Secret Garden

Secret Garden Secret Garden

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



A romantic erotic story that I thought up a few days ago. I hope you like it



A romantic erotic story that I thought up a few days ago. I hope you like it


Submitted: April 29, 2008

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Submitted: April 29, 2008



For the last few years I have watched in silent admiration at the maiden known as Ophelia, hair as golden as the summer sun, eyes as blue as the deepest sea and flesh that of Venus herself. Each curve that her clothes reveal would make any man turn their attention her way. But it was always in just lustful glances, which burned in their eyes. While I gazed upon her not only with my eyes, but my heart as well. The beauty, which she does possess, captivates my soul ever since the first time we met. Even though I talk to her now and then, never do I reveal that which burns within my soul. The longing to embrace the love which I dream we would chare one day. All the other men who cross her path would say the same thing, yet their words would be in vain. Only wanting the pleasures of her flesh, not seeking out the rewards of winning her heart. While with myself, her heart is the one prize, which I desire to obtain. How I wish that I could speak to her the words which my heart does scream out for her within my flesh.  That would be if I could find the courage to say those words, which fester within me. But the silence of fear of rejection makes me a prisoner of my own soul.

One fine spring day, while I took a walk through town, my eyes looked upon her as she walked towards me. The warm, gentle breeze wafting through her hair, while she stared directly in front of her. The way her white summer dress hugged every curve of her frame and her hips swaying slightly as she walked, made it impossible for me to turn away from her. Even though when she came to me only took a brief moment, it seemed to last for so much more. I knew I had to take the chance and speak to her. To try and reveal that which for so long has haunted my heart as well as my mind. Or at least to find a way to take her some place where we can be alone to tell her of such things. But before I could even utter a word, she stopped me and started to speak.

"I have been looking all over for you, Thomas." she said with such an innocent smile on her lips.

My heart pounded so hard I thought that it would rip right through my chest, from just hearing those words.

"You have? What can I do for you? Just name it and it shall be done."

Even though my voice revealed the eagerness, which I felt inside, I did not even give it a second thought. She reached out and held her hand in mine, those blue eyes gazing at me so tenderly. Within that moment I wished I could taste the sweetness of her lips, yet I refrained from doing so. For the last thing, which I wanted, was to have her push away from me and never speak to me again.

"Come with me. I have something, which I want to show you. Something so wonderful, that will open your heart so." she said.

I agreed, without pondering what it could be that she was referring to. For just to be holding her hand and being next to her was intoxicating enough for me. Yet I knew that whatever it was that she must show me was something which excited her so. For the smile on her lips illuminated her face so, showing such happiness that I had never seen on her before. We walked along the street, as I watched the eyes of the men we passed, give me a glare of jealousy. Probably wishing that they were the ones who were with her. But I was the lucky one, who could now bask in the radiance of her beauty. My mind kept thinking that she had discovered the same feeling for me that I had for her. Yet, how could I be certain of the thoughts, which now clouded my rational thoughts?

"Where are you taking me?"

"It's a special place I discovered. I want to share it with you. Because you are the only one who could truly appreciate what I am going to show you." she said.

I could feel my heart pounding even stronger now, as I tried to keep myself calm. As we walked, my eyes stayed focused on her ( or at least as long as I could), so that way I wouldn't trip and fall in front of her. Each time I asked about what she wanted to show me, she would give me the same response. Till finally it was made evident that she would not reveal the destination which she were to take me to. We had walked to the end of the block, where her car was parked. After we got in, we drove off, through the silent side streets of this small town.

"If I were to ask you something, Thomas, would you be honest with me?" she asked.

"Of course, why would I have a reason to lie to you?"

For a brief moment she remained silent, as if she were thinking of the words which she wanted to say. I had no idea what it could be that she was about to ask me. And because of it, I could feel myself becoming nervous, even though I had no reason to be that way.

"I notice the way you look at me. So different that the way other men look at me. As if you are wondering what I am thinking, or feeling. Not like the way he other men look upon me. Do you have feelings for me?"  she asked.

"Like a friend?" I replied.

he only reason I had said that, was not to reveal the truth to fast. For the way I wanted to speak of it was when I would be facing her, holding her in my arms. To look into her eyes and proclaim the affection which for so long I kept within. But a least, maybe I should reveal somewhat of it to her. After all, there was no way I could hide anything from her. I could hear her laughing slightly, when I had said that.

"No silly. I think you know what I mean." she said.

Of course I knew what she meant, and there was no way I could not ignore the question.

