Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Once you become a sailor the world is your oyster and the women you meet via friendships with shipmates, in town, or at parties are your pearls.


Once you become a sailor the world is your oyster and the women you meet via friendships with shipmates, in town, or at parties are your pearls.


Submitted: August 31, 2017

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Submitted: August 31, 2017



The Navy once was men at sea, doing their duty in war, peace, and in between times.

When we were shipmates we shared many and too many things. Wives, girlfriends, the women that we knew would help us along, the women that needed little tempting, and the women that tempted us to experience more then we ever hoped for.

My west coast experiences of this were when several of us single sailors and married sailors with their wives, would go out for nights of drinking, dancing and having fun.

It wasn’t unusual to be kissing a shipmate’s wife or having her grope our dick out of view, trying to jack us off under a table without being discovered

Each coast Navy, and the foreign ported Navy had it’s differences. The west coast was more into psychedelic drugs, pot, and grooving prior to feeling any lust. Most women on the west coast seemed to like being messed up on pot, acid, or cocaine. Making love was only an experience after being high.

I didn’t follow this path because I didn’t like the idea of drugs numbing my brain or making me lose control of my thought process. The effects of too much alcohol were enough to make me believe that the joining together of a man and a woman was much better when we were in our own real minds.

I did have wonderful women in my life on the west coast, some obviously shared.

One was a Scandinavian named Deidre that I met at a bar. She asked me to drive her away to another bar because she wanted me to meet a friend. We had a drink or two and this friend wasn’t there.

I said to her, “I’m bored, let’s go!”

She replied, “Only one more drink!”

I started walking to my car and she followed.

“Alright, I need a ride home and I need a fuck, so what do you say?.” That was that.

We went to her apartment and took off our clothes. She had to get a band of leather around her head at her temple because she had “A mother fucker of a headache.” This was a homeopathic remedy that Scandinavians thought worked on headaches. What do I know?

We both went into the missionary position and in 10 minutes we both had come.

As I pulled out of her I moved my cock near her face looking for something to cleanup my cock with. Something like a towel or a clean sock. She saw my penis as an amorous adventure and took all of my cock in her mouth and gobbled every drop of come on my shaft and sucked out every remaining drop of come left inside of me with her mouth.

I later heard from other shipmates that they too had fucked her. One friend said she was on her period and she pointed him to a large jar of Vaseline so he could fuck her up the ass.

“It wasn’t just an economy size,” he told me. “It was like a gallon size.”

When I moved to the east coast from the west coast I looked up old friends from all the schools that we attended in Key West. This was a reunion in the making for three years.

I found out where Hal and his wife Sophie lived in the telephone book. I visited unannounced to find her alone with a filthy apartment, toddlers screaming, yelling, and driving her crazy.

“If I had his help taking care of them, I might be half sane.” she wailed.

“But no, he’s in Italy fucking his brains out while I am here doing everything.”

She looked at me seriously so I asked her, “What are you doing? All good and no bad?”

A smile showed on her face as she said, “I get bored doing myself with the dildo, and I’ve even tried women I meet at the enlisted club. It’s good but it just isn’t the same.”

She moved next to me and rubbed my leg. “Would you take care of me? I’ll suck you off after you fuck the shit out of me!”

That was forward of her, but I remembered how in Key West we we all friends and we took care of each other.

I said, “I’ll tell you what, give me a time when the kids are in bed and sleeping and you are cleaned up and ready. I’ll be here.”

She thought about this for a minute or two and then said, “Come back at 8:00PM tonight. Make sure to have some rubbers, and we’ll see what happens.”

I won’t say she was the most gorgeous female that I’ve ever made love to, but I think many women might feel the same way about me as a man.

When I knocked on the front door that evening she was wearing pajamas and had a beer ready for me and for herself.

“Quick, get in here. I've been so horny just thinking about tonight.” she whispered.

“Let’s drink some beer for a tiny little buzz so any guilt flies away like a butterfly.”

We walked into her living room and sat on her sofa.

We sipped our beers, talked about our afternoon leading up to this second and began kissing. Our hands roamed over each other after we put the beer cans on the table. I put my left hand in her pajama bottoms and found her labia lips. As I moved them apart I felt her interior vagina was drenched. I decided to finger her off quickly because I understood the extreme tension of her libido needing an escape for her mind and body. I used the two finger clitoral rub with a deep insertion into the vagina. Within a minute her knees were clenching my hand inside her and a deep moan escaped her lips. She started coming and she also began squirting! Only one other woman had done that in all my sexual life. She was prepared and had a towel draped over the back of the sofa nearby.

She said, “I should have warned you about that. When I use a vibrator or a woman does me I get so excited that I gush.”

She pulled my zipper down and pulled my cock out of captivity and started jerking me off. After a minute she dropped her head and started sucking on my dick.

“Do you like this?” she mumbled with my cock in her mouth.

“Next to breathing it is near the top of my likes and needs,” I replied.

Instead of finishing me in this manner she took off her pajamas and then undressed me.

“It’s been too long since I had a real cock in me,” she said. “Are you prepared?”

I handed her a condom I had in my jeans pocket and said, “You put it on and then we are both prepared.”

She rolled the condom all the way down my cock and reached in her cunt to get some pussy juice to lubricate the latex on my cock.

She then smiled and said, “I’m going to roll over the arm of this sofa. I want you to stand there on the floor behind me and put your cock in my cunt. Don’t worry about going in too fast or too hard.”

