Teen Blackmail

Teen Blackmail

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



The cougar's daughter sees plenty and gets something for her time.



The cougar's daughter sees plenty and gets something for her time.


Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017



Martie was on top of me shuddering out her last vibrations of ecstasy from her clitoris and her mind. Her legs were clenching together on my cock squeezing the last drop of my jism upward into her vagina. The concentrated look on her face relaxed and was replaced by the languid happy laziness of completion and fulfillment.

She eyed me and said, “Did anyone ever tell you you have the right stuff?”

I smiled at her and said, “As long as it was the right stuff for you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else told me.”

That made her tingle on me and she smiled like she had won the lottery.

She reached over to a lamp table where a box of tissue was sitting and grabbed about ten pieces.

“This is where you have it better then I do,” she said.

She rolled off my cock, my come fell out with gravity and she slowly blotted it up. When she had a good enough clean out so that she wouldn’t drip on her floor she got several more pieces of tissue and held my shaft as she wiped me off to relatively dry. While she was doing this I was beginning to harden up again.

“Nooo, no Michael, no more for you tonight. It’s late and we need some sleep.”
She explained to me that I was going to sleep in her daughter’s room while her daughter was sleeping in her bedroom with her.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked.

“It’s your home,” I said. “Anyway I’d be likely to wake you up for another go around if you were with me. We’d be exhausted in the morning.”

We walked up the steps quietly. I knew Terri was either falling back to sleep or figuring out what her mother and I were doing on that chair. Quite possibly she already knew and was either disgusted or didn’t think anything about it.

Martie showed me the bathroom and her daughter’s bedroom. I gave her a short sweet kiss good night.

I also put on pajama bottoms in case I had to get up in the middle of the night.

I slept in late Saturday morning and smelled coffee as I woke stiff jointed and with a stiff dick. I took off my pajama bottoms, snuck into the bathroom and took a quick shower to get the love funk off that had nine hours to ripen. Fresh jeans on, tee shirt on and finally sneaks on I made my way down the stairs.

There was Martie, looking good, and there was her daughter that I only had a glimpse of last night. She could be anywhere from eleven to thirteen. She had the coltish body of a young female with legs long and still growing. The rest of her body was budding.

“Michael, I’d like you to meet my daughter Terri. Terri, this is Michael.”

“Nice to meet you Terri.” I smiled and offered her my hand.

Terri took it and said, “Nice to meet you. Do you have a last name?” she asked.

“Yes I do, but let’s keep it simple. I'm Michael, okay?”

She nodded, shook my hand and continued eating a bowl of cereal.

Martie asked me what I would like for breakfast.

“A cup of coffee if you have any. I thought I smelled some. And Terri’s cereal is fine with me.”

We ate our breakfast and I asked the mundane but normal questions anyone would ask a girl Terri's age. What grade are you in at school? What group or singer do you like? What do you like to do for fun?

Martie observed our discussion without interruption.

Martie then excused herself and went upstairs.

Terri immediately looked at me and said, “I saw what you and my mom were doing last night.”

I said, “Oh you did? What did you see last night?

Terri blushed and smiled a little, “I saw you putting your penis in her pussy, and then you both started wrestling around some. Then I saw you guys having a jiggle together and then making noises.”

“Did you tell your mom, Terri?”

“No,” she said. “I used to see her and my dad do what you did with her sometimes. Now that she’s divorced, I see her with guys now and then. Only you and one other guy did that with her that I know about.”

“I guess that's embarrassing or even shocking for you,” I said.

“No Michael. It is what is going on now. Plenty of my friend’s parents are divorced, getting divorced or just making pretend that they are married,” Terri stated sagely.

“I had no idea Terri.” I said.

“Michael, my mom is older then you. She likes younger guys. You give her something she can't get unless she has a younger man. You are so naive!”  from the mouth of babes comes wisdom.

“Okay Terri, where does that leave us?” I asked.

“I want to go to the movies this afternoon with a friend. You and my mom are going to take us. You will buy us popcorn and drinks, and then take us out for pizza. Can you handle that?”

I reached out my hand and shook her hand. She looked me in my eyes as we shook hands.

In the early afternoon Martie had some of her adult friends that came over to visit her. I think this was a prearranged visit because the man involved was older and only separated from his wife. His companion, Martie’s friend, was the separated man’s lover. They were good on the small talk and about how their situation was better then what they had separately with their ex-partners. I felt a bit smeared by this set up advertising campaign. I wasn’t married and neither was Martie. What did this visit have to do with me, or Martie?

When her friends left in the middle of the afternoon Martie said, “Michael, Terri and her best friend want to go to the movies. Would you please take us?”

I smiled inside because Terri was true to her word. I nodded in agreement and smiled at Martie.

“That sounds like a perfect afternoon," I said. "When the movie is over, why don’t we all go out for pizza?”

Martie could have swooned. I was doing above and beyond what she expected. She had already cheesed me out with her friends and now I was going to take Terri, Terri’s friend, and Martie to the movies and then out to eat pizza.

So that’s exactly what we did. I sat on the end of a row seat and Terri promptly sat down next to me. Martie let Terri’s friend sit next to Terri. Martie was the farthest in.

I went back and forth for popcorn, drinks, and napkins. The movie, from what I saw of it, was funny and I enjoyed everyone enjoying themselves. My Martie seeming a little vexed.

