Sexual Object - Part 3

Sexual Object - Part 3 Sexual Object - Part 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jasmine's continuing adventure into the carnal pleasures with her mysterious stranger.


Jasmine's continuing adventure into the carnal pleasures with her mysterious stranger.


Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012



Her mysterious lover had taken her to the station in his limousine, giving them a chance to talk and get to know each other. The only thing which she had been able to find out about him is his name and nothing more. As if he was purposely hiding his identity and life from her for some reason. His name was Preston Beck, a name which seemed familiar to her, but at the moment she could not figure it out. For her mind was swimming with the images of the passion which they had shared. Making her sex throbbing again, even though there was a slight pain from the rough penetration Preston had performed to her. Still, the excitement continues to burns underneath her skin, making it uncomfortable for her to sit there in the leather seats. The whole time that she was in the limousine was an experience so wonderful which she had never had before. Making her feel so important just from sitting in there, even though she does not show it to him. So that way she would not look like a childish attitude, considering that he was so sophisticated. Still, Preston did not seem notice the image of her excitement of being in the limousine, but more about still being with him as well...more intense then before.

So, this is your first time in a limousine?” he asked in a calm, soft voice.

Uh....yes. I never thought I would be in one.” she said suddenly without thinking about it, then thought. “Oh, good going Jasmine. Make yourself so naive and innocent, especially after what we did.”

He just laughs slightly, as if he finds some humor in the way she had answered. Not really sure what it could be that it could be. But she knew it was something that he would not reveal to her, just like anything about his life. Slowly, he moves closer to her, his hand resting on her stomach, as she gazes into his hazel eyes. And the only thing which she could think about was.... My God, if he kisses me I am going to lose it. I am going to want him all over again. And yet, I do not know why that could be. Preston does not seem to move right away as his lips not hover centimeters from hers, feeling his hot breath on the skin of her face. Seconds went by and Jasmine could feel her heart pounding wildly, him doing this drove her into a frenzy of such excitement, stronger than never before. So many times she had done just this to other men and never felt something like this. For she was always in control, never the one letting someone else take control over her. Now it was something which she could not stop Preston from doing...and not wanting him to stop.

If you ever want to ride in it again...just let me know.” he whispered softly.

The scent of his cologne intoxicates her, feeling herself melting again slightly. If he were to press his lips against hers, she would melt totally and fall into his arms. She wants to say something seductive to him, to entice him in the moment which they had now. But the more she looked into his eyes, the more she found herself unable to find the words to speak. Of course, Preston did not seem to look uneasy about the situation at all, as if he knew how to be in control all the time....each action almost seeming premeditated to her.

That.....that is a wonderful offer.” she starts to say in a flustered voice. “But, I...I am not sure when I will have that chance though.”

You never know...there might be a chance that will happen again soon. A chance more than you know.” he said in the same tone he had before.

If he knew the effect he was having on her right now, how ever ounce of her being screamed out for him to kiss her. Or maybe he did know and was waiting to see if she would make the first move. Remembering how she had tried to play the seductress earlier that afternoon, just to be shown up by him. Was this still the game that he was playing with her? Trying to push her to the edge, till she would no longer be able to stand it and give in to him? If that was the case, Jasmine was already to that point. Wanting to give herself to him right there in the back of the limousine, to satisfy his own lustful whims as well as her own. This was definitely not like her at all, letting herself become absorbed in the passion which he would bring to her again. And she found herself wondering what it would be like to do it in the back of the limousine. But instead, she just pulls her head away from him, feeling her soul arguing in painful objection. Feeling like such a fool that she did, knowing that he wanted her more than any man ever wanted her before. The only thing which she was not sure, was to what degree would Preston would take it. It is obvious by the way he held himself and the limousine, Jasmine can tell that he was a man who likes the better things in life. So, why would he want to have an average woman like her? She was nothing like him, even though she acted like it, but it was nothing more than an illusion which she created to everyone around her, at least when she is downtown. Could it be that he knew that as well? That was something which Jasmine did not know for sure, the way he looked at her made her believe he did. He looks at her with a curious expression, as his hand moved from her stomach and rested on her thigh.

Did I do something to offend you Jasmine? Please, tell me what you are thinking.” he said in a kind voice.