"Yes, I do care about you more than a friend. I adore you, I would worship you and love you with all my being." I finally admitted.

"For how long have you felt this way about me?" she asked.

"Ever since I first lay eyes upon you, my beloved Ophelia."

"That long? And you never tried to reveal to me how you felt? Why is that?" she asked.

"I have seen the men that you have kept company with, feeling I could never be as good as they are." I admitted.

Before she could even respond to what I had said, we arrived by an old farmhouse with a large hedge encircling the back yard. We were now on he outskirts of town, far away from anyone's prying eyes. I had no idea why she had brought me here, but  knew that would soon come to be revealed. Once she parked the car on the dirt driveway, she turned to me with a playful smile on her lips. Her hand reached over and touched my thigh so lightly.

"We are here. Now I can show you something, which no one else has ever seen before. That is except for my own family. " she said, then reached over for he driver's door. "Come and see."

I opened the passenger's door and got out. Walked around he front of he car, hen followed her as we made our way around to the back of the house. She walked in front of me, as I could not help but examine every curve of her body. Her slim waist, shapely legs, and the way her golden hair fell over her back. And because of it, I found myself wanting her so. Bu what if she does not want me in the same way? What if what I had said scared her and all she wishes is to be friends with me? If that be so, then I had made such a foolish choice and now my heart had spite my soul. Yet, Ophelia never did show me any sign of remorse of discouragement to what I had said. So maybe there would be a chance she does love me so. All that I could do was o wait and see what would come to us.

We moved along the tall, thick hedge, which towered over us, as she began to say how she had lived here as a child. And that this hedge was put here by her grandfather, many years ago.  Yet the thing which she proclaimed was really amazing was what was on the other side of it. Just the way she had said that, brought about a strange curiosity about what could be there. Even though other men would probably be nervous or even refuse to go beyond it, I did not. For what would I have to fear, when I am with my beloved Ophelia? In the middle of  the hedge was a old, large wooden door with the carving of a cherub on it. A brass handle hung on the side of it, which was the doorknob. Ophelia stood there for a moment, her hand running over the carving of the cherub, as she remained silent for a moment. To me she almost seemed like a child who found something so amazing. But a child could never have such beauty as she.

"I haven't been here in so many years. In a way I thought they had torn this entire place down. It wasn't until a couple months ago that I found it. That was when all those memories of my childhood came back to me. When I found myself happy once again." she said.

"We all need some sort of reminder of happiness in our life. That's the only way we can keep going on."

Ophelia looked at me with a smile on her lips then made her way toward me. Her arms wrapped around me as we kissed. I could feel her breasts pressed tightly against my chest as I held her close to me. If nothing else were to happen, I would always remember this kiss. The one thing which I longed to experience with her.  The faint scent of her perfume fueled my desire for her even more, making me not wanting for her to pull away from me. But of course, she did.

"You always say the nicest things to me. I think that's why I like you so much." she whispered as we held each other in our arms.

"All I wish is to make you happy." I replied.

"Well, you make me happy every time I'm with you." she said. "Let's go inside so I can show you what's behind here."

"What is behind here? The gates of Eden?" I said in somewhat of a joking tone.

"Close. It's my secret garden. A place where I can go and do whatever I want without anyone knowing what I'm doing." she said, then walked over and opened the old wooden door.

Just by the way she said that, brought about an excitement within me that I longed not to restrain. But I had to, at least for a little while longer. Once she opened the door, she turned and reached her hand out to me. As I walked toward her, I found myself lost within the thoughts of what could possibly happen beyond that doorway. My hand gently grabbed hers, then she led me through the doorway.  Before my eyes was a garden with such radiance to which I had never seen before. The multitude of colors of flowers, which grew there, the grass so thick and green, and one large elm tree that stood majestically in the middle of it.

"Welcome to my secret garden." she said, then closed the wooden door behind me.

I could hear the sound of her sliding the bolt through the latch, probably so that no one passing would intrude on us. Then she walked me over to the elm tree. where we stood in silence looking at one another. So many things which I wanted to say to her, yet I couldn't find the way to speak them. She looked at him with such compassion on her face, as her hand reached up and touched the side of my face.

"My sweet Thomas, you have always showed me such kindness and compassion. Never once have you tried to take advantage of me. But I need to ask you one thing." she said in a tender voice.

"Ask me anything?"

"Do you love me? Did you mean the words you said to me on the way here? Tell me the truth, you will not offend me." she said as she moved closer to me.

