My Angel Colleen

My Angel Colleen

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A blizzard makes things looser in a hospital where a chameleon woman takes care of a young male teen.


A blizzard makes things looser in a hospital where a chameleon woman takes care of a young male teen.


Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017




I was so sick that I wasn’t worried about death. Puking, shitting, and peeing at the same time were the symptoms of the acute food poisoning that was killing me that night in 1964.

How could I remember that night? It was the same Saturday night that the American Medical Association presented the evidence that smoking tobacco was dangerous to the health. For me, it was eating a steak with botulism in downtown Philadelphia.

I had to drag my father away from the television and tell him what was going on with me physically. He called our family doctor and was told to immediately go to the emergency room at “the hospital”.

This wasn’t any hospital, it was a dungeon about 15 miles away with a religious affiliation. In those days people segregated their health care by religion if at all possible.

We drove south in the frigid January night. By the time I was on this trip, I was no longer puking, shitting, or peeing. I was in total dehydration. The poison in my body had emptied my digestive system and sucked any liquid it could from my cells.


We made it to the emergency room and I was put on a gurney. Vitals were taken and an intravenous line was put in my left arm. Precious reviving fluid entered my body. Nurses injected me with medicine. Doctors and interns probed my body. I had my first anal hand up the ass exploration. In an hour I was considered stable and wheeled to an elevator to go to “the men’s ward”.

In those days men and women were also segregated by floors.

I was wheeled into a room with 12 foot high ceilings and an old man in another gurney that looked 80 years old and dead. A nurse came into the room with another injection that she said would, “help me rest”.


I woke up in the morning to a view of snow falling. I mean blizzard snowing! Eventually a nurse came in and took my vitals.

“How are you this morning?”

“Sore, thirsty, and burning up.” I moaned.

“The food poisoning did a job on your body. We are going to keep pumping fluid into you intravenously. We are worried that if you take anything orally that you might start vomiting again.”

“That’s some snow outside,” I stated.

“Yes, a blizzard has moved in for the next day or two. Most of us have been informed that we might be stuck at the hospital. The weatherman says to expect about 20 inches!”

I rolled to my left to look at the old man that never stirred except when my gurney bumped into his gurney last night. I also looked at my left arm where someone put a board so I couldn’t bend my arm and mess up my IV placement.

By now I hadn’t peed since last night and it was 14 hours of fluid in and nothing out. The medicine that was injected in me had stopped anything from leaving my body. I was beginning to feel like my bladder would explode. I didn’t have to wait long for a relief that was also shattering to my ego.

A doctor and a group of student nurses marched into my room with a tray of covered instruments.

“Your bladder is too full and we are going to catheterize you,” he informed me.

He pulled up my gown and exposed my penis to the group of nurses.

“Give me a size 3 tube please,” he said as he pulled on rubber gloves.

I didn’t want to watch as he pulled my cock out stretching it out while inserting a tan rubber tube in my cock to my bladder.

“You’ll note that I insert the tube forcefully until it begins to get past resistance,” he explained. “When it is in the bladder we are ready to void. Bring me that measurement container, please.”

I watched the faces of the female student nurses. Several had a coy or shy look but one or two moistened their lips with their tongues. One looked me in the eye and smiled.

The doctor released the clamp from the end of the tube and urine gushed into the container, almost filling it to the top at the ¾ quart level. The doctor withdrew the tube and placed it back in the tray.

“You will eventually urinate as the medicine we gave you wears off.”

The doctor gave the floor nurse the equipment and exited my room with the students.

The floor nurse said, “We’ll give you jello, soup, and juice today... oh, and by the way, your parents called and said that the blizzard will prevent any visits today and maybe tomorrow. The roads are terrible”.

I thought about my plight. Old hospital, old man in the room, no television, in bed with an IV in my arm. Self pity was beginning to overwhelm me when into the room whisked a red haired woman wearing a green coat.

