The Doll - Part 4

The Doll - Part 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016






Jenna Welks still couldn't comprehend what she had witnessed earlier. In her mind she kept trying to find the logical reason for what had happened. Yet, only one answer came to her which she wanted to refuse to believe. For it was impossible to have it happen. Wasn't it? That was something which haunted her very soul. The evidence stayed trapped within her mind, able to still see it, as if she was discovering it for the first time. The words written in the victim's blood, those footprints to tiny to be made by a person which headed to the doll. And the fact that the doll had moved from the couch...across the door to the rocking chair. Knowing that no one else had been in the apartment to do all that. For someone would have heard their presence n another room. But, there was nothing like that, so what was the reason.

She remembered what Thomas, Linda Miller's son, had said when they left the well as the feeling when she looked at the doll. It's not a's.....evil!!! And because of that, she started to question the facts before her. Wondering if what Thomas had claimed could be the truth. She had seen so many strange things while being on the force, sometimes actions people did.....without any reason for why. Of course, the only thing which they could do was to arrest the guilty for their illegal actions. Not trying to understand the true reason for what they did. Especially when the guilt would try to explain their reasoning, it would sound like nothing more than maddening none sense.. How she wished this was the case with Thomas. But Jenna had seen what she had.... making her believe that he might be telling the truth. Maybe this was something which no one could explain...some strange force that consumed the souls of some people. Even though she never really believed it, for some reason it consumed her thoughts right now.

“What the hell is happening to me?” she whispered, her hands covering her face, as she sat their within the somewhat silence around her.

All that she wanted was to find the answers...answers to what she wanted to know. Just so she would find the guilty party and close this case right away. To end she would never have to think about it again. Even though she knew when this would be over, she would never be able to forget it. The only thing she could do was to wait for the forensic team to give their report of the crime scene. Only then could she really know what it would be they were dealing with. Till then, all she could do was to try and keep her sanity of it.

As her hands slowly removed from her face and she gazed screen of her computer, Jenna could hear the sound of her partner, Officer Derick James, speaking to her. Just the sound of his voice startled her. Just his voice woke her up from the deep thought she had been in. Making her jump slightly and stiffening her body slightly. In a sudden rush of fear.

“You alright partner?' he asked, smiling slightly at her.

When she looked at him, Jenna could see the concerned expression on his face. The same look which he had given her so man times before within the five years they had been partners. She gave him a slight smile, trying to hide it from him. Even though she really try to hide something from him, she found herself doing it. Not sure why she was doing it, but she was. After the years they had been partners, he knew there was something bothering her.

“What did you get from that kid, Thomas?” she asked.

“Not much.” he said smiling and sighed in such discouragement. “he must have emotional problems. The chief is going to send him to the psychiatric ward of River's Edge. He can't tell us anything in his condition, maybe the doctors can get something out of him.”

“What is his mother going to think about that?” she asked.

Jenna really didn't think that anyone could really understand what it was that Thomas went through.

“I'm sure that she would agree. I mean, her son is messed up from whatever he had ever seen.” he said in a confident tone.

Yet, there was something about the tone of his voice which made her realize that she was not joking or even trying to hide the seriousness n his soul. Jenna really didn't want to hear that, as the back of her mind continued to think about her seven year old daughter., who her ex-husband got custody....all because she was a Chicago cop; Showing the danger it could be for a child. Which, the courts believed, even though she didn't have anything bad on her records. But that was something which was in the past.....(two years now), which she had ensured, and had to live on. Something which she had found herself able to do....after long time of medical leave she had...daily psychiatric visits.....and constant crying for three weeks. Not letting go of her daughter. But expecting the situation which the way the force had to deal with.

“If she agrees with it or not, is something which she has to face. He totally lost it, saying some ceramic doll killed his best friend? Please?” he said in a harsh tone.

“Why do you have to be so cold? Something scared him.....something he experienced, beyond his friend's murder.” she said.

He leaned over her desk, his eyes looking into her eyes so seriously. So cold and almost lifeless. How she hated when he looked at her like that and had that tone as well. Knowing that Derick was hiding the truth....even if he had the proof....the evidence which would be found.

“I just know,:” he hesitated as he stood erect. “ The bullshit of a doll could have murdered the victim would be ridiculous.”

“Who was the victim?” she asked without thinking about it.

Jenna had no idea why she wanted to know, but needed too. Derick was determined to make his belief be something which she would believe, even though Jenna couldn't believe what he said was true. Not sure why it could be, but in her mind she wasn't going to let his words get to her. The only thing which she cared about was to keep the belief which she had about the case. She wanted to know who the victim was, hoping there would be some sort of connection that they didn't see. Anything that would pull then away from her fear of what she believed it could be. Her eyes stayed focused on Derick, waiting to hear what he would say.

“His name was Richard Bellington, twenty-five years old.” he started to say as he opened the file which was in his hand. “No at a cell phone retail store. Which one, I'm not sure....Sprint.... A,T,&T, of those. The family is coming to give us more information about him and if there was something which could be why he was murdered.”

As he said that, Jenna's eyes looked past him, at the officer holding an opened box holding the doll...its upper body hanging out of it. It seemed almost as if it was looking right at her , as if to taunt her and tell her that it was not done with what it started. Something which was probably only within her mind, but it was still a feeling which consumed her within the brief moment that she looked at it. For a brief second, she couldn't find herself to speak a word....not knowing what to really say, Her terror suddenly consumes her to the point where she wanted to pull out her revolver and fire on the doll. But it was something which she knew that she couldn't do...because she worried about a bullet hitting an innocent cop in the station or whoever was there. And then there was the fact which she would not only be fired, but also have her ass thrown in jail or the federal psychiatric hospital, because she was insane. And that was something which she couldn't afford to have happen. For what would the courts think about that? Probably take away the visitation which she had every two weekends every month and any celebration which she would have. That was the leash which kept her from keeping her going crazy on the guilty. But this was something different, something which she really didn't believe was anything which she had dealt with in any other cases she had before.

