Personal Justice

Personal Justice Personal Justice

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


A woman get revenge upon a man fom her past.


A woman get revenge upon a man fom her past.


Submitted: August 10, 2010

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Submitted: August 10, 2010



She stood within the bathroom doorway; the sultry silhouette of her body would have made any man glad to be a man at that point. For a moment the room was silent, as he stood there in his boxer shorts staring at her in disbelief. Even though he didn’t know her name, right now it really didn’t matter. The only thing that did was that he was with her right now. Someone as young and voluptuous as her, he would have never thought that she would go for a man in his middle fifties. But he was with her, in a rented motel room, where he had no idea, for he had woke up on the bed here. He had seen her at the bar that he had hung out at once in a while and had been captivated by her the moment he did. Long golden blond hair, eyes of green, wearing a red dress with a plunging neckline and short skirt. When she had talked to him, he had thought that either this was some sort of dream, or a joke that someone in the bar was playing on him. But it wasn’t.

He could feel his throbbing member pressing against the fabric of his boxers, showing the bulge so evidently. He didn’t try to hide it, for at his age, he was surprised that he was able to do this without the help of Viagra.

“Are you ready for me, lover?” she said in a seductive tone.

“Why don’t you come over here and find out, you sweet thing.” He said in a confident tone.

Slowly she moved toward him, her silhouette faded revealing every detail of her sultry body. She was wearing what almost looked like a corset, except that it was completely made of fishnet material, with a G-string and stockings that were connected to the top, with pink ribbons. When he had seen her like that, his heart raced so wildly, that he thought he was going to have a heart attack right there. Never before had he thought that he would ever see a woman wearing something like this. Oh sure, maybe in a commercial for Victoria Secrets (wearing a bra and panties underneath it), or in a porno, but never in real life. Yet, here she was, this seductive, young woman who was willing to give herself to please him, any way that she could. And from the look on her face, she was determined to make sure that this would be a night that he would never forget.

“This is too good to be true. It has to be too good to be true.” He thought.

When she reached him, her hands rested on his shoulders, her eyes gazing at him with a lustful desire burning within them, as a playful smile appeared on her lips. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest as he felt her nipples poking through the fishnet openings and rubbing against his flesh. She kissed him lightly and so tender, and then he felt her bite his bottom lip, making him bleeds slightly. When she let go, he jerked his head back, wanting to push her away, but her arms were holding onto him so tightly that he could not break free from her grasp. Maybe when he had been younger he would have been able to do so, but now time had found a way to weaken him.

“What did you do that for?” he said in a shocked tone.

“Oh, what’s the matter Jay? I thought that you said you like it a little rough.” She said, giggling slightly.

“Well, yeah but not that though. I didn’t expect you to make me bleed.” He said in a shocked tone.

“Oh…I’m sorry baby. I’ll make it to you. I promise you just put yourself in my hands and I will do things to you that you could never image.” She said and then kissed the side of his neck.

Jay could feel her lips lightly nibbling his neck, which sent a wave of such pleasure through his veins. He could feel his legs becoming weak, thinking that he was going to collapse if she were to continue this. She pulled away from him suddenly, her eyes burning even more intense with such desire, that he thought that she would do him right there on the floor.

“Take your clothes off, I want you right now.” He said in a demanding voice.

“No. You go and lay on the bed…in the middle of it. I have something special in store for you.” She said in a serious voice.

As she said that, she made her way over to the chair that sat against the far wall behind her. When she bent forward, he looked at the smooth round orbs of her ass. The pressure was building inside of him; Jay was ready to take her right now. Even though she had told him to lay on the bed, he was just about ready to ignore it. But he figured that she had something kinky that she was planning and who was he to argue with her. For if he did, she would probably get dressed and leave him there. Wherever here was, he wasn’t sure. When they had left the bar, she had convinced him to let her take her car. At the time he thought it was a good idea, for he was already three sheets to the wind as it was. How though, he was starting to think that was a bad decision. For now, he had no real control over her. He was in some fly-by-night motel, not even knowing where he was, because he had passed out for a moment in the passenger’s seat of her car, coming here.

“Damn her for convincing me to do this.” He thought, even though he knew that if he were to do it all over again, he would probably still do it the same.

