The Doll - Part 2

The Doll - Part 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


The continuation of my story.... The Doll. Hope you enjoy it. Part 3 coming soon.


The continuation of my story.... The Doll. Hope you enjoy it. Part 3 coming soon.


Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016





It had been two days where they didn't see the doll again and its thought was something which faded from their mind. And they got their lives back to what it was...the normal routine which they had, which they gotten use to. The passion....the happiness...the romance which they shared with each other. And Brian found himself back to the normal life which he had, before that damned doll came into their lives, when Linda brought it into their home. Still, there was a part of him which wonders if it's really over? Something deep in his soul, made him believe that it was just the beginning. Or was it?

They had just got home from being out at a Dokken concert....laughing as they turned onto the street of their apartment. Listening to Linda talk about how amazing the concert was for her and he had to agree that it was for him. Even though he liked hearing the music of that group on the radio, he never thought he would take her to a concert of them. But it was their anniversary and he wanted to do something special for her. And this was something which he knew that she wouldn't forget. But the excitement had suddenly stopped when they saw all the flashing lights in front of their apartment building and the people that gathered around to see what was happening. Something which always amazed Brian, how people was so amazed by the misfortune and death of someone. Right at that moment, he really didn't think about that....for all that he could think about was that of Linda. Even though he did see the crowd forming and the flashing still didn't seem to faze least not within that brief second.

“What the hell is going on here?” Linda said in a sudden shocked tone.

Brian wanted to answer her, but he had no idea what it could be. In way he hoped that it had been nothing more than a domestic dispute within one of the apartments it their buildings and someone had enough of hearing about it. Especially if it was the people within 5b, who was across the hallway from them. They always were in a fight where it would end up physical to the point where everyone could hear it. That the drunken bastard finally was got was coming to him. Maybe even she killed him in self defense, which even Linda would have respected as well as him. But, there was something which told him that this was something more....something which he would regret to really discover. Of course, Brian thought it was nothing more than his own over-active imagination and the fact they both had a few drinks at a karaoke bar where some of their friends went to every week-end. God, I hope no cop pulls us over. Please, don't let a cop stop us. The one thing which was running through his mind as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. Even though he knew it wouldn't happen, it was Chicago and the cops were always looking for someone to arrest. And a DUI was something which would probably give them credit with the quota that they had. Luckily, that was something which hadn't happened.

They parked a couple buildings away from their place, then slowly walked through the shadows, hand in hand. The whole time, their eyes focused in front of them, not saying a word for a moment. For they really wasn't sure what it could be that was happening. The cool summer air slapped their faces as they continued to walk, moving closer to the crowd and hearing the sound of the shocked voices of them. Not able to hear what it could be that was being said, but that was something which Brian really didn't need to hear.

“She finally did it. She finally killed that asshole after all the abuse which he had put her through.” Linda said in an angered voice.

Linda was always the one who believed in defending an abused woman.... or even an animal that was abused. That was the one of many things which Brian loved about her. And he knew that when she would talk about it with such conviction, couldn't do anything but to let her express herself. And all the time she was logical about it, which impressed him so much. Even though Brian was the same way, he never really was as vocal about it as she was. With the attitude of not caring what anyone thought, for she knew what she was saying was right....for she knew the facts behind what she said. God bless her! I am so lucky to have her in my life and heart. A thought which he kept locked away within his soul....within his heart....that he knew she felt the same for him. But tonight, the only thing which he wanted was to get to their apartment and fall asleep in bed, feeling her body next to him. Just to feel the warmth of her body next to him. Which he knew was something which would happen soon. That was after they kicked out her twenty-three year old son out of their apartment. He knew that he would find her son sitting behind the computer, continuing to play his video games, which was his escape. Or at least that was something which Brian believed was....even though he wondered if it was an addiction instead. But he knew that he couldn't say anything about it, for he was her son from a previous marriage and couldn't say anything about it. For after all, he wasn't his father...if he was, he would be focused on real life, rather than the false illusions of video games and the internet. For that had a way of making kids antisocial and not knowing how to really be in a public setting. The only thing Brian could do was to kick him out of the apartment, because after all the lease was in his name. And that was the one thing which Linda respected...for she knew that he had gotten the place for them and no one else.

“How do you know that he didn't kill her?” he found himself asking.