Jasmine is not sure how to answer him, for how could she explain how she wants him to take her right now. Even though they had finished their passion a short time ago, the hunger for him still burned inside her soul. The feel of his touch on her thigh, sends a surge of such excitement surging through her veins. Making her body stiffen slightly, heart racing even more now, as she hoped that he would not notice her reaction. But Jasmine knew she was not the kind to be able to hide something she felt, especially so intense like this. Her eyes look down at his hand, fingers massaging her thigh through the skirt of her dress. Suddenly, her sex throbbed again in anticipation of the longing which sparked in her womb...not sure if she would be able to hold back if he were to continue his hand's caress. Making her sigh softly, and then her eyes look back at his face. Seeing the warm, tender expression on his face, knowing that he is waiting for her response.

No, you did not offend me. How could you offend me with that after what we did before.” she said, smiling in a playful grin.

She tried to be the seductress which he had seen her in when they had first met. The only thing when she gazed into his eyes, she found her act weakening and dissolving away again. Damn him. Why is it that he does this to me? Something which she thinks and finds herself never really finding the answer which her mind searched for.

I don't think there is anything you can do to me that would offend me.” she says suddenly and thinks. “My God, what am I saying. I don't want to have him think that I am that easy....or do I?”

Really? So what is your limit when it comes to sex? Is there anything that you would not do?” he asked bluntly.

Jasmine could feel her face blushing again, not thinking Preston would ask her something like that and why he would want to know something like that. She answers him, saying that the only thing which she could think about was saying anything that would be create pain to her. It was the only thing that could come to her mind, for the first time feeling uncomfortable about the subject of sex with a man. What in the world could it be that Preston had over her? Why was it that she felt something so different than that which she felt with anyone. More questions which haunted her with no answers that she could find. But she could not think right then, because his touch enchants her, making her body shiver from his soft touch. Jasmine does not know what his reaction is going to be now, or even what it could be that he was thinking of her. Even though he had already used her for his own lustful desires, there seemed to be something else which he was fascinated about her. Before she could speak another word, she could feel his fingers move down to the hem of her skirt and then disappeared underneath it. His fingertips lightly scratching the skin of her inner thigh, moving up it, pulling her dress up again. She could feel herself becoming flushed more than ever....droplets of sweat running down her neck....breath deep and rapid.

Are you alright?” he asked in a whisper. is just a little hot in here....I guess.” she said trying to keep herself composed.

Well...I can help you with that.” he said as he pushed a button on the door next to him.

When he did, the sunroof started to slide open, the cool breeze blew in slightly caressing her body which feels so pleasurable. The air feels so good on her face, as she looks up, seeing the lights of the buildings and streetlights they passed. And listening to the sounds of the city, as his fingers continue to explore up her thigh. Jasmine could not believe that she was willing to let Preston do this to her. The partition between them and the driver was down, where he could see them if her looked. Able to look in the rear view mirror and see her sitting there with her bare glistening sex in displayed for him. And what about the windows? Even though they had a dark film on it, how could she know that no one could really look in? Jasmine should have been afraid about all this, but the thrill which Preston was giving her, overwhelmed her so much. Without any conscious thought, her legs parted open his fingertips touched the lips of her sex. The contact of it made her moan out loud, giving a clear clue to the driver of what was happening.

What time is your train, Jasmine?” he whispered in her ear.

Eight.” she gasped.

Jasmine knew she should have said sooner, for now he knew she had two hours before her train would leave. Giving him the chance to do whatever he would want with plenty of time to get her to where she had to go. Maybe in a way, she did it on purpose, because she wanted to do this with him. To open herself to him and let him do whatever he wanted to with her.

So, we have time to follow through with this which we have started.” he said.

Before she could answer, she feels two of his fingers penetrate her sex, letting him feel how wet she had let him get her. Thrusting in and out a few some sort of playful game she was willing to let him do.

Yes...oh yes.” she said gasping. “But why did you pick me?”

She gasps again as his penetration, her eyes rolling her eyelids for a moment as her mind tries to find the words to say. But the waves of passion flooded her mind again, making it impossible for her to continue speaking. Or even pay attention to what response he would give her.

Because you were acting like a woman who was always in control with a man. Yet, I know that you want a man to take control of you. To command you....and force you to please them....the way they want... Am I right?” he whispered.

