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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

COVID 19 has changed society drastically


“Damn this pandemic,” I thought to myself as I began my three mile walk.

“Stay away from people, social distance, wear a mask,” I was more then thinking now, I was muttering to myself.

But I was in better shape than I had been in awhile and I was beginning to see my new neighborhood. Here and there a person walking, running, or biking.

The usual was a wave, a smile, but hardly anything said aloud. It was if everyone felt the germs could jump in their mouths if they were open.


Along the way I would see things people were getting rid of things from their homes that they no longer wanted. The amount of time everyone has is turning everyone into a cleaner, an organizer and a gardener.


At the curb I spied a food processor that looked new. I had always wanted to try using one but never wanted to invest in one.

I picked it up, looked it over when suddenly I heard a women.

“Excuse me,” she yelled,” Were you thinking of taking that?”

She walked from the house and up toward me.

“There is a spindle inside that I ran through the garbage disposal by accident. It’s the only thing wrong.”

I smiled at her and said, “I like to try and fix things so I do believe I’ll give this a try.”

I was given a pleasant eyeful because she wore an Alabama tee shirt with out a bra. She was also wearing those stretch skin tight pants that revealed an ample ass and a camel toe in the front.

“Well, you just go ahead Mr. Fix It,” she laughingly replied.

The days crawled by and the nights were short. The weather warmed up and more people were outside and doing things and being creative.

I was walking down one street where a young women with the tightest shorts was squatting down and drawing with chalk on her sidewalk. A hopscotch square, a maze to spin on, and a perfectly drawn penis.

She didn’t even blush as I viewed her art work.

“A girl has to fulfill her dreams anyway possible,” she said as she eyed me while I admired her and the art.

Out of her house a woman came that was probably her mother.

The girl languidly stood up and bare foot erased that one section of art.

“See you later,” she giggled.

The days were longer and warmer. I got to be a familiar person that people noticed because of my walkabouts.

Late one afternoon I was walking by a fenced in yard done in the shadow box style. I wasn’t quite sure but I thought I saw plenty of skin.

Slowing down to a crawl I did see that it was a blonde sunbathing without a stitch of clothing. She was lathering up her body with lotion. I was lathering up in my own area in a different way.

She became aware of my presence but did not try to cover up or hide. She just lathered up more and then went down to her cunt and began to lather there. Slowly, faster, a bit faster, and finally light speed to get herself off while she knew I was her voyeur.

She looked up at me through the fence and moaned, “Ahhhhhhh…….”

I had to get home quick that day so I could take care of my own business after seeing her fresh in my mind.

I lived by myself but imagined what it would be like for the people with four and five in their households. Really no where to be alone unless in the bedroom or on a walk.

The days warmed up and the evening became a better time to walk. At twilight and into first dark I noted people waking and sitting on their front porches. I wasn’t even remotely shocked to see a middle aged woman masturbating a man on their rattan love seat. I think people were willing to do anything to spice up their action and thrill the walking voyeur.

I was beginning my early walkabout when the woman with the blender came out of her house.

“Hey Mr. Fix It. Could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what would you like for me to do?

“Come over tonight after dark with a couple of simple tools. Oh, don’t drive over, just walk over. By the way, do you have a mask?” she asked.

“I sure do,” I replied as I wondered about her specific requests.


Around 8:35 PM I walked around the corner to her house. I was no sooner up her driveway when she opened her front door.

I knew then that she was on the lookout for me.


“Put on your mask,” she requested as I entered her house.

I complied and looked as she closed and locked the front door.

“Follow me,” she said.

We walked into what was a den with a folding ladder in the middle of the room.

Pointing up to a fan with a built in lamp she said, “How about changing the bulb for me?”

She hand me the bulb and I went up the ladder. It was a little shaky and I asked her, “Would you steady that for me?”

Her right hand went to the side of the ladder while her left hand went to my ass.

“Is that steady enough?” she asked.

I was suddenly very aware that my dick knew exactly what was going on.

As I unscrewed the burnt out bulb and began screwing in the good bulb, her right hand moved from the ladder to my shorts and began rubbing my cock.

“I really appreciate you doing this for me,” she said.

“My damn boyfriend got the COVID 19 and left me high and dry!”


I began down the ladder and she met me at the bottom and pulled down my shorts and ripped off my tee shirt.

I got into the action and undressed her.

We were a man and a woman masked and naked.

There was a sofa in the den and she lay over the arm of it so her cunt and ass hole were sticking in the air.

“Okay Mr. Fix It, how about being my handy man!”

I mounted her from behind and slid my cock into her wet lush pussy.

We began the grind and I heard her moaning.

Too much audible suggestion and I was as horny as she was. It seemed like that forever instant was there and she came just as I spurt my jism inside her pussy.

“Mmmmm, Mmmm,” she sighed. “Looks like I found me a handy man.”

“There’s so much fixing here to be done.”

I dressed and asked her about the request for late evening and me walking over.

“That old biddie across the street would see you if you drove up and word would get around the neighborhood. I certainly wouldn’t want everyone knowing I was fucking my handy man.”

We agreed then that if she left a certain shade in a particular window up, that she would like me to come and fix something.

I wondered how many broken things would be discovered during these COVID 19 pandemic times.


Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Michael Arlis. All rights reserved.

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Let me just say that for all practical purposes you both can ditch the masks on your next adventure (unless the train robber look is a supplementary turn-on). If either of you had COVID, you’ve both most certainly got it now. But hey, who cares! You can die happy! I love the comradery in your neighborhood, Michael

Fri, May 8th, 2020 9:15pm


Let me just say that for all practical purposes you both can ditch the masks on your next adventure (unless the train robber look is a supplementary turn-on). If either of you had COVID, you’ve both most certainly got it now. But hey, who cares! You can die happy! I love the comradery in your neighborhood, Michael

Fri, May 8th, 2020 9:15pm


Masks a new COVID turn on.

Mon, June 29th, 2020 2:48pm

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