He could feel her hand grip his tight and feel her stare burning on him, even though he didn't look at her for a moment. Brian knew that she was enraged by that, even though it was something which could be a possibility. Brian had always believed to never doubt anyone, for anyone is possible of anything....if pushed....or insane enough. Brian knew that was something which she really didn't want to think about, because he knew the hatred which Linda had for him. If that would have been the case, she would have went out and searched for get her own revenge of a jerk like him killing an innocent woman. Linda always believed in supporting women who have been abused. Even though she knew there were men who were abused by women, even though they would never really reveal that to anyone. That normal macho attitude which men always had. Brian was like that once in a while, but most of the time would always show her how he felt and thought. Because why would he hide anything from the woman who he called his wife and soul mate?

As they moved closer to the gathering crowd, he could feel a strange feeling come over him. That there was something more to what was there than what everyone could see. Brian wasn't sure what that could be, even though he had a thought, which he dared not speak of to Linda. For he remembered the look of terror in her eyes two days ago and really didn't want her to go through that again. Still, what if it could have been that it was matter how impossible it could be. There had been something about that doll which seemed almost unnatural to him....which he really couldn't comprehend. But, when Linda took it away and left it, where ever she did, the threat of it seemed to leave with it for a moment.

“What if it was....” he started to say.

“No! I got rid of that thing and it won't return! So don't bring it up....don't even think about it. That thing is out of our lives and that is all that matters!” she said suddenly in a harsh tone as her eyes glared at him with a sudden rage.

He knew that she probably didn't mean to blow up at her like that, still it shocked him. Never before had Linda ever acted like that before. Brian knew though there was something that was bothering her, something which was on her mind, which she really didn't want to reveal right now. He said he was sorry and then turned his attention back in front of them at the approaching crowd. Brian felt the urge to blow up at tell her that it wasn't his fault....that she had brought it into their home. But knew to well that wouldn't help the situation and only make her even more angry at him. The only thing that he could do was to remain quiet and wait for the moment when she would calm down.

“Brian, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten angry with you. But what we had seen two days ago and what could be going on now, really is bothering me.” she said as she touched his shoulder so softly.

“So, you are thinking there could be something more about that doll that we don't know about? Tell me the truth.” he asked looking at her.

“Yes, even though that sounds so ridiculous, I do.” she said, pressing herself against him and giggling slightly. “But, there is no way to really explain what we seen. That was why I got rid of it.”

“I know, sweetie. And, I'm glad that you did.” he said and then hesitated for a moment, trying to find a way to change the subject. “At least we had a great time at the concert. It was so much fun. I never been to a hard rock concert before.”

“I could were really having a good time. Thank you for taking it to me, that really means a lot to me.” she said and then stopped him as they kissed.

His arms wrapped around her for a brief moment as he kissed her. And within that moment, Brian found himself forgetting about everything that was bothering them. The only thing which mattered was right then and there, the pleasure which they were feeling as they shared their love. And the only thought which came to his mind was getting her son out of their place so that they could be alone. It wouldn't surprise him to find her son on the computer playing his video games. For when they had been dating, before they moved in together, he would always be playing some video game online....battling whatever the program would be. The last thing which Brian knew he was into was War Craft... whatever that could be. Brian wasn't a gamer, as they called it, he used the computer to check his emails and do his writing when he was inspired. But he never really showed any disgust or hatred when she would come over and want to be on the computer. For he believed it was something he did to deal with whatever problems that he had....or maybe it was an obsession which he couldn't get out of. Of course, Brian knew the obsession as well, when he would be behind the computer and working on a new story. Even though that seemed like something totally different than what her twenty-three year old son was doing...or dealing with. No matter what it could be, was something which he really didn't care about. For her son wasn't his responsibility, something which Linda had said when they had gotten into the relationship. And because of that, no matter what he would get into, Brian would stay out of fact vowed that he wouldn't support him in any way. After all, he wasn't his son, so he had no responsibility to him. No matter what the situation could be.

When they reached the crowd, Brian had wished that they would have just walked into the building ignoring what was going on. Instead of stopping and seeing what it could be that had happened like all the others which gathered around. But their damn curiosity got the best of them. Especially Linda, who had insisted on stopping to see what was going on. Which was something that Brian felt he would regret. Even though Linda would have said that it was nothing more than his anxiety, which was making him think that, he couldn't help thinking that. Maybe she was right, but the feeling was so strong and there was something about that doll that made him feel they hadn't seen the last of it. Why? Was something which he really didn't know for sure. If she was right about what she would say, he would know it could be true. For there were so many times that he led into his anxiety and it would end up be nothing to really worry about. Could she be right about this moment? That this was one of those moments that was happening to him? It was something which Brian wasn't sure and really didn't want to think about it.

