Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


We often spice up the game or use something so we might get off alone.


We often spice up the game or use something so we might get off alone.


Submitted: September 17, 2017

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Submitted: September 17, 2017




There is fascination about what we use to get ready for sex, what we wear when we have sex, and what kind of things we might use when we have sex.

I was barely five years old and without knowing why, discovered that I was heterosexual. I was at my friend Rowdy's house when I wandered in on his mom with her back to me pulling up her dress to adjust her garter belt that was attached to her stockings. I also caught a glimpse of her panties. The totality of this sight was an instant turn on to a kid not yet six years old. I remember it to this day and I always thank Mrs. Smith for my first turn on to being me.

My friends and I became adept at obtaining nude pictures of women. We also found pornographic paper back books that explained more then we could expect from any girl we knew at the time.

I know I got the idea for my first inanimate sex from a paperback. The writer suggested that if you found a big apple and cored it, then coated the inside with mayonnaise, you would have your first fuck buddy.

Apples are common enough. I found one in the refrigerator and also found an apple corer in the cutlery drawer. I figured the best way to make this plan work was not to make the core hole too small or too big.

I took out a nude photo of a woman, looked at her voluptuousness and started engorging my cock stroking off with my imagination. I had already found a cloth measuring tape used by seamstresses to measure the circumference of my cock. When I couldn’t get any larger I measured my circumference.

I pondered what core size would work and decided the perfect fit would be eighty eight per cent of my rigid size. I carefully used the apple corer to make the exact sized hole that I wanted. Then I found a fresh jar of mayonnaise in my mother’s pantry, had my magazine full of picture of naked women and began my experiment.

I lathered the cored apple with mayonnaise, then started using my imagination with the pictures I tantalized myself with. I already had my fingers in a women’s vagina, and I had already eaten a grown women’s vagina until she came. My looking at the pictures, my memory, and the apple cored out were a perfect solution to the long wanted pussy.

The tightness, the smoothness from lubrication, and my memories made me move that apple at thirty thrusts a minute. In two minutes I shot my jism out the end of the core and wondered what in the world was wrong with me! I had already had two encounters with women that ended in orgasm. Why not wait for the final female to really end my virginity?


I was a freshman in college, still a coitus virgin, when I met Barbara. One evening behind the library she gave me a hand job. Within a week I met up with Barbara again and we found a room where she took me to the limit in so many ways. This is one encounter that that was like a burst through the mirror.

The great thing about making love with her was that she and I became friends. We would discuss our likes, frustrations, our dilemmas, our dreams and our exuberance for life.


Barbara was a wild female, no holds barred in fucking, searching for willing guys, and romantically searching for her perfect fit.

She fucked plenty of men at my college and told me all about their quirks, their aversions, how they treated her, and how she treated them. She admitted to me that I was close to her ideal, but there was still more sampling for her before she might come back to me.

Barbara must have had an extra amount of testosterone in her body. One day she took me up to the English Department where she was majoring as well as working.

She unlocked a door to a vacant office. When we entered she locked the door so we weren’t going to be bothered.

“Why did you bring me here Barbara?” I asked with a thrill down my cock.

She opened a large oak door on heavy hinges to the main office.

“I want to show you that men have nothing on women when it comes to getting our itch scratched.”

She unzipped her blue jeans and pulled them down to her lower hip level. She then got her hands around the top of that door and hoisted her mid body where the tongue of the door lock and latch stood away from the frame.

“I’m thinking about you now,” she said. “But I am humping this door latch because it’s available.”

Twenty five seconds and she climaxed, jumped away from the door latch, and gave me a hug.

“What do you think of that?’ She asked.

“You are amazing Barbara.” I laughed.

Barbara opened her pocket book and took out two metal balls that were a little more then an inch in diameter. They weren’t solid, but semi full of something heavy. They were also magnetized.

She said, “These are the newest things on campus.”

Barbara pulled her panties down and said, “Put them in my vagina near the outside lips.”

I did as she asked. I think she wanted me to do this so she could get worked up. She then pulled up her panties and her jeans and said,

“Let’s go for a walk on campus.”

We left the office, locked the door and were soon out on the green.

“While I walk I can move my legs tighter to my body. This separates the balls, and soon they are attracted back together. The stuff inside the balls make them shift around and creates some good friction on my clit.”