Once the movie was over we all got in my car and Terri directed me to her favorite pizza place. I looked at Martie in the mirror once and gave a shrug of my shoulders. She rolled her eyes at me.

We ate, the girls played some pin ball and goofed in front of some guys their ages.

We finally we all went back to drop off Terri's friend. It was a long afternoon, turning into the evening and we were all yawning from our day for very different reasons.

After we dropped Terri's friend home, I drove us back to the apartment. Terri was the first one to give it up and say, “I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning Michael.” She turned to her mom and said, “I’ll see you in a little while mom.”

She bounced up the stairs and I heard a door shut. Martie turned to me and cuddled with me.

“Not what I was hoping for today.” she said a bit sullenly.

I turned and kissed her and said, “It is what it is honey.”

Martie smiled and moved her hand down to my groin and began to massage my cock through my jeans.

“I don’t think I ever want to make love like we did yesterday in my living room unless my daughter isn't in the house,” she said.

“Terri has a much different attitude then I’ve ever noticed with her before you came here last night.”

“People change, attitudes change. You have to do what you like, when you can, without hurting others,” I stated.

Martie kept massaging my cock through my jeans and she moved my hands up to her breasts. She pulled her bra down to invite me to love those wonderful globes of warmth, pear shaped fruit with those lucious tips.

I finally had to give it up with her or shoot a mass of come in my jeans.

“I’m going to bed Martie,” I bent down and kissed her and climbed the stairs to sleep in her daughter's bed.

Martie frowned but followed me up and went to her own bedroom with Terri.

I was quickly deep fast asleep. No dreams, no night mares, just recuperative sleep.

I was sort of jarred awake when Martie came into bed with me sometime in the middle of the night.

“Hey guy,” she said when she knew I was awake. She had my cock in her hand, stroking it as softly as a Stradivarius violin.

“Hey Martie,” I said. She was nude beneath a simple cotton night gown. Her ass was moving toward my cock while she massaged me. I reached around and felt for her vagina. When I found it I spread those first folds and moved my fingers deeper. I found her vulva and her clitoris and fingered her deeply into her vagina and began to play my tune on all of those magnificent female parts that I so loved.

“Ouyii,” she said.

“My, my,” I replied.

The semi tension of the day dissolved when she guided my cock into her vagina from behind. Her sweet ass rubbed my groin

“I hope that you don’t mind doing this like this,” Martie gasped.

I only replied with my thrusts into her while my hands were feeling her breasts, her throat, her face, and her ass. We pumped, pumped and pumped away. I finally felt myself at the point of no return and I came like Old Faithful. Spurt after spurt after spurt

Martie was with me. I wasn’t positively sure if she came or not.

We rested in each others arms. She had a towel and wiped out the ounces of myself that I shot into her. She tiptoed out of her daughter's room and I fell back asleep.

We all slept late on Sunday morning. I was tired from being away from my home all last week, driving back and forth from Richmond, reconnecting with Martie, and being with Terri, Martie’s friends, the movies, and the pizza, with a two in the morning love fest thrown into my mix.

I packed my overnight bag, made the bed making sure there were no come stains. Then I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I dressed casually for my drive home.

Sunday morning around ten thirty I drank coffee and ate Terri’s cereal. Martie drank coffee and looked off into space humming.

Terri was watching television. I guess that she already had breakfast.

“Terri,” Martie said, “Why don’t you see if your friend Kelly is outside. It's a beautiful morning and you should have some exercize!”

Terri looked at her mom and nodded. As she walked off she looked back and must have seen Martie looking away. Terri smiled, at me and then winked. She walked out the door and closed it with a slam.

Martie moved next to me and began massaging my cock again through my jeans.

“You still like this, don’t you Michael? You won't forget this will you?”

This was the wrong question at the wrong time. Of course my mind was attached to my dick!

The morning was semi cool and Martie pulled both of our jeans to our knees. She had me on the edge of her sofa in the straight legged position as she mounted me on top. She slid my hard cock into her wet vaginal lips and began the grinding of her clitoris on my pubic area. I grasped and massaged her buttocks, thighs, and moved between our bodies with my hands to get to the nerve point of her love area, her clitoris.

I made some fake moves to put a finger up her ass. I nibbled her ears, the crooks of her elbows, and licked her eyes shut. She finally awakened her inner wanting primal mind again, shutting off the outside, and stuttered stepped herself to her climax. I released myself spurting into her seconds behind her orgasm.

I withdrew my dick and wiped off with the tissues from the lamp stand. I then pulled up my jeans.

Martie gasped, “Have a safe trip home lover.” She got a hand full of tissue, wiped up, and pulled up her jeans and belted herself in. She stood on tip toes and kissed me.

I said, “Thank you, I enjoyed you and your daughter.”

I made an observation that was before my mind and bothering me, “If you’re beating yourself up over something, let it go!”

I picked up my bag with my belongings. Then I kissed Martie goodbye.

When I was in the front yard, there was Terri.

“That really looked like fun Michael. Thanks for the movies and the pizza.” she sizzled out those words at me while on her bicycle with no friend in sight.

I got in my car and drove back home thinking that this was one of those things like a big gas bubble that developed,oozed upward from the botttom to the surface and popped. Never to be remembered again except with those present.  A wisp of life.

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