As they stood there, they could see the paramedics pulling a stretcher out of the alley with a black bag on top it. It was obvious there was a body inside it, which brought about a sense of dread to Brian's soul. He could know was that the one morbid thought which was going through the people in the crowd was.... how did that person die? A morbid question which always seemed to manifest within everyone's mind, when something like this would happen. But Brian wanted to know who the person was. It was then they could hear the sound of two women from the building, which Brian recognized, talking to each other.

“They say that the wife did it. She found him passed out drunk in the alley and killed him.” the one woman said.

“Would you blame her, everyone knows that he was cheating on her and was always beating her as well.” the other woman said.

Brian knew right away they were talking about the couple across the hallways from them. Even though he wanted to believe that was what happened, something about it didn't seem right to him. Of course, he didn't say anything about it, because he would just seemed foolish. When he looked at Linda, she had the expression that seemed to say, the bastard got what was coming to him. Which seemed odd, since Linda had always been the one who wanted to protect people's lives. That was unless it was a situation like like this.

His eyes continued to stare at the paramedics who were putting the body in the ambulance. For some reason, he found himself unable to turn his attention away from it. That was until he felt Linda's hand touch his shoulder, which made him jump slightly in shock and wake him from his trance. When he looked at her, Linda stared at him with a concerned expression on her face.

“Come on Brian, lets go inside. We don't need to be out here.” she said in a kind voice.

Brian didn't say anything to her, just turned as they made their way into the apartment building. They made their way inside, neither of them saying a word to each other for a moment. But Brian knew they both were wondering who the killer could be. Even though he knew Linda believed it was the wife of the jerk, whose name was Jackie. Still. What if it wasn't......that was what Brian was wondering. If that was the case, then there was a killer around them. It sounded like one of those old murder mysteries, but this was reality...not a movie. The only thing which they could do was to wait and see what would come about.

As they took the elevator up up to the fourth floor, Linda held his hand so tightly. He wasn't surprised, because he knew about the phobia which she had with elevators. And was always determined to be there to help her through it. For he couldn't let her go through such agony like that. He knew he had to think of something to say to get her mind off it.

“I never so you go so wild at the concert as you did.” he said suddenly.

“Well, you know that I love that band.” she said smiling and then giggled slightly. “You didn't seem to mind..... in fact you were going kind of wild as well.”

“Well, I really did have a great time with you tonight at the concert. I never thought I would like something like that.” he admitted.

“I know and I'm so happy that you took me to it. And surprised how much you really did enjoy it. I guess, I'm going to have to show you how much I appreciate you that you took me to the concert.” she said playfully.

“Well, isn't that what a husband is suppose to make his wife happy?” he said suddenly.

“I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful man like you. I love you so much Brian.” she said, then leaned to him and kissed him.

His arms wrapped held her close, her body pressed against his for a brief moment . Right when the doors opened, they parted briefly from each other. He wrapped his arm around her as they made their way out into the hallway. She giggled slightly, like a schoolgirl for a brief moment, as they started to make their way down the hallway. It was then, they saw two police officers, one man and one woman, standing by their neighbors door with her standing there talking to them. The woman's name was Stephanie and from the look on her face, they could tell she was trying her best to compose herself, but not doing well at it. Her eyes red from crying as tears continued to roll down her cheeks, as she looked at the officers with such disbelief and terror. When they passed them, Linda could hear Stephanie trying to explain what she knew about her husband's murder. When they mentioned his name, her hands covered her face as her head lowered and her long dirty blond hair fell over the sides of her head, covering her face. Something which Brian wasn't sure that he could handle to see. It was then that they heard the female office said something so compassionate....yet, what they asked made Brian wonder the truth.

“Do you think there is anyone that would want your dead?” the female officer asked.