Jasmine was surprised how he knew exactly how she was inside, a part of her which she had never showed to most men. The last man who she had revealed it to was years ago, a man so romantic, who made love to her the way she wanted to....rough and yet tender. Even though she always wanted to know what it would be like to have some man have total control and so rough. She gasped a few times more, her body convulsing, her body burning with such desire, no longer able to control her actions any longer. Feeling her body rising and falling in sweet ecstasy, the thrill of his bliss filling her once again. This time though, she did not want to end it with just her orgasm. Before she could think of what to say she spoke to soft gasps and moans.

What can I do to please you?” she said panting. “Let me please you.”

She gazed at him, the look in his eyes makes her believe that she knows what it is that he wants her to do. But she is not sure, wanting to hear him say it...or even do something to give her a hint of it. Still, she knew that each second that he does not speak, she could feel herself becoming more and more anxious for him. Feeling his finger thrusting...pulling out and then penetrating her over again. She could feel herself losing control as she wants to scream out, begging him to do whatever he wanted to please her. And for her to please matter what it could be she would have to do.

Take off your dress...I want to see you naked. Take everything off....I want to see every inch of your skin.” he said as he slowly moved his hand from between her parted legs.

Without thinking she undressed as fast as she could at first.

No....slowly. I want you to do it slowly. I find it seductive that way.” he said as a devilish grin appeared on her lips.

Jasmine does what he demands, slowly removing her dress and then her bra, her eyes glance over at the driver for a brief second then back to him. She tried not to show any resentment to what she was doing, even though this seemed so foreign to her, not knowing why that could be. Especially since she had been courageous sexually more times than any with men, sex in some sort of public place, living out a fantasy. Now though this was something she had never thought she would do...considering she had no idea where this would progress to. His eyes staring over every inch of her sultry skin, his grin growing wider. Then he takes her hand and places it on his crotch, making her feel the erection through his pants. Her face flushes again, like this was the first time of a sexual moment. She runs his fingers over his crotch, the feel of his erection throbbing in his pants excites her even more. Then her hands unfastened his pants, her breath becoming rapid...ready to see what the member that impaled her before. Her hand pulling out his erection, fingers stroking its shaft, as the excitement within her consumes her. She started to lower herself to his crotch, knowing this is something he wants...or at least it is what she believed. When her lips touched his tip to kiss it, she heard him speak to her in a demanding voice.

No, I just want you to stroke it. Do what I say, or I am going to punish you.” he commanded.

Punish me? Who does he think he is, my father?” she thinks and then says. “I want to taste you. It is driving me crazy...I want it in my mouth.”

Jasmine says it without thinking about how slutty it might sound to him and even to the driver who could not help listening in. She has no idea what he could mean about punishing her and is not sure if she should listen to him...or just let herself indulge into the yearning which she is feeling. She tries to lift herself up to look at him, but he forces her back down.

Do what I do it. Or I am going to punish you.” he demanded.

And how are you going to punish me? Spank me?” she said in a sarcastic voice.

For a brief moment he remains silent as he lets out a disgusted sigh.

Maybe....or maybe I will have the driver just pull over and I will throw you out on the street naked. Would you like me to do that?” he said in such a serious tone.

Jasmine had a feeling that he was serious about doing it and could not risk being on the streets of downtown Chicago naked. How would she explain that to her parents when they would be called to pick her up in the police station? It was something which she knew she could not let happen. She knew that she had to do what he said, for he had already taken her dress and put it on the other side of him, away from her. Her hand start to stroke his shaft, the feel of his manhood in her palm feels wonderful in a way. Feeling it getting hard in her grip, exciting her even more. She can feel his hand gently down her back...then over the one curve of her buttocks. Then his palm smacks her cheek, hard but not to the point where it would hurt that much. The feel of the makes her let out cry of surprising pleasure, and then gently strokes her cheek again. Over and over he repeats this action, as she is consumed with a sudden odd pleasure from it. Feeling herself out of control...her begging him for another... and then moaning again...louder with each smack. Each smack was hard but then his hand stroked her so lovingly. Jasmine was not sure what to think about this and not even caring if the driver was watching. Or even that a passing car might see her bare buttock with her legs spread, revealing her damp sex for anyone to see, She was absorbed within the strange and overpowering ecstasy which he was creating. Her sex throbbing in agony...longing to feel him inside her. And yet, a feeling that was something which he had not intended this time for her. And it did not matter to Jasmine, because she was engulfed into the strange pleasure which he was giving her. It was then she felt his fingers slid into her sex again. She screamed out in sweet ecstasy as her orgasm flooded through her instantly. Her hips moving back and forth against it, but this time there was something else which she felt ….a new sensation which she had never felt before. His thumb sliding into her buttocks, as she screams out into a sudden rush of pain and pleasure at the same time. Her sex throbbing, burning white hot now....building up the next climax within her.

