Sex Object (Part 1)

Sex Object  (Part 1) Sex Object (Part 1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She knew the lustful intent men had for her and willingly let into it for her own satisfaction. (DISCLAIMER: This is a story of pure fiction. Any person or place similar is merely coincidence.)


She knew the lustful intent men had for her and willingly let into it for her own satisfaction. (DISCLAIMER: This is a story of pure fiction. Any person or place similar is merely coincidence.)


Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



She knew from the moment she walked passed him that he wanted her. The way his eyes stared with such burning desire and lust, awakened something deep inside of her that she had never experienced before. Jasmine tried to do everything that she could to keep her composure, for she did not want him to know about the sudden rush of excitement which sparked inside her. At least, not right away that was. It seemed odd to her that she would feel this way toward a man who she did not even know. Yes, Jasmine had men stare at her lustfully, even try to pick her up. But most of the time, she would deny their advances, because of her relationship with her boyfriend, Ross. But there had already been times she had been unfaithful to him, never mentioning it, for he did not need to know. All because of the fact she felt ignored by him for the desire and need she craved from him. And it always seemed to be with an older man who she would have such a sorted affair with. The oldest one was months ago, a man who had been fifty and aroused her enough she gave herself to him in the back seat of her car in the dark parking lot of a liquor store. Something which Jasmine had not expected, but was not at all disappointed or ashamed of later. After all, she could not blame these men for desiring her so much. She was a young and gorgeous woman, with a sultry body and over generously sized bosom, that made her the object every man's desire. And because of it, she played their games of seduction, wearing dressed which the cleavage was revealing, hems short and hugged every sultry curve of her frame. And she was willing to use all that she had, in order to make the men give her what she wanted. No matter how far she would have to go.

And now there was this new man who crossed her path and caught her interest suddenly. He was tall, with slightly gray black hair, and dressed in an expensive suit. When their eyes first met, he just gave her a smile without saying a word. Then slowly turned to continue the conversation which he had been engaged in with his companion. That was the one thing which she had found odd and made her want to tempt him even more. Was he not interested in her? She was wearing a provocative short red dress that hugged her every curve and cleavage revealing the tanned skin of her breasts, enough to get any man's attention in the art gallery. She had no idea why, but she longed for this stranger's attention, to be wanted by her, like so many other men have done in the past. Ever since she had started at the ARC gallery, she had many men already make advanced on her. Seeing her as a prize to obtain for their own personal satisfaction. And she never really thought anything about it, for it thrilled her. To have such attention from strangers, even though it was lustful.

When she reached the far wall, she stood there staring at the paintings on the wall, wishing it was her artwork that was being displayed. But as an artist, she was not successful, yet as a lover to the men she chose she was. Walking away from her dream was a chose which she had made and there was nothing that she could do to change it. None of that really mattered to her now, only the sudden longing she had for the stranger. To feel his arms around her, his body pressed against hers and let herself become the vessel which he longer to fill. To make her feel the lustful desire which burned inside him and let her feel needed by him.

"Beautiful...isn't it?" a man's voice said coming from behind her.

"Yes it is. Amazing what an artist can create. Are you an admirer of the artist?" she said without even turning to face the stranger.

"I admire all beautiful things. That is why I noticed you." he replied.

Jasmine knew it was just a line to impress her, a more sophisticate one than the others she had heard before, but still a line. It did not matter though for she wanted him, wanted him even though she did not even know his name. Or anything else about him at that moment. The rush of her lustful desires overcame her and drowned her mind from logical thought. She turned to him, eager to see him standing next to her. To see those dark eyes staring at her with the same glare within them. And when Jasmine did, she was not disappointed from it. He stood next to her, smiling slightly as those dark eyes burned with the same lustful desire she had seen before.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you?" she asked, thinking that she was sounding witty.

"Maybe you will see, if we can find a way to be alone." he replied as his eyes stayed focused on her.

"Well, I know I can make that happen?" she said as she motioned him to follow her.

In a way she could not believe that she was being so forward with this stranger, yet the lustful arousal within her burned like an inferno in her. She knew she had to have this man and not knowing anything about him made it even more exciting for her. Jasmine led him to the back store room, making sure that no one seen them. Figuring no one would miss her for a while if she were to disappear for a moment. Inside the store room, she stood against the wall as her eyes stared at him so seductively.

"Interesting place for you to chose." he said as moved closer to her.

His body pressed up against hers, lightly pinning her to the wall as her hands rested on her chest. It was obvious that she was not making any attempt to push him off. Giving him the signal that this was what she wanted. and from the look in his eye, he was determined to give her everything that she assumed would happen.

"What do you want to do to me?" she whispered and then hesitated for a moment. "You can do anything you want....I am yours...if you want me."

Jasmine knew from her experiences with many older men before that he would take her up on that offer. Making her feel their true passion and lustful desires that burned deep within their soul for her. She was not sure if it was because she was intoxicated or just needed the attention from a man, that made her do this. Nevertheless, she was willingly wanting to give herself to him, ready for whatever he would do to her.

"Are you sure about that? An offer like that can not be taken back once it is excepted." he said in a elegant voice.

"Try me." she replied, practically daring him.

His hand reached under the hem of her dress, fingers running up her inner thigh, as her body shivered in sweet ecstasy. Jasmine knew there was the chance of someone walking in on them, but she did not care. She was driven within the ecstasy of the moment, wanting nothing more than to embrace the stranger's passion. The attention which she had not been able to receive from anyone else. His fingers touched the silken fabric of the thong which she wore, as she let out a soft moan. Feeling him stroke her sex through the fabric of her thong and then grabbed it and ripped it off of her body. Her moans grew louder, excited over the rough way he was treating her. Always wanting to let herself be submissive to any man.

"Oh my God...Yes...You are so forceful." she moaned as she felt his fingers shove inside her wet sex.

His fingers thrusting deep into her sex, with such force her back was slammed against the was. The combination of pain and pleasure surged through body, her legs spread wider inviting him to continue on with his invasion into her sex. How she wished it was his manhood that was thrusting inside her, filling her throbbing and eager sex. She wished that she could be naked for him right give him her body to do with whatever he wanted to with her. Oh yes, this was such a rush of pleasure, more than she had expected at the moment. Within minutes, her climax flowed through her body, making her weak and shivering. The sweet surprise of this made her want him even more...wanted him to do so much more to her.

"Oh that was amazing." she moaned softly.

"That is just the start of this night for you. You are going to know what it is like to my sex object. You are mine tonight to do with what I want with you."

Jasmine she knew she was a sex object and was willing to let this stranger do whatever he wanted to her. Eager to find out what waited for her with this stranger.

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