To Brian, the list of her husband's enemies would be be a long list. Yet, Stephanie replied that she couldn't think of anyone that she could think of who would want to think of it. Yet both Brian and Linda could think about many of people here in this building that would love to see him dead, something which Brian didn't want to admit...even though it was true. Stephanie said that she couldn't think of anyone that would want to hurt him. Of course, it was nothing more than a lie which she was trying to make believable, through the tears which she shed. The only thing which she could say was that there was no one that she knew of who would do that. Linda felt there was something which she was hiding, even though she had no idea if that was true or not. But Brian knew there was something about her, which when she felt like would be true. Yet, they continued to make there way passed them. Brian had a strange feeling of who it could be that was responsible for what would happen. Even though he couldn't be sure that it was something that was true or nothing more than his imagination. It was something which he knew that he had to push out of his mind, for it would only bring about such confusion to his mind.

When they passed them and made their way to their apartment, Brian could feel a sudden cold chill running down his spine. Something which he had never felt before in the past with such intensity, which he knew that he had to ignore. Not just because he knew it would be nothing more than his own illusion, but also to make sure that Linda wouldn't question what he was feeling.

When they reached their apartment door and Brian was pulling the key into keyhole, they could hear the sound of Linda's son screaming in fear. Brian tried to turn the key, but for some reason it would not unlock. Brian knew that it was unlocked and that there was something which was pressed against the door, making it almost impossible for anyone to get inside.

'What the hell....Come on, you bitch.” Brian said as he slapped his body against the door.

“Jake, are you alright? to me..” Linda screamed and then waited for a response. The only thing which she could hear was the sound of him screaming in fear.

From the corner of Brian's eye he could see the male police officer making his way over to them. Something which Brian expected to happen, even though he wanted the police not to be involved. But, it was too late and there was nothing that either of them could do about it now. Linda looked at him with a look as if to say that she didn't need this, even though her lips didn't speak a word. Yet, he continued to push at the door, trying to get it open.

“What is the problem here?” the male police officer said, looking at them .

“We're trying to get in our apartment and we heard the sound of my son screaming. Please, can you help us.” Linda said in a worried voice.

“I will try.” the officer said.

The officer made his way to the door, then looked back at the female officer who started to make her way to join him. It was almost as if he wanted to make sure that she knew what he was going to do and was ready to back him up if anything went wrong. Brian could feel an unsettling sensation building in his gut, as if he knew what they would find when they got into the apartment. In a way he hoped there would be nothing that would be there. Maybe, her son would be found asleep on the couch and screaming because of a nightmare. That would be something which he not hoped....prayed that they would find.

“Is anyone in there? Can you hear me? This is Chicago police....answer me if you are able to?” he called out as he pounded on the door.

For a moment there was no answer which could be found, No one really tried to move, as the police officer kept his eyes on the door, as if he expected to hear a response....even if it would be a soft and weak response. At least, it would be something which would satisfy him in a way. For a moment, there was nothing more than silence which could be heard but the silence, then the soft sound of a man crying could be heard from the other side of the door. When Linda heard it, she panicked, because she knew that it was her son, Thomas. And because of it, she moved instantly to the door, trying to push the police officer away.

“Thomas....Thomas, open the door! It's your the door! Please, open the door!” she screamed.

“Please, stand back. We will get the door open, just let us do our job. We don't want to put you in harms way.” the male cop said.

It was then the female cop moved closer, her hand gently touching Linda's shoulder as she tried to convince her that they would be able to help her son. That they would get the door open and make sure that her son was safe. Linda's eyes glared at the female cop, her eyes glaring with such rage at her....without saying a word. Yet, the female cop didn't even flinch...didn't look at her with shock or fear of it.

“What is your name officer?” she asked in a calming angered tone, her breath breathing heavy.

“I'm Officer Jenna Welks. And you are?” she asked, hoping to get her into a conversation that would start to calm her down from the rage she was feeling.

“Linda Miller....this is my husband Brian.” she said in a unsteady and panicked voice.

“Brian Miller? The writer?” Officer Welks said shocked as she looked over at Brian. “ I read his work...he is a really good writer.”

Brian was shocked about it, because he had only published a few short stories in magazines and collections of short story books....and two novels which he had felt that really didn't make it that well as he hoped it would have. Just to hear Officer Welks say that would bring about a sense of pride to him. Experiencing something like this....and he knew it had been something which he had always wanted...acceptance for his talent. But now was the wrong time which this could have happened...that he could hear it in a way. The only thing which he cared about....was worried about....was what they would find beyond that door. Something which Brian had never really thought about it so many times which he had entered the same door so many times before. Of course, this was something which was so different than all the other times when he came home from the hospital or when they came home from going out...sometimes drunk and laughing or in such passion that they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

“Linda, calm down. Let these officers do their job.” Brian said trying to calm her down.

