Training Week

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young woman makes a big step in her life. She knows that there is something lacking in her marriage and separates from her husband. It takes a man with patience and understanding to wake her up and start over.


I met her at one of our Friday night parties in our Bellfower, California apartment complex. On any given Friday there could be two to three parties going on at the same time. My friends and I would always try to have some outlandish theme going so no party was the same as another party. The party I was helping host was named “The Blue Lagoon”. We wore shorts, surfer shirts, handed out leis and mixed tropical rum drinks for our guests.

She walked into our party around 11 PM. I was struck by the blue color of her eyes contrasting with her raven hair. So crystal clear and blue that I was hypnotized by the hues that changed as she moved her face in one light and then another.

“Should I call you Sky, Crystal, or Aqua,” I asked her as she walked by me.

She smiled at me and said, “Neither. My name is Ellen and I’m new to these apartments.”  She looked around as a lost puppy would look for a new home.

“Wait right here and I’ll get you a drink and then we can talk. Sound good?”  

She smiled and nodded her head.

When I came back and handed Ellen her drink we started talking. She explained to me that she had left her husband of fours years, taking their two children with her. She said that she hadn’t felt any of the contentment she expected when she married him.

“How old were you when you married?” I asked.

“I was a dumb seventeen year old that got pregnant on our second date. He did right by me and we married, but there’s just something missing,” she sighed.

“He’s a nice guy and all that, but marriage hasn’t been a bed of roses,” she added.

“And what are you looking for now Ellen?” I asked.

“Just for someone that cares about me and will take me to unusual places. You know, I’ve been in the Los Angeles area for five years and I’ve never seen the ocean.”

That was a sad state of life to me.  I had already been to ten countries and one half of the USA.

“Is someone watching your kids?” I asked.

She said that her parents had taken them for two days so she could get herself unpacked and adjusted to the apartment.

“I'll tell you what,” I said. “I’ll drive you to the beach right now and we can walk on the sand together.”

She smiled and was agreeable as well as excited at the thought that all she ever had to do was ask for what she wanted.  We walked out hand in hand to my 'CUDA, ready to explore.

I drove her to Long Beach in about 25 minutes and parked near the boardwalk. We took off our sandals and splashed into the Pacific Ocean while looking at the Queen Mary. Just two young adults enjoying talking to each other and goofing off.

I drove her back to the apartment complex where we met.  She showed me the way to the next apartment complex where she had just moved and we kissed by her door.

“I’d love to invite you in,” she said, “But I want to think this over tonight. Here’s my number. Call me tomorrow around lunch if you’d really like to see me again.”

We kissed at her door, tongues probing and bodies leaning in to each other.

The next afternoon I called her and she invited me to her apartment. I stopped by the store to buy us a six pack of beer to melt any ice between us.

Ellen was waiting upstairs and had the door open as I walked up to her floor.  I was pleased that she was looking for me to arrive. She was wearing very short shorts and a tank top without a bra.

“It seems like you are expecting me,” I smiled as I hugged her. We walked into her apartment.

I gave her a beer and opened one for myself after we sat on her sofa. We took several tentative sips and laughed as we both put the cans down simultaneously and began kissing and cuddling.

I was becoming erect under my shorts as I started moving my hands around her body. I found her bare breasts and tweaked her nipples softly with my fingers. So nice, like the end of a soft Juicy Fruit candy.

“You’ll have to wear a rubber if you want to do it,” she stated. “I haven’t had time to get on any birth control prevention after I left my husband. He would only do it bareback and now I have two kids.”

I smiled and put my hand down her shorts and under her panties.

“What are you doing?” she asked, “I thought you wanted to fuck.”

I laughed a little and said, “Oh I do, but you have to warm up the engine before you start the race.”

I continued moving my hand down and found her labia and started rubbing the lips together while I was kissing her other lips. I noted a change in her breathing as I inserted two fingers in her pussy to find the clitoris. I began rubbing this nub circularly and insistently. I would then put my fingers in her cervix and pull them out to rub the clitoris again.

Ellen began grinding her hips and pulled away from our kissing.

“Wow,” she said, “What is going on?”

It now was clearer to me why she wanted to leave her husband.

I kept working the clitoris and her labia and made sure that I was fully in contact as I finger fucked her. Suddenly she had a spasm and shook.

“Oh my God, what in the world was that?” She was near tears.

I knew then that she was an orgasm virgin that was married to a person who didn’t know how to take care of business.

I decided to take her furthur and continued the work with my fingers in her pussy. Her second and third orgasms came within a minute of each other. She reached down and pulled my hand out.

“Please stop for now, I think I’m going to have a heart attack.”

I stopped.

She was cuddled into my body and I could feel her heartbeat rapid from her exertion.

“I never had that with him. He would kiss me a little, feel me up, then put his dick in my pussy. It wasn’t more then five or six times in and out and he would shoot his juice in me. This......this is something I never knew about.”

I moved her hands to my shorts and the zipper.

“Pull my zipper down and pull my shorts off,” I commanded her.

She pulled the zipper down and yanked my shorts and underware below my hips. My cock popped out as hard as a hammer. I moved her hands to my cock and moved her fingers and palms into position to jerk me, pull me, tease me, and bring me to the brink of my orgasm.

I said, “You have to take a little time so you and I can enjoy it,” I purred as she pulled on my cock. I really think she was getting into it because she was looking in my eyes while using her hands.

My eyes dilated and my eyelids were heavy.