Do you like this?” he said, his breath deep and rapid from her manipulation.

Yes....Oh God, yes.” she moans.

What do you want me to do to you? Tell me the truth. I will know if you are lying and will punish you if you are Tell me.” he ordered.

I.....I want you inside of me. I need you inside of me.” she said.

Want me inside where my thumb is?” he asks in a playful voice, as if he knew what she would answer.

For a moment Jasmine just moans as her hips continue to move, the pleasure stiffening her body as her mind swims within the pleasure the overwhelmed her. Jasmine knows that she would have to answer him, before Preston decides to punish her by throwing her out onto the street. Making her stand there naked with her sex dripping with such dampness and naked body shivering wildly. there . That is where I want it.” she said.

Beg me for it....I want to hear you beg me for it.”he said in a command.

please...I want it in my....,my....ass.”she has a hesitant and painful voice.

Beg can do better that than,,,Come on Jasmine,,,You know you can.” he replied.

There was no way she could resist him and if she wanted to, Jasmine knew this would be something she would not be able to do. Fear of the idea of punishment that he would have for her. But does not say anything, not till she tells him what it was he wanted to hear. The only thing that he speaks again is...Beg me!

Oh Preston....please...take me in my buttocks. Take me there,”she begged,

Then he lifts her on her feet, her body bent forward, her buttocks in front of his sight. His hands guides her down to his waiting member, then lowers down onto it. She thinks that it would be in her burning sex that he would enter, yet by surprise he penetrated into her buttocks slowly. Lowering her down slowly, carefully, as she moaned and gasped in such pain and pleasure again. Till finally she has taken his entire girth into her anus and started to bounce and grinds of her body leaned forward, hands touching the black carpet on the car floor. Feeling him thrust hard and deep, ordering her to let him hear her pleasure of it. She moans even louder, fingers clawing at the carpeting...her back suddenly having a sudden pain running down her back and yet does not say anything about it. All that she care about is how long he was going to keep the impaling of her buttocks, which has brought about such pleasure to her. The orgasm flooded through her again, this time even harder than either time before. And then she could feel his climax flood into her anus, moaning low, his hands gripping her hips tightly, pulling her closer to his crotch, so she takes his entire length. Then he let go of her hips, as she collapses onto the car floor, her body curled up into a ball. Her body shivering as the sweat coating her skin. He just looked at her, smiling for a moment and he places his manhood back in his pants. But then stops and then looks at her.

Turn around and crawl to me on your hands and knees.” he ordered.

Jasmine wanted to tell him no, that she was already in to much in pain. But she did exactly what he ordered, not sure what it could be that he wanted from her now. Just from what she had already endured was humiliating in a way, and yet she could not hold back how aroused it had made her feel. She could not understand what it was about Preston that made it hard for her to deny his wishes. It was his eyes, that was what entranced her every time. Something about the way those hazel eyes looked at her, which stirred such emotions in her that she had never felt before. When she crawled to him, her head lifted up to look at him. He was sitting back in the seat, legs parted and hands resting on his thighs. That same wicked and playful grin appeared on his lips as she stood there in between her legs. She prayed that he would not want to do anything more with her buttock, for it was already throbbing in agony, from the fingers penetration. Even if he would though, she knew that she could not refuse him. Afraid of the way which he would punish her.

I know what you really want to do. And since you have been so obedient to me, I am going to let you do it.” he said in an almost kind voice.

She knew what he was talking about and she could still feel the longing to please him coursing through her soul. Jasmine smiled seductively, even though it was faint, and Preston could tell that the seduction was starting to fade from her expression.