Her ample ass was in the air and I could see her labia lips peaking out. I put the head of my cock between the lips and entered her slowly. When my shaft was all the way in I started pumping my ass back and forth, my stomach slapping her ass cheeks. Now and then she would move her feet on the floor to get herself into a better position and a better interior grip on my dick. It was like a sexual tango. I was also moving my feet around to get in her at a different angle while I was holding her waist.

We did this dance, sweat building up, grunting, giving instructions and cheering each other on.

As I felt the buildup of my orgasm begin, I began double pounding her.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder,” she screamed.

It was as close to a mutual orgasm finish that in a horse race a photo finish would be required to see who came first.

I pulled out of her and the load of my jism in the condom filled the storage area.

She said, “Give me that.”

Opening the condom she drank down the contents and said, “Here’s to my husband.”

We had another beer and she then sucked my dick as she promised, draining me for that day. I had to leave at 11PM to be ready for duty at 6AM.

I agreed with Sophie to come over and help her have a good orgasm now and then if I wasn’t at sea or on duty. She was happy and grateful. “No more enlisted club. You wear condoms and what happens will be forgotten once my husband is home." Shipmates watch out for their shipmates and also take care of their wives.

I also remember a time when a good friend the same rank as me decided we were going to have a birthday party together at my apartment complex. By coincidence our birthday’s were the same date. I decided to invite all my neighbors over because if they were included, they couldn’t call the police about the racket we made partying.

This party turned out to be as surreal as any that I had ever sponsored. People began to get lubricated on the beer, whiskey, vodka, and gin we supplied at 7PM. Other people started showing up that I never knew but I allowed to enter because they had supplies of food, beer, and women.

At 10PM in my bedroom two women were making out. I watched this with a "com si, com sa" attitude and went into my bathroom with a female neighbor that had the hiccups. I told her the best way to get rid of them was to piss and suck on something. I pulled out my cock as she sat on the commode and she sucked merrily away. "Rolling, rolling, rolling down the river," with proud Mary. Her hiccups stopped!

Another neighbor named Sonya took my hand an hour later and dragged me next door to her house.

“A woman with a house,” I marveled.

“I’ve decided to give you your birthday present now” she giggled.

She undressed herself, pushed me over on my back on to her bed after taking off my jeans.

Sonya got on top of me riding me like cowgirl that found her perfect steed. She fit my cock in her pussy with her hands and then started bucking me like I was a bronco.

She grabbed my hands to her nipples and commanded me to “Start squeezing them!”

It took a series of her orders to understand what her pain threshold was all about. She loved the near painful squeeze, release, and squeeze again. Sometimes she said, “Ow, not so hard.” Then other times it was, “Squeeze them harder. More on my right, quicker on my left.”

She levitated her ass up, down and around on my groin, finally coming on top of me with a sigh.

She then rolled off of me and we uncoupled. I thought we were going to finish me in a missionary position, buy not so soon! She took my cock between her breasts and started rubbing me off between them. It was a nice feeling while the titties rolled back and forth over my dick and we could also see each others faces.

“Come on big boy. Shoot your cream! Hold my nipples for me again...harder.”

The commands and the soft plush was getting me tingling. The bathroom sucking earlier didn’t end in completion for me. I shot my load on Sonya’s upper chest and on her face.

“Happy Birthday to you,” she sang like Marilyn Monroe. She would become a favorite for me take take out to dinner and then back to my place for our deserts!

I was on my last cruise and one port we visited was in England. At the time every American sailor was considered to be a “cowboy.”

Due to my rank I was invited to a party of similar ranked individuals. This was the same in the Netherlands, in West Germany (age note) and in Norway.

We Yanks had no problem taking every and all women out on the dance floor, telling stories and lies, and having fun.

At the evenings end I was given a phone number by one lady. I climbed on our bus back to our ship when another lady got on board, walked back to me, and started kissing like there was no tomorrow. What I did and how I did it I still haven’t figured out to this day.

The next evening I figured out how to insert English money into the pay phone established on our main deck. I called up Gillian and she immediately agreed to meet me at “her pub.” Husbands and wives in England didn’t necessarily go to drink at the same place or with the same “mates.”

“I’m so glad you decided to call me,” she said in a prim English accent.

“I am totally free tonight because my husband is going to have knee surgery tomorrow morning and has to spend the night in the infirmary.”

We walked from her pub to her mini car and kissed inside, then drove off to her townhouse.

When we walked in she asked me,”Would like to watch some Benny Hill to get randy?”

“I really don’t think that’s necessary Gillian. We’ll star in our own show as it plays out.”

We climbed the stairs to her bedroom and I undressed to get in bed. It was chilly and cool at the end of October in England. The homes used room gas heaters that you paid for up front with coins.

Meanwhile Gillian walks in the room wearing black hose and a bustier and climbed into bed with me.

“I’ve never slept with a cowboy,” she said.

“How would you like this cowboy to ride you,” I joked.

She gave me a lazy smile and said, “I’m just glad you aren’t wearing spurs.”

We did it missionary style, her on top of me, me from behind, 69, straight fellatio and straight cunnilingus.

While we rested between the sheets she told me about her husband and his best friend being inseparable, “If I didn’t have my kiddos, I’d think he was gay!”

“Or he could go both ways.” I said.

We wore the night out and at 6PM she drove me to the ferry slip so I could make it back to my ship.

She looked at me as we parked and gave me one last lingering kiss, “When your ship leaves, you’ll see me on the rocks waving farewell. It’s a tradition among shipmates, wives and their girls.”

I rode the ferry into the sunrise exhausted, but loving this land and it’s people.

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