Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



A Dark Tale of Seduction and Murder



A Dark Tale of Seduction and Murder


Submitted: May 08, 2008

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Submitted: May 08, 2008



He sat within the darkened room, his eyes staring mesmerized by the erotic motions of the alluring blond dancer. Her hands, which moved over her naked flesh, astounded and excited him at the same time. Such precise carnal movements that he had only heard about, but never had witnessed on his own. Jack knew there was something about this woman which he could not ignore. The sweat fell down his brow as he felt his heart race wildly. Oh, how he wanted to stand up, go to her and hold her naked body next to his. This longing within him had always been nothing more than a spark, which he could ignore. But now it was something more like an eternal inferno, which he could no longer control. Of course the only thing which kept him from doing that was the thick glass which separated them. His eyes studying every movement, in silent admiration of her lustful display. Such an angelic face, so innocent, that made it impossible to believe that she possessed such a body of sin.  Her body stood directly in front of him then ran her hands across the well-endowed womanly flesh of her breasts. Fingers running across the hardened nipples as she let out a slight moan that came from the speakers. Never before had ever felt such lustfulness and fear. Mainly because he never had and experience with a woman. And with the help of a fake driver's license he was able to get into this place. It was then that he heard her angelic voice calling to him.

  "You want me, don't you? Tell me what your fantasy is. I want to know." her voice whispered around him.

To Jack it was like something out of a dream which he could not forget, or ever try to ignore. With that brief moment he found himself unable to even think about what to say to her. How he longed to reveal the true lustful desires that burned in his soul for her. Yet he found himself unable to reveal it, for he never had done that before.

 Before he could even utter a word, the woman fell to her knees, in front of the viewing window. Her hands continued to perform the provocative motions, which astounded him even more. Those fingers moving over her breasts, down her firm stomach, then finally disappeared in between her legs. Just to her hips move in a circular motions and her back arched made her seem that she was masturbating. Jack could feel his face burning in slight embarrassment as he felt the bulge of his organ intensify in his pants. Never had he thought he would ever feel such wantonness for a woman as he did for this mysterious woman. Jack knew he had to answer her and the only words he could say was the truth.

"I want to make love to you. More than anything, I want to know what it is like to love you." he said in a hesitated voice.

  For a moment all he could hear was the beat of the music and the soft moans which came from her lips. How he longed to hear her angelic voice just once more. If not, then he would surely go mad because of it.

"Please talk to me. Tell me what you think about what I had told you." he begged.

   Her eyes looked directly at him, showing such seriousness and lustful passion. The woman continued her motions, as she licked her lips so seductively. Then she spoke to him with such a serious tone.

  "Is that what you really want?"

   "Yes! Oh yes, more than anything!

Right when he said that, she got to her feet as her eyes stayed focused on him. As she stood there, her legs spread apart, showing a brief view of the lips of her neither mouth. Just to see her like that was both threatening and alluring at the same time. He knew there was something, which she would tell him. He could feel a cold chill running down his spine as he waited for her to speak.

  "If you are serious, then go and say you want a private with me. Then you shall have your desires come true."

  For a brief she said nothing, just stood there as her finger gently stroked the nipple of one of her breasts. It was then the panel started to lower slowly as panic started to fill his soul.

  "What's your name? Please, tell me!" he begged.

  "Destiny." her voice echoed around him.

  Then the panel closed, making the darkness surrounded him once again. In his mind he tried to contemplate if he should do what she had instructed. Even though there was some fear within his soul, there was still that temptation burning in his soul. All he could think about was the vision of her and the lustful display that she portrayed. Jack knew he would not be satisfied unless he saw her one more time. Yet he had no idea why he felt such an obsession for Destiny as he did. It was like a drug, which he could not get enough of. That drug was the woman named Destiny.

  Slowly he stood up and made his way out the door and down the hallway. His eyes stayed focused in front of him, as he passed by the faces of unfamiliar men. Jack felt as if he was in some kind of trance which he could not wake from.  When he reached the end of the hallway, there was a small counter with a man with short, greased back, black hair sitting there. His eyes looked at Jack coldly waiting to see what Jack would say.

  "Can I help you?" the man said.