He started to approach her, unable to control the urges within his soul. It was then that her attention was drawn back to him and he could see an angered look on her face. Never before had he ever seen a woman have a look like that before and because of it, it frightened him. For a second he stopped, wondering what she was going to do. And because of it, he found himself starting to become scared, genuinely scared of her.

“I told you to lay down in the middle of the bed. Do it now!” she said in a more demanding tone.

“And what if I don’t? What are you going to do?” he said in a sarcastic tone.

It was then for some reason, he started to feel that he was going to regret saying that. Yet, he kept thinking that she was bluffing. That she knew that there was nothing that she could do to stop him from doing to her what she wanted.

“Or else I will get dressed and just leave you here. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, and it will be months before anyone finds you.” She said sternly.

When she said that, it sounded so familiar to him, as if he had herd it somewhere before. Was it on a television show? Or a movie? Probably was, considering that he was always watching those horror and crime shows, where someone would be kidnapped and hide them out somewhere so isolated and remote. But this wasn’t the case; he knew that he could force her into her taking him back, just like he could force her into having sex with him.

“You will have to do better than that darling. Those idle threats don’t scare me. You know for a fact that I could easily overpower you. I am bigger and stronger than you.” He said in a confident tone as he took a step toward her.

It was then she turned around holding an automatic in her right hand and a set of handcuffs in her left. Jay’s body froze as she pointed the gun at him and then ordered him once again to do what she wanted him to do. This time he did it, as he started to think that she was a cop…or maybe some crazy drug addict that was going to kill him and take his money. The second thought sounded more believable than the first. Because a cop wouldn’t go this far just to bust someone, or would they? When he got himself in the middle of the large bed, he just lay there motionless, waiting to see what she was going to do next. She had ordered his to raise her hands over his head, and when he did, he could feel the cold metal of the cuffs touch his wrist, not where it was cutting into his flesh, but tight enough that he would not be able to slip out of them. And then the other one came on his other wrist, as he found himself handcuffed to the headboard of the bed. Unable to do anything, at least with his arms anyway.

“What are you doing to me?” he asked in a terrified voice.

“Why you should know what we came here to do, Jay. And when I am done, you are never going to be able to forget Me.” she said as her hand stroked the side of her face.

“Listen, this is a little too much for me. Why don’t you just get these off of me and we can head back to the bar. I’ll give you whatever you want, just let me go.” He said in a panicked tone.

“What’s wrong, you have a thing about being tied up. Some sort of mental trauma?” she said as her fingers ran down his chest.

The thing was Jay did have a problem with being tied up. He never liked being confined ever since he had spent his time in prison; it had been a problem with him. There had been times when he had met women who were into bondage, but he had always insisted that that they would be tied up, instead of him. If they would argue about it, he would just forget about them, leaving them wherever they were. No matter how much they would say how wonderful it would be. Now though there was nothing that he could do about it. He was vulnerable to whatever she would want to do to him. It was then he felt her pull his boxers off of him, leaving him lying there naked, as he looked up at her. Actually, his attention went to the gun that she was still holding in her hand. There was something about it that seemed wrong. Even though he didn’t know anything about guns, still it seemed strange.

“That’s not a real gun, is it?” he said, in an uneasy tone.

He was thinking that he was really being stupid, for what if it was? What if she just decided to put the barrel to his head and pull the trigger? She looked down at him with the same playful grin that she had when she came out of the bathroom. But in he could see something else that scared him, practically terrified him. The only this was, he wasn’t sure what that could be.

“What do you think?” she said pointing the gun to his face.

He could feel a bead of sweat running down his forehead as he realized how foolish he had been. He started to breathe heavy as his heart pounded even harder. When she pulled the trigger, a stream of water shot out from the barrel and hit him in the face. She laughed instantly, seeing the shocked expression on his face. In a way he was grateful that it was just a water gun, even though his anger started to build within him. He wasn’t the type of man who liked a woman making a fool out of him, and normally wouldn’t let them, even if they were alone.

“Alright, you had your fun. Now, take these things off of me.” he said in somewhat of a calm voice.

“Oh no, the fun had just started, Jay. For the first time in your life, the woman is in control. So just lay there and enjoy it.” She said.

