The Doll - Part 3

The Doll - Part 3

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


The nightmare continues.....something so innocent is amazing how dark it can really be. Part 4 coming soon.


The nightmare continues.....something so innocent is amazing how dark it can really be. Part 4 coming soon.


Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Submitted: July 20, 2016





When the apartment door swung open, after Officer James had forced it against the side of his body, his hands continued to grip the handle of his revolver tightly. The room was dark, except for one light on the side, so dim and flickering which pierced through the darkness. He slowly made his way through the doorway, while his partner, Jenna Welks followed a foot behind him. Her eyes staying focused on him and then turned for a second at Brian and Linda, to make sure they were a safe difference from them. Seeing Brian holding Linda so close to her, their arms wrapped around each other, as she tried to muffle the sorrow and fear which she was feeling. Jenna looked at her for a moment, knowing the fear which Linda Miller was feeling. For she had encountered that so many times when she came home to her husband and daughter. Feeling her husband holding her close to him, other times she would just hold herself in the darkness of her living room when she would come home late at night. Right now, she had wished that she had her husband or someone to hold her close him. But she knew to well, that was something which wouldn't happen....for she was a cop. The image of a tough person who could handle whatever it was that came to him. And with the mistaken of a few cops in the last few months, she would be looked as a killer...which was something which she hated the most. For they had no idea of how her off time, she would volunteer at an animal hospital, giving her daughter everything and always showed such compassion to everyone in her neighborhood. But right now, the only thing which she could think about was protecting the civilians who were there and backing up her partner. The only thing which she knew was that within this apartment, the killer was there. The one which had taken the victim which they had found in the alley, his throat cut and his chest stabbed what looked like fourteen times. And there was no way that she was going to let her partner become the next victim which it wanted.

There was a smell of death and something else which she couldn't figure out. But, she knew there was no time that she could try to figure out what it could be. Fuck it!!! I will figure it out later!! Something which ran through her mind that made her focus on what was going on around her. Knowing that she had to focus on keeping her partner's back, to make sure that no one would jump him from behind. She had one other partner and on a call she had been distracted by a crying child, and her partner had been shot in the back and died. A couple months after that, she had tried to deal with it. To try to find a way to get over it within her mind. And now, she swore that she wouldn't let that happen again....even though she had been forced to have an desk job for months, till the psychiatrist had reported that she was able to be back on the street. And she had proved that she was able to. Now though, this was something which she was not sure about.

As she started to enter through the doorway, she turned back to them and motioning for them to stay there. She wasn't going to let civilians fall as victims to whatever psycho be in there. That was something which she wouldn't be able to handle. It was obvious that Brian Miller knew what she was motioning as he held his wife closer to him. Hearing her muffled cries, which was the one thing which cut her in her soul. Thinking that she would be the same way if it was someone that she loved that could be in danger and not know what was happening to them.

When she walked into the living room of the apartment, the smell of death and something else intensified even the point where she thought she was going to become sick. When she looked at her partner, she could see him staring at the far couch on the other side of the room. His gun a shocked expression frozen on his face, as she wondered what it could be that he was looking at. Even though she could easily look in the direction which he was staring, she found herself more concerned about her partner. About Denis James, a cop who had been in the force for twenty years and was a family man with two children at home. The type of man who was a kind and loving man at home with his family and a stern and even cold when he was on the job. Even though he would be kindhearted with the civilians that he would deal with. Now thought, for the first time, she found her partner frozen in fear...which was something that scared her so much. Then finally, Janna couldn't resist looking to the direction which he was suddenly focused on. And when she looked, she could feel her heart drop and a sudden sickness wanting to consume her.

What she had seen was a young man with short curled brown hair, looking like a wild Afro, his skin pale as his throat was cut and chest was stabbed a multitude of times. The victim's chest cut open and its heart cut out and left on the wooden floor.....within a pool of its own blood. The smell was the rank odor of death from the corpse....not decomposing....just the odor of the flesh which had been ripped open. A couple feet from the mutilated body, sitting on the couch was the doll....its head looking in her direction. In its ceramic hand, was the handle of carving knife with the victim's blood coated on the blade. For some reason when Jenna looked at it, she could swear that it was staring at her with an almost sarcastic expression on its face. But that seemed impossible for that to be true. It was nothing more than a doll, lifeless...inanimate. The killer must have been the same one who killed the body which they had found in the alley. And now this psycho was showing a sense of humor...using this doll as a symbol in a way. To confuse them and everyone else with it.