Don't you want me anymore? I thought that this is what you have always have a man be in control.” his voice became rudely sarcastic as he said it. “Tell me! Tell me your answer!”

She does not know why she is letting Preston do this to her, when she never let anyone talk to her like that, even if it was nothing more than just some game. Still, there was something about him which made it impossible for her to ignore him, wanting to please him any way that she could. Even though she had felt such desire for a man before, with Preston there was something even deeper that that. Something which she was not sure about...and in a way was afraid to even acknowledge. It seemed like a ridiculous reason, for she had never been afraid of anyone before, yet there was something more than just fear which she was feeling for him. Jasmine wanted to smile at him, but since he was in control, she was not sure if that was something that would please him.

I....I do still want you. Do what you want to you said, you were in control.” she said in a timid and almost scared tone.

His lips smirks up in an almost humorous expression, as if it was something which he wanted to hear her say. She waited to see what he was going to do or say, unsure about her own actions as well. Her face flushed again as her hands reached up and touched his inner thigh. Jasmine had a feeling there was something more that he really wanted, rather than just this moment in the limousine. She wanted to ask about what she was curious about, but knew he would not satisfy her curiosity with an answer, which would probably take the rest of the drive. And in a way, Jasmine wanted to please him as well, which now was the only thing which she could find herself concentrating on. If she had to try and think about anything else, it would be like trying to remember a faded memory in the mind....impossible. Her tongue licks her lips, as she feels her body shivering slightly in fear and arousal as well. The intense waiting for him to take let herself be his obsession...his pleasure....his object. Something which Jasmine had never thought of herself as, and yet now she was starting to see that word in a different light...something more intimate and loving in a way. And because of it, she found herself wanting to be that way for him.

We probably don't have much time...please...if there is any part of my body that pleases you....I will give it to you willingly.” she said softly.

Oh, I know that you will.” his voice became rough and harsh. “But you are right, there is not much time and you must catch your train.”

He reached over as she started to sit next to him. But while she did, he forced her onto his lap, not realizing that he had his pants down to his ankles already. She could feel his hard manhood penetrate the opening of her buttock, making her gasp suddenly in shock as he pulled her down on it. Feeling it embowl deep within her anus, making her scream and moan in both agony and pleasure. His hands gripping her hips tightly as he forces her body to move within a rhythmic motion, grinding against him. How could she let him do this to her, when she did not know anything about him? Especially something which she normally would not let anyone do to her in the first place. Still, the pleasure of it and knowing that it pleased him, brought about an arousal so intense, that she was absorbed in.

No! Slow are going to fast. I want you to enjoy it. Relax your body so you can feel the pleasure of it.” he said in a demanding voice.

Enjoy it? How in the world can I enjoy it....And how can I relax with something hard shoved deep in my ass? How in the world can other women do this?” she thought.

Jasmine does what he demands, moving slower now, as the pain slowly starts to dissolve and a strange, new pleasure comes to her. He tells her to touch her sex, to stroke it as she grinds, for it will make the pleasure even more intense. She could not figure out how he knows that this is something that will work with her. Of course, Preston probably had many other women who he had done this too and learned about the way it would be pleasurable to the woman. In a way she felt a feeling of security with him about that. Preston was really looking out for her, wanting to make sure that she was not hurt by him. Something she had never felt with other men in the past....lovers and relationships which she had engaged in. Now the new pleasure started to overwhelm her, as she started to lose control of her actions. Letting her inhibitions melt away, till finally there was nothing more than reacting to the pleasure they shared. Her fingers stroking her sex, moving quickly over her lips, making her body quivering. Her eyes closed, and once again she can see the waves of brilliant colors flashing before her closed eyes. Jasmine has now give into the pleasure and into the demands of Preston. She leans her body slightly forward, still feeling his hands gripping her hips, moving her hips in the slow rocking motion. Her moans started off soft like whispers when she started the new slow motion, no longer feeling the pain any more, but now she was moaning even louder...gasping so deep. This was somewhat the moment which she had wanted with him again. Something new which started to become a new aphrodisiac to her. Consuming her, drowning her mind in the sweet pleasure which made her mind swim in the desires and the friction between them.

