2 AM

2 AM

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Submitted: January 21, 2016

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Submitted: January 21, 2016




We lay there in the silence of the room

the silken sheets that covers us now dishabille

as our legs remains entwined.

She rests her head upon my chest

listening to my heart speak to her so sweetly

a tender serenade it gives to her of my devotion

while my arm wraps around her...holding her close to me

I listen to the gentle sound of her breathing

as my fingers gently brush away

strands of her ebony hair away from her face.

Oh, just to see that angelic face in slumber....

so innocent and lovely

as I find those affections for her awakening once again.


Within these walls we have opened ourselves up to each other

let our desires flow freely like a river into the sea

and dive within the fathoms of passions sea to endless boundaries

How I feel so close to her right now,

as if my soul...my heart..my essence is a part of her

and all of her is a part of me.

Her lips gently caress my chest to tell me she is awake

as my fingers run up and down her spine

if she were to look up and tell me she wanted me now

I would give myself to her so freely...

and if not...I would cherish this moment together

where our bodies are so close together

and we speak without words

just each touch...each kiss...

and the feel skin against skin

speaks more to us than words ever could.


When I look at the time in its glowing red digital numbers

it is 2 am...but that does not matter to me

for I am lost within the wonderment of her body against mine

the warmth we bring to each other

knowing I could stay like this all night if I must

for this is the woman I adore

as we hold each other sweaty and spent

in the sweet euphoria of the passion and love which we shared

that still burns within our hearts.

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