She looked at me as she took off her coat. A young woman around 25 with curves and bumps where I always like them.

“Aye, a new roomie for me Da. What’s your name sweetie?”


“Well I’m Colleen and I come to see me Da. Has he moved or anythin’?”

I shook my head and said, “He moaned when I arrived last night.”

She smiled and moved over next to him in on his gurney. First she shook his leg with no result. Then out of the blue I watched in amazement as she put her hand under the blanket where I think his penis was and gave a pull or a tug.

“Whaa...” he exclaimed and sat upright.

She smiled and said, “I’m here to see ya Da. You are alive with a new roomie and you look about the way you did yesterday.”

By the time she said this he was back on his back and going out of it.

She looked over at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’ll bet you never saw a lass pull her Da’s wanker, ha ye?”

“It really is nothin’ na to me. When me Ma passed me Da figured I could do some of what me Ma did to make him forget her. I was fourteen then and one night he come into me room.”

“Darlin’,” he said. “Would ye mind taking me dick in your hand and start yankin’ it to and fro.”

“I really liked me Da and I couldn’t see no harm,” she smiled.

“I knew a little abou’ the birds and bees, but had a big surprise when his jism spurted out of his wanker all over me as he moaned and thrashed about like he was havin’ a fit.”

“I would do him one night a week until he met me step mom and married again.”

“I thought I was done with it, but me older brothers, why they got in on the action until they found their own lasses to do that and more.”

“I grew up and married and only pull my honie’s wanker if he don’t want to put it in me cunnie or me mouth.”

She was self absorbed in her tale about her without a Mom and a horny Dad and older brothers. I had no idea where this was going when she looked up with a smile and said, “Do ye pull yer own wanker? You look old enough to do it when ever ye can.”

I must have blushed because she giggled and said, “Oh me, mothur of God, I do thin’ I found me a virgin!”

She walked around her “Da” and around my gurney and bumped the room door almost shut with her hip while she moved right next to me.

Collen smiled as she put her hand on the sheet over my right leg and began rubbing the leg closer and closer to my groin. I was naturally beginning to react with an ever increasing hard on.

“Now Michael, do ye trust me?”

I nodded as she reached my cock through the sheets on the hospital bed.

Collen started rubbing and grabbing and rubbing again. She looked around the room and smiled.

“I found exactly what I need.”

It was my hospital supplies piled on a table. She walked over and grabbed the box of tissues.

Coming back she closed the door a bit more and pulled the sheet down so that my hospital gown was exposed. She then found my cock and really went to work.

Colleen noted, “I see yer fixed,” as she got the head of my penis in her fingers and began stretching and playing with it. With her other hand she caught the shaft and began yanking so the skin was moving up and down along my throbbing cock.

“I believe yer likin’ this,” she said as she licked her lips and looked deep into my eyes.

It was then that I noticed a feeling that was like an itch that she was scratching but much much better. The feeling kept multiplying and my hips began to move in cadence with the strokes.

Colleen took her hand off the head of my cock and grabbed some tissue from the box in her right hand as she kept stroking with her left.

“Michael, what ever ye do, don’t scream, yell, shout. We don’ wanna bring in any of the nurses to stop yer fun.”

Now I was at a point that I knew something was going to happen, but really didn’t know what. I was so naive.

Suddenly, deep in my body near my ass something started pumping and feeling like heaven.

Colleen smiled and said, “Here it comes now!”

Out of my dick came a fluid that was spurting. It was an off white, yellowish globs of what could have been pudding.

Colleen was catching every drop in the handful of tissues. I was coming so hard I could hear the small noise from the head of my cock, “Jeet, jeet, jeet.”

“You are a real virgin Michael, this cum has been stored way too long inside you.”

I finally stopping shooting the goo and she wiped my dick down with the rest of the tissue.

She pulled the sheets back over my body and patted me on the leg.

“Ye know, that was good for me too.”