Her arms wrapped around my waist as mine did the same to her. In a way I wasn't sure that I could speak the truth, for I never thought I would be in this situation. But as I look at her face, I know that I could never say anything but the truth. I had to tell her all that burned within my heart.

"I do love you. I have for the longest time and have been a fool not to tell you sooner. But I was afraid that you would just push me aside, thinking that I was just like all the other men." I admitted.

"No, I would never do that to you. I have known for a while now of how you feel for me. I could see it on your face when you look at me. You are not like all the other men who I have encountered in my life. For you actually feel something in your heart for me, while they never did." she said.

I couldn't believe that this was happening. All that I needed was to hear those four simple words from her lips, then I would truly be in heaven. Oh, how I wanted to kiss her again. Her embrace seemed almost addicting to my soul, but I knew that I couldn't push myself on her.

"What are you thinking?" she asked in a playful tone.

"How much I want to kiss you again."

'You can do anything you want with me my love. In here, we can express all that our heart does desire to show. And if you are wondering…yes, I do love you to." she said in a soft voice.

Then we kissed again, as my hands ran up and down her back. My fingers feeling the soft fabric of  her dress, as I yearned to free this passion which had been bottled up inside. She stopped me for a moment, then took a step back. For a moment, I wasn't sure what she was going to do. I watched as she lifted her dress over her, revealing the supple flesh of her naked body. Her firm well rounded breasts with its nipples so hard, and the small triangular pubic hair above her sex. I could feel my manhood stiffen, come alive with the anticipation of what was to come about.

"My body I give to you and all the pleasure that it can bring. Let me love you the way you have been dreaming about for so long. " she said as she moved back towards me.

When she stood next to me again, her hands slowly started to undress me. While mine gently moved over the side of her face, her neck and then down to her breasts. Feeling that soft flesh of hers, which her body, aroused me even more. I could feel her hand touching the shaft of my manhood, making it even more erect within her hand. We kissed again as we slowly got to our knees and then I lay her onto the cool grass. My lips caressed the side of her neck as my hand slowly moved lower, across the firmness of her stomach and then in between her legs. Feeling the heat searing from her sex as my fingers ran over the lips of her clitoris in slow, gentle circular motions. The whole time that I did that, her hand pump my swollen phallus as the excitement burned deep within me.

"Roll onto your back my love. I want to take you into my mouth." she whispered as she breathed so heavily.

I did as she asked, watching as positioned her body over mine. Her face inches away from my groin, while her sex hovered over my face. Then I felt her lips around my phallus as her head moved up and down in such rapid motions. I could no longer hold back, this was the moment, which I knew I had been waiting for and was going to entice myself with the pleasures, which we both longed to feel. My head lifted up as my tongue started to caress those forbidden lips of her sex. Never before had I even tasted such a pleasure as this before, as I longed for it never to stop. I could hear the sound of her muffled moans of expectance as she tries to spread her legs even wider. Inviting me into the pleasures, which her sex could bring. Tasting the wetness of it, while the pressure started to build within me, from the oral attack of her lips upon me. How I longed to have this moment last forever, while I tried to hold back from the climax, which I knew, would soon arrive. It was then she stopped and then lifted her body off of mine. Her breath was rapid, as her eyes looked at me, burning with such a fiery desire.

"Take me now. Take me from behind. I beg of you take me now, I want you inside of me." she said in somewhat a demanding voice .

I wasted no time as she offered her ass to me. I slid my manhood through those lips and into the canal of her sex. Gyrating in such rhythmic motion to the beating of my own heart, while she moaned out in such ecstasy and proclaiming her love to me. I could feel her muscles tightening around my manhood as I drove it deeper into her. Consumed by the passion, which we were creating, and the overwhelming emotions, which enveloped my heart. The friction between us burned so great that I felt as if I could no longer hold back. Then she made me stop and pushed me onto my back, where she got on top of me. Her hand held onto my shaft as she lowered herself onto it. I could feel myself penetrating through the lips of her sex, as she gasped suddenly. Then she started to move up and down, her hands resting on my chest while she did it. She started to scream once again, as I became enveloped within the wonderment of the moment. It was obvious that she was going to make sure that she got all the satisfaction she could out of me, and to give me the same as well. My eyes watched as her breasts bounced up and down in such rhythmic motion, her back arched shoving them in front of her, as I reached my hands up and grasped then. My fingers stroking and pinching her nipples as she let out another gasp of thrill came from her lips.  It was then that I could feel her climax running along the shaft of my phallus. And once her had ended, mine began. Flooding into her womb, like the mighty waters which had been held back by a dam but now were freed.

