Sharing Our Heart's Desire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Leather & Lace (Erotica Writers)

Come to me upon this night,

and leave all your worries and doubts outside the door

while you walk into my arms

feeling your body pressed against mine.

Oh yes, my darling,

there is nothing out there we need to worry about now

no errands that need to be done, no places to go,

just you and I alone here in this room.


Let my lips caress yours so soft and tenderly,

the way they did so long ago when we were dating,

feeling the warmth of our desires starting to burn

while the longing grew to the point

where we couldn't stand it much more.

How we found ourselves unable to stay away from each other,

our lips yearning to feel that kiss every other second

that awoke within our hearts such passion

beyond all we had ever felt before.

Wanting to let it take us to where it may,

embracing the beauty of the pleasures our bodies can share.


Let's shed away all that the world sees us as,

those respectable garments inclined to wear,

till we stand before each other in just our innocence...

just like the way we came into this world.

Then come to me, my Lady,

and let me hold you within my arms.

Feeling your skin against mine,

your breasts crushed against my chest,

as our lips meet in a tender kiss of love.

But not really a kiss...but a series of small pecks,

caressing your upper lip...then your lower...

and then both as they part slightly.

Our tongues protrude slightly,

touching each other in a innocent, passionate play.

Each time we do this,

our desire burns from a simple flame into an inferno,

absorbing us so sweetly.


Then lay you down upon a bed of silk,

hands and lips exploring every curve of your sultry frame

hearing the sound of your moans and gasps so sweetly

like a spring breeze gently floating around me.

Oh, how the taste of your skin entices me so,

making my hunger for you grow so ravenous and uncontrolled.

Each touch...each kiss....

heightening your pleasure

as you beg me to never stop.

The heat between us starts to grow,

as limbs entwine and bodies join as one,

in such perfect unity...we were meant to be together.


Entering the gates of your garden,

moving to the rapid rhythm of our heart beat at first.

Fast....then slow...then fast...then slow...

driving us into such a sweet ecstasy

that we had only dreamed of.

Feeling our souls succumb to this fiery love,

where our desires have no bound

and the heat and sweat of our bodies

melts the skin as one.

Two hearts beating for one soul,

within this moment...this night...

that we release all our hearts hold within

making our love physical

as we explode within the bliss

while my essence flows within your garden.

And within our hearts,

this act...this moment....

will be etched there.... forever.


Submitted: December 28, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Michael68. All rights reserved.

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This is beautiful, magical, passionate. You must be quite someone to be with...

A couple housekeeping items:
Very last line of the poem change "their" to there (this is not possessive pronoun)
Next to the last stanza "as limps entwine" you mean to say "limbs"
Last stanza "where our desires have no bound" would be more appropriate to say "boundary"

With that out of the way, let me say that I love how you make reference in your piece to the past - when you were dating. To speak to that essentially soaks the raw lust of your description into a more meaningful and loving event. That's not to say we cannot love the first time we make love; it's just to say that these two people are experienced with each other, and as such, they still remain both physically drawn as well as emotionally entwined. The speaker and his lover are well seasoned, and it makes the moment all the more powerful - there is newness and history to be repeated.

Sun, December 29th, 2019 5:38am

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