Collen left me with my thoughts about my new experience with a real woman.

Later in the day the IV was taken out of my arm and I was able to move about. I actually did begin to pee on my own and was able to eat some food. It’s funny, while peeing my cock had a memory of it’s own. It started getting hard as I thought about Colleen.

The next day Colleen came to visit early.

“No work today Michael,” she said as she walked around to her “Da”.

Once again she reached under the sheet and squeezed or jerked until he rose up and gave a little shout. She said “I’m here Da, good to see ya.”

Colleen walked around his bed and sat in a chair that she moved next to mine.

When she removed her coat I noticed that she was wearing a dress.

“I been thinkin’ Michael that you are still a virgin in several other ways.”

“I wan you ta put your hand up me dress and find out what a woman is about.”

She smiled and looked me in the eye, “Go ahead, don’t be ‘fraid now.”

I put my hand between her legs and she opened them about a foot wide. On my travels up I came to an area with hair.

“Oh, ya found the honey pot!”

“Now I want you to feel them things like lips and stick your fingers in there.”

I did and found a wet warm area with all type of interesting folds of skin and a nub about the size of an erasure on top of a pencil.

“Ay Michael, you are a fast finder...that’s me clit! I want you to start rubbing that and tug on it a bit….yes like that!”

I rubbed and shoved my fingers into what I found out later was her vagina.

As I moved the nub around her hips began moving, she was licking her lips, and in a blast, my hand was soaked.

“My, ya done it….she said through gritted teeth. I come and I also come with the squirt. That is delicious as the dew in the morn’.”

Colleen was prepared for anything and quickly got a handkerchief from her coat and wiped herself dry.

She laughed, stood up and went to the door to look out to the hall. I could have told her that there was hardly anyone there because of the blizzard.

She moved a book as a jamb by the partially closed door and looked back at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“I thin’ I’m gonna take another part of your virginity away Michael.”

She pulled the sheet back and pulled up my gown. My cock was already hard with my memory of the hand job. She grabbed hold of it and began stroking. I watched her as her head moved slowly down to my cock and she took it in her mouth with a smile. The warmth and the moisture and the sucking were causing ripples of pleasure in my body. While holding the base of the cock with one hand she reached under my balls and began massaging a spot near my asshole. The noise of the saliva in her mouth running up and down my shaft was like a small plunger loosing up my clogged juices.

She was looking in my eyes and smiling as her head bobbed up and down. As an amateur in this type of thing, I soon felt the same itching and scratching pleasure of yesterday and the same internal pumping beginning again. I came in her mouth and she swallowed what came out of me in quick gulps.

She finished by licking me off and said, “Good to ya last drop!”

Colleen said goodbye and quickly left the room.

What a morning, what a day, what a hospital stay.

The next morning I was eagerly waiting for Colleen when a nurse came in and handed me an envelope.

“Someone left a card for you by my desk.” she said. “It had to be hand delivered because no mail is moving anywhere due to the blizzard.”

When she walked out I quickly opened it and read the following:


Dear Michael,

My name isn’t Collen and that isn’t my Da in the next bed. In fact I am not Irish and my accent was put on. Pretty good, wasn’t it? I never jerked off my father or had any brothers. It was a good story made up just for you to get you hot and bothered! I actually led a dull life until I discovered I liked sex and liked to make pretend with unsuspecting men.

I checked you out when you first were being catheterized by the Doctor. I was dressed like a student nurse and I was licking my lips thinking about what I had in plan for you! You couldn’t see my red hair because of the cap.

Now don’t go looking for me Michael. I am not a student nurse and I don’t work here at the hospital. I am just good at disguises and doing things so I can find virgins like you when and where I want them. It is easy to blend in if you dress correctly and act like you belong, isn’t it?

I did enjoy our time together but I have to tread lightly now. People do get curious. Could you imagine if someone walked in on us?

Think of me as an angel that came to you so that you could come.

Now on to my next conquest.






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