She looked back at the door, seeing Brian and Linda walking into the apartment, Linda showing such a terrified expression on her face. It was obvious that she could only see the legs of the dead body, thinking that it was her son. Even though she didn't say a word, the expression on her face was enough for Janna needed to know what she was thinking. Instantly, she made their way to them, to stop them from moving any closer to the dead body. She wasn't sure if it had been Linda's son, but knew that having a woman who was hysterical wouldn't help them with their investigation.

“You shouldn't be here. I know this is your apartment...but this is now a crime scene and we need you to stay out of here.” she said in a calm voice.

“Is that my that him?” Linda started to say in a terrified voice and then looked at the doll sitting on the couch and the bloody knife it held somehow. “What the hell is that thing doing here? I got rid of it! I didn't want that thing in my house!”

Her voice suddenly went from terrified, to sheer rage, which shocked Janna in a way. But figured it was part of the grieving process. Janna had no idea what to really say to answer her, for she had no idea what her son looked like, and couldn't figure out about the doll. The way that Linda looked at her, she could tell she needed to hear some kind of answer, which she wanted Jenna to tell her. But there really was nothing which she could say. What could it be that she would say to a woman who thought her son was dead? That was the one thing which Officer Jenna Welks couldn't really think of. When her hand touched Linda's shoulder. She turned and glared at her with such rage. Something which Jenna knew it wasn't shown to least she had hoped that it wasn't. Still, even if it was, she had a job to do and make sure that they were out of danger. Especially if this killer was something which the apartment. She tried to convince them to go into the hallway....even though outside would be better, but that was something which she knew would be to much to ask for. Especially from the way that Linda had looked. Janna only hoped that he husband would be able to convince her to listen to her, knowing it would be the right thing to do. Janna was just about to say something to them, hoping to sound confident and strong, like the way people would see a police officer as, there was a sound coming from down the hallway. The sound which seemed to be someone crying hysterically.

Instantly, her partner, Officer James started to make his way to the bathroom where the sound seemed to come from. Jenna turned to him, seeing him motion to have them stay where they were, then back at them. Trying to tell them to stay where they were, for it wouldn't be safe if they didn't. And for the first time, since this whole thing started, they actually listened. Brian watched Officer James making his way to the bathroom door, gun pointed in front of him....moving slowly. He understood why the cop would be that way, for all they could know there was some deranged psycho who was going through their episodes. Not knowing what they would do....and when Brian wrote about it would always end up with someone being killed. At least that was what would happen when he wrote his stories, hoping it wouldn't become reality.

When Officer James reached the bathroom door, he stood there motionless for a moment, his hand gripping the handle of his pistol tightly. He could feel his body shaking in fear as the sweat started to run down the back of his neck.

“Chicago someone in there? Are you hurt?” he called out in a demanding voice.

There was no answer at the moment, the only sound which he could hear was the whimpering sound of the person inside...a man, who he could tell. If this had been the killer that they had been looking for, there would have been a different reaction that he would have gotten. He called the same thing out again, but this time asking the person to open the door. He knew to well that if he were to break down the door, he might walk into a dangerous situation. For how was he to know this person didn't have a gun....scared to the point that they would fire at the first person that would come through the door. That was the one thing which he really didn't want to deal with....even though he was determined to find out who this person was, his life wasn't a risk which he wouldn't want to experience.

All of a sudden, he could hear the sound of the man's scared voice answering....words broken and unsteady. Officer James lowered he firearm as his free hand gently touched the rough surface of the bathroom door. His fingers running over the chipped paint of the door, as he started to believe this was not the killer they were looking for, but a witness to what had happened. Someone that could be a vital piece to finding the sick Fuck that did this and maybe the other murder as well.

“Open the door sir, I promise that no one is going to harm you. We need you to come out and let us know what happened here.” he said .

