This Moment We Share Tonight

This Moment We Share Tonight

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 23, 2017




I see you sitting within the chair,

as I come to you... feeling the desire burning

within my soul,

such longing to share with you

all that my heart does hold for you., my Lady.

To please you with the intensity of my love,

as I know that is what you want to do for me as well.

You sit there with a playful smile on your lips,

wearing nothing more than a long tee shirt,

(as well as I wear as well)

looking so alluring to me,

making me want you so much more.


Oh my darling,

how I've waited for this moment for so long,

to be alone with you so we can share

and now we have this moment together alone....

which we both have longed to share together.

I kneel in front of you,

your legs spread to let me close to you,

as I lean against you....

our lips meet within a series of deep

and passionate kisses... my body pressed against you,

your hand gently touching the side of my face.

The taste of your kiss, your touch upon my skin,

entices my very the point

where I believe I can't wake it any longer.

While my manhood awakens....hardens...

against the lips of your sacred flower...

its petals becoming damp with the dew

of the anticipation which burns within your heart.

The taste of your lips consumes me...

drives me ever forward to the passion

which we both year to embrace.


My hands gently touch your breasts

through the fabric of your tee shirt...

hearing your muffled moans

as we succumb to this fiery passion of our hearts,

as this passion between us

burns like a mighty inferno within our soul.

My hand moves down the sultry curves of your frame,

till I get to those sultry lips of your sex,

feeling the dampness of the dew

of your sacred flower, which starts to bloom

from my gentle and loving touch.

Making you moan even louder in sweet ecstasy,

as our breath grows deeper....

making your climax flood through you

within a brief moment.


You sit up and I shed away the last of clothing

which covers your innocence....

and then you do the same to me.

Now we are shed of everything....

only showing the truth of who we are,

but that doesn't matter...

for our love sees the truth of our hearts.

My lips caress your breasts,

tongue licking and teasing your nipple...

from one breast to the next...

feeling your skin shiver in bliss from my caress.

Hearing you moan so softly

like that of a gentle breeze upon my skin,

feeling the hunger of my desires

which I feel for you.


My head lifts up and our lips meet again,

within a deep and passionate embrace,

you pulling toward me closer to you,

our skin pressed against each other

while my fingers continue

to trace over the petals

of your blooming, sacred rose.

Making another wave of your climax

flood through you,

as you moan so loud....

as I hear you tell me....

I love you, my darling....I love you so much!!!


I can't resist anymore....

I can feel the longing to be one with you...

to feel myself inside you

and share with you all that I am....

all that my heart and soul longs to give to you.

I enter through the gates of your womanhood,

your legs wrapping around me

pushing me even deeper into your sacred garden.

Gazing into your dark blue eyes

as we move to the motion

of our rapid beating hearts,

letting our hearts and souls open to each other

letting each other in.,

as I hear you speak to me

within a rapid, soft breath....

I love you...I love you so much!!!!

Our lips meet within a passionate kiss

as I explode within your womb....

draining my liquid essence deep within you.

We hold each other so close and tight....

my body laying gently upon yours,

sweaty and spent.....

as I kiss you so tenderly...

and whisper you I Love You Too.


I know though we will engage within

this passion again...and again...and again....

for our love is an eternal flame....

and the hunger of our passion

will never die....till the end of time.


I love you, my Princess...

my Passionate Lover....

with all my heart and soul...beyond the end of time.



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