We collapsed upon the cool grass, gazing up at the light blue sky as I felt her head resting upon my chest. My fingers running through her golden hair as we both tried to catch out breath.  For a brief moment we said nothing, for what words could ever start to explain the exhilaration which we had just shared.

"You were wonderful. I never knew that you could be so passionate as you were. Was it everything which you hoped for?" she said.

"Yes my love, it was. Not even my dreams could have been anything like what we just shared. But now I fear that this moment will never happen again." I said softly.

"Don't say that. The reason I brought you here was not only for you to share my desire and heart, but to give us a place where we can let it free. Where we don't have to worry about what others will think or of the jealousy that others will have. This is our paradise, our secret garden, where we can share all the passion which burns within us." she said as she lifted her head to me.

As the weeks went by, Ophelia and I had ventured into the secret garden so many times, and shared such fiery passion that our flesh and hearts longed to express. But not only did she show me the many pleasures of making live and satisfying a woman, but also of romance. Of the ways which a true lady longs to be courted. Just listening to her made me realize how much I didn't know of women. She spoke to me of her dreams, desires, fears, thoughts and beliefs of this world and beyond. While I shared with her the emotions which she made me feel within poetic verse. And as I did, I could see that sparkle in her eyes of true admiration and love. Each time we met, I fell more deeply in love with her. No longer afraid of revealing my heart to her. For we were in our own private paradise, shutting out the world, so there was only her and I. And when our bodies joined together in the heat of the moment, under the innocent sky for all the heavens to see, I finally understood what true bliss could be. Wanting her in a way, which I never thought I could ever start to imagine for a woman.

One day within our secret garden, we lay underneath the cool shade of the large elm tree. Our bodies sweaty and spent from our passion, holding each other so closely. My arm wrapped around her, while my hand gently brushed over her breast. My lips caressing her neck, the back of her shoulder, tasting the sweat of her flesh.

"Thomas my love, tell me again how you love me. For each time I hear you speak it, my heart is touched in a way that it never has been before." she whispered as her hand reached over and touched my arm.

"Oh my dearest Ophelia, when I am in your arms I can hear the angels singing our your name in praise. And even within the night, there is no darkness, for your radiance keeps me within the light of your love. With you by my side, I feel I can take on the world and when we are apart all I can think of is you." I proclaimed.

"No man has ever said such things to me that touches my heart so. Just as you have longed for this to happen between us, so have I.  Such dreams of you and I in the tender fold of love that I pray shall never be broken." she said with such conviction.

"I promise you this, that I shall always be with you through all the events that unfold in your life. To bring such joy to you and protect you from all of those who might do you harm. I love you, and shall be willing to scream it upon the highest mountaintop and to God himself that no other shall ever come between us. "

Ophelia lay there in silence, as I felt her breath becoming heavy as her eyes closed and my words stayed trapped within her soul. Slowly, she moved my hand down to her sex, feeling the wetness of it again. My desire rose erect like a monument within her honor. Then she rolled her body to face me, staring at me with the same burning wantonness, that I had seen on her face times before.

"What is it my darling? Tell me what you wish and I shall give it to you so freely. All that I want is to make you happy. Any way within my power if I can. Just speak to me of what you desire and it shall be done."

"I want you Thomas. I need to feel you within me, that which binds this eternal love that now draws us into this unity of not only the flesh, but of the heart and soul. ." she said as she climbed on top of me. "Take me, show me the passion you have spoke of so many times before. Make me feel that intense love you have for me."

I knew there was no way I could ignore her, from the way she looked at me with such wistful eyes. Her body  lowered onto mine, then our lips embraced with suck omnivorous love. I could feel myself filling with such wondrous excitement, that which I knew I could not refrain from. For how could I ignore the carnal pleasures of that, which her flesh was willing to offer.

"Take me from behind, within my very entrails. Let me feel you inside of me there, and please me, fill me with the pleasure of your love for me." she said then kissed me again.

Then she got off of my, turned and offered her backside to me. Without hesitation I slid myself into her posterior, to my surprise, effortlessly it slide into her, without hesitation or resistance. The warmth of her interior brought about a sensation that surged through me. "Yes my love, yes!" she said as she pushed her rear to me, hard, slamming into my pelvis. Grabbing those slender hips, I continued to drive myself deeper into her with such vigorous motions. Her screams, of delight echoed around as her sex now dripping with the dampness of her orgasm. After a moment or two, his climax erupted within her, continuing to thrust until it became flaccid.

