To My Princess

To My Princess

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017




Oh my Princess,

take me back the the weeping willow tree

where you had taken me for the first time,

where we shared all our hearts long to express

within the gentle and sensual act of our lovemaking.

When our souls open up to each other,

sharing all that we are without any doubts or insecurities,

not caring about titles which we have...

for love knows nothing about it.

Oh my Lady,

under the cool shadows of the willow tree,

holding each other so close and tight

gazing into the beauty of your dark blue eyes.

Within this shelter of the trees foliage,

letting the world around us disappear from our sight

as we escape within the paradise our love has made.

With a single kiss, my Princess,

I vow to you that I shall always be with you

to share all this humbled poet's heart does hold

and always protect you against whatever evil does come out way.

With this ring I give to you,

let it be not only a symbol of my love for you

but also the promise of my vow

which I say to you now...

that not even time itself will stop me

from finding you if I lose you in any way.

If it does take centuries....

I will find you again, my Princess

and then never shall I let you leave me again.

For our love was destined by the Gods above,

and I love to you...

I will never rest until I find you again

and we reunite our souls

making them as one once again...

to never break that bond of true love

that now man or the Gods above...

can ever separate us.

I Love You, My Princess

For Always and forever...till the end of time.

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