Even though he knew Linda believed within the news of the reports of the police shooting people in a simple pull over, thinking that the victim was reaching for a weapon. How he hoped that they wouldn't be those easily angered and paranoid about what they believed from the events of what had happened in the city in the last few months. The only thing which Brian hoped was that these cops would be honest, which was something which he believed was hard to find, even though his thought was probably as false as the illusion of what people thought of people around them. The way people had such prejudice toward people and everything about the world around this world. Brian never really believed in it....any of it...but there was something which scared him. Making him wonder if they were scared because they knew there was a killer that could still be here....hiding ….and be willing to shoot first and ask question later. And if Thomas was crying after awaking from a nightmare, crying as he tried to return into the world reality. And if these cops were to edge in their minds, they would just shoot when they would think it was a threat. And probably killing an innocent young man who was jut waking from a nightmare screaming.

Thomas could be heard to continue crying, as the male officer tried over and over again to get a response from who was inside. Acting like this was something like a terrorist act that he had to deal with. Being caution with what he said and the actions which he would do. But, Brian knew that Thomas wasn't a terrorist or even had a violent bone in his body. He was a young man who had a caring and understanding heart to everyone in the world, which in a way Brian still had, But, after time and everything that he had to deal with in the past, made him hard in a way. Yet, Brian had never gave up on the belief that their was something which was deep in his soul, that he couldn't ignore or change. He could feel his heart pounding so hard that he thought that he wouldn't be surprised that it would explode through his chest. His eyes from Office Jenna Welks and then over to Linda, who was starting to come to her face, but there was still the rage apparent of it to him.

“What do you want to ask me, Officer Welks?” Linda asked in a slightly calm tone.

“Are you a mother? Can you know what it could be that I am feeling right now, knowing my son is on the other side of this door and not knowing what he is going through?” she asked in a calm and almost lifeless tone.

Brian looked at Officer Welks, thinking that she could be nothing more than twenty-ix years old, but that didn't mean that she couldn't have kids of her own. For Welks showed such compassion to Linda, as if she knew what she was saying. In a way, maybe knew personally how that could be. She said nothing to Linda, as if she was trying to try to find the words to say to her. There was something about the look on her face which showed to Linda, that comforted her, even though Brian wasn't sure about it. After all, her and her partner walked into a murder and it seemed there was something which they weren't sure what it could be.

“Yes.....Yes, I am . “ Officer Welks said and then hesitated for a moment “And I would be the same way for my daughter if it was in different situations. But Mrs. Miller, you have to trust us and let us do our job.”

Brian could see Linda giving into what she was saying that she was telling the truth. Linda showed a brief smiled, as if it was something which Linda was able to connect to her. And because of it, there was a sense of relief that Brian felt.

“I'm glad that you can. So you can know how I am acting . His name is Thomas, my youngest son out of two. I know he needs me.....there is somethings about him which you never know that you could not imagine. But he is a good boy, a kind person with a caring heart and loves the respect of life.” Linda said in a hurtful tone.

“We're not going to hurt him....shoot him....I promise that Mrs. Miller. I promise that.” Officer Welks said as her hand gripped hers.

The male officer forced his shoulder against the surface of the door, and the impact of it broke the lock n some way, as the door swung open and a rank smell floated out of it. A smell which none of them could understand, as they stood there for a brief second, unsure what it could it be that was waiting for them to find. The male officer called out his identity as he pulled his gun drawn, pointing at the partially opened door. Then slowly taking baby steps toward the door, unsure of what he could find. Brian wrapping his arm around Linda, holding her close to him, afraid that they would find. Feeling her body pressed against his, her head resting against his shoulder,, feeling her body shivering in terror. Not sure what it could be that would wait for them to find see.

“I can't stand this.” Linda whispered as her body pressed against the side of his body.

“Whatever it is ….I will be there for you, Linda. We will face it together.” he said and then hesitated for a moment. “Promise you that with all me soul. I love you so much.” Brian replied as they started to follow the male cop into the apartment.


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