“What are they doing with that? Why is it that here?” she said in fear.

Derick looked to the officer holding the box, who had stopped and looked at them with a confused expression on his face. It was obvious, this was a new-bee.....what they called a rookie on the force, told to take something to the evidence locker. Jenna felt guilty that she made this innocent person feel so guilty about what it could be that he was doing. Damn it! How I hate doing something like that. Something which she knew she couldn't ignore that right now, even though she wanted to. But, seeing the face of the ceramic doll again, brought about such a sudden rush of terror which stiffened her body again. She knew this was ridiculous to be feeling.....or was it? That was the one thing which she couldn't really comprehend the answer....if there was. Still, Jenna knew she had to try to keep it buried deep within her soul, so that she wouldn't have to explain what she was going to answer to who would have to people who would ask. Her partner, the Captain, and maybe even the press if it would come to that. All that she wanted was to leave it alone and just solve this case and let it be forgotten. That was if there was a way to have this forgotten, for she knew that in the force they were thinking about how the two murders in the same place could be by the same murderer.

“It's evidence, you should know that. The forensic team thought there might be fingerprints or some other evidence on it which they could use.” he said in a worried voice.

“Where did they find the doll?” she asked in an emotionless

“What do you mean? You were there when we entered the residence.”he started to say.

“I know....just answer me! Where did they find the doll? She said in a demanding voice.

For a moment, Officer Derick James, the man who always had a logical explanation for just about everything......was silent now. That was the one thing which worried Jenna and made her know he was scared as well. The only reason which she wanted to him to say it, was if they had seen the same thing. So that way she would know was going crazy or not.

She looked at him with a look of desperation in them. And in a way, he could tell it Something which Derick had never seen her look, within the years he had been her partner,

“There is more to this, isn't there? Tell me, I want to know?” she said desperately.

“It was strange, because I could swear it wasn't there when we entered the apartment.” he had started to say.

“Maybe words written in the victim's blood?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes, and footprints that went from the body to a rocking chair and then back to the body. “ he said and then hesitated for a moment. “The weapon was found shoved within the victim's head and the doll sitting above the victim's head.”

“But we found the doll on the couch with the weapon on its hands, some how.” she said.

“Yeah....what the hell is going on? Something like thing just doesn't happen.” he said in a shocked voice.

“ I wish, I knew partner.....I wish I knew.” she said in a frustrated tone.

Even though she wanted to know the truth, there was still a sudden rush of terror that made her not wanting to know. The only thing which she knew was that doll was the key to it. Even though she had no idea what it could be. And that was the one thing that scared her the most. There was something which worried her, something which she needed to know.

“What about the witness we found? What is going to happen to Thomas? “ she asked.

“He's going to be put in a psychiatric hospital....Madden I think. He is to gone to get any information from. All he he keeps saying is.... the doll did it. And that it's evil.” he said.

“Maybe he's not crazy.....did you think that, with what we know now?” she asked.

“Right now, I'm not sure what to believe. This whole case seems like a nightmare . Something which we're not going to solve.” he said and then hesitated for a moment. “ Does that sound crazy?”

“Normally, I would say it was. But after what we had witnessed, I know it's not.” she said.

For a moment he just stood there, not a word uttered from his lips. As his eyes stayed focused on her. The silence between them got to the point where she couldn't take it any longer. She wanted to hear him say something....anything that would ease her mind, either way which he would take her.

“If what we are assuming is true, then what are we going to do? He finally said.

“I'm not sure.....but we might have the murder in our evidence locker.” she said in such a serious voice. “ But how are we going to make everyone believe it? That is the one thing which worried me.”

In a way it seemed like some sort of morbid humor about it. For deep down Jenna felt this was not the end of it. And they would see something more like the murder which they just witnessed. Just the thought of that sent a cold chill down her spine, paralyzing her for a brief moment. Something which she had never felt with any case that she would feeling this now? That was the one thing which she knew couldn't comprehend.. And from the look on Derick's face, he felt the same way, How she wished she could know what was happening to her. But she found herself consumed by how she would write the report of the case. Yet, there was still so many aspects which this case that was unanswered. Which she found herself wanting to know, satisfy her own curiosity and building anxiety. But, that might be something which she might not ant hear. There was one thing which bothered her, that she needed to know. The only thing was, she wasn't sure if she could do it.

“Do you think we should talk to the couple of the apartment? Maybe be get more to a background of what could have happened?” she asked.

Derick just looked at her with a shocked expression on his face. It was obvious that was something, which she really felt that shouldn't have asked. Still, it was something that she really needed to know.

“I think we need to give it a day or too. I mean, the found of someone murdered in their home and their son totally losing it..” he said and then was silent for a moment.

“You're right, Derick. “ she said and then paused for a moment. “ But, I just want to know what the hell we are dealing with it.”

He didn't respond for a moment, as if he was trying out what to say to her. Derick wasn't sure what to think about all this, for wasn't a case so bizarre, unlike anything they had ever encountered. In his mind, he tried to find a logical explanation for what they witnessed, There was no way to really know the truth, whatever the truth could be. And Derick felt they would dread if it would be what they feared it could be,

“I know....I do too....I do to.” he said in an uneasy tone.



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