They collapse onto the ground, her body shivering from the overpowering experience they had shared. My hands gently touched her, as we lay there in the stillness of the day. Slowly, she turned to me, smiled, as her hand reached over and placed it on the cheek of my face.

"Oh Thomas my love, how could I have been a fool to have ignored you for so long. To deny the intensity of your love for me." she said.

"That doesn't matter now. All that does is that we are together now. And nothing in heaven or on Earth will ever pull us apart."

"You are such a romantic, I am so lucky that I am with you." she said, giggling slightly.

We kissed again, holding each other tight. The hour grew later and we knew that soon we would have to return back to the world we left behind. Yet, all I wanted was to stay here with my beloved Ophelia. To let the world pass us by, only worrying about the time which we share together. But of course this was something, which neither of us could control.

That night, I sat within the silence of my living room. My thoughts stayed on my beloved Ophelia, how I longed that I would have her in my life forever. Never before had I believed that I could ever love so deeply as I did with her. It was then that I decided that the next day I would ask her to be my bride. So that my life would be filled with her passion and love. Never had I wanted something so great and devoted as this, which I do feel for me beloved. Yes, I will ask her to be my bride and my words, which would forever make her immortal.

It was then I heard a knock at my front door and for a moment I thought it would be Ophelia. She has come to me, to my home and into my life. As I made my way to the door I noticed a note being slipped under the door. With regret and fear I picked it up, opened it, and then began to read.

"MY Darling Thomas,

The time, which we have shared, shall stay locked within my heart. The love, which we have, is so special and rare that I have ever experienced. That is now with saddened heart I tell you that you must cast me out of your heart. The reason why I must leave you, I can not bear to reveal. All that I can tell you my darling, is that I love you so much, that I must let you go. Do not shed a tear for me, for in time you will find another. Take care of yourself. And always remember, I shall always love you.


"No. By all the powers in heaven, no!" I said, then quickly opened the door.

A couple feet from my doorway I saw her walking away. My heart began to break, as I knew that I had to call out to her, to see her face on last time. To taste her kiss again.

"Ophelia, my love. My beloved, my angel, please turn back to me again." I screamed.

Ophelia turned around, looking at me for a brief instant, then loved toward me. So many things I longed to say to her, yet not any of them came from my lips. Never sure what questions to ask her, for fear of what the answers could be. The light from inside my apartment shined out onto the cold cement sidewalk. She moved into the light, her hair pulled back, as she wore a black dress with a short hem, showing off her shapely legs. The cleavage show the top of the soft flesh of her breasts. Her eyes looked at me with such sadness, as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Why my love? Why must you leave me? What have I done to make you leave me?"

"You have done nothing wrong. My reason I can not speak of. But with a heavy heart I must leave you. " she said as she began to cry.

She raced into my arms, as I held her tight. I could feel her body shivering as her sobbing continued. No words seemed to come to me right at that point, for what could anyone say within a moment like this. She pulled away from me slightly, her head looking up at me with tears running down her cheeks. How I wanted to beg her to stay, even if it was just for the night. But I could tell there was nothing I could do to convince her of that.

"Kiss me Thomas. Kiss me one last time, so that I will know that you still love me to." she said.

I kissed her so tenderly, as we stood there in the doorway wrapped in each other's arms. Then she started to pull away from me. "I love you Ophelia. And that is something that I shall never forget." I said. She smiled at me, knowing that I was telling the truth.

"Good- bye my love. I'm so sorry that I hurt you this way. But it must be. You will see as time passes. I will never stop loving you and shall always remember the times we had shared together." she said.

"Good-bye my love. A thousand times good- bye."

Then I watched as she walked into the shadows of the night, disappearing before my eyes. That was the last time that I had seen my beloved Ophelia.  Months later I had heard from a friend how Ophelia had died from cancer. It was then that I realized that she didn't want to see me suffer with the sorrow of watching her die. In her will she had left me the house, which she had been raised in, along with the secret garden that she loved so much. The one where we had first expressed our love, and let it grow with such intensity. Even now as I write these words a year later, I write these words under the large oak tree, looking around at the beauty of this garden. Ophelia was right when she said that I would fall in love again, for I have and now am engaged to be married. The woman's name is Susan, an intelligent woman with short brown hair who works as a nurse at a hospital. She knows about my involvement with Ophelia, for I had told her everything, even showed her this secret garden which I keep in Ophelia's honor. Even though I am in love with Susan, part of me still misses Ophelia, wishing that she was here with me. But in a way with each rose that blooms, or feeling the warmth of the sun upon me, I know that she will always be with me within my heart.







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