Slowly, she got up off the bed and then made her way back to her purse, which still sat on the chair across the room from them, to put the water gun away. He hadn’t thought of it before, but now wondered why it was that she carried such a large purse. It was almost like one of those over night bags that someone would have on a brief trip. It was then he started to wonder what else she could have in there. In a way, he really didn’t want to find out; all that he wanted was to get out of these damned handcuffs. He started kicking and thrashing his body back and forth, hoping to free himself from the headboard. But his attempt would prove useless. When she looked back to see what he was doing, she started to laugh even more and then a serious expression appeared on her face.

“Oh no, this will never do. How can I please you when you are thrashing your legs around so wildly? You might end up hurting Me.” she said and then picked up her purse.

“That is starting to sound like a good idea bitch. I should hurt you for doing this to Me.” he thought.

Jay actually thought that she was going to leave him there. Just walk out in the skimpy outfit that she was wearing, for she had said that they were far away from everyone, practically isolated. Instead, she placed it on the bed and then pulled out a leather leg restraint (the kind the hospital used on dangerous patients) and then another. After she restrained his legs to the side of the bed, she just looked down at him as if she was proud of what she did. Yet, he didn’t feel too comfortable lying there, his legs eagle spread, and so defenseless.

“What are you going to do to me?” he asked, now in a voice that was more terrified than anything else.

She looked down at his face, the playful expression that she had, was now replaced with a wicked one. For a second she didn’t say a word as she continued to look at him. Even though it was for a brief moment, it seemed so much longer to him, which made him more scared than before. The only thing that he had expected was a night of sex with her, something that he hadn’t had for a couple months now. Not something as bizarre as this.

“I guess I should just get right to it. I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting anymore.” She said.

She crawled onto the bed, looking like a cat that was getting ready to strike. Her green eyes burned with such desire, but he could still see something else in them too. Some sort of secret that she was hiding from him that she didn’t want to reveal just yet. Her lips kissed him soft and tender again, but Jay found himself unable to really get into the moment. He wanted to be free from these shackles so he could touch her, and arouse her the way that he normally would with a woman. But that wasn’t going to happen. From the look on her face, she had no intentions of setting him free just yet. He could feel her lips and fingers moving down his body, as he stared up at the ceiling. Even though feeling her kisses and her touch was arousing him beyond his own imagination, the sight of him like this in the ceiling mirror above them scared him. Normally, he would be the one in control, the one who would do what he wanted to the woman, not the other way around. But there was nothing that he could do about it now any way.

“Just wait till you get me out of this, I’ll show you some real fun, and you bitch!” he thought.

He could feel her finger moving over the shaft of his still ridged member, finding himself surprised that even with the fear he felt, he was still able to keep it up. Taking him in her mouth as she straddled over his body, her glistening sex, and inches from his face. How tempted he was to taste the lips of her sex and to hear her moan from the pleasure that he would be giving her. Even if he were to raise his head up, he still wouldn’t be able to reach it. Another thing that she had planned, just to torture him so much and make him want her even more. Feeling her lips tighten around his shaft as she moved her head up and down in a fast motion, sending a wave of pleasure, this stiffened his body for a brief second. He let out a moan as his eyes closed and he was enveloped within the pleasure that she was giving him.

“You are so wonderful.” He moaned.

“I’m that good, am I?” she said as her hand stroked his manhood franticly.

“Oh yes, you are the best.” He said, as his eyes remained closed for a moment.

“And I thought that you told me that I didn’t know how to give a man oral sex.” She said in an angered tone.

When she had said that, Jay knew where he had heard that. It was from a sixteen year old girl that he had ended up going to jail because of, for statutory rape. He had met her online in a chat room and had talked to her for months, gained her trust and then came to see her in the small town which she lived in. In his mind, she knew what she should have expected when she met him. For they had talked sexual online for months, saying how they would love to share something as intimate as that. But this woman who had him tied up in this motel room couldn’t know something like that. Could she? Maybe he had made the comment to her in the bar when he was drinking and wasn’t aware of saying it. He opened his eyes and looked at her as he felt something sold and sharp pressing against his testacies. He noticed she had moved her body into a different position. All that he could see was the top of her blond head moving up and down again, feeling her lips pressing against his shaft even tighter.

