In the perfection of this night....

In the perfection of this night....

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Within the perfection of this night...

we find a moment together

when the realities of our lives no longer matters to us.

All that does is you and I,

within the silence of this room...

or no matter where it could be we go.

For my Lady,

all that matters to me is being with you,

to be able to hold your hand as we walk,

see that loving smile of yours

and a few times kiss those sensual lips.

And when I hear you tell me...I Love You,

those three words mean more to me

than anything in this world ever could.

Oh, how my love for you does burn

with such intensity within my heart,

burning for you...only you.


And when we are alone

within the silence of a motel room....

or in your room...when no one else is home,

we kiss so tender, so passionately,

awakening the desires in our soul...

pressing your body against mine,

kisses growing deeper

feeding into the hunger of our desires

never wanting it to end.

We shed away our inhibitions and doubts,

as well as our clothes...

baring our skin...or hearts and souls,

showing the innocence we never show anyone.


Our lips continue to embrace,

as our bodies fall onto each other

and in each others heart...soul...

such sweet bliss we find with each other...

unlike anything we can find

with anyone else within the past.

When our bodies join as one,

it more than just our bodies....

but our souls as our hearts entwine.

Limbs wrapped around each other,

the friction between us melting the flesh...

and burning the bed we lay upon,

as we as the world around us.

Two star-crossed lovers,

two halves of a soul...that found each other,

and now our unity forever bound

by the love we feel for each other.

For you are my Love...My Life...

my Everything...

and I vow to you,

to always love you forever and always....

till the end of time.

© Copyright 2021 Michael68. All rights reserved.

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