Then Deena Died

Then Deena Died

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Life continues to surprise me every day.


Life continues to surprise me every day.


Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018




My cellphone gave off the theme from “Jaws”. I lifted it up to look at the display. No name, but a number in the area code that Deena lives. Taking a chance I answered.


“Is this the person that was seeing my mother Deena?” a middle aged woman asked.

“Who is this?” I quickly said, not thinking that I just gave myself away. "Was seeing?" I didn't like that past tense verb.

“This is Tarra, Deena’s daughter that lives where Deena used to live, until she moved away so she could do her own thing.”

I remember Deena telling me that her children were good to her, but she needed room to fill the voids in her appetite. She didn’t want the town people whispering about her to her children.

“What can I do for you Tarra?” I asked.

This conversation wasn’t going anywhere that I liked. I knew Deena, her mother intimately. She and I were plain old fuck buddies.

Tara broke into tears, “I wanted to let you know that my mother died from a heart attack twelve days ago. I finally got into her house to start the closure and was able to get into her cell phone and computer.”

I was pole axed! There were pictures of me, texts, and some very graphic sharing of videos that this woman named Tarra had access to. This conversation was going to get very interesting.



There I was on my knees slurping at Deena’s heavenly doors. My tongue was “Knock, Knock, Knocking” between the clams of her labia searching for her clit. Left and right, up and down, until I found the treasure and zeroed in.

“Oh damn,” she gasped. “I ain’t found any man like you for a long time!”

I looked up at her and joked, “How about any woman?”

I sucked on her clit for a life time and she shivered while she came.

“We women do have our clubs when we get older, and if we ain’t gettin’ enough from men, we try to help each other long with a vibrator, sometimes with a double donged dildo. But we try never to eat each others pussy. What do we think? Are we some kind of lesbians. Hell no! Do you know what I mean?”


Denna smiled as she pulled my head out of her crotch, turned her body, bent down and took my cock in her mouth.

She sucked for a minute, smiled and said, “I liked how you talked me to sendin’ them pictures of me bare assed naked to you.”


I remembered back to those early talks on the phone. She posted one picture of herself floating on a swan floatie in a swimming pool wearing a bikini. Blond haired, long legs, nice breasts, and little to no fat where not needed.

It was during our second cell phone talk that I told her how good she looked. She laughed at me when I teased her,”Deena, I wish I knew what you look like now. From what you’ve been saying that picture was taken at your son’s home when he had a swimming pool. You told me he doesn't have a swimming pool now!”

Deena chuckled and immediately said that she had better pictures of herself stored for “personal reasons”.

It took me plenty of sweet talk and long discussions about the internet and the cellphone with Deena before she would finally upload the better pictures and send them to me with a cross my heart promise that I wouldn’t share them with anyone else.


I did the same for her. I got my cock hard and took several pictures of it from several angles. Then I took cell phone pictures of me in the buff with my erection, flexing my muscles, a shot of my ass. I also sent her a video of my penis muscle control showing my cock moving up and down by tensing my groin muscles.


The pictures I received from Deena were a promise of spring, summer and fall. Getting down and dirty, and the real essence of a woman’s beauty. I knew someone else took them but could have cared less! If the fruit wasn’t sampled, it must be bad!


She had sucked on me as long as I wanted.

I said to Deena, “I want to take you dogie style like I shared with you on the phone. You have the long legs, the tight cunt, and those bouncing tits that turn me inside out and upside down.”


Deena hopped up, turned her ass toward my enlarged dick and guided me in.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

I liked that sound as well as the enveloping tight glove of luxury over my cock!

As she guided my dick between her labia lips into her cunt, she backed her body toward me until I was totally inside her. I guided her right hand below my balls to the great nerve bundle and I said, “Massage me here while I fuck you there.”


“I know all about this massage,” she informed me as she reached under my balls and began to manipulate my nerve bundle.


My hands were all over her ass, her waist, rubbing her back. My eyes were on her ass vibrating as we met on each thrust. I loved watching her breasts sway with our movements like pendulums on a body clock.

I took a chance and put one finger up her asshole and she grunted in a good way.

My climax came over me as a feeling of joy in my cock, that went to my brain, back to my cock. The itching and the itch relief pouring out. My prostate got the signal from my brain and my jism pumped out into her cunt as I yelled, moaned, bit her back, and kept it up for about forever. I shuddered the last drop out of me and collapsed next to her on her bed.


“Well you hung in thare purty good for a man five years younger than me.” she chuckled while getting off the bed and jumping up and down on a towel so the spunk popped out like drippings from a candle.


“You get out of bed now and we are gonna dance while we drink some wine without no fuckin’ clothes on.” I mean that was an order from Deena!

She poured us each a glass of Pignot Gregio and put “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival on her CD disc player. We each took a big sip of our wine, placed our wine glasses on a table a got down to the real funky shag, one with no clothes.

Deena shimmied up to me and did a grind on my flaccid cock with her pelvis that got the blood flowing in again. She turned her ass to me and pulled apart her cheeks so I could see both holes a little of my come dropping out. We continued carousing and she changed the song to Donna Summer, “Love to Love you”.

We had our hands over each other. Mine were on her breasts massaging her nipples. Her hands were clutching my ass while she hummed along.

As the song went on she got to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and pulled me down to a sixty nine position. I was more then willing to lick some of my own come if she could make me orgasm again.

She did and I made her did it twice.

I was getting dressed later when she told me, “I just broke up with a man that wanted to move me in the mountains with him. I went there and he had sixteen cats. I was like out of there like a tornado. Do you like cats?”

“Just the one between your legs.”

“Awww, you’re such a sweetie. I declare I am tired. I think you drained me.”




Tarra said, “Don’t worry too much. My mom had a bad heart and I think that you were her last visitor. She had a smiley face on her calendar with your number. She died in her sleep with a dear smile on her face.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that Tarra. She and I had a wonderful time together. I am shocked to hear your news and wish to give you my condolences.”


I didn’t mention that I was supposed to drive up there in two days for another dancing session.


I heard her sigh into the phone. “I see that she has your name on the calendar for another visit in two days. Why don’t you keep her appointment with me instead. You know what they say, like mother, like daughter.”

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