“What…what did you just say?” he said trying to catch his breath.

Her head lifted, looking up at him with a devilish grin appearing on her lips. Even though she didn’t say anything at first, the expression on her face could have told him everything. In a way he had a hunch of who this woman was now and why she had never mentioned what her name was. But that seemed to be something that was impossible. Or was it?

“You heard what I said, you told me those years ago in the middle of an empty field. You choked me until I was nearly ready to pass out and then took something from me that I can never get back...” She started to say.

He could feel the sharp object pressing even tighter against his balls, making a single stream of blood run down them.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” he said in a nervous tone.

“…And now I am going to take something away from you. Something that you can never get back.” She said and then hesitated for a moment. “You don’t recognize me? Maybe this will help refresh your memory.”

Then her hand reached up and removed the blond wig that she had been wearing, revealing her short amber hair. The moment that she had done that, he remembered her. The memory of her came back to his mind like a tidal wave. His body stiffened in terror as he tried to think of something to say to her. But knew there were no words that he could think of that would make her let out of this.

“Kathryn…. It can’t be you.” He said in shock and horror.

“It is. And now I am going to pay you back for what you did to me. For the nightmare you put me through.” She said raising the large carving knife from his parted legs.

“My God, what are you going to do with that?” he screamed.

“You will see. And I will make sure that you never again can do anything like what you did to me, to anyone else.” She replied as she lowered the knife back down to where it had been.

He started to scream even more, to say that he was sorry for what he had done and that he had paid for his crime that he had done to her. But in his mind he knew that he really didn’t do that yet. That this would be her justice that she would leash out on him.

Officer Mark Jackson had been called to the sight of what he thought would have been a normal trespassing call. It was at the old Heaven’s View Motel that had been abandoned a few years back, when the owner died. Normally, he would get calls about teenagers breaking into the rooms to fool around, because of it being so isolated. Back in its day, it did some prominent business that was until the new expressway opened up and no one would travel the far distance to stay there. But what he was about to witness would be more than anything that he had ever dealt with before. When he got there, another squad car had already arrived on the scene, and a female officer was talking to a teen couple that seemed more scared than nervous about trespassing on the property. The officer questioning them was Officer Terra Cassas, and even she seemed a little uneasy about something. Mark knew right away that it had to be something major for Terra to be spooked, for she was always tough as nails when she was on the job.

When Mark got out of his squad car and made his way over to them, he started to have a feeling that he would have wished that he would have stayed in bed this morning.

“What do we got? The normal trespassing charges here?” Mark said, trying to act tough.

But when he looked at the teenage couple, he could tell that there was something more than that. The girl, he would have said couldn’t be more than seventeen, with medium length fiery red hair, had an expression of sheer terror on her face. The boy, around the same age, with short sandy blond hair, was franticly trying to explain what they were doing there. But, he was so scared that what he was saying didn’t make any sense.

“Yeah, but there is something even more important that you are going to want to see that is inside. Something that these two had found.” Terra said in a hesitant voice.

“Officer…. we didn’t do it. We found him that way. Honest.” The boy said.

“Right. Right, whatever you say.” Mark replied as he started to make his way to the motel room.

What he saw next would haunt him for the rest of his life, making it impossible for him to forget the sight. For lying there on the bed was a naked man, his arms handcuffed to the headboard and legs bound to the sides of the bed. His throat had been cut from ear to ear, and then down the length of his neck as his tongue hung out of the opened wound. His testacies and penis cut completely off and left on the nightstand next to the bed. The dead man’s face showed the frozen expression of terror and on his chest, carved deep into his flesh was the word GUILTY. The rats that had infested the abandoned motel had already started to feast of the dead man’s flesh as the rank odor of death loomed within the air of the room. While the mutilated body soaked in a pool of its own blood. Just the sight of it made Mark run out of the room and vomit onto the dried dirt parking lot. He had no idea what had happened or who could have done this, and probably never would. Whoever it was obviously had gotten their revenge, for whatever this sorry looking man had done. He only hoped that this would be the only time he would see a sight like this again. But only time would tell…God willing, only time would tell.

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