How is this to you Jasmine? Is it pleasurable?” he whispered.

It amazed her how for that brief moment his voice became soft and caring which enticed her even more. Like that of a lover which she had dreamed about so many times before in the past. Now it was not a a dream any more....she had found her lover from her dreams...that set her soul a flame.

Yes.....Oh God, yes....this is so amazing....” she said, which was the only thing which she found herself able to say.

She could feel her sex throbbing and exploding into an intense orgasm...and then building once again. The pleasure rising and falling like the waves of the she no longer could control herself. No longer is aware of where she was and not caring anymore. Not even the fact that she was performing a lustful display to the driver, who probably did not expect something like this to happen tonight. Her final orgasm flooded through her body, stiffening her body and then weakening her, as she feels his climax flooding into her anus as he lets out a loud groans in pleasure.

Oh Preston....Yes...” she moans.

Slowly she leans forward, feeling his manhood slide out of her, sending a last wave of pleasure from the pleasure which the friction brought about and then she turned and sat there on the floor of the limousine. Looking at him through the few strands of her long amber hair that fell in front of her face. Seeing him sitting there, smiling so pleasantly, so satisfied. And Jasmine can feel herself wanting to jump naked onto his lap, kiss his passionately and wanting to feel him inside of her again. Feeling the hunger for his lustful pleasure he can give her again, but does nothing about it.

Get dressed, we are almost at the station.” he demands and then hesitates for a moment. “That is unless you want me to take you all the way home. So we could continue on with what we are doing. It is your choice.”

My choice? Oh I wish I could let you do that. But my mother will be waiting for me at the station when I get to my stop. Damn it.” she thinks and says. “No, unfortunately I have to catch my train. “

She says that with such disappointment, her body wanting to embrace more of the pleasure which he could give to her. To forget about the responsibilities which she has and her life which waits for her. Jasmine can not believe that this had happened. That a woman, who she always believed as nothing special, who lives in a small unincorporated town could now be the lover to some rich, executive who she hardly knew anything about. Something which she knew could never speak about to anyone...not to her mother...or anyone. Wishing that she did not have the relationship with Ross, which makes her feel so bad that she could even think such a thing. Ross, my is she going to explain this to him, Especially if he ever sees her with Preston. Something which she manifests in her mind too late, that now haunts her. But she tries not to show it to Preston., for it would just lead to questions which she did not have time to answer.

Are you alright? I did not hurt you, did I?” he asked in that same sophisticated tone as his eyes fixed on her.

She could feel his stare penetrating her again, and she wonders what it could be that makes it difficult for her to turn away from him. She wants to tell him the truth, to tell him how ashamed she feels for betraying Ross. But knows that is something which she can't do now.

I am fine...I just hate being rushed.” she says as she puts her dress back on.

After she pulls it down he hands her a card, as if what they had done was nothing more than a business transaction between them. But maybe to him it was.

This is my private number, call me when you get home, so I know that you are safe. There is to many strange people out there that could hurt you. And I could not bear to think of letting you go, knowing that you would get hurt.” he says in almost a kind voice.

Yeah...sure.” she replies, not really sure how to respond and thinks. “He is worried about my safety? Thinking there is weird people out there? What about the weird person in here? Demanding me to have sex with him?”

Yeah, but he did not force you. You did it willingly and wanted to....remember? So, don't complain or put the blame on him.” a voice suddenly echoes in her mind.

She sits next to him and he puts his arm around her and leans in to kiss her. Their lips meet in a soft and tender kiss, as she feels his hand touching her stomach once again. Jasmine could feel the temptation building once again as the limousine stops in front of the train station. She knows too well that now he will not be able to satisfy the yearning which she is feeling coming back to her. In a way, it is probably something he planned to do to her, so that way she would not forget about her....that he would want her even after she got out of the limousine and walked away. As he slowly pulls his lips away from her, she sighs softly.

Would you like to see me tonight? We could discuss other things which I want to share with you. That is if you are willing to do so and have no other prior engagements.” he whispers.

Yes...oh, yes.” she says...and then instantly continues. “I mean...I am not sure. Can I call you to let you know for sure if I will be free or not?”

Of course. I look forward to your call. should go so you do not miss your train.” he says softly and then kisses her one last time.


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