Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



Open yourself to me my Lady,

Let us embrace all that we feel and desire

Together becoming closer than we ever have.

I want to let my lips, my fingertips

Explore every inch of your sultry body

As you do the same with mine,

Each touch, each kiss,

Setting a spark within our souls

Becoming an inferno engulfing our souls,

So intense and sweetly

As we succumb to this passion…. this love….

Which overwhelms us.

The taste of your skin intoxicated me so much

Feeding the lustful hunger within me

Longing to share with you

To shower you with my passion

As we escape into a world of our own fantasies

That within this moment… this might ….

We make come true between us.

I can feel your body tremble under my caress

Your breath rapid and deep

As you whisper to me all your heart does feel

Begging me to not stop… to take you….

To let me consume you with all my fiery desires

Which my heart and soul yearns to give.

And how can I deny you all that m Lady?

For all that I truly want is to love you

To let us embrace the passion

Our hearts long to express right now.

Oh my darling,

How my soul does burn for you with such desire,

The feel of your skin against mine

Entices my senses so much

Our bodies conform to each other so perfectly.

The heat of our passion burning so great

That we can’t ignore it any longer…

Not able to resist or ignore

The sweet temptation of our love’s desires.

We become as one…

Limbs entwine… moving to the beats of our hearts,

The friction between us

Creating a fire which melts our flesh as one,

Burning the bed which we lay upon

And melt away the world around us.

Each motion driving us further within our passion,

Deeper within the paradise of our love making.

Hearing you moan so loud of your acceptance,

Begging me over and over to keep going

As your fingernails scratch my bare back

Feeding the passion which we feel.

Till finally I explode within you,

Draining my essence within your femininity…

Into your sacred garden

Where only I am allowed to enter.

Then I hold you close to me,

Feeling your body shutter against me

As you speak the three words

Which my heart …. My soul….

Always longs to hear…

I love you.

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