For a moment there was nothing but silence, which was the one thing which scared everyone of them. Officer James continued to stare at the bathroom door, his hand still gripping the handle of the revolver which was lowered to his side right now. He could hear the sound of the person moving around inside, even though it was nothing more than muffled sounds. Still, it was enough to know that whoever it was that was inside there was still alive and moving. If he was hurt, that was something else which he wasn't sure about. The only thing which he could think about was getting this person out of there and finding out what he knew about what had happened. From the corner of his eye, he could see the residence of the apartment, Mr. and Mrs. Miller standing there, his arms wrapped around his wife, trying to calm her down from the terror which they were forced to deal with. But, the officer believed they never really thing that they would believed to being in a situation like this. In fact, no one would really believe themselves within a situation like this. When Brian looked at Officer James, he could see the look of anger on his face. Brian found himself not wanting to see that, but he did and there was nothing more than a bizarre reality that they had found themselves in, The one thing which Officer James really didn't want to see them in this type of situations, just like he had thought with something which they couldn't deal with it.

For a moment, the only sound which could be heard was the silence around them. Officer James continues to stare are the door waiting for any kind of response, from the silence he could hear someone moving in there. One way or another he was determined to get the person out of there.

“You are just making it hard on yourself. Answer me....if we talk, it will make it easier on you.” he said.

It was then he heard the sound of a man's voice, which sounded shaky and scared. So soft, he thought he wouldn't be able to make out what was being said. It sounded like he was saying....he didn't do it. But Officer James had to make sure what he said, before he made his next move.

“I can't hear what you said....say it again.” he said as he leaned closer to the door.

“I didn't do it...I didn't kill him. It was....” the voice said and the hesitated for a moment. “The doll...the doll did it. But, its not what it's evil.”

“What's your name?” he shouted.

“Thomas....Thomas Elbert.” the voice answered....seeming to grow louder and closer.

He had no idea what Thomas could mean by what he was saying. Figuring it was just fear that made him say that. No matter what, he had to get Thomas out of there, so they could understand what had happened.

“Thomas....I want you to come out of there. Your mother is here and she is worried about you.” he said.

“I don't believe you.” Thomas said in a loud voice.

Officer James turned to them and motioned for them to come to him. As they did, Linda knew what he wanted her to do. The only thing which she wanted was to get Thomas out of this apartment and know what he had seen. But right now all she wanted was to hold him in her arms and know that he was safe. When they reached the bathroom door, Linda's hand gently touched the surface of the door and took a deep breath. There was so much she wanted to say to him, yet she found herself unable to speak a word for a second. Because of the terror, which she had just witnessed and the sight of that doll again. Knowing she had gotten rid of a while ago. Still, that was something that really didn't matter.

“'s mom. I wanted you to open the door. Once you do we can get out of here.” she said in a kind voice.

For a moment, there was nothing but silence which can then the door slowly opened. Jenna raised her revolver, until her partner motioned for her to lower it. When the door opened wider, a man of the age of twenty or at least she thought he was. His short black hair was messed, as tears ran down his cheeks and his body shivered in such terror. The moment he looked at Linda, he cried uncontrollably and walked into her arms. Linda held him closer to her, trying not to cry herself as she whispered to him everything would be alright. Brian heard her say that as his hand rested on her back. In a way, he hoped that she would be right, but deep in his soul he knew this was not the end of it. And the only thing which he wanted was to get them out of this apartment....away from that doll. His eyes looked up at Officer James, with such a serious expression on Brian's face.

“Officer, I think we should get out of here. So that way you can continue your investigation.” Brian said in such a professional tone.

“I agree, Mr. Miller. It would be the best for all of us.” he said with a cold expression on his face.

Slowly, they made their way out of the apartment, Linda holding Thomas as he continued to cry and Brian followed behind them. None of them seem what was there....none of them except for Officer Janna Welks, at first from the corner of her eye. When she looked, she had confirmed what she thought she had seen. It was the doll.....somehow it had moved from the couch and over to the rocking chair across the room. Not only that, but something written on the floor in the victim's blood. Only Started. Along with that was the tiny bloody footprints that lead to the rocking chair. Footprints to tiny to have been made by anyone human. When she looked at the doll, she could swear that she had seen a wicked, even evil expression on its ceramic face. Jenna wanted to say something to her partner, but feared he would think she was spooked. How she hated that word....for it seemed to hold different meanings that she didn't believe in. Right now, all that she can do was to get the civilians and the witness to a safe place. And then figure out what her next course of action would be. That and find out what the forensic team would find. Still, there was something about that doll.....that damned doll, that brought about a bad feeling in her gut. When she looked at it again, its evil expression was still on its lifeless face, but also something else which seemed as if it was whispering.... I will be seeing you soon. Which was nothing more than her own imagination fooling her because of such a horrid murder. She wanted more and more to find out what the truth could be. The truth which was something which now she had to desperately find out.


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