold on, hold on, I’m serious I don’t want this to turn bad for either of us. We have got to talk about this.”

“Talk about what?” she pulls away, “How after today I’ve got to go back to my loveless marriage and pretend that I haven’t just made love to someone for the first time in my life?  Charles,...” Carrie stares into his blue eyes, “Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this” she tries with all her might to turn away, but she cannot resist, “Watching you play with my children created feelings for me.” her eyes are welling up. “God damn it!, see what you did. I didn’t want to talk about this because I have deep feelings for you. I always have. I have to watch myself around Angela, so if I seem rude that’s why. If she knew how much I wanted you she’d never talk to me again.

“Yeah, it’s to bad I couldn’t just trade Angela for you” Charles says sadly.

“Wow, you’ve had that thought, too? I was going to talk to Mark, but without asking Angela I would just be getting his hopes up. So you want me, like I want you?” Carrie inquires.

“Probably more ‘cause I’m a guy, my libido is raging at my age. You haven’t even discovered the joy of sex, yet.” Charles says with confidence.

“Who’s to say what I enjoy and what I don’t. Just ‘cause I’m young and female doesn’t mean you can make a generalization like that. Angela is my age.”

“And Angela doesn’t know what she’s doing in bed. She just lays there waiting for me to get her off.” Charles says borderline angry.

“OK, OK, calm down. Can’t you tell that I want this, that I won’t just lay there.” Carrie says consolingly, “Now can we get down to business?”

Carrie pulled Charles by the hand down the hall and into the bedroom. Charles didn’t like the idea of sleeping with his friends’ wife in his bed but there was no stopping Carrie. Carrie pushed Charles down onto the bed and they made mad, passionate love to each other right up to the last minute that they expected Mark to come home with the kids. As Charles put his clothes on getting ready to leave, Carrie begins to sob.

“Oh Charlie, will we ever get this chance again?”

“Most certainly, but right now I got to get out of here. If Mark catches me it will be over for all of us.” Charles says as he ties his shoes. “I can handle Angela but I cannot handle Mark putting his hands on you or I.”
“You worry too much.” Carrie responds unconcerned.

“Yeah, then I worry too much, I gotta go.” Charles leans over and plants a kiss on Carrie’s head, “Love ya’.” The words fell from his gratuitously. He was treating her like his girlfriend. That would prove to be painful for the both of them.

The following weekend Charles and Angela were at Mark and Carrie’s apartment for dinner and a movie, again. Charles and Carrie struggled not to make eye contact too much, or too little. They didn’t want to make it obvious that something was going on between the two of them, but they couldn’t ignore it either.

As Charles sat on her couch with Angela, Carrie’s heart was breaking. She really had not ever made love to a man before. Charles was her first, lover. She needed some butter from the store and was trying to figure out a way to get Mark and Angela out of the house.

“Markie, baby I need some butter form the store” Carrie says.

“OK, that stuff in the tub right?” Mark asks.

“No, that’s margarine, I need butter, real butter.” Carrie clarifies.

“Angela, you know what real butter is, don’t you?” asks Carrie.

“Well, yeah.” says Angela hesitantly.

“Could you go with Markie to the store to get some butter?” asks Carrie, hoping to get them both out of the house.

“Yeah, you go with Mark and I’ll get the bar-b-que started.” adds Charles, reading Carrie’s mind.

“C’mon Angela, let’s go to the store.” says Mark, excited to get time alone with Angela.

“Well, OK, for you Carrie.” says Angela, aware of Mark’s feelings for her but totally turned off by him.

Mark and Angela leave for the store and almost as soon as the door closed behind them, Carrie is in Charles’ arms.

“It’s been a long week. I missed you.” says Carrie.

“I missed you, too.” Charles says holding Carrie tight.

“Did you mean what you said last Sunday?” Carrie asks referring to when Charles said ‘I love you’ before leaving after making love.

“What do you mean, what did I say?” Charles replies playing dumb. He knew exactly what she meant, he thought a lot about what he said that day and, although it was in the aftermath of passion, he did have feelings for Carrie. He watched what she went through with Mark. He was an abusive jerk and she was an excellent mother, which impressed Charles. He had a soft spot for abused women. Charles watched his mother get slapped around by an ex-husband.

“Never mind, just forget I said anything.” says Carrie abjectly.

“I’m just kidding. Carrie, I always mean what I say.” says Charles.

“So where do we go from here?” asks Carrie.

“Well, I haven’t heard how you feel about me.” Charles responds.

“I thought it was obvious how I feel. I’m head over heels for you, Charlie.” Carrie says honestly.

“Look, our feelings have to remain a secret. I know how Mark mistreats you. He cannot find out.” says Charles as he starts to kiss her shoulder.

“What about Angela?” Carrie counters.

“What about Angela? She doesn’t love me, I don’t know if she ever did.” responds Charles. “I better get on that bar-b-que.”

“Wait.” Carrie stops Charles and kisses him harder than Angela ever kissed him.

“Stop, stop, you’re turning me on and we don’t have the time.” declares Charles.

Soon after Mark and Angela returned from the store and the rest of the evening was filled with sexual tension that only Charles and Carrie could feel. Sleeping with Mark was never the same for Carrie and Charles was increasingly frustrated with his relationship with Angela. They longed for each other. They both thought it cruel that life would have them find each other at a point when Carrie could no longer have children and they both were involved with someone else.













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