I made her dawdle at this as much as I could and then pulled her hands away. I undressed her carressing every part of her body and never let myself lose contact. When she was naked I undressed.

Her body was perky and her breasts were better then ample. She had already suckled two children. Gravity hadn’t gotten to them yet and they bounced as she moved around.

I reached into my shorts and pulled out one of several rubbers I got from my corpsman earlier in the day.

I handed her the rubber and said, “Put it on me Ellen and we’ll begin the ride.”

She opened the package and I instructed her how to roll it down my shaft.

When the rubber was on I began by kissing her nipples, her stomach, and then went down to the Venus V of her vagina. I hadn’t come in her so I started licking her and taking her labia in my mouth. I licked her clitoris and sucked in and swallowed her juices that were plentiful. She ground her groin in my face. I looked up at her blue eyes and smiled.

I then entered Ellen and she took me into the land of promise, friction, and twining.

Her legs were in the air bent at the knees. Her mouth was on my neck as I was kissing her eyes, her forehead and her nose.

We became the animal with two backs. We gave and took, thrust and absorbed. Our voices came to us as we moved toward a climax.

“Give it too me big man,” she moaned.

“You're getting all the best that I have," I almost sang.

Her fingers were in my shoulder blades and my fingers were around her ass cheeks.

The wait for me was worth heaven, earth and the universe. I shuddered as I came and came and came. Ellen suddenly arched her back and jiggered her core as much as possible while laughing.

“What in the world have you done to me,” she asked while she had her fourth orgasm.

“I was only being me and giving you as good as you got.”

We were drained and went into a semi sleep where the eyelids are half droopy and we see things in another state of mind.

I think two hours passed when I woke up and said, “We need some food if we aren't going to make it through Saturday.”

We dressed and I drove her to a delicatessen in Bellflower where the best Pastrami sandwiches in LA were made. We fed each other and our stomachs, looking into each others eyes.

Ellen felt enough trust or a need to confess to me that her mother gave her information after her first pregnancy began.  She was told about periods, fertility and the menstrual timing. She flat out told me that instead of making love with her husband normally in these fertile times she allowed him to fuck her up the ass.

“Have you ever done that?” she asked.

“No way,” I stated. “There are so many other positions, ideas, and things to do instead of fucking your asshole.”

We drove back to her apartment later in the late afternoon and made love again.

“Where do you get the stamina for this?” she asked.

My reply was simple. “I came back from war and I knew that when I was back here that the best was waiting for me. I dreamed about you, life, and peace while in combat.”

That evening we went to my favorite club where the singer, DJ, comedian kept us laughing and on the floor dancing. We drank our fill and some more.

We laughed as we made it back to her apartment talking about the show.

When we got inside she said, “What do you want now?

I said, “How about you sucking my dick?”

She said, “Why not?”

The effects of alcohol were showing in our efforts to get this done correctly from start to finish.

I suggested that we take a shower together and she try doing me there while the water poured over us.

So we moved there, naked, alive, and me finally coming while she started puking. The gag reflex hit her. I came while she was getting rid of the evening's drinks and everything I spurted in her mouth at once.

We fell into her bed. I told her that I had to go back to my unit in the morning for duty. I also said that early Monday we were going away for exercises and wouldn’t be back until Friday.

She looked at me and said, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

I was up at 6 AM using her alarm clock. I dressed and kissed her while she slept soundly.

It wasn’t until I got back to my unit that I found a note in my pocket.

“I had the best time with you. When you return Friday, just come in and pull your pants off. It will be a sober and long blow job. Ellen”

The week was filled with drills, training, moving and plenty of the doldrums only the military can put you through.

But Friday did come and I was given the weekend off.

I drove to Ellen’s making sure not to go too fast.

After I parked I climbed the steps and knocked.

She opened the door with a grin on her face.

“Come on in and I’ll make you come.”

I unzipped and dropped my jeans and skivvies down to my knees in the middle of her living room. Ellen got on her knees in front of me and began stretching my cock like she was climbing a rope.

She took a couple of sucks and looked at me, then took me out of her mouth.

“I have to thank you so much for training me last weekend.”

She took me in her mouth again and really went at it. First licking, then sucking.

Again she took me out of her mouth.

“I was so pissed off at my husband for how he cheated me out of coming for four years that I called him after you left. He begged me to allow him to come over to try to work this out.”

She took me in her mouth again and this time worked me like a vacuum, sucking and pulling and sucking and pulling and then I came like a fountain in her mouth. She gulped it down and made sure I was clean.

“There you go, big boy. Just like I promised. You’ll have to leave pretty quick because my husband will be back from work soon. When he came to me that Sunday night I bitched slapped him and then gave him all the lessons that he needed. He turned out to be a good student, just like you were a good teacher to me. This training week saved our marriage.”

I might have felt chagrined when she made her speech, but then I thought about how I awoke her body and now she was set for life. I didn’t need kids now and there would be others that I could teach.

“Good bye Ellen blue eyes.”

I hugged her and walked out the door.


Submitted: August 12, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Michael Arlis. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

This was sort of bittersweet. It was not the ending I expected. However, I do understand how life works when it comes to timing. It was great that she could reconcile with her husband, and that he could spend a few moments enjoying the young fruit on the vine while he could. Very hot and sexy tale, MA. Really enjoyed. :D

Wed, March 28th, 2018 4:24am


Yes it was! It was also wildly tangential when she completed her promise although reconciled. MA

Wed, March 28th, 2018 5:56am

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