We hadn’t gone a half a block when she said, “I’m coming.”

We never broke our pace. Barbara had a knack for guessing which females had them inside as they were walking. She’d point out one, say, “Her.” That girl might start blushing or be in her own Nirvana.


That reminds me of a professional female bowler I met in Seattle. She was watching me and then asked if she could join me while I bowled. That day everything was in the groove. I noticed that she was even more in the groove. Cute body, short bowling skirt, and a wicked curve.

We both both bowled over 220 easily.

“I don’t usually do this well, some of you must have rubbed off on me,” I said in jest.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m on tour out here in the female professional tournament league. I happened to see you when I was getting ready to warm up for tonight’s match.”

“That is awesome,” I said, happy that she would bowl with an amateur.

She looked at me with a smile on her lips and said, “I don’t know if you ever heard that athletes are superstitious, but I am one of them.”

“In what way?” I asked.

She whispered in my ear, “I love having sex an hour before the real bowling event to loosen me up. How about you come with me outside to my truck and I will rub off on you.”

She had one of the biggest four wheel trucks parked near the back of the lot. She instructed me to climb up and in. She went around the driver’s side and got in herself to start the engine and get the AC running. She also unzipped me and pulled everything down to my knees. With those bowling cunning fingers she had me hard in ten seconds and got a rubber out of a compartment in the dashboard.

“Always prepared!” she admitted.

She sat on my lap, her butt to my lap and pulled me into her pussy.

“Crotch-less panties,” she told me as she began her thrusting.

I was pretty much along for the ride as she worked herself through two quick orgasms. She then reached down below my testicles and massaged that ever loving spot. I came in about a minute.

When we unhooked I asked her if she was always this lucky.

“Sometimes things don’t work out that way,” she admitted.

“If I have to, I get a carrot and put it in the thumb hole of my ex-husbands bowling ball. I then crouch on it on the floor rolling back and forth feeling really good with that carrot on my clit. I dream I am fucking my ex and myself at the same time.


I once had a birthday celebration in the Philippine Islands. Many men would find the perfect woman they wanted to be with their entire time there and would tell them that they were the special “ONE”. It saved some time and money. Generally if you wanted a bar girl you had to pay to get her free from the bar.

This year I was with Josie and she found out ahead of time that my birthday was coming soon. She promised me she would have some “very special present” for me that day.

On the night of my birthday we met and kissed.

She said, “I have arranged something few men get to experience here.”

My eyebrows went up as we walked down the main street and entered what looked like an exercise studio. When we entered, three women came up and gave me a hug and a kiss.

Josie said, “My friends are going to help me perform the basket trick. It make you come big time.”

We went into a room that had a pulley system attached to the ceiling. A rope went through the pulley and was attached to a strong palm basket without much of a bottom.

Josie said to everyone, “All clothes off now!”

This was too good to be true. Four women and me, nude, locked in.

Josie positioned herself in the basket while a woman showed me where to lie on a mat. As I lay down she started massaging my cock.

I looked at Josie and she was smiling, and gave me a wink.

“We are very good friends, otherwise they would get my butterfly knife.”

When I was hard, the other women start pulling on the end of the rope attached to the pulley system.

Josie rose up a foot or two and said, “Now birthday present.”

Her friend who was making me hard directed me under Josie. The other two women slowly lowered Josie while her friend guided my cock into Josie’s tight vagina that was forced tighter by the basket.

This is where the interesting delicious system really began.

The women with the rope would pull, slowly let go so Josie was up and down on me. The other woman got Josie’s feet and started rotating Josie on Josie’s command.

Now and then Josie would grunt, “In-day, or Uh Uh.”

So there was the honey basket above me, spinning, moving up and down. All the women started shouting, “You come now, you come now.”

Finally Josie and I came simultaneously.

After this, we all showered together and went out for birthday cake and ice cream.


The sex industry has grown tremendously after the female revolution. There are now parties where sexual items are sold and the women buy as if it were an Avon or Tupperware event.

I have had flavored melting rubbers on my cock. I have eaten out pussy filled with flavored whipped cream.

There is no use for the inanimate objects from the refrigerator.

You can order on line vibrators, inflatable women, inflatable men, and can also get on line to a site where a woman will do exactly what you what after you make a transaction for online “Artwork.”

There is medicine we might take as an added ingredient if we get too tired or too old for our toys ‘n us.







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