"I want a private show."

  "Do you have a woman in mind that you would like?"

  "Yes, the woman named Destiny."

  For a moment the man just stared at him with a blank expression on his face. It was obvious there was something about this woman that made him respond this way. Of course the only thing which Jack was concentrating about was seeing Destiny once again. There was a moment where was nothing more than silence surrounding them. Jack waited out that he was underage. And if he did, what would this man do to him?

  "Are you sure she is what you want? I can give you any other woman that would probably be better than her."

  "No, I want Destiny. That's the only woman I want."

  "Fine. Go to room ten over there, She'll be waiting for you." the man said his hand reached under the counter.

  Jack had no idea what to expect; yet he really didn't care. The only thing, which he longed for, was to see the luscious flesh of Destiny. He made his way down another hallway; the rank smell of sex filled the air. Seeming so thick that he could cut it with a knife. He could feel the nervousness intensifying under his flesh. Still he knew this was something, which he had to do. When he finally reached the old warped wood door with the brass number ten on it; he stood there in hesitation. His hand reached over for the doorknob as he took a deep breath. When he grasped the handle, he could feel it chilling the flesh of his palm. When he opened the door, all he was able to see was a wooden chair sitting in the middle of the room, illuminated from the lights from the hallway. Jack made his way inside and then sat down in the chair. As the door slowly closed and darkness engulfed the room, he was able to flashing red light before him. Instantly he reached over and pushed it. He had no idea what to expect to happen. The large panel on the wall in front of him slowly raised up as the light seeped into the room. All that he could see was a room with walls panted black and only a chair and a brass bed in it. Yet, he could not see was Destiny. The only thing, which he could think about, was that he had been swindled. It was then he saw her emerge through the shadows from the side of the room, her eyes stared at him with such excitement. She wore a seductive black lingerie that seemed almost transparent, revealing her hard nipples, firm breasts, seductive frame, and small patch of pubis above her sex. Just the sight of her, made his heart beat faster as he made his way toward her. He could feel his manhood stiffening against his pants, feeling as if it was going to rip right through it.

"You ready for me lover." she said as she made her way over to the brass bed.

"Yeah...I guess." he replied in a nervous tone.

"Stand in front of me. I want to take a good look at you." she said in a demanding voice.

Jack wasn't sure if this was a good idea all of a sudden, but all that he could think about was how he wanted to feel her alluring body next to his. When he got to her, he stood there as she looked at him with such fiery hunger within her eyes. Destiny moved toward him, as her hands rested on her hips. Then her hand reached up and gently touch his chest, her fingers scratching him through the fabric of his shirt.

"Tell me what you want to do to me. Tell me what you me to do to you." she said in a seductive tone.

"I.... I'm not sure. I am so nervous right now that I can't think." he said.

"Well, then why don't you just trust me. Put yourself in my hands and you will have the time of your life." she said. "Something that you will never forget."

She moved closer to him, then their lips met in a heated embrace. His arms wrapped around her, pulled her body closer to him, feeling her breasts being crushed against his chest. Her hands ran up and down his back as her breath became rapid. He never thought that he would ever have a chance like this, especially with a woman like her. But here they were about ready to do the one thing that he had dreamed about. His lips caressed the side of her neck, as she sighed slightly. It was then that he felt someone's hands come around him from the back. Jack stopped instantly, looking at Destiny with a confused expression on his face. It was a pair of woman's hands that were slowly starting to undress him.

"What is going on here?" he asked in a nervous tone.

"This is Darby. I told her about you and she wanted to join in on this little party of ours. That way your first time would be something so memorable." Destiny said.

It was then Darby came around him, so that he could see what she looked like. Darby was a young woman of the age of twenty -two, with long amber hair. She stood there topless, small perky breasts and a body so attractive that he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She smiled at him as her hand reached over and stroked his crotch, exciting him even more.

"I hope that you don't mind me joining in." she said in a tender voice.

"No.... not at all." he said, and thought, "I can't believe that I'm going to have two women at the same time. This kind of this could only happen in a dream."

"Well then, lets see what you brought to the party." Darby said , then unfastened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down at the same time.

