Moment of Love Making

Moment of Love Making

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



My lips brush across hers

the sweet nectar of those lips

awakening my heart...

to such intense passion

that touches my soul so deeply.

Her body pressed against mine,

in such perfect union,

as if this was meant to be.

All I can think of is....

Oh, how I yearn for this to never end.

She holds me so close...

so tight... making us one,

while our desires of the heart

envelopes us so sweetly.


Slowly, I caress the side of her neck,

feeling her body tremble at me embrace.

Her fingers running through my hair,

as the taste of her skin

feeds into the hunger

my heart has for her,

wanting to taste even more.

How can we pull away now,

when we are on the edge of temptation's desire?

Wanting to release

all our hearts and souls

do yearn to embrace with each other.

Each kiss... Each touch...

driving us deeper into the bliss

which waits for us.


Oh, the feel of her bare skin against mine,

ignites such passion so intense,

that we have no choice but to follow it.

Our hands exploring each other,

fingertips igniting the flesh

like tiny sparks with each touch,

till finally it becomes an inferno...

engulfing us so sweetly.

My lips...fingertips...

traveling down the sultry frame...

feeling her skin shiver

under my embrace.

Tasting the sweet intoxication

of her skin....her breasts... and more,

pushing me ever further

to please her with our love making.


Her legs part and reveal to me

the gates of her garden...her womanhood...

waiting for only my entrance.

My tongue runs over the petals

of her sacred rosebud...

the nectar of it enchanting me,

as its dew...a taste so sweet...

I long to never leave me.

Each caress growing deeper,

as her womanhood caresses me back.

Hearing the soft sound

of her moans and gasps,

floating around me....

surrounding me... enveloping me...

like a gentle Spring breeze.

Our hunger burns even greater,

as we willingly go into this intense passion

continuing onward

giving her such pleasure

which me lips... my tongue...

does bring to her.

Till her body explodes within ecstasy

as she is drained...

with such liquid bliss

that consumes us

in this moment of love making.




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