Laying Next To You

Laying Next To You

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017




I want to be with you in the silence of the shadows,

feel your body against me

as I listen to your soft breath...

holding you so close and tight,

the warmth of your skin against mine

enveloping me so sweetly... beyond I could ignore.

My arms wrapped around you,

as you rest your head against my chest

listening to the sound of my heartbeat...

the way it sings out to you of such love and admiration.

I could feel your gentle breath on my skin,

which thrills me beyond my own belief.

We don't speak a word to each other,

but each touch which we share

speaks more than words ever could.

My fingertips moving up and down your back,

as your hand rests upon my chest,

fingers tightly stroking my skin.


Oh, how I long to taste the sweetness of your lips,

to feed the hunger for embrace...your passion,

to overwhelm me to the point

where I can't hold back any longer

and long to feel the pleasure of our love making.

The feel of your naked body against mine,

tempts me so much... urging me to make love to you

yet I know this is a moment you don't want that.

And I respect that which you know without

me saying a word to you.

Feeling you hold me tighter,

knowing that you appreciate my respect for you.

It is then that you tell me

how you wish that you could marry me tomorrow,

which sends my heart soaring to heaven

upon the wings of a dove.

Without asking I know it's the truth,

for I know your heart

and it's what I long for as well.

When I hold you closer to me,

the passion and desire within me

burns like an inferno in my soul...

yearning for you so much....

to feel the passion of your heart.


My hand gently lifts your head up to mine,

which you willing do

and gaze into your dark blue eyes ,

then our lips meet within a soft and tender kiss.

Kisses so lovingly,

opened mouthed, tongues dancing with each other,

our bodies pressed against each other

holding each other so close and tight.

Then I whisper in your ear so softly,

so tender to you,

I love you, my Lady...

with all my heart and soul...

always and forever...till the end of time.


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