His erect organ stood proudly in front of him as they look at him impressed. Destiny reached her hand over and stroked the shaft gently, while her eyes looked directly at him. The pleasure that she was giving him coursed through him so intensely, that he didn't notice the strange glare in their eyes. The look of a famine which would have been so obvious to him.

"Come on big boy, lets go over to the bed and have some fun." Destiny said as she guided him to it, still holding onto his erection.

When she got him over to the edge of the bed, she pushed him, backing him fall backwards onto it. His body bounced once on the mattress, then he lay there looking up at them. Destiny sat next to him, her fingers moving up and down his shaft, as Darby slowly removed the g-string that she had been wearing. Jack's eyes stayed on them, waiting to see what they were going to do to him. he knew that if they didn't do something soon, he was going to burst from the excitement, before they even started fucking him.

"I can see that you are ready for us." Darby said, then looked over at Destiny. "I don't think we should make him wait any longer, do you?"

"Of course not. I'm just dying to have him inside of me." Destiny said, then took him in her mouth.

He could feel her lips moving tightly over his shaft as her head moved up and down in frantic jerks. Then Darby crawled onto the bed and over to him. Her eyes stayed focused on his face as she moved like a cat that was ready to pounce. She kissed him ever so tenderly, as his hand moved up her inner thigh and then in between her legs. His fingers touching the sensitive lips of her sex, making her moan in expectance. Then she moved up slightly, till her breasts were in front of his face. His lips caressed her breast, suckling and biting then lightly, as she gasped.

"Harder Jack. Bite my tit harder." she begged in a soft tone.

And he did just that, while his finger slipped into the cleft of her womanhood, feeling how damp it was. Even though he had no idea if what he was doing was right, it seemed that she wasn't arguing about it. Then she vtol him to stop for a moment, then repositioned herself over him. The lips of her sex hovered over his face, as he almost wondered what it was that she wanted him to do. She looked at him, her breath now rapid, as her hair fell down the sides of her face.

"Kiss my lips. I want to feel your tongue run over them. And I don't want you to stop until I tell you too." she said in an excited voice. Then she lowered herself down to him, as he did just what she requested. The taste of her sex intoxicated him, making him more eager to continue on with what he was doing. Even though he couldn't see what Destiny was doing. he could still feel her mouth working on his hard organ. Her muffled moans echoed around the room along with Darby's. Her hips moved slightly in a grinding motion as her breath became rapid, and she begged him not to stop. Jack felt like he was in ecstasy, as these two beautiful angels continued to satisfy his lustful desire. Or at least so far they did.

"Oh yes......Yes, don't stop now Jack. Soon I'm going to give you something that will make you feel so good. Keep going. Don't stop." Darby screamed.

It was then he felt a slight pinch on his inner thigh, but didn't think anything about it. Mainly because both women were pleasing him so much that it really didn't matter. All that he wanted was for this moment to last as long as it could. To savor every last feeling that they were giving him, and give then the same pleasure which they gave him.

Back at the desk, the man with short, black greased back hair sat there, hearing the commotion that was going on in room ten. He knew that soon it would come to the point where he would hear them scream the loudest. Or should he say the guy will. And sure enough, after a couple minute he heard the young man scream out in agony and then there was silence. He looked down at his paper for a moment as he shook his head in disgust.

"Stupid kid. Thought he knew what he was doing Now he got what he deserved." he muttered to himself.

When he looked up, he saw Destiny and Darby standing in front of the desk, naked. Fresh blood covered there bottom lips as a devilish gin appeared on their lips. They didn't even bother to wipe it off of them as they stood there.

"Tony, let us know when another one of them comes in. Virgin always taste the best." Destiny said.

"Yeah, and they are willing to try anything, because they are so horney for women like us." Darby said.

"Sure. Whatever you say ladies." he replied in a scared tone.

They started to walk away from him when Destiny stopped and turned back to him. She threw a wallet up onto the desk, which contained five hundred dollars in it. She knew, because she had checked before they walked out.

"Here, this is for you. And get someone to clean up the mess in there. We don't want to next customer to see such a sight like that. " she said, then they walked into the back room, waiting for the next customer to come in. Which the hoped would be a virgin. For they loved the taste of that type of blood.



The End.


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